Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - where to find Photon Chunk, Trinite, and materials for weapon upgrades (2024)

Whether you're looking to improve your Weapon Potential, exchange Augment Capsules, or make a Multi-Weapon in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you're going to need to get your hands on materials (as well as N-Meseta) to spend at the Item Lab. Some items like Photon Quartz and N-Grinder end up being pretty common, while others like Photon Chunks are constantly in short supply.

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In order to have an easy idea of where specific materials can be found, you can always open up the World Map and then press Tab over any region to see the available materials in each listed under Gathering. Note that materials seem to only be found in Exploration Sectors and not in Combat Sectors (such as Resol Forest).

Note: The map above is not meant to be an exhaustive listof all the possible nodes for each available material. They are simply areas that I found quick hits to check daily for a good number of most resources. I did not list Photon Quartz as it is pretty common compared tothe other minerals, and usually found alongside.

PSO2: New Genesis - where to find Photon Chunk and other materials

Photon Chunk Locations

Photon Chunks are by far the most useful and limited of the material available in New Genesis. If you're keeping track with upgrading your weapons regularly, you'll like constantly find your short of these. Photon Chunks are most easily found in the caves in South Aelio.There are two places that you should ideally be checking daily.

First, head to the Balflow Falls Ryuker Device in South Aelio. From here, head south into the waterfall cave as if you're heading to the Runway Cocoon. In this cave you have a good chance of finding a lot of Photon Chunks along with Dualomite. You can also use the Runway Cocoon to work your way backwards out of the cave if you'd like.

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Second, there is a cave on the west side of the Falls area, behind the multi-tiered white structure.

A few other locations to find Photon Chunks, including a couple in Central Aelio, are:

  • Around Mt. Mahinapali at lower elevations in Central Aelio
  • Near the entrance to South Aelio from Central
  • Rarely near the river in the north part of Central Aelio near the boundary to Resol Forest
  • You get a free one for finishing all Daily Tasks
  • Sometimes found in rare Gold Item Containers around the map (can also contain Photon Quartz)

Photon Quartz Locations

Unlike Photon Chunks, Photon Quartzis found pretty much anywhere except South Aelio. If you find yourself with some favorite routes to gather other materials, you'll probably be picking up Photon Quartz along the way. Primarily used for Augment Capsule exchanges and Multi-Weapons, you probably won't need as many of these as the other materials, and they are more abundant as-is. In case you do need some quickly, I find it best to head to the areas in North Aelio where Trinite can be found to gather a bunch of Photon Quartz as well.

Monotite Locations

Monotite is only found in Central Aelio, but it's pretty common nonetheless. My favorite spot to gather Monotite is to simply run along the river heading west-to-east in the north part of Central Aelio. You can also find a bunch around Mt. Mahinapali to the southwest of the region. Of course, Monotite can be found in other areas of Central Aelio, but these are the places I make sure to check out first.

Dualomite Locations

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Unlike Photon Chunks and Monotite, Dualomiteseems to be more evenly distributed across the regions of South and West Aelio. It's most commonly found in the same caves in South Aelio as the Photon Chunks, so you'll end up gathering a bit of both if you regularly make this trip.

A few other places to find Dualomite are:

  • Cliffs along the coast of West Aelio in the northern section
  • North of Aelio Town Ruins in West Aelio

Trinite Locations

Trinite is another fairly common material in the Aelio Region, at least if you know where to look. They can mostly be found in several places in North Aelio, but can also be spotted among Dualomite nodes in West Aelio as well.

If you're looking to gather Trinite, my three favorite places to check are:

  • The very northern ridges of the Altolani Plateau
  • The tall bluffs between the Altolani Plateau and the Halphana Wetlands
  • The edges of the Halphana Wetlands.

N-Grinder Locations

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While N-Grinders are far more common than anything else on this list, they are used in everything from Item Enhancement to exchanges, so you'll need to gather up a bunch. One primary way of gathering N-Grinders is to destroy and green-colored item boxes you come across. These respawn regularly, so be sure to hit any on the way to your various destinations.

Rappies can sometimes show up randomly in the field or in rare Trial events. They are non-violent, but will drop N-Grinders if you're desperate.

Exchanging for Materials

If you absolutely do not want to gather materials yourself, you can use the Item Exchange counter to trade N-Grinders for Monotite, Dualomite, and Trinite. This isn't a very effective way to gather these items, but it's an option. Players with a Premium Set can essentially exchange N-Meseta for these materials in this fashion by buying N-Grinders at the Personal Shop. Again, I wouldn't recommend this.

Collect Stella Pack Trial Events

Lastly, if you ever see one of the Operators call out a projectile spotted overhead, this is a trial event involving what's called a Stella Pack. You'll fight a bunch of enemies near what's basically a Dragon Ball Z Saiyan pod, which you can then open for a handful ofeach Monotite, Dualomite, and Trinite.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - where to find Photon Chunk, Trinite, and materials for weapon upgrades (2024)


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