Congressional Record United States Th of America PROCEEDINGS and DEBATES of the 110 CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION (2024)

E PL UR UM IB N U U S Congressional Record United States th of America PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 110 CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION

Vol. 153 WASHINGTON, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2007 No. 27 House of Representatives The House met at 9 a.m. and was resolution, H. Res. 106. This measure justification for not supporting the Ar- called to order by the Speaker pro tem- seeks to affirm the U.S. record on the menian genocide resolution. The Bush pore (Mr. KAGEN). Armenian genocide by recognizing it as administration is showing no courage f a historical fact. It also praises the on this issue, instead giving Turkey a American record of opposition to this free pass on their efforts to delib- DESIGNATION OF SPEAKER PRO tragedy which is marked by courageous erately reject the truth. They seem to TEMPORE diplomatic protests and unprecedented go to any lengths, including having sol- The SPEAKER pro tempore laid be- American relief efforts for the sur- diers call into their Representatives in fore the House the following commu- vivors of this crime. fear of their lives, to deny the Arme- nication from the Speaker: Senior Turkish government officials nian genocide simply because Turkey WASHINGTON, DC, have warned that if Congress ever con- demands that they do so. February 13, 2007. siders this resolution, they will cut off Mr. Speaker, the Armenian genocide I hereby appoint the Honorable STEVE supply access for our forces serving in resolution already has 175 cosponsors. I KAGEN to act as Speaker pro tempore on this Iraq. In fact, Turkish Foreign Minister am certain that if Members of this day. Abdullah Gul told Vice President DICK House were given the opportunity to NANCY PELOSI, CHENEY that the U.S. must, and I vote on this resolution, we would pass Speaker of the House of Representatives. quote, calculate the costs of losing it overwhelmingly. Congress should be f Turkey. allowed to reaffirm what we all believe MORNING HOUR DEBATES Such a brazen threat to interfere in and know to be fact, and that is that U.S. military operations is absolutely genocide was orchestrated by the Otto- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- unacceptable. I am outraged that the man Empire in 1915 to exterminate its ant to the order of the House of Janu- Turkish government would put the Armenian citizens. ary 4, 2007, the Chair will now recog- lives of soldiers at risk in the pursuit Reaffirming the Armenian genocide nize Members from lists submitted by of its desperate campaign to deny the is a matter of conscience. It is my hope the majority and minority leaders for systematic slaughter of 1.5 million Ar- that this Congress will rebuke any morning hour debates. The Chair will menians. This extremist behavior is warnings against the United States by alternate recognition between the par- known as blackmail in my book and it Turkey and consider legislation on the ties, with each party limited to not to should be publicly and forcefully re- Armenian genocide. exceed 25 minutes, and each Member, jected as such. Clearly, Turkey is no except the majority leader, the minor- friend of the United States. f ity leader, or the minority whip, lim- As an American, I am deeply offended ited to not to exceed 5 minutes, but in that another country is seeking to dic- IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION no event shall debate extend beyond tate where our Nation stands on core The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- 9:50 a.m. moral issues. Especially a country that ant to the order of the House of Janu- The Chair recognizes the gentleman claims to embrace democracy, yet has ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from Texas from New Jersey (Mr. PALLONE) for 5 a longstanding history of abusing mi- (Mr. GOHMERT) is recognized during minutes. norities, intellectuals and the principle morning hour debates for 5 minutes. f of freedom of expression. As a Member Mr. GOHMERT. Thank you, Mr. of Congress, it is extremely troubling Speaker. TURKISH THREATS TO U.S.— that a foreign government is meddling Mr. Speaker, apparently we are going GENOCIDE RESOLUTION in our Nation’s legislative process to start today on debate of a resolu- Mr. PALLONE. Thank you, Mr. through threats and intimidation. This tion, the meat of which simply indi- Speaker. is the most dramatic intervention of a cates, Resolved by the House of Rep- I rise this morning to share my con- foreign government in U.S. congres- resentatives that Congress and the cerns regarding the Turkish govern- sional affairs and it has been going on American people will continue to sup- ment’s threats to retaliate against our for much too long. port and protect the members of the country if the U.S. Congress adopts a Mr. Speaker, senior Bush administra- United States Armed Forces who are resolution affirming the Armenian tion officials, rather than outright re- serving or who have served bravely and genocide. These shocking threats have jecting these outrageous intimations honorably in Iraq; and Congress dis- been issued in response to the recent by the Turkish government, are pass- approves of the decision of President introduction of the Armenian genocide ing them on to Members of Congress as George W. Bush announced on January

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VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.000 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1474 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 10, 2007 to deploy more than 20,000 addi- showed we didn’t have the resolve. This The administration led us into an un- tional United States combat troops to must be the time we stand firm, tell necessary war with flawed or manipu- Iraq. our enemy, We will defeat you, we have lated intelligence. Wrong. Now, Mr. Speaker, the record has nothing but solutions. This resolution, This administration went to war been clear. The new commander for the stay the course, stiffen the enemy, without enough troops to win the Iraq, General Petraeus, has had hear- start our collapse resolution, is not the peace. Wrong. ings and has now been confirmed way to go. I hope our fellow Members This administration gave no-bid con- unanimously by the Senate. The out- of this House will do the right thing. tracts to its friends and political allies, going commander of Iraq, General We will try something new. We will try locking out other countries who might Casey, has had hearings and has now to help the troops. We will give them have helped us and indeed locking out been confirmed as the new chief of the what they ask. The Democratic stay the Iraqis. Wrong. United States Army unanimously. the course, stiffen the enemy and start President Bush stood on the deck of Both commanders and their subordi- our collapse resolution is not a solu- the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, nate commanders have indicated that tion. 2003 and said, ‘‘Major combat oper- ations in Iraq have ended. In the battle these additional troops are needed. f We hear talk that we are supporting of Iraq, the United States and our al- our troops, but basically the message IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION lies have prevailed.’’ Wrong. to the troops is, Yes, with our lips we The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- This administration literally took say we support you but with all of our ant to the order of the House of Janu- piles of cash, flying pallets of millions actions we say, We don’t believe a word ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from New of dollars from the U.S. mint to Bagh- you say. We don’t think you know York (Mr. HALL) is recognized during dad, into a war zone, and lost billions what you’re talking about. We don’t morning hour debates for 5 minutes. of dollars of taxpayer money. Wrong. want to give you what you say is nec- Mr. HALL of New York. Thank you, Now this administration wants us to essary to protect yourselves and to win Mr. Speaker. blindly place our faith and the lives of the day in Iraq. Indeed, as my colleague from across 20,000 more of our troops in an Iraqi There are no proposed solutions in the aisle says, there are many of us, government that has failed to meet the resolution that we will debate this citizens and Members of this House, every security obligation it has week, no proposed fixes, nothing pro- who do not believe our Commander in pledged. Sadly, once again, this Presi- posed to help anybody. It just says, We Chief, and we have good reason not to dent is wrong. And no amount of presi- dential wrongs is going to make the disapprove, we don’t agree with the believe him. I wish it were not so. generals, the commanders, those who After President Bush announced his situation in Iraq right. Last fall’s National Intelligence Esti- are in the theater, those that have escalation of the war, I said that he mate concluded that the President’s come from the theater who are on ac- owed the American people an honest policy in Iraq is creating more terror- tive duty. explanation as to why he thinks this ists than it is eliminating. Nothing in Now, you will always have some re- surge will succeed when previous ef- this policy will change that. Three tired generals and commanders who are forts have failed. Unfortunately, the not happy that they are retired and thousand one hundred twenty-four President decided to stay the course American service men’s and women’s who will take their pot shots, but here and to begin the escalation before ei- again there are no new solutions, no lives have been lost in Iraq as of yes- ther House of Congress had a chance to terday. Three thousand one hundred new efforts in Iraq. The Democratic consider it. Instead of providing a new Party does not propose to change any- twenty-five will not make it right. comprehensive strategy to turn the It is time for a new strategy in Iraq. thing. So this resolution, I guess, could tide in Iraq, President Bush offered the It is time to start to bring our brave be more properly categorized as stay same tired rhetoric. Rather than en- men and women who have fought so the course, stiffen the enemy, start our gage in an important discussion with courageously back home. By turning collapse, because when you say to the the American people, his loyalists pre- Iraq over to the Iraqis, we will force world and to all of our enemies, We vented the Senate from debating this their government to fight for their own don’t believe our commanders, we don’t crucial matter. security. Al Qaeda in Iraq will lose believe they know what they’re talking Fortunately for us, such obstruction their mission and be less likely to in- about, we don’t believe they know will not occur in this Chamber and the flame the Sunni-Shiite conflict. And what they need, we’re not going to House will begin to take up this impor- Iran and Syria will have to work for have any new solutions, what you are tant debate this week. As a new Mem- calm rather than sit in the shadows doing to the enemy, you are stiffening ber of the House, I feel it is my respon- and stir the insurgency. their resolve. Materials that have been sibility to ask serious questions of our Mr. President, it is time for a new found in Iraq have indicated just that, President who refuses to take this in- path for the United States and Iraq. that the Americans don’t have the stitution seriously. I ask my colleagues This nonbinding resolution reflects the stomach, they ran from Vietnam, they to join with me, to not try to score will of the American people. It is an didn’t keep their commitments to the cheap political points but to push this important first step but only a first people of South Vietnam. Even after administration and its supporters in step. I look forward to working with the Paris Accord, they did not keep Congress for real change in the direc- my colleagues as we seek to untangle their commitment. The new larger tion of our Iraq policy. Our men and this disaster the administration has Democratic Congress in 1975 even cut women in uniform, who have done ev- brought upon us all. Together, we can off all the funds and millions of people erything that has been asked of them, begin to repeal this tragic blunder and in Southeast Asia lost their lives. In deserve no less. undo the damage done to our military, 1979 while I was stationed at Fort So I ask the President why this Con- to our country, and to our standing in Benning, we were attacked. It was an gress should support his proposal to the world. act of war. And we did nothing. We send 20,000 more troops into harm’s begged to have our hostages returned. way when his own former Iraq com- f We did nothing. And those are the kind mander, General Abizaid, said it is not IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION of things that the enemy goes back to needed? Why should we support it when The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- in saying, we don’t have the stomach the Prime Minister of Iraq has himself ant to the order of the House of Janu- to do this. In 1983 when our barracks expressed no support? And why should ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from Georgia was bombed in Beirut, we withdrew. In we support it when the American peo- (Mr. WESTMORELAND) is recognized dur- 1993 when the World Trade Center was ple have shown that they actively op- ing morning hour debates for 5 min- attacked, we did virtually nothing on pose the President’s policy towards utes. the international front. Then through- Iraq? Mr. WESTMORELAND. Thank you, out the nineties, the attack of the USS From the very outset, this adminis- Mr. Speaker. Cole, Mozambique, Somalia, Africa, tration has been wrong at every step of You know, I think we must be debat- time and again, time and again we this war. ing two different resolutions here

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.002 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1475 today. I just heard my colleague from cause we believe that they’re coming with the disaster that has been created across the aisle talk about a new plan. to free us from this tyrant that we in Iraq. The increase in troops, the Of course, I guess that fits in with the have been under. Those are the ones over 20,000 that we will be talking smoke-and-mirror 110th Congress about that are going to die. Those are the about this week, was not the first a new plan. Well, if you don’t want to ones that are going to suffer the most. choice of the military and indeed the increase the troop size, which the un- Those are the Iraqis that are losing masterminds that President Bush democratic majority evidently does their lives today because they want turned to for this surge theory did not not want to do with this resolution, freedom. talk about 20,000 or 25,000. They wanted and you don’t want to stop the funding, Our men and women in uniform, far more troops. They have stripped then what do you want to do? You those blessed souls that are in Iraq and this down. want to stay the course. I think the Afghanistan and are losing their lives, I heard my friend from Texas dispar- American people said in the election, they volunteered to put their lives in age the retired generals and admirals we don’t want to stay the course. harm’s way not only to protect our who have come forward to deal with I think that our military leaders, we freedom in this country, not only to their deep concern about the flawed hear this resolution when the other protect this Republic that we have but strategy and implementation of the side talks about it, they talk about to spread freedom and democracy all Iraq campaign. These are men and supporting our troops. And I am sure across the world to every human being women who have proven their dedica- General Petraeus is confused to get ap- that loves freedom and liberty. These tion to this country, who in many proved unanimously in the Senate and brave men and women need our sup- cases have been in far more battles hear this resolution about supporting port. They need our encouragement. than all the people in Congress com- our troops and yet we don’t want to But what they don’t need is a smoke- bined, who don’t have anything to win follow what he has said we need to do. and-mirror resolution that is done for or lose by not speaking their mind. If General Casey agrees with this and he political reasons and because of polit- you go back and check the record with has been confirmed to a new position. ical promises made on a campaign what they have said, with what has And so how can we tell our men and trail. They don’t need that. They need happened in Iraq, I’ll take those retired women in the field that, Hey, look, we real encouragement and support from commanders every time. The fact is support you, but don’t listen to what this Congress. Let’s do something to they’ve been right, and if the President your commanders have to say. We’ve give them that and not do things that and Congress had listened to them, we got something different. We’re going to strengthens the enemy, discourages wouldn’t be in the middle of the mess micromanage the war from Wash- our troops and really and truly, I be- that we’re in now. ington. lieve, goes against the Constitution. I served in this body when President A lot of the people that are going to When we all took the oath of office, we Clinton took steps to stop the genocide be voting on this resolution have never made an oath to the Constitution, not in the Balkans, and I watched the Re- been to Iraq. They have never been to to anybody else. Let’s uphold that. publicans on the other side of the aisle Afghanistan. They have never seen Let’s respect our Commander in Chief be unable to figure out whether they some of the situations that our young and the generals in the field. supported the President, they were op- men and women are put in for freedom- f posed to the President, or they wanted loving people all over this world. I to change the policy. Go back and look don’t know how they could actually IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION at the former majority leader, Tom vote on it if they have never been, but The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- DeLay, who just couldn’t figure out I guess they will. Because they are try- ant to the order of the House of Janu- what to do in the Balkans but he sure ing to paint a picture of having your ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from Oregon knew that he wasn’t going to support cake and eating it, too. We support our (Mr. BLUMENAUER) is recognized during the Commander in Chief. troops but, look, we don’t want to morning hour debates for 5 minutes. What the Democrats are doing now is change our way of what we’re doing. Mr. BLUMENAUER. Thank you, Mr. laying a foundation that should have We don’t want to try to help you with Speaker. been done from the outset. We have more troops, to try to help you save It is interesting listening to the Re- had over 50 oversight hearings now, in your life over there and securing these publican fog machine starting to churn the first month, more meaningful over- areas that you risked your life in going out its smoke surrounding the resolu- sight than in the last 5 years of the Re- in to take, knock the enemy out, and tion that we are going to be discussing publicans who just couldn’t bring peo- then have to leave and let the enemy this week. I listened to my friends from ple in to find out what happened to the come back in and be even stronger. Texas and from Georgia talking about billions of dollars in cash that is now What kind of message does that send? the innocent people that are going to unaccounted for. In committee after This is not about President Bush, be- suffer under the approaches that we are committee, the American people are fi- cause I think President Bush has tried talking about. Well, it is interesting nally getting to what should have hap- every way, Mr. Speaker, he knows how that polls show that the people in Iraq, pened years ago in terms of meaningful to make this a successful campaign in the majority of them, think it’s all oversight. This is what the Truman Iraq and Afghanistan, and he continues right for the insurgents to shoot and Commission did during World War II. to come up with new ideas through the kill our soldiers. They are not just The Republicans would have no part of help and the advice of his military fighting us. They are also fighting each it, and now the American people are commanders to win this war on terror. other. The discussion this week is seeing for themselves. We will soon see This is a global war on terror. Some going to be the first honest and direct in the appropriations process that Con- people from the other side seem to be- opportunity to start redirecting the gress is regaining the power of the lieve that if we pull out of Iraq that course here. purse to make sure that the money will the Iraqi people are going to go back to Stay the course? My Lord, that is not be spent properly. tending sheep and herding goats. That remotely what we are talking about There is no reason to not have troops is not what is going to happen. If we here. Anybody who has watched what that are deployed with a guarantee pull out of Iraq, what is going to hap- the Democrats have done for the first that they will have the equipment that pen is you are going to see more blood- month that they have been in power re- they need. It was a travesty what men shed than we have seen in a long time alize that we are setting in motion a and women from my State were sub- in this world, and it is going to be the foundation to do what should have jected to, being sent over to Iraq in a innocent Iraqi people who stuck their been done from the outset: to regain war of choice without being properly finger in that purple ink and went and the power of the purse, to be able to equipped. Under the Democratic watch, voted for the first time in their life deal with oversight which has been we are going to make sure that that is that are going to be the ones to suffer, completely abandoned by my Repub- not going to happen. the ones that said, we believe in free- lican friends over the last 5 years, and Last but not least, by having a sim- dom, we believe in governing ourselves, start developing the policy framework ple debate on whether or not this Con- we support the coalition forces here be- that is going to be necessary to deal gress approves of this escalation, we

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.003 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1476 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 are going to establish a baseline. I sug- tively with the administration to re- head of the Armed Forces Committee, gest that this baseline is not only store fiscal responsibility to the Fed- Mr. SKELTON from Missouri. going to have overwhelming Demo- eral budget consistent with our Na- The fact is this war was started cratic support, but we are going to find tion’s priorities. However, this budget under false pretenses and much of that dozens of Republicans on the other side that we received last week is marked information has come out lately. Many of the aisle who, when finally given a by a disappointing dedication to the of the people who voted to give the choice, are going to make a clear stand failed policies of the past rather than a President the power to go into Iraq did with us. It’s just the beginning, it’s commitment to a new course. Fortu- so under facts, or appearance of facts long overdue, and it’s exactly what the nately for the American people, Demo- that were given the American people American people, what our troops and crats will now produce an alternative and this Congress that were false. I re- the Iraqi people deserve. that will be fiscally responsible and member being at home and watching f meet the demands of our great Nation. on television when the President ad- f dressed this Congress and talked about ON THE PRESIDENT’S BUDGET Osama bin Laden and talked about AND DEBT IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION what he said were connections between The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Iraq and 9/11 and it made everybody ant to the order of the House of Janu- ant to the order of the House of Janu- feel like if you were a red-blooded ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from North ary 4, 2007, the gentleman from Ten- American, you wanted to do something Carolina (Mr. BUTTERFIELD) is recog- nessee (Mr. COHEN) for 5 minutes is rec- about Iraq because they had destroyed nized during morning hour debates for ognized during morning hour debates the Twin Towers, they had killed 2,000 5 minutes. for 5 minutes. people, Americans and others, and put Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Thank you very Mr. COHEN. Thank you, Mr. Speak- a devastation in this world that we much, Mr. Speaker. er. hadn’t seen except in movies. Mr. Speaker, in just a few minutes, Mr. Speaker, you like I am a fresh- Well, that information given us was we will begin to debate House Concur- man in this body and today we will false. There wasn’t a connection be- rent Resolution 63. The American peo- begin the debate on one of the most im- tween Iraq and 9/11. We went to war for ple are ready for this debate, and fi- portant topics that this Congress has reasons that are still not quite clear nally the time has now come, and we debated and that is America’s involve- and known, and this United States of will decide and recommend whether or ment in the Middle East and Iraq and America went to war against a country not the President should escalate our eventually in Afghanistan in dealing that was not at war with us and we troop strength in Iraq. I look forward with the whole terrorist situation. were an aggressor nation. This is some- to this debate. I have been in this House, Mr. Speak- thing we shouldn’t have done. It is not But this morning, Mr. Speaker, I er, and listened to the Republicans and about cut and run, as the people on the want to use my time to talk about the listened to the Democrats and the Republican side say, but it is, as Presi- fiscal crisis that we have in America. Democrats, of which I am a member, dent Clinton says often, it is about You know, Mr. Speaker, in my speech- have talked about protecting the stop and think. And when you stop and es to constituents throughout the First troops and opposing the President’s think, do you support the troops by District of North Carolina, I always surge, which is really an escalation, continuing to send them in harm’s make a point to talk about the fiscal and the Republicans have come in here way? crisis that we are facing in this coun- today and said that we need to in es- Mr. Speaker, I am a prizefight fan try, the fiscal crisis that the Repub- sence stay the course, we need to put and one of my favorite fighters was licans have created over the last 5 in more troops and we’re doing wrong Floyd Patterson. At one time Floyd years. You know, Mr. Speaker, when I by opposing the President’s escalation Patterson fought Muhammad Ali and tell them that we have unprecedented or surge. Muhammad Ali was just whooping him deficits that have resulted in $8.6 tril- Mr. Speaker, from what I have heard and whooping him and whooping him. lion in debt, and when I tell them that from the American people, the Amer- And his trainers kept putting him back we spend $2 billion a week in Iraq, $8 ican people realize this war has been a in the ring and Floyd kept going in billion per month, and yes, $100 billion failure, that American men and women there and trying to fight. But Floyd per year, but only spend $90 billion in are dying, and dying for what purpose? Patterson didn’t belong in the ring funding education in this country, they For the purpose theoretically of trying with Muhammad Ali. He could beat a are absolutely shocked. to bring democracy to Iraq where the lot of fighters, but he couldn’t beat And now, Mr. Speaker, the Presi- people in Iraq don’t even want us to be Muhammad Ali. He was in the wrong dent’s 2008 budget will raise our debt there, where the Iraqi government is fight at the wrong time and he just got by more than $1 trillion over the next almost nonexistent, where calling what beat and beat and beat. And what a 5 years. This proposed budget that we is going on in Iraq a civil war is almost good trainer would do is throw in the received last week from President Bush a misnomer, for a civil war connotes a towel, and say, We quit. It’s a technical would make tax cuts for the wealthy nation and there really is not a nation knockout. We’ll fight another day. permanent while cutting vital pro- in Iraq. The ministries are not work- We’ll figure out a new way to fight Mu- grams that are important to middle- ing. The government is not working. hammad Ali maybe or maybe that’s class families. Many of the people in Iraq of the high- just somebody we can’t fight. It just To help pay for the nearly $2 trillion est caliber have left Iraq and gotten wasn’t our fight. in tax cuts over the next 10 years, the out of what is a zone where there have To support our troops isn’t to con- budget substantially cuts Medicare and been tens of thousands of Iraqis die. tinue to send more troops into Iraq and Medicaid, creating uncertainty for mil- What the people across the aisle talk have more American men and women lions of seniors and low-income fami- about in bringing democracy to these die and more American men and lies who get their health insurance people, in bringing democracy to these women come back as casualties and be through these programs. The Presi- people we have killed tens of thousands in veterans hospitals but is to get them dent’s budget also shortchanges vet- of Iraqis, we have destroyed their na- out of a war they can’t win and out of erans’ programs, cutting veterans’ tion, and we have put casualties among a situation where all they are is fodder health care by $3.5 billion over 5 years tens of thousands of Iraqis. What a for a civil war, where Iraqis are killing and providing less than veterans serv- price to pay to bring democracy to a Iraqis and Iraqis are killing Americans ice organizations say is needed to meet country, to destroy the country. and whether the Americans are there the growing needs of our veterans, in- Mr. SKELTON, who will bring forth or not, the Iraqis are going to have cluding those returning from Iraq and the Democratic response, has said that their civil war and there is going to be Afghanistan. this, quote-unquote, surge is 100,000 bloodshed. The only issue left, Mr. Mr. Speaker, congressional Demo- troops too few and 3 years too late. I Speaker, is how much American blood crats have repeatedly, repeatedly ex- don’t have anybody in this House I re- will be spilled on this foreign soil on a pressed the desire to work construc- spect more on this position than the foreign policy folly that is somewhat

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.004 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1477 akin to Napoleon’s entries into Russia, IRAQ RESOLUTION SUPPORTS OUR and support to its U.S. soldiers fighting to Hitler’s entries into Russia and in TROOPS BY OPPOSING THE to protect our interests; otherwise, we the Danish countries’ efforts to go into PRESIDENT’S TROOP ESCA- will be judged to be the ungrateful Na- Russia. There are certain places you LATION tion. can’t go and you can’t win, and after (Mr. WALZ of Minnesota asked and And that’s just the way it is. 1 4 ⁄2 years this country should know it. was given permission to address the f To put more troops there, to waste House for 1 minute.) PRESIDENT DOES NOT PRIORITIZE more blood, and to give up more lives Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. Madam ISSUES IMPORTANT TO MIDDLE is simply wrong. To support our troops Speaker, this week the House will have CLASS AMERICANS is to bring them home. an opportunity to truly support our (Ms. SOLIS asked and was given per- Mr. Speaker, I thank you for this troops by having a substantial debate mission to address the House for 1 time. I hope that not more American here on the House floor about the minute.) men and women will lose their blood or President’s latest proposal for a troop Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, for 6 years, lose their limbs in what is an impos- escalation in Iraq. Some of my Repub- Americans have felt left behind by this sible war. We need to bring America lican colleagues will say that such a administration and a Republican Con- home, bring our resources home, and debate undermines our troops’ efforts gress that did not prioritize issues im- bring our troops home. in Iraq. Nothing could be further from portant to many Americans. With the the truth. f November elections, we had hoped that How can this Congress stand on the President Bush would get the message sidelines when the President has been RECESS that Americans wanted change. Unfor- told by his generals, by an independent The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- tunately, the President’s budget, in my commission created by the old Repub- ant to clause 12(a) of rule I, the Chair opinion, is no different than many of lican Congress, by the American peo- declares the House in recess until 10 the budgets of his last 6 years; it leaves ple, and by both Democrats and Repub- a.m. today. too many people behind. licans in the new Congress that this Accordingly (at 9 o’clock and 35 min- Six years ago, the President vowed to plan will not work? How can this Con- utes a.m.), the House stood in recess leave no child left behind, but his budg- gress stand on the sidelines while our until 10 a.m. et underfunds our schools by $15 bil- troops continue to serve as referees in lion. How can the President hold a situation that even our own intel- f schools accountable when he refuses to ligence agencies say is worse than a give them the funding necessary to b 1000 civil war? make those improvements? Madam Speaker, the resolution we AFTER RECESS The President’s budget will also force will begin to debate today has the well- States to eliminate health care cov- The recess having expired, the House being of our troops first. First and fore- erage for children because he refuses to was called to order at 10 a.m. most, we support them. We support provide enough money to the SCHIP them by saying enough is enough with f program to cover more than 9 million the bad planning. The President should kids now enrolled in the program. At a not send more troops to Iraq for the PRAYER time when 1 million more Americans simple reason that it will not make are joining the ranks of the uninsured The Chaplain, the Reverend Daniel P. any difference on a deteriorating situa- every year, do we really want to take Coughlin, offered the following prayer: tion on the ground. health care coverage away from the Lord God, giver of all good gifts, f most vulnerable populations, the chil- endow this Nation with moral integ- dren and low-income parents? rity. Help us to grow in virtue and in THE UNGRATEFUL NATION? Mr. Speaker, the President’s prior- vision, that America may truly be a (Mr. POE asked and was given per- ities are different than ours, and our leader in the community of nations. mission to address the House for 1 budget will look significantly different. Use us to create Your kingdom here on minute.) f earth, a kingdom of goodness and Mr. POE. Mr. Speaker, as we begin truth, a kingdom of peace and justice, the debate on Iraq today, I have re- O’HARE AIRPORT a sign of Your presence dwelling here ceived input from Brian in Humble, (Mr. KIRK asked and was given per- on earth, active in Your people, and a Texas. He says, ‘‘I am a veteran of mission to address the House for 1 great blessing for the rest of the world. Vietnam. My father is a veteran of minute and to revise and extend his re- We ask this, trusting in Your Holy World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I marks.) Name, both now and forever. Amen. have four brothers that are veterans, Mr. KIRK. Mr. Speaker, the security f and my oldest son is serving his fourth at O’Hare Airport is not what it should tour of duty in Iraq. If winning in Iraq be. Reports over the weekend showed THE JOURNAL takes more resources, it is far better 3,700 security badges have not been re- The SPEAKER. The Chair has exam- than the alternatives. You owe the turned from former employees no ined the Journal of the last day’s pro- young men and women, and yes, my longer allowed to work at the airfield. ceedings and announces to the House son in harm’s way, your total support.’’ Many of the badges had not been can- her approval thereof. The cost of our security does not celed and would permit anyone access Pursuant to clause 1, rule I, the Jour- come without a price. The alternatives, to an aircraft. nal stands approved. the loss of American freedoms and se- According to CBS TV, several of the curity and leaving Iraq before our duty employees involved had previous arrest f is done, is not the option. If more records and convictions for nonmajor troops are needed, then it is our duty crimes. Reports also indicated that PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to supply them. several doors at O’Hare did not even The SPEAKER. Will the gentleman What message does this Nation send have ID scanners, allowing anyone who from Minnesota (Mr. WALZ) come for- its heroes deep within the belly of com- appeared to be official to enter the air- ward and lead the House in the Pledge bat to tell them no troops are coming field. of Allegiance. to their aid? This leaves those left be- The Department of Homeland Secu- Mr. WALZ of Minnesota led the hind stranded without the resources in rity, the Transportation Security Pledge of Allegiance as follows: front of a deadly enemy. Agency and Federal law enforcement I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Mr. Speaker, the words of this vet- officers that I have met with have all United States of America, and to the Repub- eran, whose family holds a proud his- promised action. While they can levy lic for which it stands, one nation under God, tory of service to America, are wise fines on the contractors involved, the indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. words. This Nation owes its gratitude penalties should be increased.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.005 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1478 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Later this month, I will introduce ment needs to let us. We just want to tantrum here on the House floor. So legislation levying a fine of $10,000 per be able to work in the woods.’’ please explain this new direction, day for an airport security badge that Traveling with the commissioner was Madam Speaker. This is not a new di- is not canceled for an employee that the Union County Chamber of Com- rection, it is political posturing of the was fired. That should get their atten- merce Executive Director, Judy worst kind. tion and help make the world’s busiest Loudermilk, who says, ‘‘What affects Madam Speaker, where is your plan? airport more secure. one area in a rural community affects Where is your plan for victory in Iraq? f us all. Loss of these funds is dev- Where is your plan for success and na- astating.’’ tional security? PRESIDENT’S PROPOSED BUDGET My colleagues, Congress must keep f AND DEBT the Federal Government’s promise to (Mr. WILSON of Ohio asked and was timbered communities. Pass H.R. 17 WE MUST UNDERSTAND IRANIAN given permission to address the House and do it now. CULTURE for 1 minute and to revise and extend f (Mr. PASCRELL asked and was given his remarks.) permission to address the House for 1 Mr. WILSON of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, NEED FOR DEBATE ABOUT PRESI- minute.) the President’s proposed budget is an- DENT’S TROOP ESCALATION Mr. PASCRELL. Mr. Speaker, I am other step down the long road of fiscal PLAN very, very concerned. President Bush irresponsibility. (Ms. SHEA-PORTER asked and was initially wanted the authority in the While this administration’s budget given permission to address the House October 16, 2002 Act of War to use force claims to reach balance in 2012, in re- for 1 minute.) to restore peace and security in the re- ality, it actually will remain in the red Ms. SHEA-PORTER. Mr. Speaker, gion, not just Iraq. all along those years. After all, over President Bush’s plan to escalate the We rejected that. The Congress of the the last 6 years, the Bush administra- war in Iraq will not bring success in United States, Mr. Speaker, rejected tion’s fiscal policies have posted the Iraq or make America more secure. It that and said no. The exercise of the highest deficits in our Nation’s history. faces significant bipartisan opposition authority granted in the resolution, The administration has squandered in both Chambers of Congress, and the read the resolution, is conditioned on the budget surplus it inherited, trans- plan is opposed by a majority of people the President certifying that war in forming $5.6 trillion projected surplus in our country. Iraq would not harm the war on ter- into a $2.8 trillion deficit over the same The American people rightfully want rorism. We will make a point of that period, completely losing focus of what to know where their leaders stand on over the next 3 days. we need to do in America. this critical issue, and the House is Iran has an oppressive economy. We Even with this continued deficit, the prepared to act. Unfortunately, on the must understand Iranian culture in budget still hurts American families. It other side of the Capitol, Senate Re- order not to make the same mistakes proposes substantial cuts to Medicare publicans blocked debate on this crit- we made in Iraq. Ethnically, Iranians and Medicaid both. What does this out- ical issue, and the House is prepared to are of Indo-European descent and have of-whack budget really fund? The do it now. no kinship to their neighbors in the President’s tax cuts for the wealthy, of While Senate Republicans cut and Middle East. Their language is Indo- course. ran from this most important issue, European, with grammar and structure Mr. Speaker, the President has put over the next 4 days this House will de- similar to classical Latin. They do not forth another budget that raises our bate, and then on Friday vote on a res- identify with Arabs. national debt while cutting vital pro- olution on the President’s plan to esca- We do not understand the Middle grams to Americans. His priorities late the war. East. We made that mistake once, we haven’t changed. Fortunately, the Mr. Speaker, House Democrats will should not make that mistake again. leadership in this Congress has ask the tough questions about the f changed. President’s new strategy and continue SILLY POLITICS AND SILLY to insist on a new direction, while al- f RESOLUTIONS ways putting our troops first. CONGRESSIONAL INACTION JEOP- The days of rubber-stamping the (Mr. KINGSTON asked and was given ARDIZES UNION COUNTY ROADS President’s war plans are over. And permission to address the House for 1 (Mr. WALDEN of Oregon asked and starting today, this House is going to minute and to revise and extend his re- was given permission to address the have an important debate on the Presi- marks.) House for 1 minute and to revise and dent’s troop escalation plan. Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, if the extend his remarks.) f troops in Baghdad were watching what Mr. WALDEN of Oregon. The failure we were doing today, they would be of Congress to reauthorize the Secure DEMOCRATS’ NEW DIRECTION IS outraged; but when you are in harm’s Rural Schools and Community Self-De- NOT NEW way, you don’t exactly sit around and termination Act amounts to a breach (Mr. MCHENRY asked and was given watch C–SPAN and silly politicians of faith to more than 600 forested coun- permission to address the House for 1 with silly resolutions. ties and 4,400 school districts across minute.) Here is what the Democrats are up our country. Mr. MCHENRY. After months of cam- to. Dearest troops, we support you, but For Union County, Oregon, this paigning against ‘‘Stay the Course,’’ your mission is in the tank. We don’t means a third of the road department the Democrats are proposing just that, support your mission. Americans are employees no longer will have a job, a stay-the-course resolution here on dying, the situation is dire, but we are other county services will be cut, and the House floor. Their Iraq resolution not going to send more reinforcements. another rural school district is left be- does not have the force of law, and in You are on your own. hind. fact, this nonbinding resolution is sim- But wait. The majority party still Last night, County Commissioner ply a mealy-mouth attempt to appease wants to play backseat driver. This is Colleen MacLeod was making the 8- their Democrat leftist base. nothing but a nonbinding resolution, hour, 616-mile round trip from her Democrats have held 52 hearings on fit for the Democrat club back home, home in Union County to the State Iraq since taking control of Congress. but when you are the U.S. Congress in capital in Salem, where she and other So let me get this right. The Demo- the majority party, you have the right commissioners around Oregon were crats have held 52 hearings so they can to pass laws, real laws affecting real meeting to discuss how a county de- show one resolution on the House floor people. clares bankruptcy. Commissioner that has no bearing on the President’s If you have an alternative plan, in- MacLeod says, ‘‘County governments, policy, does not have the force of law, troduce it. Get out of the back seat. all they want is to be able to work for does not advocate the withdrawal of November 7th put your hands on the themselves, and the Federal Govern- troops, and does nothing except have a steering wheel with the President. You

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00006 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.007 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1479 can now help drive the direction of pol- budget. It is time that we follow the administration. It is time for Congress icy, national policy in Iraq. This is a lead there and balance the budget for to truly be a coequal branch of govern- silly resolution. I recommend a ‘‘no’’ the country. ment and to do the work for the Amer- vote. f ican people. f AMERICA’S GROWING TRADE f IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION DEFICIT BOTH PARTIES SUPPORT TROOPS (Mr. ARCURI asked and was given (Ms. KAPTUR asked and was given EVEN THOUGH WE VOICE OPPO- permission to address the House for 1 permission to address the House for 1 SITION TO BUSH PLAN minute.) minute.) (Mr. PALLONE asked and was given Mr. ARCURI. Mr. Speaker, the Amer- Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker, our Na- permission to address the House for 1 ican people and both Democrat and Re- tion needs a course correction in our minute.) publican Members of Congress are de- foreign policy, and we are being given Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, Con- manding a new direction in Iraq. the chance by the Democratic leader- gress has a responsibility to the Amer- It is long past time for Congress to ship this week to debate it fully, as we ican people and to our troops bravely debate whether or not the President’s should have when that resolution was serving our Nation in Iraq to debate latest troop escalation will actually first debated in this House. the President’s plan to send 21,500 more change the situation on the ground in Our country needs many course cor- troops to Iraq. Iraq. This is a debate that Congress rections, including on the economy. Today this House will begin debate must have. We will all have 5 minutes President Bush’s trade policy has on a bipartisan resolution supporting to explain to our constituents and to clearly failed, as his foreign policy has, our troops and voicing disapproval the American people and to our troops as American workers and American with the President’s plan. I want to why we either support the President’s businesses find we are losing more jobs say, Mr. Speaker, it really concerns me strategy or why we think it is time for to imports again. The confirmed num- that some of the Republicans on the a new direction. bers for 2006 released today show that other side this morning talked about This is the first time since the war the annual trade deficit in 2006 doubled this debate as silly and tried to began that every Member of the House since this President took office. trivialize a debate that involves our will have 5 minutes to speak about the In fact, for 2006 the trade deficit troops who are fighting, some of whom situation in Iraq. The last time Con- equaled $763.6 billion and broke the are dying in Iraq. gress was allowed so much time for a prior year’s trade deficit by adding an- Our own intelligence agencies re- debate on the war was during the lead- other 6 percent more deficit from 2005’s leased a report earlier this month say- up to the first gulf war back in the level of $716 billion. ing that the war in Iraq is not a civil Five straight years of record deficits 1990s. war, it is worse, with numerous groups have left millions more Americans Mr. Speaker, every single one of us in killing each other to gain the upper with displaced jobs, outsourced jobs, this House supports the efforts our hand. Four times before, the President unemployment across regions of this troops are making in Iraq. Some be- has sent thousands of additional troops country, and putting our financial fu- lieve the best way to support them is to Iraq, and each time the situation on ture in the hands of foreign creditors to allow the President to conduct the the ground either remained the same such as China and Saudi Arabia. war in any way he sees fit, without or grew even more dangerous. Could Mr. Speaker, to grant renewed fast question. I believe it is our job in Con- that be why our generals concluded, be- track authority to this President gress to ask the tough questions, and fore being let go by this President, that would be a serious mistake and irre- that is what we are doing this week. sending more troops to Iraq simply will sponsible. This administration needs a not help the situation? f course correction by this Congress, Mr. Speaker, Congress needs to ask 1015 both in foreign policy and in domestic b the tough questions this week so we economic policy. AMERICA NEEDS A BALANCED can begin taking our Iraq strategy in a BUDGET f new direction. (Mr. BUCHANAN asked and was AMERICA NEEDS A COURSE COR- f given permission to address the House RECTION IN INTERNATIONAL PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION for 1 minute.) AND ECONOMIC POLICY OF H. CON. RES. 63, IRAQ WAR Mr. BUCHANAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise (Mr. KUCINICH asked and was given RESOLUTION today to ask my colleagues to join me permission to address the House for 1 in cosponsoring legislation, H.J. Res. minute and to revise and extend his re- Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, by 21, which would add a balanced budget marks.) direction of the Committee on Rules, I amendment to the United States Con- Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, I want call up House Resolution 157 and ask stitution. The amendment sets the fi- to agree with my colleague from Ohio for its immediate consideration. nancially responsible goal of balancing that we need a course correction in The Clerk read the resolution, as fol- the budget by the year 2012. international and domestic policy. lows: Currently, the national debt is $8.6 As Congress prepares to debate a H. RES. 157 trillion. Each taxpayer’s share of that nonbinding resolution on Iraq, this ad- Resolved, That upon the adoption of this debt is almost $29,000. In fiscal year ministration is already on its way to resolution it shall be in order without inter- 2006, over $400 billion of taxpayers’ the next war against Iran. We are los- vention of any point of order to consider in money was spent on interest payments ing our democracy to war and to debt. the House the concurrent resolution (H. Con. to the holders of the national debt. We are borrowing money from China, Res. 63) disapproving of the decision of the Last year the interest paid on the na- from Korea and Japan to fight a war in President announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United tional debt was the third largest ex- Baghdad and to prepare for war against States combat troops to Iraq. The concur- pense of the Federal budget. The debt Iran. rent resolution shall be considered as read. is increasing by over $1 billion every Meanwhile here at home, there are so The previous question shall be considered as day. Our economy is ready for us to set many people that lack access to ade- ordered on the concurrent resolution to final this important priority. quate health care, who do not have adoption without intervening motion or de- Last year alone Federal revenues in- money for housing or education. We do mand for division of the question except: (1) creased 11.8 percent. Receipts this year not have money for job creation, but debate not beyond midnight on Tuesday, have grown by 8 percent so far in the we have money for war. It is time to February 13, 2007, equally divided and con- trolled by the Majority Leader and the Mi- first quarter compared to last year in stand up for the American people. It is nority Leader or their designees; (2) debate that first quarter. Forty-nine out of 50 time for Congress to assume its full not beyond midnight on Wednesday, Feb- States, including my home State of power under the Constitution. It is ruary 14, 2007, equally divided and controlled Florida, currently have a balanced time to impose some discipline on this by the Majority Leader and the Minority

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.009 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1480 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Leader or their designees; (3) 12 hours of de- Two-thirds of the American people come back home unharmed? Despite all bate commencing on Thursday, February 15, believe that further escalating the war the President’s rhetoric in support of 2007, equally divided and controlled by the is the wrong path to follow. This morn- our Armed Forces, a second Pentagon Majority Leader and the Minority Leader or ing, 67 percent of them polled said we report released at the end of January their designees; and (4) one motion to recom- mit which may not contain instructions. should get out at once. Even respected bluntly states that for years in Iraq SEC. 2. During consideration of House Con- Members in the House and the Senate and Afghanistan ‘‘servicemembers ex- current Resolution 63 pursuant to this reso- have been quick to state publicly that perienced a shortage of force protec- lution, notwithstanding any other provision they oppose any troop escalation. tion equipment and were not always of this resolution, on each demand of the Ma- Republican Representative STEVE equipped to effectively complete their jority Leader or his designee after consulta- LATOURETTE best explained this broad mission.’’ tion with the Minority Leader, it shall be in bipartisan opposition to the Presi- In fact, the report speaks of soldiers order at any time to debate the concurrent dent’s plan. Like many Americans, he having to trade off Kevlar vests be- resolution for an additional hour equally di- recently said, I desperately want Amer- cause there were not enough for each of vided and controlled by the Majority Leader them. This is what is happening today, and Minority Leader or their designees. ica to succeed in Iraq and I would wel- SEC. 3. During consideration of House Con- come a fresh approach, but this is not Mr. Speaker. We were aware when we current Resolution 63 pursuant to this reso- a fresh approach. This is more of the first went into the war that we were ill lution, notwithstanding the operation of the same. prepared, but 4 years later it is no bet- previous question, the Chair may postpone For 4 years, through the deaths of ter. further consideration of the concurrent reso- 3,126 American service people and near- The Washington Post noted just yes- lution to a time designated by the Speaker. ly 60,000 Iraqi civilians and 25 to 30,000 terday that many Humvees still do not The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. grievously wounded, through the forced have the armor needed to protect them WEINER). The gentlewoman from New dislocation of millions of Iraqi fami- from the bombs that are killing and in- York (Ms. SLAUGHTER) is recognized for lies, through numerous troop esca- juring 70 percent of our troops abroad. 1 hour. lations, and $379 billion appropriated b 1030 Ms. SLAUGHTER. Thank you, Mr. by this Congress, through unbearable While our troops have gone unpro- Speaker. strain stretching our National Guard For the purpose of debate only, I am tected, corruption exploitation and in- and Army Reserve, their members, and competence has squandered billions of pleased to yield the customary 30 min- their families to the breaking point, utes to my colleague from California dollars and allowed vital reconstruc- more of the same has never worked. tion projects to be handed to well-con- (Mr. DREIER). All time yielded during As of last June, only 25 percent of the nected companies that failed to fulfill consideration of the rule is for debate Iraqis had clean water to drink. The oil only. their duties. Unbid contracts pro- production has fallen by nearly half liferate. Despite it all, for years the ad- Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time since the war began. The unemploy- as I may consume. ministration treated accountability as ment rate in Iraq as of December if it were a dirty word. (Ms. SLAUGHTER asked and was ranged between 25 and 40 percent. given permission to revise and extend And why should we expect that with- Sixty-seven more innocent civilians out a radical change, of course, that her remarks.) were killed just yesterday in yet an- Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, H. things will suddenly improve? other bombing. Eighty-four of our Mr. Speaker, changing a broken Res. 157 provides for comprehensive troops were killed last month. Forty- course in Iraq is not going to demor- consideration of H. Con. Res. 63. It pro- one have been killed in the last 2 weeks alize our troops or abandon them. vides all of the Members of this House alone. My district has suffered six cas- Frankly, they must wonder what it is with 3 full days of debate on this im- ualties since 2005, and 140 men and we have been doing here all along. To portant matter. It is a momentous day women from my State of New York the contrary, it is the only way to sup- for us, Mr. Speaker. have been killed so far in Iraq. port the troops. This is the debate that many of us Every piece of evidence suggests that Changing a broken course will not have yearned for for at least 4 years, the strategy currently employed by provide our enemies with encourage- and our constituents have long suffered this administration is failing in Iraq. ment either. If our strategy is not the lack of this debate. Every Member The only argument being used to sup- working, then why would we help our who wishes to speak on the resolution port an escalation of the war would be enemies by resolutely adhering to the will have the opportunity to do so. one of trust. If we just give the Presi- failing plan? The rule also, in addition to the time dent one more chance, we are told, Now, that is a question that needs to in the rule, allows the majority leader things will be different. be asked again. If our strategy is not at any time, after consultation with Mr. Speaker, I believe that the Amer- working, why would we help our enemy the minority leader, to extend the de- ican people and the military leaders by resolutely adhering to the failing bate when necessary. who know what war really is and a plan? On January 10, President Bush an- broad majority of this Congress are Democrats are insisting on a new nounced an escalation of the Iraq war tired of giving this administration one level of accountability in Congress, that will put as many as 50,000 more of more chance and have no reason to calling 52 hearings since January 4. our men and women in harm’s way. give it our trust. But we also need a new course in Iraq. Why 50,000 and not 20,000? Because the The Pentagon Inspector General re- We need to oppose this escalation and number of support groups who have to cently reported that statements made stubborn adherence to a failing strat- be there to support the troops adds up by Under Secretary of Defense Douglas egy. to nearly 50,000. Feith, during the runup to war, were We need to shift our focus and foot- This body owes them an explanation ‘‘inconsistent with the consensus in print in the region and to accept what for why at this moment in history the the intelligence community and drew so many observers have known for sacrifice is justified. Democrats and conclusions that were not fully sup- years: The conflict in Iraq will only be Republicans alike are determined to ported by available intelligence.’’ solved politically, not militarily. defend our Nation from harm and are Mr. Feith joins the President of the As strongly as I feel on this matter, wholly committed to supporting and United States, the Vice President of Mr. Speaker, I recognize that many of protecting the members of our Armed the United States, Secretary Rumsfeld, my colleagues in the House have a dif- Forces. But numerous military offi- Secretary Rice, and many others who ferent perspective. cials of the highest ranks, like General made statements which simply misled What is needed is a serious discussion Colin Powell, General John Abizaid, us into war. So why should we trust conducted by serious people. The first and many, many others, have expressed the administration’s assessments of step of such a discussion is a focused, a strong belief that increasing the Iraq? clear and full debate on the question of number of combat troops in Iraq will Why should we trust the President to the escalation itself. We need an unam- not improve the situation in the coun- give the new troops that he wants to biguous up-or-down vote on the esca- try. send the protection that they need to lation. We are keeping this rule and

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00008 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.002 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1481 this bill so straightforward in order to clearly the single most important issue as I say, concede defeat. To the Amer- best achieve that result. that will be addressed by the 110th Con- ican people, it admits the Democratic I want to emphasize that this is the gress. It clearly ranked very high on leadership is devoid of ideas. And to first step, and Congress will have many the list of issues voters cared about the troops, it admits that they have no opportunities during discussions of the most in last November’s election. The faith in their mission, no faith in the supplemental funding request, for ex- American people are concerned about troops’ mission whatsoever, because ample, to debate the numerous dimen- this war, and they want to know that they need this sound strategy that has sions of this war and to present new their elected officials are developing a been put into effect so that we can, in ways forward. sound and effective policy. fact, attain victory and they can be But we must first know where we So what have the Democrats offered successful. stand. Our goal this week is to estab- us? What is the substance of their pro- What is worse, it tries to shroud their lish whether Congress disagrees or posal in a nonbinding resolution that lack of faith in our military with plati- agrees with the President’s current ap- denies the troops the numbers that tudes about supporting our troops. You proach to Iraq. If the answer is no, then they need to succeed? In other words, can’t claim support for our troops we will have the basis for forcing the their proposal is, in fact, meaningless without supporting their mission, Mr. President to work in a bipartisan way as legislation, and it is disastrous as a Speaker. Again, you cannot claim to with us to change that approach. policy. support our troops without supporting The obvious truth is that a failure to Mr. Speaker, it is an admission of de- their mission. It is an outrage that achieve such a change will seal the fate feat. And it is a vote of no confidence they would deny our men and women of this war as one of the greatest blun- in our troops. Like it or not, it is a in harm’s way the traditional and addi- ders in America’s history. vote of no confidence in our troops. tional support that they need to suc- I urge a ‘‘yes’’ vote on the previous Why? Because it does not provide our ceed. question and on the rule. troops what they need to succeed. Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of Now, Mr. Speaker, yesterday after- Mr. Speaker, we are all opposed to my time. noon I had an opportunity to talk with Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I rise to the status quo in Iraq. And the Presi- one of my constituents, a former ma- express my appreciation to my distin- dent stood right here when he delivered rine called Ed Blecksmith. Very trag- guished colleague, the gentlewoman his State of the Union message and ically, 2 years ago this past November, from Rochester, New York, the distin- made it very clear. He wants this war his son, J.P. was killed in one of the guished Chair of the Committee on to be over, and he wants it to be won. most famous battles in the war in Iraq, We all know about the tremendous Rules. And I appreciate having the cus- the battle of Fallujah. Mr. Blecksmith challenges that our men and women tomary 30 minutes, and I yield myself implored me to support a policy of vic- are facing over in Iraq. We all know such time as I might consume. tory. He said that his son’s death will (Mr. DREIER asked and was given that. We hear it regularly from our have been in vain if we do not complete permission to revise and extend his re- constituents, the families, and we hear our mission. He made that very clear marks.) it directly from the men and women to me. Again, we got into this battle to Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I rise who are serving. We all feel very deeply win, and victory is, in fact, the only today in opposition to this rule and the about the enormity of the sacrifice option. That is from the father of a underlying resolution. This rule lays that so many have made in service to man who was tragically killed in Iraq. out a bad process, and the underlying their country. And we know that they And I know that we are going to hear legislation lays out bad policy. look to their Commander in Chief for a a wide range of views over the next 36 This rule silences any meaningful de- strategy for victory. hours that have come forward from dif- bate on the floor by denying both Re- The President has put forth his strat- ferent families. And, of course, our publicans and Democrats the right to egy, Mr. Speaker. With the advice and hearts go out to them. But I will say offer any amendments or any sub- close consultation of our generals in that this proud former marine does not stitute whatsoever. the field, he has called for a surge in want his son to have died in vain, and Mr. Speaker, the Democratic leader- troop levels in order to give our Armed he is insistent that we do all that we ship has attempted to mask this denial Forces the support that they need. can to ensure that we complete this of real debate by providing us with 36 Why, again is he doing this? So that mission. hours of floor time. But this nearly un- he can give our men and women in uni- Mr. Speaker, the war in Iraq, like all precedented amount of time is really form, our troops, the support that they wars, has been very long, very difficult little more than a joke; 36 hours of de- need so that they can succeed. and very painful. It has come at a very bate, without any opportunity whatso- Now, Mr. Speaker, it is our role as a high price, and we all know that it has ever to voice dissent with a substitute, Congress to thoroughly vet the Presi- taken its toll on the American people. amounts to nothing more than 36 hours dent’s proposal to ensure that we de- But, Mr. Speaker, we go to war to of talk. The American people want and velop an effective policy for moving win. We go to war with a mission, and deserve a real and meaningful debate, forward. With this resolution, the we dishonor the lives of those who have not empty gestures that show utter Democrats have ignored our constitu- made the ultimate sacrifice, if we, in disregard for an honest and open dis- tional role. They have not held a single fact, abandon that mission. cussion on this issue. hearing on this resolution. They have Mr. Speaker, this resolution offers no Why can’t we have a discussion that called not one expert witness to testify hope to the troops, and it offers no explores real options and real solu- for the record on the merits of this res- hope to the people of this country who tions? olution. All that they offer is a knee- want to see the conflict in Iraq re- The reason is very clear, Mr. Speak- jerk reaction against anything that the solved so that our troops can come er. Our Democratic colleagues have President says. Again, anything that home to their families. none. the President says is wrong in the eyes Mr. Speaker, they deserve better. We It was bad enough when we addressed of so many of our colleagues. have a duty to offer them something issues like stem cell research and min- Obviously, we, Mr. Speaker, cannot better. We have a duty to pursue noth- imum wage without any transparency be a rubber stamp for the executive ing less than victory. or openness whatsoever. We have dealt branch, the second branch of govern- I urge my colleagues to reject this with several important issues in a com- ment. But neither can we afford, nei- rule, reject this resolution, and, in- plete vacuum. But now, our Demo- ther can we forfeit our duty as a delib- stead, work together to fulfill our con- cratic colleagues are running rough- erative body to fully explore the plan stitutional responsibility as effective shod over our national security, what that has been put forward and to craft legislators. is clearly the number one priority that sound public policy as it relates to Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of we as a Federal Government, as feder- this. my time. ally elected officials, address. Mr. Speaker, in the absence of any Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I We know, Mr. Speaker, that the war deliberation, the Democrats have con- yield 3 minutes to the gentleman from on terror and policy in Iraq is very cocted a resolution that simply does, Massachusetts (Mr. MCGOVERN).

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00009 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.012 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1482 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Mr. MCGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, let me where each Member stands on the issue power vacuum for international ter- begin by first thanking my colleagues, of escalating the war in Iraq. That is rorism. We would see the creation of TOM LANTOS, IKE SKELTON and WALTER the issue before us today. That is the terrorist camps that would dwarf what JONES for working together in a bipar- only issue we shall be debating. It is we saw in Afghanistan before 9/11. In- tisan way to create this very simple, what the American people want to evitably a surge in influence and the straightforward and clear resolution. know, and it is what the President of projection of power by the Iranian dic- Their work will allow this House to the United States needs to hear. tatorship. That uncontrolled projection have a full and fair debate and, at the Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I have the of power in its quest to acquire, by the end of this week, have a clear up-or- distinct honor of yielding 5 minutes to way, a nuclear weapon, that uncon- down vote on whether or not we sup- my very distinguished colleague from trolled projection of power by Iran may port or oppose the President’s plan to Miami, Mr. DIAZ-BALART. very possibly lead to a regional war, Mr. Speaker, because the reality of the escalate this war in Iraq. b 1045 I also want to thank all my col- matter is that that region of the world leagues on the Rules Committee for a Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of cannot permit the uncontrolled projec- very thoughtful and productive debate Florida. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gen- tion of power by the Iranian dictator- last night. tleman, my dear friend from Cali- ship. Mr. Speaker, the American people fornia, for the time. Now, the withdrawal could be, as I are way ahead of the politicians in Mr. Speaker, after the debate in the have stated, either announced and im- Washington on this issue. They want Rules Committee last night where I mediate or announced and phased. The this war ended, and they want our hoped, and I made clear that it was my reality of the matter is what the new troops to come home. Any Member of hope, that there would be an oppor- congressional majority is bringing to this House who has been home recently tunity for the minority to present an the floor today is an announcement of knows that the questions are increas- alternative to this debate in the form withdrawal irrespective of what the ing, the concern is growing, and the pa- of an alternative motion, an amend- situation may be on the ground in Iraq. tience is running out. ment, it was disappointing that that Another alternative, Mr. Speaker, is The American people are tired of the was not made possible. So now we are the President of the United States’ at- bickering and partisan posturing. They faced with a resolution before us that tempt to stabilize the situation, to pro- are also tired of people trying to we cannot seek to amend with regard vide sufficient order, sufficient absence muddy the waters and confuse the to that extraordinarily serious problem of chaos, for the government of Iraq to issue. They want their leaders to be facing the United States of America: survive, for the sake not only of Iraq less concerned with saving political the crisis in Iraq. but of our national security. That is an face and more concerned with saving Iraq presents the United States, Mr. option the President of the United lives. Speaker, as the leader of the free States is trying to convert into a re- It is my hope that at the end of this world, with very difficult options, ality for the sake of our national secu- debate, the House will send a strong bi- tough options. None of the options be- rity. Now, Mr. Speaker, the options before partisan message to the President of fore us are simple nor easy. Clearly, as us are not difficult. The resolution be- the United States that it is time to in every war in history, mistakes have fore us constitutes the wrong message change course in Iraq. been made. I believe, for example, that at the wrong time in the wrong man- I hope that the President will listen we should have learned the lessons ner. and will take the opportunity to sit from a neighbor of Iraq, from the cre- ation in the 20th century of the Turk- Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I down with us, roll up his sleeves and do yield 3 minutes to the gentlewoman the hard but necessary work of bring- ish state, modern Turkish state, by Ataturk, the father of that state, from California (Ms. MATSUI). ing this tragic war to an end. Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I thank where the ability of religious parties, If he does not, if he continues to ig- the gentlewoman from New York for for example, to insert themselves into nore the will of the Congress and of the yielding me the time and for her out- the political process was significantly American people, then we will have no standing leadership on our committee. choice but to go beyond nonbinding limited. I think we could have done Mr. Speaker, this debate is long over- resolutions. things such as that. due. There is no issue more serious or Mr. Speaker, Members like me, who I admit, we all must admit, that mis- more urgent. The American people said believe it is time to exercise the power takes have been made. But, Mr. Speak- loud and clear in the last election that of the purse, will get that opportunity er, as the Spanish philosopher Ortega y they consider bringing this war to a when we take up the President’s sup- Gasset said: ‘‘Man is man plus his cir- close to be the singular imperative of plemental appropriations request and c*mstances,’’ and our circ*mstances in their leaders. Yet rather than begin- the fiscal year 2008 defense bills. Iraq today constitute our options. ning to bring the troops home, the The best way to support our troops is What are our options? One option is President has proposed escalating this to bring them home safely to their partition. I do not believe that it is conflict. families. The best way to protect them reasonable nor appropriate nor accept- The American people deserve to is to begin their immediate, safe and able to very important realities in the know where their elected representa- orderly withdrawal from Iraq. region and factors in the region, I don’t tives stand on this, the most critical But this week we are focused, rightly think that is a reasonable alternative. issue at this moment in history. This in my opinion, on the narrow and im- Another alternative is to withdraw be- week the people will get their answer. portant question of whether we support fore the situation is stabilized, before Mr. Speaker, here is where I stand: I the President’s desire to escalate the the democratically elected government opposed this war from the beginning, war. in Iraq is stable. That is an option. and I support several responsible pro- The irony is that Members of this I happen to believe that the resolu- posals to bring this war to a close. I be- House will be given more time to de- tion before us, in effect, says this is the lieve the President’s proposed esca- bate this nonbinding resolution than beginning of withdrawal. That is what lation would be a tragic mistake. It they were given by the previous major- the resolution says in effect. Melt it will most likely result in an increase in ity on the question of authorizing the down. The resolution states this is the violence while only postponing the war itself. beginning of withdrawal, despite the hard political choices the Iraqi people Mr. Speaker, this is not a meaning- fact that the situation in Iraq by the must make. It will also increase the less exercise, which is what some of my democratically elected government has strain on a military that is already colleagues on the other side of the aisle not been stabilized. stretched to the breaking point. have said. For the first time in 4 years, So what will occur if we withdraw Mr. Speaker, it is critically impor- the people’s House will be on record op- prematurely? Ethnic cleansing on a tant to make clear that Iraq has spi- posing the President’s policy in Iraq. massive scale; obviously, the collapse raled into civil war because of the fail- Mr. Speaker, the American people of the current government; the cre- ure of this country’s political leader- are watching. They want to know ation of an ideal vacuum in power, a ship, not our troops. Our brave men

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00010 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.014 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1483 and women in uniform have done ev- cause of the failure of this country’s political before . . . to no avail. Sadly, this administra- erything that has been asked of them. leadership . . . not our troops. tion simply lacks credibility when arguing that The real tragedy is how ill served they Our brave men and women in uniform have this proposal will work. have been by their political leadership. done everything that has been asked of them. As a result of this administration’s failure to I have heard firsthand from many They courageously put their lives on the line meet the most basic requirements of respon- families in Sacramento the impact this every day for us. sible leadership, it has abdicated any claim to has had on their lives. Linda, a con- The real tragedy is how ill-served our men deference from this chamber on this war . . . cerned mother, told me about her son, and women in uniform have been by their po- and it has certainly relinquished the moral au- Nicholas, who serves as an Army ser- litical leadership. thority to send additional men and women into geant in the 82nd Airborne in Germany. I have heard firsthand from many families in this catastrophe. Shortly, he will be returning to Iraq Sacramento about the impact this has had on Today’s step is only a first step. Undoubt- for his third tour. And there are some their lives. edly, this chamber will need to take more 30 soldiers in the Sacramento area who In 2005, I spoke with a group of women forceful action if we are to bring this war to a have died in this war. I have met sev- whose husbands were serving in the National conclusion. But it is an important first step. eral times with members of the Na- Guard in Iraq. I urge my colleagues to support this resolu- tional Guard and Reserve and their One woman told me she bought her hus- tion . . . and to oppose this gravely mistaken families. Every Member knows what I band a Kevlar vest before he deployed . . . proposal to escalate the war. Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, at this am talking about. We have all done it. something all too many families were doing for time I am happy to yield 5 minutes to We all know the pain. their loved ones because the military wasn’t a hardworking member of the Rules In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, this ad- providing it. Imagine the stress . . . sending a Committee, the gentleman from Pasco, ministration has failed to meet the loved one into danger without the confidence Washington (Mr. HASTINGS). most basic requirements of responsible that he would be given the needed equipment for protection. Mr. HASTINGS of Washington. Mr. leadership. As a result, it has abdicated Speaker, I thank the ranking member any claim to deference from this And I have heard countless stories about the hardships being created by the multiple for the time. Chamber on this war and has certainly Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to relinquished the moral authority to tours this conflict has demanded. Linda, a concerned mother from Sac- House Resolution 157 and the under- send men and women into this catas- ramento, told me about her son, Nicholas, lying resolution. trophe. who serves as an Army sergeant in the 82nd Mr. Speaker, our Nation is engaged Undoubtedly, this Chamber will need Airborne in Germany. He lives on-base with in a Global War on Terror, a war that to take more forceful action if we are his wife and two children, ages four and five. we did not seek, but a war that was to bring this war to a conclusion. But Another child is on the way. brought to our shores on September 11, today is an important first step. Nicholas recently learned that he was going 2001. Today, we fight an enemy without I urge my colleagues to support this to have to return to Iraq for his third tour. borders that is determined to destroy resolution and to oppose this gravely Linda wrote me and said that his family . . . our Nation by any means necessary. An mistaken proposal to escalate the war. and I’m quoting . . . ‘‘. . . will be all alone in al Qaeda leader said that they have the Mr. Speaker, this debate is long overdue. Germany when he leaves and each time he right to ‘‘kill 4 million Americans, 2 There is no issue more serious . . . or more has gone, the children have terrible night- million of them children, and to exile urgent. The American People sent a message mares and anger issues because they do not twice as many and wound and cripple in the last election. That message was that understand the long separations.’’ thousands.’’ they consider bringing this war to a close to Another Sacramento couple that wrote me The President of Iran has called a be the singular imperative of their leaders. are the proud parents of three Army soldiers world without America and Israel ‘‘pos- Yet rather than beginning to bring troops . . . one is currently serving his second tour sible and feasible.’’ home, the President has proposed escalating in Iraq . . . the other two have already com- It is also undeniable that Iraq is the this conflict . . . sending tens of thousands of pleted two tours in Iraq. They ask . . . will central front on the war on terror. But additional troops to Iraq. their sons be asked to go back a third time? you don’t have to take my word for it, Rather than change direction . . . they My friend Richard Beach served as a chap- Mr. Speaker. The terrorists themselves would instead continue down our current, dis- lain in the U.S. Army Reserves in Iraq. Rich- have told us it is so. Al Qaeda’s deputy astrous path . . . only at a faster pace and ard served in Iraq early in the conflict, and re- leader has repeatedly said that Afghan- with more human life placed in harm’s way. alized that four years since he went there, istan and Iraq are the ‘‘two most cru- This week, every Member of the House of many of his fellow reservists are still serving cial fields’’ in the Islamists’ war. In a Representatives will have an opportunity to let there. letter he said that expelling Americans their constituents know where they stand on Richard shared with me a note he sent to from Iraq is the first step in expanding the President’s proposed escalation. That is some of his fellow members of the 114th. He the jihad wave. only right. wrote . . . and I quote . . . ‘‘I remember four If this, Mr. Speaker, is what the ter- The American people deserve to know years ago we were getting ready for our trip rorists are telling us, why should we where their elective representatives stand on to Fort Lewis and then on to Iraq. I hope as not believe them? this, the most critical issue at this moment of the fourth anniversary of the war comes up As much as I wish that our troops our history. you are all in good health and living life to the were home, I recognize that arbitrary Mr. Speaker, here’s where I stand. I op- fullest. I too pray that soon this war will end, pulling out of Iraq would provide a posed this war from the beginning, and I sup- and we will stop sending our soldiers off to sanctuary for terrorists and have seri- port several responsible proposals to bring this war.’’ ous consequences for our U.S. security. war to a close. Four years later . . . and still many of the A self-sustaining government there is I believe the President’s proposed esca- same soldiers and their families are making critical to our security here. lation would be a tragic mistake. His stubborn the same sacrifice. But that is the heart- I share the frustration of all Ameri- insistence on pursuing the present course has breaking reality here. cans who had hoped that the Iraqis been rejected by our military leaders . . . the There are some 30 soldiers in the Sac- would be protecting and governing independent Iraq study group . . . and a ramento area who have died in this war. I’ve themselves by now, but that simply is strong majority of the public. And with good met several times with members of the Na- not the reality. Previous strategies to reason. tional Guard and Reserve and their families. stabilize Iraq have not succeeded and This escalation will most likely result in an Every member knows what I am talking about. things cannot continue as they have increase in violence while only postponing the We’ve all done it. We all know the pain. been. In order to succeed, Iraqis must hard political choices the Iraqi people must The notion of ‘‘shared sacrifice’’ is some- step up and take responsibility for make. thing that helped make this country great. their own security. And under the new Escalation of this conflict will also increase But with this administration . . . only our strategy, Mr. Speaker, announced last the strain on a military that is already soldiers and their families share in the sac- month, they will be held more account- stretched to the breaking point. rifice. able in the future. Mr. Speaker, it is critically important to make In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, it is important to Some say this new strategy is wrong; clear that Iraq has spiraled into civil war be- note that this country has tried troop increases yet they fail to say what is right. They

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00011 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.016 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1484 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 call for an arbitrary pullout yet have The administration’s policy on Iraq 15, 2006, Members of both parties from not answered the question ‘‘what has failed. It failed yesterday, it is fail- this body supported the creation of a then?’’ They seek to cut off funding for ing today, and it will fail tomorrow. bipartisan Iraq Study Group to review our troops yet offer no plan for fighting These failures have left America weak- the situation on the ground and to pro- terrorists. ened, not strengthened. pose strategies on a way to move for- Mr. Speaker, there is no easy answer. Today, we must chart a new course. ward. But simply declaring that we don’t We must end the war in Iraq. For more than 8 months, the study wish to be at war anymore does not Each one of us is immeasurably group met with military officials, re- make our enemies surrender. With- proud of the service of our troops. They gional experts, academics, journalists holding military personnel, failing to answered the call to duty, and they and other high-level officials. This provide funds for our troops, or pulling have done their job. study group included James Baker and Lee Hamilton as cochairmen. It in- out of Iraq with no plan to win the war b 1100 on terror are simply not options. The cluded Lawrence Eagleburger, Vernon consequence of failure is simply too I am particularly proud of our Jordan, Ed Meese, Sandra Day O’Con- dire. If we are defeated, Iraq will be- Vermont troops and our families. No nor, Leon Panetta, William J. Perry, come a haven that our enemies will use State has sacrificed more per capita in Charles S. Robb and Alan Simpson. to launch attacks against us. The Mid- the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than Mr. Speaker, we believe that the dle East will remain destabilized. Ter- our State of Vermont. But while our things which were embodied within rorists will fight us on our soil. And it men and women in uniform have done this Iraq Study Group report, which will send a dangerous signal to coun- their jobs, the President’s policies have came out this last December, embody tries like Iran, North Korea, and Syria, failed this country and failed our the kinds of things that the President and embolden terrorists around the troops, demonstrably and repeatedly. of the United States is attempting to world. Mr. Speaker, it is now our responsi- do now in Iraq. The President stood be- The Baker-Hamilton Commission bility to chart a new direction; one fore each and every one of us as we sat warned specifically against a precipi- that brings our troops home, restores in this Chamber just a few weeks ago tous withdrawal. They said: ‘‘The near- diplomacy to foreign policy and im- and he outlined very clearly the term results would be a significant proves the readiness of our military. changes that are taking place and his power vacuum, greater human suf- And we start today. No more troops, no willingness not only to work with this fering, regional destabilization, and a more phony intelligence, no more body, but willingness to be more spe- threat to the global economy. Al Qaeda blank checks. We must end this war. cific. I would like to read some of the would depict our withdrawal as a his- Top military commanders have made things from the Iraq Study Group re- toric victory.’’ it clear that no amount of American port that we will not be hearing as the So our challenge, Mr. Speaker, is to military force can take the place of the voice of the United States Congress. insist on victory and not accept defeat. political consensus required to end That is, that the United States should So, accordingly, I will not vote to deny Iraq’s civil war. We now face two ques- work to ‘‘provide political reassurance our troops the support they need to tions: What is best for America and to the Iraqi Government in order to protect themselves and America. what is best for Iraq? And the answer avoid its collapse and the disintegra- The nonbinding resolution before us to both questions is to end this war. tion of the country.’’ today is contradictory on supporting This resolution, Mr. Speaker, is just a beginning. The President has left us America should ‘‘fight al-Qaeda and the troops. On the first page it says we other terrorist organizations in Iraq will continue to support the troops in no choice. America must change the di- rection of the war. If the President using more special operations teams.’’ Iraq, but on the next page it expresses We should ‘‘train, equip and support won’t, we will. opposition to sending reinforcements the Iraqi security forces.’’ that our military says are needed to Today, we choose the path which of- And we should ‘‘deter even more de- support our troops currently on the fers us the best hope for success: esca- structive interference in Iraq by Syria ground. lating the military conflict, as the and Iran.’’ Mr. Speaker, how can you support President proposes, or taking the first But there is more. The ‘‘more’’ is the troops but not the mission? step in a new direction. To strengthen ‘‘We could, however, support a short- Let me say again that I will not vote America, we must choose a new path. term redeployment or surge of Amer- to deny our troops the support they Top generals have said it, the bipar- ican combat forces to stabilize Bagh- need to protect themselves and Amer- tisan Iraq Study Group confirmed it, dad, or to speed up training to equip ica. What I would vote for, if given the and the American people demand it. the mission.’’ opportunity, is a plan that would have Mr. Speaker, the troops have done Mr. Speaker, the bottom line is what the force of law, that would set bench- their job. Now we must do our ours. this resolution, that is nonbinding, is marks to measure progress, that would Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, at this all about is to politically neuter the ensure that funding for our troops is time I am very happy to yield 4 min- President of the United States, and, I not cut off, and that would keep Con- utes to our colleague the gentleman believe, our forces and our mission in gress fully apprised so that they can from Dallas, Texas (Mr. SESSIONS). Iraq. It is about trying to do something make informed decisions. (Mr. SESSIONS asked and was given that is politics, rather than policy. In closing, I would just say that we permission to revise and extend his re- The Rules Committee last night must not forget the sacrifice that our marks.) heard from several of our colleagues, troops are making. They are fighting Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, I thank one of them SAM JOHNSON, who brought the enemy abroad so that we will not the gentleman from Los Angeles. forth an amendment that would clarify have to fight them here. The bottom Mr. Speaker, we are here today as a that Congress and the American people line is that this is about America and result of the meeting in the Rules Com- support our troops and the funding for our security and a set of enemies who mittee last night where members of the our Armed Forces that are serving in have said again and again that their Republican minority tried to speak harm’s way to make sure that we do goal is to destroy us. about our desire to have more added to not put that element at risk. Mr. Speaker, I encourage my col- this ‘‘simple resolution,’’ as it is being Our colleague from Virginia, FRANK leagues to oppose this closed rule and called by the minority. And that it is, WOLF, brought forth the things that I the underlying resolution. a simple resolution. just spoke about. He brought to the Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I Mr. Speaker, we implored upon the Rules Committee the recommendations yield 21⁄2 minutes to the gentleman committee to make in order more from the Iraq Study Group, with this from Vermont (Mr. WELCH). amendments which would specifically emphasis on providing American com- Mr. WELCH of Vermont. Mr. Speak- speak directly to the needs of trying to manders in Iraq with the strategic and er, today we begin debate on the ques- provide direction and to work with the tactical means to support this war. tion of whether to escalate the war in President of the United States on However, my colleagues on the Demo- Iraq. where we are in Iraq. In fact, on March cratic side have decided that what they

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00012 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.017 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1485 want to do is they want to have this be Nor does it provide the American people Representatives this week. It is impor- all about politics and not about policy. with a clear picture of our direction in Iraq— tant for Members to go on record, and They are after a simple answer. it merely says ‘‘no’’ to the only strategy for it is important to demand a new direc- Last night, the Rules Committee met—and success which has been put forward. tion on behalf of the American people. after hours of testimony from members from Mr. Speaker, I think that Congress can do Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, at this both parties, the Democrat members of the better than this nonbinding vote for the status time I am happy to yield 3 minutes to Committee voted along party lines to shut out quo in Iraq. I know that a number of my Re- a very hardworking former member of every opportunity for amendment to the Reso- publican colleagues tried to improve this legis- the Rules Committee, our good friend lution that the House will be considering over lation, but were denied the opportunity by the from Marietta, Georgia (Mr. GINGREY). the next 3 days. Democrat majority. Mr. GINGREY. Mr. Speaker, I rise Our colleague from Texas, SAM JOHNSON, But I know that our troops serving in harm’s today in opposition to this rule and the brought an amendment that would have clari- way, and the American people deserve better underlying legislation. fied that Congress and the American people than this simplistic resolution that provides no We are about to begin 3 days of de- support our troops and that funding for our new ideas, outlines no strategy for victory, and bate over the Democrats’ nonbinding armed forces serving bravely in harm’s way makes no guarantee that we will continue to resolution, 3 days of debate over a reso- will not be cut off or restricted in any way. fund the efforts of our troops. lution that is nothing more than a po- Our colleague from Virginia, FRANK WOLF, I am greatly disappointed in this resolution litical statement against our Presi- also brought to the Rules Committee a very and the Democrat majority’s efforts to prevent dent. comprehensive amendment that would have this body from considering amendments from Considering that last month Demo- made clear that Congress supports the rec- thoughtful members to improve it. crats rammed six bills through this House in a mere 100 hours, I would say ommendations of the Iraq Study Group—with Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I we have ample time this week to also its emphasis on providing American com- yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman debate a Republican alternative to this manders serving in Iraq with the strategic and from Florida (Ms. CASTOR). resolution. tactical means that they need for success and Ms. CASTOR. Mr. Speaker, I thank the distinguished Rules Chair. Mr. Speaker, as you well know, last accelerated cooperation with Iraqi leaders to week one of the Democratic Members meet specific goals—as the strategy for mov- Mr. Speaker, it is time to bring this debate to the floor of the Congress. I in this body repeatedly referred to us ing forward to success in Iraq. as the ‘‘Republic Party.’’ I don’t think, A number of other members also spent a oppose escalation of the war in Iraq that is being pushed by President Bush Mr. Speaker, that that Member was large part of their evening sitting in the Rules necessarily trying to pay us a com- and Vice President CHENEY. Their in- Committee, waiting to share their ideas about pliment. But indeed he did, because tention to send more young American how to improve this resolution—however, un- this is a Republic, and we speak on be- men and women into what is largely a fortunately the 13 members of the Rules Com- half of 650,000 constituents. mittee are the only ones who will have the sectarian civil war is more of the same But the Democrats have taken that benefit of hearing and debating these good ‘‘stay the course’’ mentality. away from us, Mr. Speaker. The Demo- Mr. Speaker, as a member of the ideas, because none of them were given the cratic leadership has shown us time opportunity to be considered and voted on by Armed Services Committee, I am par- and time again their pledge of an open the House. ticularly concerned that the reckless and inclusive Congress amounts to Instead, today we are on the floor with a Bush escalation will undermine our nothing more than tired campaign completely closed process to debate a non- country’s readiness and ability to ad- rhetoric. So over and over the next 3 binding resolution with no teeth and a serious dress other global threats to our na- days, you will hear many Republican logical flaw. tional security. Indeed, in recent testi- opinions and ideas, but you will see no In 2 short paragraphs, without explicitly stat- mony, the Marine Commandant and Republican legislation. ing that funds will not be cut off from our the Army Chief of Staff testified that Perhaps the Democratic leadership is troops serving in harm’s way, the resolution America will run a strategic risk by afraid that a Republican alternative, asserts that Congress and the American peo- implementing the escalation and stay- like the bill introduced by a true ple will continue to support and protect the ing on the same course in Iraq. The American war hero, Sam Johnson of members of Armed Forces who are serving in generals confirmed that if our per- Texas, would force the Members to fi- Iraq. This non-specific language is something sonnel and equipment are tied up in nally put their money where their that every member of this House clearly sup- Iraq, then our ability to handle future mouths are and vote ‘‘yes’’ or ‘‘no’’ to ports. threats and contingencies is reduced. cut funding for the troops. But instead, It also states that Congress disapproves of For example, in my State of Florida, Mr. Speaker, the Democrats prefer to the President’s plan to deploy 20,000 rein- the National Guard does not have all of debate nonbinding resolutions that forcements to Iraq to bolster the mission and the equipment it needs to train and de- criticize the President’s plan without provide additional support to troops already ploy soldiers. They are only 28 percent offering any alternative or strategy for serving on the ground. equipped. victory. This resolution gives no direction about how President Bush in essence confirmed Mr. Speaker, we should be using the we should proceed in Iraq—instead, it settles that the escalation will harm our Na- next 3 days to debate substantive legis- for some generic language about supporting tion’s readiness when he sent over his lation, not political attacks. This non- the troops without guaranteeing that Congress proposed 2008 budget last week. He re- binding resolution may have been will continue to fund their efforts as they re- quested an additional $235 billion for crafted with the 2008 election in mind, main in harm’s way—and it simply amounts to this war. That is on top of already $350 but I implore my colleagues to look far a vote for the status quo. billion of taxpayer money. In effect, beyond 2008 to the future of our Nation Mr. Speaker, this is a serious debate for se- Bush’s war in Iraq is swallowing the and this global war on terror. Don’t rious people. We all understand that the cost defense budget and our country’s abil- play politics with the security of the of failure in Iraq is too great to bear—it would ity to prepare for any other threat to United States of America. Don’t play embolden radical Islamic terrorists and give our national security. politics with possibly our last best them a base from which to train and attack The Bush plan also sacrifices health chance to secure freedom for the Iraqi America for generations. care for children and our seniors and people on the greater stability in the But with this resolution my colleagues on investments in our own towns and Middle East. the other side of the aisle provide the troops neighborhoods, while continuing this Mr. Speaker, the Democrats have with nothing: no guarantees that we will con- war without end. sometimes accused Republicans in this tinue to fund their heroic efforts; no guaran- We will debate budgets and appro- Congress of being ‘‘yes men’’ for the tees that Congress will heed the advice of the priations in the coming months, but President. Well, I believe the Demo- Iraq Study group—which notes on page 73 of after 4 years of war, over 3,100 deaths of crats are being ‘‘no men’’ for the Presi- their report that it would ‘‘support a short-term Americans, $350 billion, and the Bush- dent, blindly saying no to any plan he redeployment or surge of American combat Cheney failure to aggressively pursue a proposes, without considering the mer- forces to stabilize Baghdad, or to speed up political solution, it is important that its or what is best for the security of the training and equipping mission.’’ we have this debate in the House of this Nation.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:56 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00013 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.018 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1486 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Mr. Speaker, it is absolutely unbe- gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I am lievable that the Democrats are pro- PATRICK J. MURPHY). happy to yield 2 minutes to my very posing 3 days of debate on an issue as Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Penn- good friend, who is the progenitor of critically important as Iraq without sylvania. Mr. Speaker, I take the floor the Iraq Study Group, the gentleman any Republican input or alternative. today not as a Democrat or a Repub- from Virginia (Mr. WOLF). The manner in which this debate will lican, but as an Iraq war veteran who (Mr. WOLF asked and was given per- be carried out is an affront to the was a captain with the 82nd Airborne mission to revise and extend his re- American people and to our troops. I Division in Baghdad. Three years ago I marks.) ask my colleagues to join me in opposi- came home, but 19 of my fellow para- Mr. WOLF. Mr. Speaker, last night I tion to this shameful rule. troopers did not. testified before the Rules Committee Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I I rise to give a voice to the hundreds asking that the Iraq Study Group re- yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman of thousands of Pennsylvanians and port be made in order for debate today. from Ohio (Ms. SUTTON). veterans across the globe who are deep- The Iraq Study Group offers the way Ms. SUTTON. I thank the gentle- ly troubled by the President’s plan to forward, a new approach, and is au- woman for yielding time. escalate the number of American thored by former Secretary of State Mr. Speaker, I support this rule on a troops in Iraq. Baker and former chairman of the clear and concise resolution that ex- I served in Baghdad from June 2003 to House Foreign Affairs Committee, Lee presses the will of the American peo- January 2004. I saw firsthand this ad- Hamilton. Yet there has been no vote ple. Our troops are brave and capable. ministration’s failed policies in Iraq. allowed. The American people have They have fought overwhelming odds In this new Congress, there are 49 been shut out with regard to having a and in the face of incomprehensible dif- new faces. I am proud that five of those vote on the Iraq Study Group report. ficulty. They have engaged in many 49 new faces are veterans. All five of You cannot pick and choose with re- acts of heroism. And this resolution those veterans are Democrats. gard to the Iraq Study Group. makes it unequivocally clear that Today, I stand with my other mili- Let me read you some of the com- those of us who feel it incumbent to tary veterans, Sergeant Major TIM ments that have been made by the speak out in opposition to the Presi- WALZ and Admiral JOE SESTAK. We members who served on the Iraq Study dent’s escalation nonetheless continue stand together to tell this administra- Group. Lee Hamilton, Jim Baker: to support our troops. tion that we are against the escalation ‘‘There is no magic formula to solve All of us and all Americans support and to say with one voice that Con- the problems of Iraq. However, there our troops. They must have and we gress will no longer be a blank check to are actions that can be taken to im- must provide that which they need for the President’s failed policies. prove the situation. Mr. Speaker, the time for more any mission which they are sent. But ‘‘Our political leaders must build a troops was 4 years ago, but this Presi- Congress also has a responsibility to bipartisan approach to bring a respon- dent ignored the military experts like provide oversight, to ensure that our sible conclusion to what is now a General Shinseki and General Zinni, brave and honorable troops are pro- lengthy and costly war. Our country who in 2003 called for more troops, sev- vided a mission based on realistic as- deserves a debate that prizes substance eral hundred thousand more troops, to sessments and an achievable goal be- over rhetoric, and a policy that is ade- secure Iraq. fore we ask them to risk life and limb quately funded and sustainable.’’ to implement it. Now, Mr. Speaker, our President is ignoring military leaders again, patri- That is the Iraq Study Group. Mem- The President has asked Congress bers on both sides have said they sup- and the American people to support his ots like General Colin Powell, General Abizaid and the bipartisan Iraq Study port the Iraq Study Group, and yet plan to escalate our involvement in the there is no vote allowed on the Iraq war in Iraq by sending an additional Group who were clear: the President’s plan to send more of our best and brav- Study Group. 20,000 troops, and that doesn’t count ‘‘In this consensus report,’’ Hamilton the additional 20,000 support personnel est to die refereeing a civil war in Iraq is wrong. and Baker go on to say, ‘‘the 10 mem- that will be part of the escalation. bers of the Iraq Study Group,’’ bipar- This war is almost 4 years long now. Mr. Speaker, it is a time for a new di- tisan, five and five, ‘‘present a new ap- Congress has not spoken as loudly and rection in Iraq. From my time serving proach because we believe there is a as clearly as its responsibility requires. with the 82nd Airborne Division in better way forward.’’ As the Representative of the 13th Dis- Iraq, it became clear that in order to The better way forward, and the gen- trict of Ohio, I cannot sit silent. I am succeed we must make it clear to the tleman who just spoke mentioned the opposed to the President’s plan for es- Iraqis that we are not going to be there Iraq Study Group, is the Iraq Study calation, and, as such, I fully support forever. Yet 3 years after I left Iraq, Group, and yet the Rules Committee this rule and resolution. Americans are still running convoys up last night foreclosed a vote on the Iraq The President’s own military com- and down Ambush Alley and securing Study Group which is bipartisan. manders and experts have advised Iraqi street corners. Lee Hamilton, Jim Baker, Leon Pa- against this course of action. My con- Today I am proud to stand with my netta, Bill Perry, Ed Meese. Ed Meese’s stituents and the American people fellow veterans and support this resolu- son is one of the colonels with General have made their position known. Peo- tion. Petraeus. Leon Panetta, who served ple across this Nation voted for a Mr. Speaker, we often hear from our here in the Congress, but yet for some change in direction in Iraq. The plan to colleagues on the other side that the reason the American people are not to escalate is directly contradictory to only way to support the troops is to be given an opportunity whereby their that call for change. It takes us further blindly support the President. Congress can vote on the Iraq Study down the wrong path, getting us deeper Mr. Speaker, I ask anyone to look at Group. and deeper with a policy that asks our Admiral JOE SESTAK, a man who was military to accomplish the non- responsible for the safety and security There are good people on both sides. military mission of creating a viable, of 15,000 sailors and marines, and tell Every resolution should be in order. unified government in Iraq. him that he does not support the God bless you, what you are offering is Mr. Speaker, I support the rule and troops. I ask them to look at Sergeant fine, but give the country, give the resolution. TIM WALZ, a man who served his coun- American people, give us an oppor- try for 24 years in the Minnesota Na- tunity to vote on the Iraq Study b 1115 tional Guard as a noncommissioned of- Group. You cannot pick and choose. Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I under- ficer, the backbone of our Army, and I urge a defeat of the resolution and stand that there is much more time on tell him he does not support our urge that we allow this to be voted on the other side, so I would like to re- troops. whereby we can have a successful pol- serve the balance of my time. Mr. Speaker, we are the troops, and icy to bring this country together. Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I am we oppose the President’s escalation of Mr. Speaker, I rise against this rule and very pleased to yield 3 minutes to the troops. against the underlying resolution.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:40 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 9920 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.019 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1487 I’ve been to Iraq three times since the Many Americans are dissatisfied, not just sion that our soldiers are asked to United States sent Armed Forces there. I con- with the situation in Iraq but with the state carry out, one that is based on facts tinue to be deeply concerned about the vio- of our political debate regarding Iraq. Our and reality, not blind ideology. political leaders must build a bipartisan ap- lence that continues to take the lives of U.S. I retired from the Army National proach to bring a responsible conclusion to Guard in the spring of 2005, and the personnel as well as innocent Iraqi citizens. what is now a lengthy and costly war. Our That’s why, upon my return from my third country deserves a debate that prizes sub- unit I served with is now in Iraq. Many trip in 2005, I worked to promote an inde- stance over rhetoric, and a policy that is of these soldiers were kids that I pendent, bipartisan review of ongoing oper- adequately funded and sustainable. The taught in my high school classroom, ations in Iraq—what I called ‘‘fresh eyes on President and Congress must work together. that I coached on our football team. the target. ‘‘ Our leaders must be candid and forthright They joined my Guard unit, and I I initiated the legislation authorizing and with the American people in order to win trained them. We deployed together in their support. funding the Iraq Study Group, which was set support of Operation Enduring Free- No one can guarantee that any course of dom, and now they are deployed again up through the U.S. Institute of Peace. The action in Iraq at this point will stop sec- 10-member group—5 Republicans and 5 to Iraq. tarian warfare, growing violence, or a slide As a 24-year veteran of the Army Na- Democrats—was led by cochairs James A. toward chaos. If current trends continue, the tional Guard, I know that our soldiers Baker III, the Nation’s 61st Secretary of State potential consequences are severe. Because are trained to fulfill the mission they and honorary chairman of the James A. Baker of the role and responsibility of the United are given, but having a mission that is III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, States in Iraq, and the commitments our achievable is the key to any military and Lee H. Hamilton, our former colleague in government has made, the United States has special obligations. Our country must ad- success. this House and director of the Woodrow Wil- dress as best it can Iraq’s many problems. The previous Republican Congress son International Center for Scholars, who The United States has long-term relation- failed to hold the administration ac- also cochaired the 9/11 Commission. ships and interests at stake in the Middle countable for providing a mission that The other members of the study group in- East, and needs to stay engaged. could succeed; and in so doing, they cluded: Lawrence S. Eagleburger, former Sec- In this consensus report, the ten members of the Iraq Study Group present a new ap- failed to support our troops. retary of State; Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., former Last week, I had the opportunity to advisor to President Clinton; Edwin Meese III, proach because we believe there is a better way forward. All options have not been ex- speak with a field commander from the former Attorney General; Sandra Day O’Con- hausted. We believe it is still possible to pur- Minnesota National Guard serving in nor, retired Associate Justice of the U.S. Su- sue different policies that can give Iraq an Iraq. He told me that our soldiers are preme Court; Leon E. Panetta, former White opportunity for a better future, combat ter- performing magnificently, every House chief of staff for President Clinton; Wil- rorism, stabilize a critical region of the minute of every hour of every day. liam J. Perry, former secretary of Defense; world, and protect America’s credibility, in- That is not the issue at hand here. The Charles S. Robb, former Governor and Sen- terests, and values. Our report makes it issue at hand is providing a mission ator of Virginia, and Alan K. Simpson, former clear that the Iraqi government and the that can succeed. Senator from Wyoming. Iraqi people also must act to achieve a stable Mr. Speaker, when we recess for our and hopeful future. After more than 8 months of work, the panel What we recommend in this report de- district work period next week, I will presented its report last December 6. The Iraq mands a tremendous amount of political will go home and look into the eyes of the Study Group was a truly bipartisan group who and cooperation by the executive and legisla- families of these soldiers. These are the came together—like this body should be com- tive branches of the U.S. government. It de- same families and the men and women ing together—and offered the way forward in mands skillful implementation. It demands who learned on cable television that Iraq. unity of effort by government agencies. And they would be extended in their tour of I believe the group’s work provides an im- its success depends on the unity of the Amer- duty. These are the same men and portant framework to move forward in Iraq and ican people in a time of political polariza- women who will face financial loss be- tion. Americans can and must enjoy the on January 24 I introduced H. Con. Res. 45, cause many of them had the plan to re- right of robust debate within a democracy. turn to their jobs after an 18-month de- expressing the sense of Congress that all the Yet U.S. foreign policy is doomed to failure— recommendations of the Iraq Study Group be- as is any course of action in Iraq—if it is not ployment to work in agriculture and come the new baseline strategy for dealing supported by a broad, sustained consensus. construction businesses, and now they with Iraq. That’s the resolution we should be The aim of our report is to move our country will be delayed in their return. They advancing today. toward such a consensus. will miss the critical season. They have 1 In my car coming to the Capitol this morning This last sentence is the essence of what been deployed for 2 ⁄2 of the last 4 I heard a member of this body on a radio we should be addressing this week. The rec- years. Mr. Speaker, we can and must do bet- interview say he’s voting for H. Con. Res. 63 ommendations of the Iraq Study Group pro- ter by our soldiers. The resolution we because what we’re looking for is a new solu- vide the blueprint for a consensus. The work will debate today and that I am in sup- tion for Iraq. We have that. It’s the Iraq Study has been done. The recommendations have port of is meant as a first step to giv- Group report. Look at the cover of the report— been made. Now is the time for implementa- ing them an achievable mission and a tion. ‘‘The way forward—A new approach.’’ chance to return. Our soldiers are The Iraq situation has created a bitter divide Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to yield 3 minutes to the gen- trained to fulfill their mission without in our country. We all want to see an end to question. We as civilian leaders have a tleman from Minnesota (Mr. WALZ). the fighting in Iraq and stability there, as well duty to question it on their behalf. as an end to violence perpetrated by terrorists Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. Mr. Speak- er, today we will begin a long overdue For the past 4 years, this Republican- around the world. I continue to pray for the led Congress has failed in their duty. protection of the American service men and debate about the President’s troop es- calation plan, and the Iraq war in gen- This resolution is about this Congress women and civilians who are putting their lives standing up and saying we will achieve eral. I spoke earlier this morning, and on the line every day and also for their fami- our duty to the same level of excel- I had the opportunity to address some lies here at home who continue to make tre- lence that our soldiers have. mendous sacrifices. of the conflict between the testimony Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, may I in- The Iraq Study Group met the test of devel- of experts and this administration’s quire of my distinguished Chair of the oping a bipartisan consensus on how to suc- wishful thinking in regard to this esca- Rules Committee how many speakers ceed in Iraq. When our country is divided we lation. are remaining on the other side. are weak. When we are together we are What is said here on the floor of Con- Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I strong. gress, what is said by our experts and have one remaining speaker. Is my col- I want to read from the letter penned by what is said by the administration league ready to close? Secretary Baker and Congressman Hamilton matters. It matters because our troops Mr. DREIER. One remaining speaker, as the prelude to the Iraq Study Group’s rec- will be asked to fulfill the mission that then your close? ommendations: comes out of these discussions. Our de- Ms. SLAUGHTER. That is right. There is no magic formula to solve the bate on this resolution is about far Mr. DREIER. Or you are prepared to problems of Iraq. However, there are actions more than expressing our disapproval close now? that can be taken to improve the situation for the President. We offer this debate Ms. SLAUGHTER. No, I have one re- and protect American interests. in the hopes that it will shape the mis- maining speaker.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:12 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00015 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.007 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1488 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Mr. DREIER. Then I will reserve the bipartisan effort of the Iraq Study The continuing use of our national balance of my time. Group. treasure in what is an inconclusive, Ms. SLAUGHTER. Do you have any We also had testimony last night, open-ended involvement within a coun- further speakers? Mr. Speaker, from a man who just yes- try with long-term benefits does not Mr. DREIER. Here I am. terday marked the 34th anniversary match what we need to reap. It is why Ms. SLAUGHTER. All right. Why from being freed after 7 years as a pris- I am opposed to a troop surge that dou- don’t you go ahead then and we will oner of war in Vietnam, our colleague bles down on a bad military debt that have our speaker after you. from Dallas, Texas, Mr. JOHNSON. He has been tried already. Mr. DREIER. I would like to close was denied a chance to have a sub- We need to apply our resources else- the debate on our side just before you stitute that would simply say that we where in the world, where terrorists close the debate on your side. are not going to cut off funding for our come from, including Osama bin Laden Ms. SLAUGHTER. I have only got troops. who is still on the loose, or emerging the one speaker. My understanding is if Now, there are many who have ar- nations such as in the Western Pacific you want to close, you need to do it gued, Mr. Speaker, that this resolution have growing political and economic now. that we are going to consider in the interests and, therefore, influence that The SPEAKER pro tempore. Does the next few days is simply a first step. It may challenge ours. gentlewoman seek to close for her side? is a first step towards ultimately cut- I do not think that my extensive military experience alone gives me li- Ms. SLAUGHTER. Yes. Mr. SESTAK ting off funding, and, Mr. Speaker, I cense to disagree with our strategy in will be my final speaker. think that would be wrong, and that is Iraq, but just being an American who The SPEAKER pro tempore. To the why I am urging defeat of the previous has closely watched and thought about gentleman from California, Mr. SESTAK question. When we do that, we will be represents the close for the majority the trade-off and benefits for our future making in order, when we defeat the prosperity, interest, and values does. side. previous question, an opportunity for The gentleman from California is Our military is a national treasure us to say that we will not cut off fund- that should not be used recklessly, nor recognized. ing for our men and women in uniform. should it be hoarded like miser’s gold. Mr. DREIER. I would encourage the So, Mr. Speaker, I urge a vote It is a vital resource if we are to con- gentleman to sit down so he can listen against the previous question; and if by tinue to be a force for peace and pros- to my eloquence, and then I will look chance we fail on that, I urge a ‘‘no’’ perity, but throughout the world. And forward to hearing his. vote on this rule, and I urge a ‘‘no’’ that is why I firmly believe in a Mr. Speaker, I yield myself the bal- vote on the underlying resolution planned end to our military engage- ance of the time. which does, in fact, undermine the goal ment in Iraq within the next year as The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- of completing our mission and bringing the primary catalyst for change in Iraq tleman from California is recognized our men and women home. so their leaders are forced to accept the for 3 minutes. Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance political and military responsibility Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, on the eve of my time. for their country, with our diplomatic of the Civil War, that great philosopher b 1130 and economic help, and limited mili- John Stuart Mill wrote: ‘‘War is an tary support from outside Iraq, but ugly thing but it is not the ugliest of Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I am within the region is best. It is for our things. The decayed and degraded state pleased to yield the remainder of our Nation’s greater security that I believe of moral and patriotic feeling which time to the gentleman from Pennsyl- this, and why I cannot support a troop think nothing worth a war is worse.’’ vania (Mr. SESTAK). surge that strains our military readi- No one likes this war that we are in. Mr. SESTAK. Mr. Speaker, as this es- ness further and, more, our overall As I said earlier, the President stood sential debate begins today, I am quite strategic security in a war that does here just weeks ago, and in his State of honored to be asked to make opening not serve our Nation’s greater interest the Union message he said, I wish very remarks at its beginning. in this world and our future. much that this war were over and that I served in our military for over The material previously referred to we had won. That is the goal. The goal three decades, entering during the by Mr. DREIER is as follows: is victory. Vietnam War and serving under Presi- AMENDMENT TO H. RES. 157 OFFERED BY REP. We need to make sure that our men dents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, DREIER OF CALIFORNIA and women in uniform, many of whom Bush, Clinton, and our Commander in (1) In section 1, insert ‘‘and any amend- are paying the ultimate price every Chief today, President Bush. I had the ment thereto’’ after ‘‘previous question shall single day, as we look at the tragic loss honor of leading men and women in be considered as ordered on the concurrent of life, we need to make sure that they harm’s way, the highest honor that our resolution’’. (2) At the end of the resolution, add the have everything necessary so that we Nation can give to anyone; most re- following: can, as my constituent Ed Blecksmith, cently in combat, over at Afghanistan Sec. 4. Notwithstanding section 1, it shall a father of a man who was killed 2 and Iraq, where I commanded an air- be in order at any time to consider the years ago last November in the battle craft carrier battle group of 30 ships amendment printed in section 5, if offered by of Fallujah, said, so that we can com- and 15,000 sailors and marines. Representative Sam Johnson of Texas or his plete our mission. Having worn the cloth of this Nation designee, which shall be in order without intervention of any point of order, shall be Mr. Speaker, I believe very fervently so long, I know that duty of choice, considered as read, and shall be separately that you cannot support our troops that the citizens of this great country debatable for one hour equally divided and without supporting their mission. This have about the future course of this controlled by the proponent and an oppo- resolution that is before us unfortu- war in Iraq is not an unpatriotic one, nent. nately undermines the ability of our nor is what anyone will say in the next Sec. 5. The amendment referred to in sec- troops to complete their mission. few days unpatriotic. tion 4 is as follows: Strike all after the resolved clause and in- We have had some very thoughtful If my 31 years in the military taught sert the following: ‘‘That Congress and the proposals that have come forward. We me anything, it was that we serve in American people will continue to support just had Mr. WOLF stand here and talk this all-volunteer military to defend and protect and Congress will not cut off or about the opportunity that was denied Americans’ freedom to think as they restrict funding for members of the Armed him to have a vote on the very impor- please and to say what they think, Forces who are serving or who have served tant bipartisan work of that Iraq Study even if they disagree with their lead- bravely and honorably in Iraq.’’ Group. Much of what the Iraq Study ers. A democracy is based on freedom (The information contained herein was pro- Group has done has been already imple- of expression, and those who join the vided by Democratic Minority on multiple mented by this administration, but military do so to fight, if necessary, occasions throughout the 109th Congress.) there is more that needs to be done. the wars which defend that freedom, THE VOTE ON THE PREVIOUS QUESTION: WHAT Mr. WOLF was tragically denied an op- hoping that our use will be to a wise IT REALLY MEANS portunity to even have a vote on end. And that is what concerns me This vote, the vote on whether to order the whether or not we should support that about Iraq. previous question on a special rule, is not

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:40 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00016 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.023 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1489 merely a procedural vote. A vote against or- ceedings on this question will be post- Dent Keller Pastor dering the previous question is a vote Diaz-Balart, L. Kennedy Paul poned. Diaz-Balart, M. Kildee Payne against the Democratic majority agenda and The point of no quorum is considered a vote to allow the opposition, at least for Dicks Kilpatrick Pearce withdrawn. Dingell Kind Pence the moment, to offer an alternative plan. It Doggett King (IA) Perlmutter is a vote about what the House should be de- f Donnelly King (NY) Peterson (MN) bating. Doolittle Kingston Peterson (PA) Mr. Clarence Cannon’s Precedents of the ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER Doyle Kirk Petri House of Representatives, (VI, 308–311) de- PRO TEMPORE Drake Klein (FL) Pickering scribes the vote on the previous question on Dreier Kline (MN) Pitts the rule as ‘‘a motion to direct or control the The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Duncan Knollenberg Platts consideration of the subject before the House ant to clause 8 and 9 of rule XX, the Edwards Kucinich Poe being made by the Member in charge.’’ To Chair will now put each question on Ehlers Kuhl (NY) Pomeroy defeat the previous question is to give the Ellison LaHood Porter which further proceedings were post- Ellsworth Lamborn Price (GA) opposition a chance to decide the subject be- poned, in the following order: Emanuel Lampson Price (NC) fore the House. Cannon cites the Speaker’s Suspending the rules and adopting H. Emerson Langevin Pryce (OH) ruling of January 13, 1920, to the effect that Res. 122, by the yeas and nays; Engel Lantos Putnam ‘‘the refusal of the House to sustain the de- English (PA) Larsen (WA) Radanovich mand for the previous question passes the Ordering the previous question on H. Eshoo Larson (CT) Rahall control of the resolution to the opposition’’ Res. 157, de novo vote; Etheridge Latham Ramstad in order to offer an amendment. On March Adoption of H. Res. 157, if ordered; Everett LaTourette Rangel 15, 1909, a member of the majority party of- Suspending the rules and passing Fallin Lee Regula fered a rule resolution. The House defeated Farr Levin Rehberg H.R. 437, by the yeas and nays. Fattah Lewis (CA) Reichert the previous question and a member of the The first electronic vote will be con- Feeney Lewis (GA) Renzi opposition rose to a parliamentary inquiry, ducted as a 15-minute vote. Remaining Ferguson Lewis (KY) Reyes asking who was entitled to recognition. electronic votes will be conducted as 5- Filner Linder Reynolds Speaker Joseph G. Cannon (R-Illinois) said: Flake Lipinski Rodriguez ‘‘The previous question having been refused, minute votes. Forbes LoBiondo Rogers (AL) Fortenberry Loebsack Rogers (KY) the gentleman from New York, Mr. Fitz- f gerald, who had asked the gentleman to Fossella Lofgren, Zoe Rogers (MI) yield to him for an amendment, is entitled to RECOGNIZING THE SIGNIFICANCE Foxx Lowey Rohrabacher the first recognition.’’ Frank (MA) Lucas Ros-Lehtinen OF THE 65TH ANNIVERSARY OF Franks (AZ) Lungren, Daniel Roskam Because the vote today may look bad for EXECUTIVE ORDER 9066 AND Frelinghuysen E. Ross the Democratic majority they will say ‘‘the SUPPORTING AND RECOGNIZING Gallegly Lynch Rothman vote on the previous question is simply a Garrett (NJ) Mack Roybal-Allard vote on whether to proceed to an immediate A NATIONAL DAY OF REMEM- Gerlach Mahoney (FL) Royce vote on adopting the resolution . . . . . [and] BRANCE Giffords Maloney (NY) Ruppersberger has no substantive legislative or policy im- Gilchrest Manzullo Ryan (OH) The SPEAKER pro tempore. The un- Gillibrand Marchant Ryan (WI) plications whatsoever.’’ But that is not what finished business is the question of sus- they have always said. Listen to the defini- Gillmor Markey Salazar tion of the previous question used in the pending the rules and agreeing to the Gingrey Marshall Sali resolution, H. Res. 122. Gohmert Matheson Sa´ nchez, Linda Floor Procedures Manual published by the Gonzalez Matsui T. Rules Committee in the 109th Congress, The Clerk read the title of the resolu- Goode McCarthy (CA) Sanchez, Loretta (page 56). Here’s how the Rules Committee tion. Goodlatte McCarthy (NY) Sarbanes described the rule using information form The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Gordon McCaul (TX) Saxton Congressional Quarterly’s ‘‘American Con- question is on the motion offered by Granger McCollum (MN) Schakowsky Graves McCotter Schiff gressional Dictionary’’: ‘‘If the previous the gentleman from California (Mr. question is defeated, control of debate shifts Green, Al McCrery Schmidt to the leading opposition member (usually BERMAN) that the House suspend the Green, Gene McDermott Schwartz the minority Floor Manager) who then man- rules and agree to the resolution, H. Grijalva McGovern Scott (GA) Gutierrez McHenry Scott (VA) ages an hour of debate and may offer a ger- Res. 122, on which the yeas and nays Hall (NY) McHugh Sensenbrenner mane amendment to the pending business.’’ are ordered. Hall (TX) McIntyre Serrano Deschler’s Procedure in the U.S. House of The vote was taken by electronic de- Hare McKeon Sessions Representatives, the subchapter titled vice, and there were—yeas 426, nays 0, Harman McMorris Sestak ‘‘Amending Special Rules’’ states: ‘‘a refusal Hastings (FL) Rodgers Shadegg to order the previous question on such a rule not voting 8, as follows: Hastings (WA) McNerney Shays [a special rule reported from the Committee [Roll No. 95] Hayes McNulty Shea-Porter on Rules] opens the resolution to amend- Heller Meehan Sherman YEAS—426 Hensarling Meek (FL) Shimkus ment and further debate.’’ (Chapter 21, sec- Abercrombie Bono Castor Herger Meeks (NY) Shuler tion 21.2) Section 21.3 continues: Upon rejec- Ackerman Boozman Chabot Herseth Melancon Shuster tion of the motion for the previous question Aderholt Boren Chandler Higgins Mica Simpson on a resolution reported from the Committee Akin Boswell Clarke Hill Michaud Sires on Rules, control shifts to the Member lead- Allen Boucher Clay Hinchey Millender- Skelton ing the opposition to the previous question, Altmire Boustany Cleaver Hinojosa McDonald Slaughter who may offer a proper amendment or mo- Andrews Boyd (FL) Clyburn Hirono Miller (FL) Smith (NE) tion and who controls the time for debate Arcuri Boyda (KS) Coble Hobson Miller (MI) Smith (NJ) Baca Brady (PA) Cohen Hodes Miller (NC) Smith (TX) thereon.’’ Bachmann Brady (TX) Cole (OK) Hoekstra Miller, Gary Smith (WA) Clearly, the vote on the previous question Bachus Braley (IA) Conaway Holden Miller, George Snyder on a rule does have substantive policy impli- Baird Brown (SC) Conyers Holt Mitchell Solis cations. It is one of the only available tools Baker Brown, Corrine Cooper Honda Mollohan Souder for those who oppose the Democratic major- Baldwin Brown-Waite, Costa Hooley Moore (KS) Space ity’s agenda and allows those with alter- Barrett (SC) Ginny Costello Hoyer Moore (WI) Spratt native views the opportunity to offer an al- Barrow Buchanan Courtney Hulshof Moran (KS) Stark Bartlett (MD) Burgess Crenshaw Hunter Moran (VA) Stearns ternative plan. Barton (TX) Burton (IN) Crowley Inglis (SC) Murphy (CT) Stupak The SPEAKER pro tempore. All time Bean Butterfield Cubin Inslee Murphy, Patrick Sullivan has expired. Becerra Buyer Cuellar Israel Murphy, Tim Sutton The question is on ordering the pre- Berkley Calvert Culberson Issa Murtha Tancredo Berman Camp (MI) Cummings Jackson (IL) Musgrave Tanner vious question on the resolution. Berry Campbell (CA) Davis (AL) Jackson-Lee Myrick Tauscher The question was taken; and the Biggert Cannon Davis (CA) (TX) Nadler Taylor Speaker pro tempore announced that Bilbray Cantor Davis (IL) Jindal Napolitano Terry the ayes appeared to have it. Bilirakis Capito Davis (KY) Johnson (GA) Neal (MA) Thompson (CA) Bishop (GA) Capps Davis, David Johnson, E. B. Neugebauer Thompson (MS) Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I object to Bishop (NY) Capuano Davis, Lincoln Johnson, Sam Nunes Thornberry the vote on the ground that a quorum Bishop (UT) Cardoza Davis, Tom Jones (NC) Oberstar Tiahrt is not present and make the point of Blackburn Carnahan Deal (GA) Jones (OH) Obey Tiberi Blumenauer Carney DeFazio Jordan Olver Tierney order that a quorum is not present. Blunt Carson DeGette Kagen Ortiz Towns The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Boehner Carter Delahunt Kanjorski Pallone Turner ant to clause 8 of rule XX, further pro- Bonner Castle DeLauro Kaptur Pascrell Udall (CO)

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:40 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.016 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1490 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Udall (NM) Waters Wilson (NM) tion, a great job for your country, and Kucinich Moran (VA) Sherman Upton Watson Wilson (OH) we know you will be a great success in Lampson Murphy (CT) Shuler Van Hollen Watt Wilson (SC) Langevin Murtha Sires Vela´ zquez Waxman Wolf the future. And all of us stand ready to Lantos Nadler Skelton Visclosky Weiner Woolsey tell anybody who wants to know what Larsen (WA) Napolitano Slaughter Walberg Welch (VT) Wu an asset you have been to the House of Larson (CT) Neal (MA) Smith (WA) Walden (OR) Weldon (FL) Lee Oberstar Wynn Representatives. Snyder Walsh (NY) Weller Yarmuth Levin Obey Solis Walz (MN) Westmoreland Lewis (GA) Olver Young (AK) I thank the gentleman for yielding. Space Wamp Wexler Lipinski Ortiz Young (FL) Mr. LAHOOD. I thank the majority Spratt Wasserman Whitfield leader. Loebsack Pallone Stark Schultz Wicker Lofgren, Zoe Pascrell Stupak Good luck, Karen. Thank you for Lowey Pastor NOT VOTING—8 Sutton doing a great job. Lynch Payne Tanner Alexander Hastert Norwood Mahoney (FL) Perlmutter Tauscher Maloney (NY) Peterson (MN) Cramer Jefferson Rush f Thompson (CA) Markey Pomeroy Davis, Jo Ann Johnson (IL) Thompson (MS) Marshall Price (NC) ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER Tierney b 1202 Matheson Rahall PRO TEMPORE Towns Matsui Rangel Mrs. BONO and Mr. MOORE of Kan- Udall (CO) The SPEAKER pro tempore. Without McCarthy (NY) Reyes sas changed their vote from ‘‘nay’’ to Udall (NM) objection, 5-minute voting will con- McCollum (MN) Rodriguez ‘‘yea.’’ McDermott Ross Van Hollen Vela´ zquez So (two-thirds being in the affirma- tinue. McGovern Rothman There was no objection. McIntyre Roybal-Allard Visclosky tive) the rules were suspended and the McNerney Ruppersberger Walz (MN) resolution was agreed to. f McNulty Ryan (OH) Wasserman The result of the vote was announced Meehan Salazar Schultz Waters as above recorded. PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION Meek (FL) Sa´ nchez, Linda OF H. CON. RES. 63, IRAQ WAR Meeks (NY) T. Watson A motion to reconsider was laid on Melancon Sanchez, Loretta Watt the table. RESOLUTION Michaud Sarbanes Waxman Weiner f The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Millender- Schakowsky McDonald Schiff Welch (VT) RECOGNIZING KAREN HAAS FOR pending business is the de novo vote on Miller (NC) Schwartz Wexler HER SERVICE AS CLERK OF THE ordering the previous question on Miller, George Scott (GA) Wilson (OH) Mitchell Scott (VA) Woolsey HOUSE House Resolution 157. The Clerk read the title of the resolu- Mollohan Serrano Wu (Mr. LAHOOD asked and was given Moore (KS) Sestak Wynn tion. Moore (WI) Shea-Porter Yarmuth permission to address the House for 1 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The NOES—197 minute.) question is on ordering the previous Mr. LAHOOD. Mr. Speaker, I rise question. Aderholt Fallin Marchant today to congratulate Speaker PELOSI Akin Feeney McCarthy (CA) The question was taken; and the Bachmann Ferguson McCaul (TX) for naming the first African American Speaker pro tempore announced that Bachus Flake McCotter woman to be Clerk of the House of Rep- the ayes appeared to have it. Baker Forbes McCrery resentatives. And in doing so, I want to Barrett (SC) Fortenberry McHenry RECORDED VOTE recognize the outstanding service of Bartlett (MD) Fossella McHugh Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I demand Barton (TX) Foxx McKeon one Karen Haas. a recorded vote. Biggert Franks (AZ) McMorris Mr. Speaker, the reason I want to do Bilbray Frelinghuysen Rodgers this is because earlier on in her career, A recorded vote was ordered. Bilirakis Gallegly Mica Bishop (UT) Garrett (NJ) Miller (FL) Karen and I both worked for then-Re- The SPEAKER pro tempore. This will be a 5-minute vote. Blackburn Gerlach Miller (MI) publican leader Bob Michel, and she Blunt Gilchrest Miller, Gary was one of three or four people that ran The vote was taken by electronic de- Boehner Gillmor Moran (KS) the leader’s office and did an extraor- vice, and there were—ayes 227, noes 197, Bonner Gingrey Murphy, Tim not voting 10, as follows: Bono Gohmert Musgrave dinary job. She then came to work for Boozman Goode Myrick Speaker HASTERT and had the assign- [Roll No. 96] Boustany Goodlatte Neugebauer ment of trying to find people who could AYES—227 Brady (TX) Granger Nunes Brown (SC) Graves Paul Abercrombie Cleaver Gonzalez keep this House under control. And be- Brown-Waite, Hall (TX) Pearce Ackerman Clyburn Gordon cause of her extraordinary skill and Ginny Hastings (WA) Pence Allen Cohen Green, Al Buchanan Hayes Peterson (PA) abilities, Speaker HASTERT appointed Altmire Conyers Green, Gene Burgess Heller Petri Andrews Cooper Grijalva her Clerk of the House, which is an im- Burton (IN) Hensarling Pickering Arcuri Costa Gutierrez possible job because she has to put up Buyer Herger Pitts Baca Costello Hall (NY) Calvert Hobson Platts with all of us, and she also has to keep Baird Courtney Hare Camp (MI) Hoekstra Poe the House running. Baldwin Crowley Harman Campbell (CA) Hulshof Porter Barrow Cuellar Hastings (FL) She is an enormously talented Cannon Hunter Price (GA) Bean Cummings Herseth woman and has done a great, great job Cantor Inglis (SC) Pryce (OH) Becerra Davis (AL) Higgins Capito Issa Putnam for those of us who serve in the House. Berkley Davis (CA) Hill Carter Jindal Radanovich Berman Davis (IL) Hinchey Tomorrow is her last day as Clerk of Castle Johnson, Sam Ramstad Berry Davis, Lincoln Hinojosa the House, and I thank all of you for Chabot Jordan Regula Bishop (GA) DeFazio Hirono Coble Keller Rehberg giving her a standing ovation for a job Bishop (NY) DeGette Hodes Cole (OK) King (IA) Reichert well done. Blumenauer Delahunt Holden Conaway King (NY) Renzi Boren DeLauro Holt Mr. HOYER. Will the gentleman Crenshaw Kingston Reynolds Boswell Dicks Honda yield? Cubin Kirk Rogers (AL) Boucher Dingell Hooley Culberson Kline (MN) Rogers (KY) Mr. LAHOOD. Of course I will yield. Boyd (FL) Doggett Hoyer Davis (KY) Knollenberg Rogers (MI) Mr. HOYER. I thank the gentleman Boyda (KS) Donnelly Inslee Davis, David Kuhl (NY) Rohrabacher Brady (PA) Doyle Israel for rising, and I thank the gentleman Davis, Tom LaHood Ros-Lehtinen Braley (IA) Edwards Jackson (IL) for his remarks. Deal (GA) Lamborn Roskam Brown, Corrine Ellison Johnson (GA) Dent Latham Royce I said similar remarks, as the gen- Butterfield Ellsworth Johnson, E. B. Diaz-Balart, L. LaTourette Ryan (WI) Capps Emanuel Jones (NC) tleman may know, last week. But I cer- Diaz-Balart, M. Lewis (CA) Sali Capuano Engel Jones (OH) tainly want Karen to know, I want ev- Doolittle Lewis (KY) Saxton Cardoza Eshoo Kagen Drake Linder Schmidt erybody in this House to know, that Carnahan Etheridge Kanjorski Dreier LoBiondo Sensenbrenner the opinions just expressed by Mr. Carney Farr Kaptur Duncan Lucas Sessions Carson Fattah Kennedy LAHOOD reflect, I think, Karen, the Ehlers Lungren, Daniel Shadegg Castor Filner Kildee opinions of everybody on this floor. Emerson E. Shays Chandler Frank (MA) Kilpatrick English (PA) Mack Shimkus You have done a wonderful job for the Clarke Giffords Kind Everett Manzullo Shuster House of Representatives as an institu- Clay Gillibrand Klein (FL)

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:56 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.009 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1491 Simpson Thornberry Weller Lantos Murtha Sherman Stearns Turner Westmoreland Smith (NE) Tiahrt Westmoreland Larsen (WA) Nadler Shuler Sullivan Upton Whitfield Smith (NJ) Tiberi Whitfield Larson (CT) Napolitano Sires Tancredo Walberg Wicker Smith (TX) Turner Wicker Lee Neal (MA) Skelton Taylor Walden (OR) Wilson (NM) Souder Upton Wilson (NM) Levin Oberstar Slaughter Terry Walsh (NY) Wilson (SC) Stearns Walberg Wilson (SC) Lewis (GA) Obey Smith (WA) Thornberry Wamp Wolf Sullivan Walden (OR) Wolf Lipinski Olver Snyder Tiahrt Weldon (FL) Young (AK) Tancredo Walsh (NY) Young (AK) Loebsack Ortiz Solis Tiberi Weller Young (FL) Taylor Wamp Lofgren, Zoe Pallone Young (FL) Space NOT VOTING—10 Terry Weldon (FL) Lowey Pascrell Spratt Lynch Pastor Alexander Hastert Norwood NOT VOTING—10 Stark Mahoney (FL) Paul Stupak Cramer Jefferson Rush Alexander Jackson-Lee Murphy, Patrick Maloney (NY) Payne Sutton Davis, Jo Ann Johnson (IL) Cramer (TX) Norwood Markey Perlmutter Tanner English (PA) Kirk Davis, Jo Ann Jefferson Rush Marshall Peterson (MN) Tauscher ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE Hastert Johnson (IL) Matheson Pomeroy Thompson (CA) Matsui Price (NC) Thompson (MS) The SPEAKER pro tempore (during ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE McCarthy (NY) Rahall Tierney the vote). Members are reminded that McCollum (MN) Ramstad The SPEAKER pro tempore (during Towns McDermott Rangel they have 2 minutes remaining on this the vote). Members are reminded there Udall (CO) McGovern Reyes Udall (NM) vote. are 2 minutes remaining on this vote. McIntyre Rodriguez Van Hollen McNerney Ross 1223 Vela´ zquez b 1214 McNulty Rothman b Meehan Roybal-Allard Visclosky So the resolution was agreed to. Meek (FL) Ruppersberger Walz (MN) The result of the vote was announced So the previous question was ordered. Wasserman The result of the vote was announced Meeks (NY) Ryan (OH) as above recorded. Melancon Salazar Schultz as above recorded. Michaud Sa´ nchez, Linda Waters A motion to reconsider was laid on Stated for: Millender- T. Watson the table. Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Penn- McDonald Sanchez, Loretta Watt Miller (NC) Sarbanes Waxman f sylvania. Mr. Speaker, during rollcall Miller, George Schakowsky Weiner vote No. 96 on the previous question I Mitchell Schiff Welch (VT) LINO PEREZ, JR. POST OFFICE was unavoidably detained at a closed Mollohan Schwartz Wexler The SPEAKER pro tempore. The un- Intelligence briefing. Mr. Speaker, if I Moore (KS) Scott (GA) Wilson (OH) Moore (WI) Scott (VA) Woolsey finished business is the question of sus- had been present, I would have voted Moran (VA) Serrano Wu pending the rules and passing the bill, ‘‘yes.’’ Murphy (CT) Sestak Wynn H.R. 437. The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Murphy, Patrick Shea-Porter Yarmuth The Clerk read the title of the bill. question is on the resolution. NOES—192 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The The question was taken; and the question is on the motion offered by Aderholt Feeney McCotter Speaker pro tempore announced that Akin Ferguson McCrery the gentleman from Massachusetts the ayes appeared to have it. Bachmann Flake McHenry (Mr. LYNCH) that the House suspend RECORDED VOTE Bachus Forbes McHugh the rules and pass the bill, H.R. 437, on Baker Fortenberry McKeon Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I demand Barrett (SC) Fossella McMorris which the yeas and nays are ordered. a recorded vote. Bartlett (MD) Foxx Rodgers This will be a 5-minute vote. A recorded vote was ordered. Barton (TX) Franks (AZ) Mica The vote was taken by electronic de- Biggert Frelinghuysen Miller (FL) vice, and there were—yeas 421, nays 0, The SPEAKER pro tempore. This Bilbray Gallegly Miller (MI) will be a 5-minute vote. Bilirakis Garrett (NJ) Miller, Gary not voting 13, as follows: The vote was taken by electronic de- Bishop (UT) Gerlach Moran (KS) [Roll No. 98] vice, and there were—ayes 232, noes 192, Blackburn Gillmor Murphy, Tim Blunt Gingrey Musgrave YEAS—421 not voting 10, as follows: Boehner Gohmert Myrick Abercrombie Brown (SC) Culberson [Roll No. 97] Bonner Goode Neugebauer Ackerman Brown, Corrine Cummings Bono Goodlatte Nunes Aderholt Brown-Waite, Davis (AL) AYES—232 Boozman Granger Pearce Akin Ginny Davis (CA) Abercrombie Cohen Green, Gene Boustany Graves Pence Allen Buchanan Davis (IL) Ackerman Conyers Grijalva Brady (TX) Hall (TX) Peterson (PA) Altmire Burgess Davis (KY) Allen Cooper Gutierrez Brown (SC) Hastings (WA) Petri Andrews Burton (IN) Davis, David Altmire Costa Hall (NY) Brown-Waite, Hayes Pickering Arcuri Butterfield Davis, Lincoln Andrews Costello Hare Ginny Heller Pitts Baca Buyer Davis, Tom Arcuri Courtney Harman Buchanan Hensarling Platts Bachmann Calvert Deal (GA) Baca Crowley Hastings (FL) Burgess Herger Poe Bachus Camp (MI) DeFazio Baird Cuellar Herseth Burton (IN) Hobson Porter Baird Campbell (CA) DeGette Baldwin Cummings Higgins Buyer Hoekstra Price (GA) Baker Cannon Delahunt Barrow Davis (AL) Hill Calvert Hulshof Pryce (OH) Baldwin Cantor DeLauro Bean Davis (CA) Hinchey Camp (MI) Hunter Putnam Barrett (SC) Capito Dent Becerra Davis (IL) Hinojosa Campbell (CA) Inglis (SC) Radanovich Barrow Capps Diaz-Balart, L. Berkley Davis, Lincoln Hirono Cannon Issa Regula Bartlett (MD) Capuano Diaz-Balart, M. Berman DeFazio Hodes Cantor Jindal Rehberg Barton (TX) Cardoza Dicks Berry DeGette Holden Capito Johnson, Sam Reichert Bean Carnahan Dingell Bishop (GA) Delahunt Holt Carter Jordan Renzi Becerra Carney Doggett Bishop (NY) DeLauro Honda Castle Keller Reynolds Berkley Carson Donnelly Blumenauer Dicks Hooley Chabot King (IA) Rogers (AL) Berman Carter Doolittle Boren Dingell Hoyer Coble King (NY) Rogers (KY) Berry Castle Doyle Boswell Doggett Inslee Cole (OK) Kingston Rogers (MI) Biggert Castor Drake Boucher Donnelly Israel Conaway Kline (MN) Rohrabacher Bilirakis Chabot Dreier Boyd (FL) Doyle Jackson (IL) Crenshaw Knollenberg Ros-Lehtinen Bishop (GA) Chandler Duncan Boyda (KS) Edwards Jackson-Lee Cubin Kuhl (NY) Roskam Bishop (NY) Clarke Edwards Brady (PA) Ellison (TX) Culberson LaHood Royce Bishop (UT) Clay Ehlers Braley (IA) Ellsworth Johnson (GA) Davis (KY) Lamborn Ryan (WI) Blackburn Cleaver Ellison Brown, Corrine Emanuel Johnson, E. B. Davis, David Latham Sali Blumenauer Clyburn Ellsworth Butterfield Engel Jones (NC) Davis, Tom LaTourette Saxton Blunt Coble Emanuel Capps Eshoo Jones (OH) Deal (GA) Lewis (CA) Schmidt Boehner Cohen Emerson Capuano Etheridge Kagen Dent Lewis (KY) Sensenbrenner Bonner Cole (OK) Engel Cardoza Farr Kanjorski Diaz-Balart, L. Linder Sessions Bono Conaway English (PA) Carnahan Fattah Kaptur Diaz-Balart, M. LoBiondo Shadegg Boozman Conyers Eshoo Carney Filner Kennedy Doolittle Lucas Shays Boren Cooper Etheridge Carson Frank (MA) Kildee Drake Lungren, Daniel Shimkus Boswell Costa Everett Castor Giffords Kilpatrick Dreier E. Shuster Boucher Costello Fallin Chandler Gilchrest Kind Duncan Mack Simpson Boustany Courtney Farr Clarke Gillibrand Klein (FL) Ehlers Manzullo Smith (NE) Boyd (FL) Crenshaw Fattah Clay Gonzalez Kucinich Emerson Marchant Smith (NJ) Boyda (KS) Crowley Feeney Cleaver Gordon Lampson Everett McCarthy (CA) Smith (TX) Brady (PA) Cubin Ferguson Clyburn Green, Al Langevin Fallin McCaul (TX) Souder Brady (TX) Cuellar Filner

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:56 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00019 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.010 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1492 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Flake Linder Reynolds Woolsey Wynn Young (AK) of the United States Armed Forces who are Forbes Lipinski Rodriguez Wu Yarmuth Young (FL) serving or who have served bravely and hon- Fortenberry LoBiondo Rogers (AL) NOT VOTING—13 orably in Iraq; and Fossella Loebsack Rogers (KY) (2) Congress disapproves of the decision of Foxx Lofgren, Zoe Rogers (MI) Alexander Grijalva Rush President George W. Bush announced on Jan- Frank (MA) Lowey Rohrabacher Bilbray Hastert Sensenbrenner Franks (AZ) Lucas Ros-Lehtinen Braley (IA) Johnson (IL) Tancredo uary 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 addi- Frelinghuysen Lungren, Daniel Roskam Cramer Norwood tional United States combat troops to Iraq. Gallegly E. Ross Davis, Jo Ann Pryce (OH) The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- Garrett (NJ) Lynch Rothman ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE ant to House Resolution 157, debate Gerlach Mack Roybal-Allard Giffords Mahoney (FL) Royce The SPEAKER pro tempore (during shall extend not beyond midnight on Gilchrest Maloney (NY) Ruppersberger the vote). Members are advised that Tuesday, February 13, 2007, or Wednes- Gillibrand Manzullo Ryan (OH) there are 2 minutes remaining. day, February 14, 2007, with 12 hours of Gillmor Marchant Ryan (WI) debate commencing on Thursday, Feb- Gingrey Markey Salazar b 1231 Gohmert Marshall Sali ruary 15, 2007, in each instance equally Gonzalez Matheson Sa´ nchez, Linda So (two-thirds being in the affirma- divided and controlled by the majority Goode Matsui T. tive) the rules were suspended and the leader and minority leader or their des- Goodlatte McCarthy (CA) Sanchez, Loretta bill was passed. ignees. Gordon McCarthy (NY) Sarbanes Granger McCaul (TX) Saxton The result of the vote was announced Pursuant to section 2 of the resolu- Graves McCollum (MN) Schakowsky as above recorded. tion, on each demand of the majority Green, Al McCotter Schiff A motion to reconsider was laid on leader or his designee after consulta- Green, Gene McCrery Schmidt tion with the minority leader, it shall Gutierrez McDermott the table. Schwartz be in order to debate the concurrent Hall (NY) McGovern Scott (GA) f Hall (TX) McHenry Scott (VA) resolution for an additional hour, Hare McHugh Serrano PERSONAL EXPLANATION equally divided and controlled by the Harman McIntyre Sessions majority leader and minority leader or Hastings (FL) McKeon Sestak Mr. JOHNSON of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, un- Hastings (WA) McMorris Shadegg fortunately I was unable to cast my votes on their designees. Hayes Rodgers Shays the following rollcall votes on February 13, The gentleman from Maryland (Mr. Heller McNerney Shea-Porter 2007. Had I been present to vote, I would HOYER) and the gentleman from Ohio Hensarling McNulty Sherman (Mr. BOEHNER) each will control 5 Herger Meehan have voted as follows: Shimkus hours. Herseth Meek (FL) Shuler On rollcall No. 95—On the Motion to Sus- Higgins Meeks (NY) Shuster pend the Rules and pass H. Res. 122, Recog- The Chair recognizes the gentleman Hill Melancon Simpson nizing the significance of the 65th anniversary from Maryland. Hinchey Mica Sires Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I yield my- Hinojosa Michaud Skelton of the signing of Executive Order 9066 by Hirono Millender- self such time as I may consume. Slaughter President Franklin D. Roosevelt and sup- Ladies and gentlemen of the House, Hobson McDonald Smith (NE) porting the goals of the Japanese American, Hodes Miller (FL) we entered today and we will be, for Smith (NJ) German American, and Italian American com- Hoekstra Miller (MI) Smith (TX) the next 4 days, involved in the most Holden Miller (NC) Smith (WA) munities in a National Day of Remembrance, Holt Miller, Gary serious of discussions. Snyder I would have voted ‘‘aye.’’ It is a heavy responsibility for any Honda Miller, George Solis On rollcall No. 96—On Ordering the Pre- Hooley Mitchell Member of Congress to determine Souder vious Question on H. Res. 157, the Rule pro- Hoyer Mollohan Space whether or not to send our people in Hulshof Moore (KS) Spratt viding for consideration of H. Con. Res. 63, harm’s way for the purposes of defend- Hunter Moore (WI) Stark disapproving of the decision of the President Moran (KS) ing freedom. We should consider that Inglis (SC) Stearns announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy Inslee Moran (VA) Stupak with great solemnity and with great Murphy (CT) more than 20,000 additional United States Israel Sullivan care. The reason for the extensive pe- Issa Murphy, Patrick Sutton combat troops to Iraq, I would have voted Jackson (IL) Murphy, Tim riod of debate is because we believe Tanner ‘‘nay.’’ Jackson-Lee Murtha that all Members of Congress ought to Tauscher (TX) Musgrave On rollcall No. 97—On Agreeing to H. Res. Taylor have the opportunity to express their Jefferson Myrick 157, the Rule providing for consideration of H. Terry view. Jindal Nadler Thompson (CA) Con. Res. 63, disapproving of the decision of Johnson (GA) Napolitano Mr. Speaker, at this time I am Thompson (MS) Johnson, E. B. Neal (MA) the President announced on January 10, pleased to yield 1 minute to the distin- Thornberry Johnson, Sam Neugebauer 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional Tiahrt guished Speaker of this House, NANCY Jones (NC) Nunes United States combat troops to Iraq, I would Tiberi PELOSI of California. Jones (OH) Oberstar have voted ‘‘nay.’’ Jordan Obey Tierney Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, I thank Kagen Olver Towns On rollcall No. 98—On the Motion to Sus- the distinguished gentleman for yield- Kanjorski Ortiz Turner pend the Rules and pass H.R. 437, naming a ing and the solemnity with which he Kaptur Pallone Udall (CO) post office after Lino Perez, Jr., I would have Udall (NM) introduced this debate. Keller Pascrell voted ‘‘aye.’’ Kennedy Pastor Upton My colleagues, in a few weeks the Kildee Paul Van Hollen f war in Iraq will enter its fifth year, Kilpatrick Payne Vela´ zquez causing thousands of deaths, tens of Visclosky Kind Pearce IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION thousands of casualties, costing hun- King (IA) Pence Walberg King (NY) Perlmutter Walden (OR) Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, pursuant dreds of billions of dollars, and dam- Kingston Peterson (MN) Walsh (NY) to the rule just recently adopted, I call aging the standing of the United States Kirk Peterson (PA) Walz (MN) up the concurrent resolution (H. Con. in the international community. And Wamp Klein (FL) Petri Res. 63) disapproving of the decision of there is no end in sight. Kline (MN) Pickering Wasserman Knollenberg Pitts Schultz the President announced on January The American people have lost faith Kucinich Platts Waters 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 ad- in President Bush’s course of action in Kuhl (NY) Poe Watson ditional United States combat troops Iraq, and they are demanding a new di- Watt LaHood Pomeroy to Iraq, and ask for its immediate con- rection. Lamborn Porter Waxman Lampson Price (GA) Weiner sideration. On January 10, President Bush pro- Langevin Price (NC) Welch (VT) The Clerk read the title of the con- posed deploying more than 20,000 addi- Lantos Putnam Weldon (FL) current resolution. tional combat troops to Iraq. This Larsen (WA) Radanovich Weller week we will debate his escalation. Larson (CT) Rahall Westmoreland The text of the concurrent resolution Latham Ramstad Wexler is as follows: In doing so, we must be mindful of LaTourette Rangel Whitfield H. CON. RES. 63 the sacrifices our military personnel Lee Regula Wicker Resolved by the House of Representatives (the are being asked to make in this war Levin Rehberg Wilson (NM) and the toll it is taking on them, on Lewis (CA) Reichert Wilson (OH) Senate concurring), That— Lewis (GA) Renzi Wilson (SC) (1) Congress and the American people will their families, and on our veterans. Lewis (KY) Reyes Wolf continue to support and protect the members Each one of us must determine, in a

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00020 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.012 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1493 manner worthy of their sacrifice, than 100 words, we will take our coun- of a radical and dangerous ideology. We whether the President’s proposal will try in a new direction on Iraq. A vote are fighting to preserve and defend our make America safer, make our mili- of disapproval will set the stage for ad- sacred way of life. We are fighting to tary stronger, and make the region ditional Iraq legislation which will be build a safer and more secure America, more stable. coming to the House floor. one where families can rear their chil- As this debate begins, let us be clear Friday’s vote will signal whether the dren without the fear of terrorist at- on one fundamental principle: we all House has heard the American people: tacks. support the troops. no more blank checks for President Lincoln famously said in 1858 that ‘‘a In this bipartisan resolution that is Bush on Iraq. Our taxpayer dollars house divided against itself cannot before us today, it clearly states: ‘‘Con- must go to protect our troops, to keep stand.’’ I believe, as Lincoln did then, gress and the American people will our promises to our veterans, and to that we must choose sides on a very continue to support and protect the provide for the safety of the American critical issue. Then it was whether we members of the United States Armed people. should abolish the evil institution of Forces who are serving or who have In light of the facts, President Bush’s slavery. Today it is whether we will de- served bravely and honorably in Iraq.’’ escalation proposal will not make feat the ideology that drives radical Is- We honor the service of our troops by America safer, will not make our mili- lamic terrorism. Will we do what it asking the difficult questions about tary stronger, and will not make the takes to stand and fight for the future this war. As Republican Senator Rob- region more stable; and it will not have of our kids and theirs? Will we commit ert Taft of Ohio said 2 weeks after my support. to defending the freedoms and liberties Pearl Harbor: ‘‘Criticism in a time of I urge my colleagues to support our that we all cherish? Or will we retreat war is essential to the maintenance of troops and vote ‘‘aye’’ on the bipar- and leave the fight for another genera- any democratic government.’’ tisan Skelton-Lantos-Jones resolution tion? These are the questions with his- And just 10 days ago, President Bush before us today. toric implications that will be an- told House Democrats: ‘‘I welcome de- Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I swered this week. bate in a time of war . . . I do not be- yield 1 minute to our Republican lead- Many of my friends across the aisle lieve that if you don’t happen to agree er, Mr. BOEHNER of Ohio. think this is exactly what we should with me, you don’t share the same Mr. BOEHNER. Mr. Speaker, let me do, give up and leave. This nonbinding sense of patriotism I do,’’ the President thank my colleague from Florida for resolution is their first step towards said. yielding. abandoning Iraq by cutting off funding In the spirit of responsibility to our Mr. Speaker, today we begin an ex- for our troops that are in harm’s way. troops and the patriotism we all share, tended debate on a resolution criti- And we know what al Qaeda thinks let us consider whether the President’s cizing the latest effort by American when America retreats from the battle- escalation proposal will lessen the vio- forces to win in Iraq. field. They think that we can’t stom- lence in Iraq and bring our troops home There is no question that the war in ach a fight. This is why they haven’t safely and soon. Iraq has been difficult. All Americans been afraid to strike us whenever and From the standpoint of the military, are frustrated that we haven’t seen wherever they have had the oppor- the President’s plan must be evaluated more success and that we haven’t seen tunity to do so. for its prospects for success. It is based it more quickly. This war didn’t start in Iraq. This on a judgment that the way out of Iraq But war is never easy and almost war didn’t start on 9/11. The war began lies in sending more troops in. Our ex- never goes according to plan. Al Qaeda with the Iran hostage taking in 1979, perience in Iraq has proven just the op- and their supporters in the region have went on for well over a year. Then on posite. Four previous troop escalations been steadfast in their efforts to slow October 23, 1983, the suicide attack on have resulted in escalating levels of vi- us down and frustrate our efforts to our Marine barracks in Beirut oc- olence. succeed. But because they cannot de- curred, killing 241 American service- And as with any military action, the feat Americans on the battlefield, al men and injuring 60 others. On Feb- President’s plan must also be evaluated Qaeda and terrorist sympathizers ruary 26, 1993, was the first World on the additional burdens it will place around the world are trying to divide Trade Center bombing that killed six on our troops and military families us here at home. people and injured more than 1,000 oth- who have already sacrificed so much, Over the next few days, we have an ers. On June 25, 1996, the Khobar Tow- the impact it will have on the already opportunity to show our enemies that ers in Saudi Arabia were bombed, kill- dangerous state of our military readi- we will not take the bait. ing 20 and injuring some 372 others. On ness. It is fitting that yesterday was Presi- June 7, 1998, the Kenya embassy bomb- Our military has done everything dent Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. And ing killed 213 people and injured 5,000 they have been asked to do, and they not since the dark days of the Civil more. And on June 7, 1998, the Tan- have performed excellently. But in War has our homeland been a battle- zania embassy bombing killed 11 people order to succeed in Iraq, there must be field. Lincoln’s leadership preserved and 68 others were injured. On October diplomatic and political initiatives. the Union through a turbulent age that 12, 2000, the USS Cole was attacked; 17 There has been no sustained and ef- threatened to undo the American ex- American sailors killed, 39 other sail- fective effort to engage Iraq’s neigh- periment. His belief in the promise of ors injured. bors diplomatically, and there has been the United States, a promise enshrined We all know what happened on Sep- no sustained and effective effort to en- in the Declaration of Independence tember 11, 2001, when 3,000 Americans gage Iraqi factions politically. The that stated for the first time in history died for no other reason than they were Iraqi Government has failed to honor that all men are created equal, this is Americans. promises made last year when the con- what drove him to pursue victory. Do we really believe that if we pack stitution was adopted by failing to pro- Surrounded by personal and political up now, if we abandon Iraq and leave pose amendments to include all sectors rivals, Lincoln could have given up. He the country in chaos, that our enemies of Iraq in the civic life of the country. could have recalled the Union forces are just going to lay down their arms As a result, today we are confronted by and sent them home. But he didn’t. and leave us alone? little political accommodation, hard- I think we need a similar commit- ening sectarian divisions, ethnic ment to victory today. b 1245 cleansing by neighborhoods, and waves The battle in Iraq is about more than For too long, world leaders responded of refugees burdening neighboring what happens there. This is one part of to terrorism by retreating and just countries. a much larger fight, a global fight hoping for the best. In a post-9/11 After the Members of this body, this against Islamic terrorists who have world, this is no longer an option. House of Representatives, have fully waged war on the United States and God forgive us that it took such a debated the President’s escalation pro- our allies. This is not a question of loss of life to open our eyes, but our posal, we will have a straight up-or- fighting for land or for treasure or for eyes are open. We are engaged in a down vote. In a few days, and in fewer glory. We are fighting to rid the world global war now for our very way of life.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:56 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.037 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1494 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Every drop of blood that has been spilt children, and theirs, a vastly more dan- LANTOS), the chairman of the Inter- in defense of liberty and freedom, from gerous world. national Relations Committee. the American Revolution to this very During the Cold War, we took some The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. moment, is for nothing if we are un- small comfort in the idea of mutually WEINER). Is there objection to the re- willing to stand up and fight this assured destruction, that the Soviet quest of the gentleman from Maryland? threat. Union wouldn’t attack us because we There was no objection. We didn’t start this war. They did. could retaliate with equal devastation. Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield Now we have got a duty to finish it, There is no such comfort in a world myself 51⁄2 minutes. and, for the sake of our kids and theirs, where terrorist gangs roam free. It is Mr. Speaker, I speak today with a to win it. the nature of our enemy to fight us heavy heart. I am deeply saddened as I The nonbinding resolution before us wherever and whenever they can. take the floor this afternoon; saddened today criticizes the new strategy for Whether it is in Asia, in Africa or else- because we find ourselves embroiled in succeeding in Iraq implemented by where, al Qaeda has supporters and a conflict in Iraq, a conflict that is in- General Petraeus. It ‘‘disapproves’’ of sympathizers throughout the world. volved with insurgents that we failed the strategy before it even has a They have the ability to strike us at to acknowledge or recognize, a conflict chance to begin. The general’s goal is any time with their lethal force across that is overlaid by sectarian violence to stabilize the Iraqi democracy, deny the globe. between the Shiite Muslims on the one the terrorists a safe haven and ensure Right now, we are fighting them in hand and Sunni Muslims on the other. stability in the region. It is a prudent Iraq. The battlefield is the most visible Mr. Speaker, this is a great American strategy that puts the performance of part in the global war against these tragedy. The mission of this Congress the Iraqi Government front and center. terrorists, but it is but one part. If we is to urge the change of course. I can’t guarantee that this plan is leave, they will just follow us home. It We are here today because of a series going to work. I hope it does. Repub- is as simple as that. We cannot nego- of irretrievable strategic mistakes. licans have put forward a complemen- tiate with them. We can’t reason with Let’s understand the goal of this reso- tary bill aimed at helping it succeed. them. Our one and only option is to de- lution: number one, to fully extend our But I again can guarantee you this: If feat them. And this nonbinding meas- support to those in the uniform of the we cut off our funding for the troops ure before us today will only embolden United States. I have been on the that are in the field and we abandon them. Armed Services Committee now Iraq, as many supporters of this non- Now, it is important for this body to throughout the years, and more re- binding resolution want to, the con- debate the important issues of our day. cently as its chairman, and I cannot sequences of our failure will be cata- Last summer, the House held an ex- tell you how proud I am of those who strophic. tended debate on the war in Iraq and are in uniform, whether they be de- Last year, Osama bin Laden issued the global war on terror which gave all ployed in the Middle East or some- this warning to the United States re- Members an opportunity to go on where else in the globe or here in our garding the war in Iraq. He said, ‘‘I record. We worked closely with our col- country. We must let them know, and would like to tell you that the war is leagues on the other side of the aisle to this resolution does let them know, for you or for us to win. If we win, it draft the language of that resolution, that we fully support them, as well as means your defeat and disgrace for- and I believe that we had a productive their wonderful families. ever.’’ debate. The second part of this resolution Now, think about this for a moment. What we are dealing with here today deals with the Presidential decision to Al Qaeda knows what the stakes are isn’t even a resolution to debate the increase our troops by 21,500. However, and it issued all of us a challenge. Now, war itself. It is a nonbinding resolution it is not clear what support troops are tell me, what message does it send if attacking a single strategy in the pros- needed. The Pentagon says 2,500 sup- we are afraid to meet that challenge? ecution of a much larger war. ‘‘Non- port troops. The Congressional Budget What message are we sending to North binding’’ means nonleadership. It is not Office says 13,000 minimum. But what- Korea, Iran, Venezuela and other en- accountable, and I don’t think it is the ever it is, we find ourselves not seeing emies of freedom around the world? If right message for our troops. a change in strategy, as was promised we abandon Iraq, regional stability is This is a political charade, lacking by the administration and the White going to be jeopardized. Iraq will be- both the seriousness and the gravity of House, but just another tactic that had come a fertile breeding ground for rad- the issue that it is meant to represent. been used before, an increase in troops. ical Islamic terrorists. Without a cen- And, as I said before, the question be- No more, no less. We are here to say tral government or other stabilizing fore us today isn’t actually in this res- that is not a good idea. force, Iraq’s neighbors will be com- olution. I think it is much more funda- The series of irretrievable mistakes pelled to enter Iraq to protect their mental. The question is, do we have the is a serious list: the skewed intel- own interests. The consequences will resolve necessary to defeat our ter- ligence we received from the Defense be devastating and could easily lead to rorist enemies? Will we stand and fight Department Office of Special Plans; regional war. for the future of our kids and theirs? the postwar phase of conflict that did If we abandon Iraq, the instability, As President Eisenhower once said, not have sufficient planning; not coupled with the damning image of an- ‘‘History does not long entrust the care enough troops, as pointed out by Gen- other American retreat, will embolden of freedom to the weak or the timid.’’ eral Eric Shinseki, the former Army Iran and Islamic militants and endan- Does Congress have the fortitude to do Chief of Staff; allowing the uncon- ger Israel. Iran’s leaders and terrorist what needs to be done? Our soldiers do. trolled looting and the breakdown of groups have made it clear of their in- The men and women of our military law early on after the occupation tentions to wipe Israel off the map. We are the greatest force for freedom that began; the dismissal of the Iraqi Army, would be leaving a staunch ally in the the world has ever known. They are rather than giving them a paycheck Middle East with nothing but chaos brave, they are committed and they and a shovel or having them do secu- and instability separating them from can win this fight if we ask them to. I rity work that is important to the sta- their greatest enemy. think the big question is, will we sup- bility of that country; the If we abandon Iraq, those who seek port them? deBathification, that put so many weapons of mass destruction will know My colleagues, the world is watching. thousands of Iraqis out of business, out they have nothing to fear from a fear- The question is, how will we respond? of work, including thousands of school ful America. Neither al Qaeda, North Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I ask teachers. The administration has con- Korea or Iran are going to give up their unanimous consent that the balance of sistently refused to adjust its overall quest for weapons of mass destruction the time available to this side be joint- strategy. if they know they are free to pursue ly managed by the gentleman from I take no pleasure in this, but it is a these weapons, secure in the knowledge Missouri (Mr. SKELTON), the chairman moment of ‘‘I told you so.’’ On Sep- that America doesn’t have the stomach of the Armed Services Committee, and tember 4, 2002, and again on March 18, to stop them. We will be leaving for our the gentleman from California (Mr. 2003, I sent letters to the White House

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.039 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1495 predicting some of the deadly out- continue. That is why the President Iraq. We are attempting to referee a re- comes we are experiencing today, and I has advanced a new way forward. ligiously based civil war which saps our warned against a jagged ending to the Actions do have consequences, and strength and destroys our fabric as a conflict. While there is a peacefully this resolution the Democrats advance society. elected Iraqi Government, it is a gov- today is a vote for the status quo. It is As to the distinguished Republican ernment so divided along sectarian a vote for the current strategy because whip, may I say this resolution does lines it has not been able to accomplish it is a vote not to change that strategy. not make tactical decisions. It reverses even the most basic steps needed for The current strategy is not working, a mistaken course. The administration national reconciliation. And now we and as a southwest Missourian told me is recommending an acceleration of the have the President’s plan for a troop yesterday, We are there. He went on to wrong course. Our resolution reverses increase, which is a tactic that we do say, It really doesn’t matter how we that course. not approve. got there or what we thought. We are Mr. Speaker, it is too late to go back The President’s plan will embroil our in a fight that won’t stop if we leave. and make right all that has gone wrong troops even more deeply into the sec- The fact of the matter is that Con- in Iraq, and clearly carrying on with tarian conflict. Put together hastily, it gress does have the power to end the more of the same will do no good. But is insufficient as a requirement for suc- war if it has the political will to do so. the administration has yet to learn cess. Forty percent of all of the Army Almost 24 years ago, in November of that you cannot unscramble an omelet. equipment of our country is either in 1983, the Congress voted to withdraw Instead, it is trying to add to the mix Afghanistan or Iraq. The readiness of from Lebanon by March of 1984. Many another 21,500 men and women who de- our troops is in peril. We are stretching of the proponents of this resolution serve better than that. the Army and the Marine Corps to the voted then, who were Members of Con- In pursuing its policies in Iraq, the breaking point. That is where we are, gress then, voted to leave. They lost administration cannot unscramble and and basically it is because of the con- 153–274, but the message was sent, and undo its many mistakes: buying into flict in Iraq. we left anyway, and when we left, the rogue and flawed intelligence; dis- Today is an opportunity for us to ex- myth of American weakness began to banding the Iraqi Army; conducting press our support for the troops and to take hold in al Qaeda. mindless and extreme de- say it is not a good idea to increase the The language of this nonbinding reso- Baathification; permitting the early troop level in Iraq because it has been lution does not tackle the tough issues looting and destruction and violence; tried unsuccessfully before. of war. It tries to have it both ways: allowing the growth of a government Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I disapproving the tactics but supporting based on hate-filled sectarianism; al- am proud to yield such time as he may the troops. It does not say we will fund lowing waste, fraud and abuse in the consume to the gentleman from Mis- the troops in the future or not fund the use of U.S. taxpayer funds; and on and souri (Mr. BLUNT), our Republican troops. It does not say we will supply on ad nauseam and ad infinitum. whip. the troops in the future or not supply While we all hope that the goal of a the troops. This resolution just says quiet and stable Iraq will be achieved b 1300 enough not to say anything at all. under General Petraeus, I am deeply Mr. BLUNT. Mr. Speaker, I rise America should see this move for skeptical. It will be incredibly dif- today in opposition to this resolution. what it really is, a political first step ficult, if not impossible. The place is General Petraeus said a resolution like to cutting off funding to the dangerous just too much of a mess. this would discourage the troops. The mission our troops face. Our continued heavy presence in Iraq Secretary of Defense said a resolution The truth is, we are in a war against has not forced Iraqi leaders to take the like this would embolden the enemy. a hostile and ferocious enemy that will requisite actions on power-sharing, re- This Congress should be doing neither stop at nothing. Imagine how this de- source-sharing, and national reconcili- of those things. bate this week bolsters those radical ation. In fact, it has done the exact op- What this resolution will not do is terrorists whose sole goal is to destroy posite. They have made minimal and take a position on what we should do America because we disprove, as no so- cosmetic efforts in the knowledge that as we face the challenge of our genera- ciety ever has, the dogma of religious we will fill the gaps. tion. totalitarianism that they use every In the meantime, there are so many President Johnson was criticized a day to recruit followers and funders other fronts, globally and here at generation ago and still today for and suicide bombers. home, on which we might have made choosing bombing sites in Vietnam. He Our diversity, our ability to live to- much more progress if we had not been was the Commander in Chief; yet he gether, and the prosperity and vitality fixated these last 4 years on Iraq. Do- should have left those tactical choices that are the result have produced the mestic and foreign problems have fes- to the military. enemies we face today. As long as we tered while we invested blood and But his actions made imminently live as we do, they must be wrong. treasure in Iraq. As our Iraq problems more sense than this. It is hard to This week, the Congress will send the have mounted, our commitment and imagine a group less capable of making signal to those enemies and to those ability to resolve other pressing issues tactical decisions about specific troop who fight to protect us from them that have vanished. deployments than 535 Members of Con- America has the will and indeed the Last November, the American people gress. courage to continue fighting these Is- sent a loud and unmistakable message. The resolution today is about the lamic totalitarians or that we do not With the announcement of an esca- exact number of troops. Will the one take the consequences of failure seri- lation of the war in Iraq, it is obvious tomorrow or next week be a vote on ously. that the administration did not get it. which block in Baghdad to target or Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield So we are trying one more time. which car to stop? such time as he may consume to the The resolution before the House is And, of course, today what we debate chairman of the Foreign Affairs Com- the second chance for this administra- is a tactic in the greater fight we are mittee (Mr. LANTOS). tion to hear a strong and clear message in. The new commanding general deter- Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I want to on Iraq, one it ignores at its peril and mined this surge is the right course of thank my friend for yielding. at ours as a country. action. The Iraq Study Group was sup- I must begin by reacting to the two The majority of Congress wants de- portive of ‘‘a short-term redeployment distinguished Republican speakers who escalation. The majority of the Amer- or surge of American combat forces to preceded me. The distinguished Repub- ican people want de-escalation. Many stabilize Baghdad or to speed up the lican leader recited movingly and accu- Republicans throughout the Nation, training and equipping mission, if the rately terrorist outrages across the and even our Republican colleagues in U.S. commander in Iraq determines globe. Those terrorist outrages make this Congress, want de-escalation. Poll that such a step would be effective.’’ the passage of our resolution all the numbers show that the Iraqi people Mr. Speaker, we can all agree that more urgent and all the more impera- want the United States to gradually the current situation in Iraq cannot tive. We are not fighting terrorism in withdraw, and Prime Minister al-

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00023 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.040 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1496 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Maliki has indicated in virtually every its way. More troops will not help. The one atoll on the march to Tokyo over way that he can that he, too, opposes United States wants Iraq to be a state 60 years ago. The very nature of our the surge. based on the rule of law, but too many enemy requires us to look at the bigger But the administration wants esca- Iraqis prefer score-settling, chaos, and picture. The harsh reality we have en- lation. So it is going its own way, near- civil war. We cannot create a stable countered in 51⁄2 years since militants ly alone. Iraq when the Iraqis themselves do not attacked us on American soil is that There is a clear-cut policy difference seem to want it. its intricate web of terror is utterly here, Mr. Speaker. It is reflected sim- Let us not leave our finest young global. ply and unambiguously in our resolu- men and women literally stranded in Today, al Qaeda operates in over 60 tion. Those of our colleagues who op- an Iraqi maze. Let us make this resolu- countries, with members in the hun- pose escalation should vote for the res- tion the first step on their journey dreds and supporters in the hundreds of olution. Those of our colleagues who home. We must begin a reduction in thousands and perhaps even millions. stand with the administration in sup- force at the fastest responsible rate This is the case even after the tangible porting escalation should oppose it. possible, consistent with the safety of successes that we have had. Along with 52 hearings on Iraq in the our troops. More than three-quarters of al House and the Senate over the past 5 And then it will be time to rebuild Qaeda’s known pre-9/11 leaders have weeks, this resolution represents the our battered military and, just as im- been captured or killed, more than first phase in a long overdue process of portantly, rebuild the battered reputa- 4,000 suspected al Qaeda members ar- congressional oversight of the war in tion of the United States. rested, and more than $140 million of Iraq. It is not the last phase. Congress For the sake of our troops and our its assets seized from over 1,400 dif- will be dealing with the Iraq issue for national interests, I strongly support ferent bank accounts worldwide. And months to come, in fact, for as long as this resolution and urge all of my col- after having accomplished all that, the it takes to end this nightmare. But leagues to do likewise. majority would have us consider a res- this simple resolution will establish olution that puts us one day closer to b 1315 the first marker. Those who want to handing militant Islamists a safe draw down the U.S. presence will be on Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I haven the size of California. And when one side of that marker. Those who am pleased to yield to Mr. PUTNAM of ideological militants achieve their ob- want to take further steps into the Florida, the Republican Conference jectives, history tells us that they quagmire will be on the other. chairman, such time as he may con- don’t settle, that they only attempt to Mr. Speaker, we are throwing our sume. expand their reach even further. And soldiers into the midst of a civil war, Mr. PUTNAM. I thank my friend that means following us home. particularly those whom we are send- from Florida for the time. The consequences of failure in Iraq ing to Baghdad. It is utterly unreal- Mr. Speaker, I rise today to oppose read like a far-fetched war game, but I istic and grossly unfair to expect sol- this resolution because, unfortunately, assure you they are quite real: the in- diers straight out of Iowa, Alabama, or it is anything but resolute. In one leg- evitable incursion of Iranian and Syr- California to be able to differentiate islative breath it offers support for our ian combatants into the country, the between Iraqi Sunnis and Iraqi Shias, troops, but then expresses disdain for threat to peaceful Arab states, and the much less to be able to tell at a glance the mission they have been asked to further emboldening of Hamas and which of these groups are with us and carry out. And then, I must admit I am Hezbollah. which are against us. But that is ex- surprised, after all the tough talk we So we have arrived at one of those actly what we are asking them to do, heard from the other side, this is a muddy historical crossroads. Will we and we are asking them to do it in an rather toothless 97 words. The resolu- continue to take the fight to the urban terrorist setting and to do it tion does nothing to help win the war, enemy, or will we fall back and hope without any linguistic or cultural but it doesn’t do anything to help stop that the enemy does not follow us background. it either, which allows the majority to home? That question is one that we The first sentence of the recent Na- offer its support and withdraw it too. must continue to ask ourselves, even if tional Intelligence Estimate tells us Now, the majority has surely studied it is much larger than the narrow scope everything we need to know on this its constitutional law, and knows that of this resolution, this resolution that issue: ‘‘Iraqi society’s growing polar- the most direct way that it can affect was born of what has become an overly ization, the persistent weakness of the current strategy is to cut off the funds politicized debate. Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi state necessary for winning this war. So why Time was, politics stopped at the wa- in general, and all sides’ ready recourse are we not having this week a real ter’s edge; but no longer, it seems. A to violence are collectively driving an vote, a real up-or-down vote on funding discussion of this nature should be increase in communal and insurgent vi- our men and women in harm’s way? about more than political labels and olence and political extremism.’’ Actually, the Congress has had one up- single tactical issues. It should be Every day we read another article il- or-down vote, it was up only, when the about the consequences for future gen- lustrating the impossibility of the situ- Senate unanimously confirmed General erations. ation into which we have inserted our David Petraeus as our commanding of- The history of free peoples divides brave men and women. One day, we ficer in Iraq. General Petraeus, who itself as neatly as it can into genera- read how the Iraqi Army is infested took over just last Saturday, literally tions for a reason: because it aspires to with militia members. Another day, we wrote the book for the Army on celebrate the contributions made by read that countless members of al- counterinsurgency strategies. And that group of people who consciously Sadr’s violently anti-American Mahdi now, after unanimous Senate approval join together to vanquish a common Army have actually been trained by and just days into his command, the enemy. If we do not join together now U.S. soldiers unaware of the trainees’ House is prepared to pull the rug out to defeat this insidious foe, then it will true affiliation. On yet another day, we from under him. If that is not a mixed almost certainly fall to our posterity read that U.S. soldiers cannot even tell message, then what is it, Mr. Speaker? do so. And they will have a much larg- their Iraqi counterparts the object of Indeed, it is a shame that the major- er concern than any one troop deploy- their joint military missions for fear ity has brought to the floor such a nar- ment in any one city. They will be that the mission will be compromised. row, nonbinding resolution that misses tasked with rebuilding the lasting This weekend, we read an interview the bigger picture, because this is so damage that was done to America’s re- with a U.S. soldier who acknowledged much larger than what is going on in solve this week. They will look back that he had no idea whatsoever wheth- any given neighborhood in Baghdad. upon this discussion and seek to under- er an arrest he witnessed by Iraqi secu- It is easy enough to go back and list stand what we were thinking when, rity forces was justified or merely an- all the disappointments we have had in with just 97 words, we considered other instance of sectarian revenge. Iraq; it is easy enough to wring our shrinking from this critical moment. Mr. Speaker, Iraq is a hall of mirrors, hands about any one particular tactic. The poet Robert Frost once wrote and the administration has utterly lost But it is like focusing on one jungle, on that, ‘‘The best way out is always

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00024 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.042 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1497 through.’’ We doggedly seek the way Bush administration has told us that it is in our interest or it is not in our through. Success in Iraq, security for victory is at hand. And yet the killing interest, for example, to have a free our allies, and everlasting victory for goes on and seems to have risen to new Japan on that side of the Pacific, or to freedom. This week’s discussion should levels and new evidence of risk. have a free El Salvador in our own be about the way through, not the way I don’t believe that we can any more hemisphere, or to have those nations back. condone this long train of failure which which were behind the Iron Curtain, Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 has brought us so little success and nations like Poland, now standing side minutes to the gentleman from Michi- such tremendous sacrifice in blooded by side with us in Iraq. It is in our in- gan, a veteran of the Second World treasure. It is time that we recognize terest to spread freedom. War, Mr. DINGELL. that our troops are in the middle of a Mr. Speaker, I have been here before. (Mr. DINGELL asked and was given civil insurrection or a civil war. It is A lot of us have. I remember in the permission to revise and extend his re- time that we recognize that we must 1980s, when Ronald Reagan was stand- marks.) turn this situation now over to the ing up to the Russians in Europe and Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, I wish I Iraqis. The matter will be decided by the USSR was ringing our allies in could rise in support for the adminis- the Iraqis, not by us. It will not be de- France and Germany with SS–20 mis- tration’s policy. I wish it made sense. I cided militarily, but rather politically, siles, and the President of the United wish it was in the best interests of this by the people in the area, and not by States moved to offset those missiles country to support that policy. Americans who are coming increas- with Pershing IIs and ground-launched It has been now 4 years since the first ingly to be viewed as intruders and to cruise missiles, and you had from the American soldier entered the deserts of be less liked and less supported. left a call that this was going to start Iraq, and about 4 years since the Presi- I know that commentators and de- World War III. And you had pundits dent has declared victory. Since then, fenders of the administration will as- throughout this country, as a matter of more than 3,100 Americans have been sert that Iraq is too important, too fact somebody showed me an old head- killed, 24,000 and more have been vital to our national interests to be de- line the other day, ‘‘Better Red Than wounded, and anywhere between 40,000 bated or criticized. I happen to think Dead,’’ which emanated from that de- and 100,000 Iraqis have died. the debate in this body on matters of bate and that action. You know, I am proud and grateful great importance is the reason that we But we stood tough, we offset the that I could have the privilege of serv- exist, and it is time that we speak on Russians, we showed strength, and at ing my country and making some behalf of the American people to tell some point the Russians picked up the small offering to its success in time of this administration: ‘‘Find a new phone and said, ‘‘Can we talk?’’ And war. I understand how important it is mechanism to prevail in this matter. when we talked, we talked about the we support our troops there. They have Find a new way to spend our lives and disassembly of the Soviet Empire. In our own hemisphere, when we done a magnificent job, and everyone treasure. Find a new way to see to it went in and helped that fragile govern- in this Chamber, including this speak- that we prevail and that we make this ment in El Salvador and stood up a lit- er, support them fully. It is regret- country safe,’’ because it is clear that tle shield around that government, we table, however, the leadership in Wash- this is not going to happen with the had people saying that is going to be ington that has been less than stellar. current policy as exemplified by this the next Vietnam for the United Unfortunately, the veracity of this administration. States. Well, it wasn’t a Vietnam for administration and the respect in I urge my colleagues to support this the United States, and Salvadorans are which it is held on these matters ranks resolution. I hope that the country will standing with Americans now in Iraq. somewhere around that great fantasist see to it that the President finally In fact, I think we have got people who Baron Munchausen, the teller of fan- hears the message that his policies are died of old age waiting anxiously for tastic tales. failed, it is time to make changes, and I am against this plan, if it can be the next Vietnam. that we have to do so in the interest of Now we are in a different part of the called such, because it is just more of the United States and world peace. world, and it is a tough mission, and the same policies and programs that Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, at moving freedom and spreading freedom have consistently failed for 4 years. I this time I would like to yield as much in that part of the world is very, very am against this surge because it will time as he may consume to Mr. difficult. And I would just say to my not make Americans safer, because it HUNTER, the ranking member of the colleagues, my friends who have talked will put more American lives at risk, Armed Services Committee. about the smooth road not taken, how Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I thank because it continues to neglect the bat- we have made mistakes; if we just kept tle in Afghanistan, and because it com- the gentlewoman for yielding. that Iraqi in place of Saddam Hus- Mr. Speaker, this resolution by the pletely disregards the necessary diplo- sein’s, somehow things would be better Democrat leadership sends a message matic and political recommendations now. Saddam Hussein’s army had 11,000 to three parties: America’s enemies, of the Iraqi Study Group. Sunni generals. Now, what are you America’s friends, and America’s Twenty-one thousand is too many to going to do with an army with 11,000 kill and too few to succeed. And, more troops. And I think it is going to be re- Sunni generals whose mission is to sta- importantly, that number is going to ceived by friend and foe alike as the bilize a population which is in the ma- be sent over there away from the ad- first sound of retreat in the world bat- jority Shiite? ventures that we are confronting in Af- tle against extremists and terrorists. ghanistan and the troubles that we are Mr. Speaker, we are not stopping b 1330 seeing in that place, and we are going anything with this resolution. In fact, A lot of people have said we should to send people over there without ade- the Big Red One is already moving its have had 200,000 to 300,000 troops in quate preparation, proper equipment, first brigade toward Iraq; the 82nd Air- country. Now at the same time they and training. borne, America’s all-American divi- would say we have got to put an Iraqi Vice President CHENEY has told us sion, is already in Iraq. In fact, the face on this occupation. How do you that insurgency is in the last throes. Second Brigade is already in their sec- put an Iraqi face on the occupation Mr. Speaker, the national Intelligence tor in Baghdad. As a matter of fact, in with 200,000 or 300,000 Americans in estimates said that fanatical terrorism the Baghdad plan, which reinforce- country? has now, and I quote, ‘‘metastasized ments are serving, all nine sectors now The facts are, there is no smooth and spread across the globe.’’ have American and Iraqi forces in place road. This is a tough and difficult road. At each possible turning point, the and operating. So you are not stopping Our military planners have come up toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, anything; you are simply sending a with a strategy. It involves nine sec- the dissolving of the Army, the cre- message, and it is the wrong message. tors in Baghdad with Iraqi troops to ation of the Iraqi Constitution, the Because this Nation has been for the the front and with backup American vote for the constitution, the Par- last 60 years involved in spreading free- battalions behind them, mentoring liamentary elections, the capture of dom, and it is in America’s interest to them, giving them advice, and in many Saddam, the death of Zarqawi, the spread freedom. Nobody would say that cases stiffening their spine.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00025 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.043 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1498 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Now, there is no guarantee of suc- Very few people have this responsi- I ask my colleagues to try to figure, cess. But this is a first time. I think we bility, yet those here in this House, if you were involved as an individual, should check our history, and my you didn’t get elected to do this, but as a kid, or your family was involved, friend, Mr. SKELTON, I think you should today you have to decide whether or that this great country and this great check our history and see if this Con- not you want this war to continue and Constitution has given you the right, gress has ever, after a military oper- how many people have to die before it right in your hand, to determine who ation is already in place, is already is stopped. lives and who dies. You cannot make a moving forward, the Big Red One is al- You here talk about me supporting a mistake in supporting this resolution, ready moving out. The all-American draft, but I challenge anyone to tell me it is not going to hurt our beloved war- division, the 82nd Airborne, already has that their feelings about this war in riors, it is going to help our country, it troops in place in combat, in the city, Iraq would not be different if they is going to help them, and it is going to that we retroactively say, you know, thought that their loved ones, their make us proud one day to be able to we don’t support this. The only mes- family, their community, would be say, when asked, What did you do when sage that can possibly send to the rest placed in harm’s way. this was going on in the world, and of the world is a fractured message. Whether you are for or against the your Congress was asked? Mr. Speaker, I just want to end with war, or no matter how you voted, when You would be able to say, There was a comment, with a quotation from you see the casualties mounting up, a resolution. It may not have been a Douglas MacArthur in his farewell when you visit the hospitals and see profile in courage, but I supported it, speech at West Point. I thought it was young dedicated people without their and I am proud that I did. appropriate for these times. He talks skulls, their faces, their legs, their Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I about the American soldier, and he arms, you don’t have to know any of am pleased to yield such time as he says this, ‘‘Their story is known to all these kids to start crying. But if you may consume to Mr. KING of New York, of you. It is the story of the American have children and grandchildren, and the ranking member of the Homeland man at arms. My estimate of him was your imagination allows you to believe Security Committee. formed on the battlefields many, many that they would be included in the Mr. KING of New York. I thank the years ago, and has never changed. I re- 21,000, and no matter how many times gentlewoman for yielding. garded him then, as I regard him now, they go, there has to be a feeling that Mr. Speaker, I also appreciate the op- as one of the world’s noblest figures; maybe this is the last chance I have, portunity to take part in this debate, not only as one of the finest military you have to have a different feeling if which as my friend from New York characters, but also as one of the most you are not dealing with someone (Mr. RANGEL) said, isn’t this a historic stainless. else’s children. debate? It is part of our job. It is our ‘‘His name and fame are the birth- Now, people would say these kids obligation. It is a legal obligation; it is right of every American citizen. In his want to fight. I mean, they are dif- a moral obligation to be heard on this youth and strength, his love and loy- ferent from most kids. They volun- most pressing issue of our time. alty, he gave all that mortality can teered. They want to do it. I would also add at the outset, when give. He needs no eulogy from me, or It is strange how most of them we have talked about those who died in from any other man. He has written his sought the $40,000, $30,000, $20,000 bonus Iraq, and all of us go to the wakes of own history and written it in red on his or sought educational benefits, or don’t those who were killed in our district. enemy’s breast.’’ come from families that are affluent in Just the other day, if we are talking Mr. Speaker, our soldiers are engaged this country. It is strange that you about the quality of the type of person, in combat right now. The worst dis- never heard the President of the United where they come from and who was service that we can give to them is to States or the Secretary of Defense ever killed in Iraq, there was a young man retroactively blast and degrade the make a plea to the patriotism of Amer- who was actually in what used to be mission that they are currently under- ica to say, Give me your young, your the heart of my district, very affluent taking. There is no good role, there is able body, give me your patriots, we area, Manhasset. He was a graduate of no good purpose that is served by this. have a war to fight. You have never Duke University, all-American La- So I would ask all my colleagues, let heard that. crosse player, was offered a scholarship us get behind not only our troops, let Oh, no, we applaud those who en- to law school, but he turned it down to us get behind their mission. Let us listed, but there has never been a plea go in as an enlisted man, as an Army vote ‘‘no’’ on this resolution. out there for America to make sac- Ranger. Mr. SKELTON. I yield 6 minutes to rifices. A country at war, and the He served two tours in Iraq and Af- the gentleman from New York, a Ko- President doesn’t ask people to sac- ghanistan, and he was killed on his rean War veteran, recipient of the Pur- rifice anything. third tour of Iraq. His family was proud ple Heart, recipient of the Bronze Star, Well, my son in the Marines got out of what he did, what he accomplished, Mr. RANGEL. of the Persian Gulf. He is out, and he what he stood for. I think it doesn’t (Mr. RANGEL asked and was given too enjoyed the GI Bill. But recently I really add to the level of debate to permission to revise and extend his re- attended a funeral in my district of a somehow be suggesting that those who marks.) young man who died in Iraq, and I have go to Iraq because they cannot be any- Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I didn’t gone to others, and the family was out- where else or somehow it is all driven come down here, my colleagues, to talk side, and they pled with me, please, by economic need, he was a young man about General MacArthur, but I guess I Congressman, tell them our son was a with everything in front of him. knew of him better than anyone in this hero. Please, Congressman RANGEL, we He had all the opportunity in the room. thank you that you are here, salute my world, and he went, and he joined the General MacArthur was called out of son, please. Army, went in as an enlisted man, died Korea. He was the commander of the I have gone to these funerals before. as a sergeant, and he was on his third entire Armed Forces there, and left us Most of these young men and women tour in Iraq. So I think it is important in the Second Infantry Division com- were marines. So I was so used to see- to put that in the RECORD. Also, I know pletely surrounded by the Chinese in ing this blue uniform with the red there are any number of Members in November of 1950. The last I remember, stripe. The family actually walked me this body who have had members of he was called back by the Commander to the coffin, and my knees buckled. their families serving in Iraq. in Chief, Harry Truman, for defying his Why? Because as sensitive and as pas- I think if we are going to talk about direction. So with all due respect to sionate I am about the loss of life, in- the gentleman from New York who the great late general, this is hardly a stead of seeing a brown-skinned Do- wants to bring back the draft, we can time to talk about what soldiers have minican in a marine outfit, I saw a sol- have that in a separate debate. But I to do when they defy authority. dier about 20 years old. I saw a soldier don’t think it should be part of this de- I want to thank those who have given of about 20 years old in an Army uni- bate. us an opportunity today to express our- form, not a Marine uniform. Guess Now, when this debate was actually selves under question of life and death. what, he looked just like me. scheduled, I actually thought it would

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00026 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.046 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1499 serve a constructive purpose. But as I to what public opinion has to be at any the Twin Towers were attacked the look at the resolutions being offered, if particular time. Well, if anyone wants first time in 1993 and we took no ac- I could really, I guess, quote from Sen- to go back and look at the polls, in tion, or Khobar Towers when a con- ator LIEBERMAN of Connecticut, rather 1952, President Truman’s popularity stituent of mine was killed in 1996. We than a resolution, it is really a resolu- rating was 22 percent. War in Korea took no action. tion of irresolution. was amazingly unpopular, and yet The USS Cole in 2000 when we took no It is inherently contradictory, be- today he is acknowledged as one of our action. In 1998 the attacks on the Afri- cause it pledges support to the troops greatest Presidents, and the war in can embassies, where we took very lim- but also at the same time washes its Korea is looked upon as an absolutely ited action. All of those had con- hands of what the troops are attempt- indispensable step in the defeat of com- sequences. In fact, now we see after ing to do. I have heard speaker after munism, because they drew the line in September 11, 2001, we find the histor- speaker get up here today and say the Asia at the 38th parallel. ical record where Osama bin Laden said new policy cannot work. The new pol- I know my good friend Mr. RANGEL that when we saw that the United icy is more of the same. This is the served in Korea, he was wounded in States was willing to withdraw from President’s policy. He hasn’t gotten Korea, and he performed valiantly in Somalia, how that emboldened Islamic the message from the American people. Korea. That war now is looked upon as terrorists throughout the world, how Well the fact is, this policy is strong- one of the linchpins of the Cold War that showed them that we did not have ly supported by the new commander in strategy, which, again, brought down the staying power, we did not have the Iraq, General Petraeus. As was pointed the Communist menace. guts to stick it out. out, the Senate unanimously approved Listen, those who are really putting b 1345 the appointment of General Petraeus it on the line, those who have the guts by a vote of 81–0. Now, for people to Also I tried to research this. I am not are the men and women of the battle- come here today and say this is an in- aware of any time in the entire history field in Iraq and Afghanistan. But also herently flawed policy, this is a policy of our country where the United States we as elected officials have to show that cannot work, this is a policy that Congress has adopted a resolution some courage and not just give in to is doomed to failure, to me, after Gen- questioning a particular battlefield the zeitgeists, not just give in to the eral Petraeus has said that he believes strategy. latest public opinion poll or to the lat- the policy can work, that he supports Like him or not, and I certainly sup- est election, because quite frankly we the policy, is to attack directly either port him, but the President is our Com- were not elected to win elections; we the credibility or the competency of mander in Chief. I said the same thing were elected to show leadership and to General Petraeus, and that is a terrible when President Clinton was our Com- do what has to be done. message to be sending to our troops. mander in Chief, and I was serving in When future generations look back Actions do have consequences. I don’t this body at that time when there was at this, will they really say that we doubt the good faith of anyone on ei- tremendous criticism directed at him. helped the struggle against Islamic ter- ther side of the aisle when it comes to But the fact is, the President, no rorism by pulling out of Iraq, by not supporting the troops. The fact is, matter where he or she happens to be continuing that fight? Does anyone often you have to think beyond what from, is the Commander in Chief. And really think that that will not em- the actual words are saying and realize we are at war. It was a war that was bolden al Qaeda, that that will not em- the consequences those words have. authorized by this Congress. And we bolden Iran? Can anyone honestly say For instance, my good friend, the should not be, I do not believe, setting that? chairman of the Foreign Affairs Com- the precedent of adopting resolutions And so I believe that what dis- mittee, who I have actually traveled to questioning specific strategies. appoints me about this debate and this Iraq with in 2003, where we met with Should we have adopted a resolution resolution is we are treating Iraq al- General Petraeus and others in Mosul in the winter of 1944, 1945, questioning most like it is a pinpoint. It is one and with others and troops in Baghdad, President Roosevelt’s strategy in al- issue standing by itself, and it is not. It he said that Iraq is a mess, and we have lowing the intelligence failures that is part of a mosaic; it is part of a to end the nightmare. brought about the Battle of the Bulge? worldwide struggle. As someone who Does anyone really think by Ameri- We can go step by step. Certainly lost more than 100 friends, neighbors, cans pulling out the nightmare is going President Lincoln, during the Civil War constituents on September 11, I have to end, that the Middle East will be- when strategies were changed through- seen firsthand the evils of Islamic ter- come stable if we leave? Certainly al out the war and finally resulted in a rorism. Qaeda doesn’t believe that. Certainly victory. As ranking member on the Homeland the mullahs in Iran don’t believe that. Also we have to realize that the war Security Committee, I know how there And also our allies don’t believe that. in Iraq is part of an overall war against are forces in this country who would Again, what are the consequences of Islamic terrorism. As the former chair- take action against us. I know the con- our actions? Are we saying just draw man of the Homeland Security Com- nections between forces in this country down for the sake of drawing down? I mittee, as ranking member of the and forces overseas. It is no secret. It heard the distinguished Speaker of the Homeland Security Committee, cer- should not cause us any confusion as to House of Representatives say our goal tainly we see that this is an enemy why al Qaeda wants us to lose in Iraq. is to get our troops home. which is overseas and it is here. It is an It should not cause us any confusion Well, I would say our goal should be enemy which is plotting every day to as to why al Qaeda encourages the to have our troops come home after we find ways to attack us. enemy against us in Iraq, and in fact have achieved a goal, a goal of at least I know later the distinguished rank- has al Qaeda in Iraq itself fighting a stable Iraq, an Iraq which is able to ing member of the Intelligence Com- against us. protect its borders against Iran, and an mittee will also speak to this part of So now we come to the question of, Iraq which is able to prevent al Qaeda the issue. But the fact is, we do not with our troops committed there, with from setting up a privileged sanctuary live in vacuums. We cannot isolate bat- this being an absolutely essential part in Iraq, and an Iraq which is able to tlefields and silos and say this is Iraq, of the war against terrorism, what do create a situation in the north where this is Afghanistan, and this is the we do? I agree that there is a consensus the Kurds and the Turks are not fight- Twin Towers. that the current policy has not been ing with one another. The fact is, we are talking about ac- successful. There have been successes, So these are all serious issues that tions having consequences. And I have but the policy itself has not been fully have to be addressed. I regret to say been very critical of the Republican successful. this resolution does not address it in Party for 1983 when I believe we pre- That is true in almost every war in any way. If anything, it is a serious cipitously withdrew from Beirut. That which America has been engaged. It step backward. had consequences. I was in this body was certainly true during World War II, Now, also we have heard that we have when we precipitously withdrew from it was certainly true during Korea, and to listen to the polls. We have to listen Somalia. I was also in this body when even take a war like Kosovo, which is

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:12 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00027 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.047 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1500 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 probably almost as antiseptic as a war to confuse a permissive war with a nec- which is simply even more of the same. could be, even though every war when essary war. The goals of the insurgents This policy is going in precisely the op- anyone’s life is on the line is brutal in Iraq are far different from the ter- posite direction recommended by the and deadly. rorists that had their genesis in Af- generals who get transferred if they do But from a strategic point of view, ghanistan. Let us not be confused be- not agree. we are talking about it should have tween the two conflicts or their origins It would simply expose GIs to more been a simple war. We ended up bomb- or those against whom we fight. intense door-to-door fighting, in the ing a Chinese embassy in Belgrade. So, Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 minutes to a vain hope that in the meanwhile the I mean, mistakes are made. And for us veteran of the Korean War, the gen- Iraqis will miraculously reconcile with to say because mistakes are made we tleman from Michigan (Mr. CONYERS). us still being in their country. should redeploy our troops, which real- (Mr. CONYERS asked and was given The real and underlying question is ly is a euphemism for withdrawal. permission to revise and extend his re- how we remove ourselves from this We are sending signals to the world. marks.) quagmire. As I have emphasized many We are sending signals to our troops, Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I thank times, our Constitution gives Congress we are sending signals to our allies, we our chairman, Mr. SKELTON, and I the central role in decisions of war and are sending signals to our enemies. On stand proud today with my fellow vet- peace. Last fall the American people the one hand if we are unanimously erans in the House of Representatives spoke loudly with their votes. We confirming General Petraeus who sup- to register our opposition to the Presi- should be here showing the voters that ports this policy, and on the other hand dent’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq we heard them and that their trust was we are saying we know the policy can- and to show our support for our men well placed. not work and we are actually going for and women in uniform. The ultimate, unequivocal authority the first time in American history Now, last November 7 the American of the Congress is the power of the going on record opposing a particular people sent a clear message to Congress purse. And so we must use it. Sup- strategic policy, then I would say, and the President: we must end the war porters of the President’s failed Iraq in Iraq. Now after nearly 4 years of where are we getting this from? policy have argued that using People say that this is just the same bloodshed, death and destruction, Con- Congress’s spending power to end the policy as we have had all along. Gen- gress is likely to go on record as oppos- war means that we do not support the eral Petraeus says it is not. And I do ing the plan for escalation of this war. troops. It is beyond absurd to suggest No longer will Congress stand by not believe it is. Can I guarantee the that those of us who favor ending fund- while the President wages a war that new policy will work? No, I cannot. But ing for the war would simply abandon defies logic, common sense and human I have met with generals, I have met the troops in the field without equip- decency. This week we shall take a with military experts, and they give ment and the supplies they need. stand. This week, we tell this adminis- Cliches about supporting the troops are not good reasons why it can work. And tration enough is enough, stop ignoring really about our service members’ best inter- there are people of very good faith on the American people, stop ignoring ests. The true purpose of these accusations is the other side who say it will not work. your generals. And by the way, I in- But as I look at this, our commander, to distract us from the fact that we are bogged clude to the gentleman from New York who is looked upon as the expert in two speakers ago, General Colin Pow- down in an unwinnable war that threatens to counterinsurgency, who is the general ell, no less agrees with us. drag on for years, if not decades. Keeping our who has certainly achieved the most in Stop ignoring the foreign policy ex- troops out of harm’s way, especially when war Iraq, and anyone who has been to perts. Stop wasting American lives and is unnecessary, is the best possible way to Mosul knows the job that he achieved resources on this disastrous and unnec- support them. The American people under- there, if he says this policy should essary conflict. This week’s debate on stand that marching ahead blindly into oblivion work, and can work, then I believe we this resolution represents an important is no way to support our troops. That is why have the moral obligation, we have the turning point in public dialogue about they have asked us to end this war. legal obligation, and we have the obli- Iraq. And so I welcome it, but it is not Mr. Speaker, the administration continues to gation to history and for our children enough. The escalation must be live under the illusion that it can salvage its and grandchildren that we not under- stopped, and we cannot let the momen- reputation by achieving a military victory in cut General Petraeus, that we not tell tum against the war subside after we Iraq, when it is clear that diplomacy is the our troops we do not have faith in their deal with the escalation. most effective means at our disposal. The re- ability to carry out the mission which Our priority must remain ending the cent National Intelligence Estimate reflecting General Petraeus says can be carried fighting and dying in Iraq. We must the collective judgment of U.S. intelligence out, and we do not embolden our en- end the senseless deaths of agencies only confirms what we have seen in emies by saying just wait this out a servicemembers like marine Tarryl the daily headlines for almost a year. It con- few months, wait it out a few months Hill of Southfield, Michigan, who only cludes that the civil war has reached an inten- and you will get it, wait us out a few last Wednesday died when his vehicle sity that is ‘‘self-sustaining’’ and that there are months and we will pull out like we did drove over a bomb in Fallujah. no Iraqi national leaders with the ability to stop in Beirut or Somalia. Tarryl Hill was 19 years old. He had it. No wonder the administration stalled com- We cannot allow that message to be joined the military to help finance his pletion of the NIE until after the election and sent. The burden is on us. And if we fail education to become a chemical engi- the President’s presentation of his latest pro- in this mission, and the mission I be- neer. I do not want to see one more posal. lieve of standing with our troops, promising life like his extinguished on Most of the American people know that standing with our commander in the the altar of this administration’s arro- there is only one way to proceed in Iraq. We field, and standing with the policy that gance. The loss of Tarryl’s life brings must begin the phased withdrawal of Amer- the overwhelming majority of Congress to mind the bereavement of another ican troops in the next 4 to 6 months and con- voted for in 2003, and also the pledge patriot from Flint, Michigan, Lila clude it within the year. Redeploying our that all of us made on September 11, Lipscomb, whose 26-year-old son, Mi- Armed Forces does not mean ‘‘cutting and 2001, then we will have failed in our ob- chael, died in Iraq in April 2003, when running.’’ On the contrary, we suggest contin- ligations as Members of the United his helicopter was shot down. ued and extensive involvement in the region States Congress and failed in our obli- A member of a military family, Ms. through renewed diplomacy, a regional con- gation to our oath of office to do what Lipscomb initially believed President ference and reconstruction that is free from has to be done, which should be done, Bush when he told the Nation that war fraud and abuse. This sensible path is the which is essential if we are going to was necessary for our national secu- only one that can lead us to victory. win the war against Islamic terrorism. rity. But her son’s letters from the ANNOUNCING THE PASSING OF THE HONORABLE Mr. SKELTON. I yield myself such front lines and his tragic death showed CHARLIE NORWOOD time as I may consume. her that he should have never gone to Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I I find it rather interesting, Mr. Iraq. have been informed by House leaders Speaker, that those who oppose this I need to spend a little time explain- that our colleague, Congressman CHAR- simple, straightforward resolution tend ing my opposition to the troop surge, LIE NORWOOD, has passed away. I would

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.048 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1501 ask our colleagues to join me as we rise Let me say to my colleagues that I void stemming from the departure of in a moment of silent prayer for CHAR- don’t believe I am wrong in saying that the Americans. LIE. this debate is really about whether or Step three is to extend the jihad way Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Thank you, not America is a great Nation that to secular countries neighboring Iraq. colleagues and visitors. leads in the face of difficulty. Nor do I The jihadists will attack heretic Mus- Congressman NORWOOD was a proud believe that I am wrong to question lims, as they define them. Vietnam veteran, and his service to our what actually happens when this de- And stage four is the clash with Nation will be sorely missed. Mr. DEAL bate and vote are over. Have we really Israel, because Israel was established will soon come to the floor to make a helped the American people understand only to challenge any new Islamic enti- statement on behalf of his State’s dele- the threat? What message do we send ty. gation. to our troops in harm’s way? And what Let’s be clear about this. This jihad With that, I would like to yield such is it that the American public needs to is about them. It is about their god, time as he may consume to Mr. HOEK- understand so that it can better under- their religion, before it becomes any- STRA, the ranking member of the Intel- stand the challenges that we face? My thing about anyone or anything else. ligence Committee. own answer, Mr. Speaker, was that we That’s right, it is about them before it is about us. b 1400 need to understand the consequences of failure. We need to fully understand The militant jihadists believe that Mr. HOEKSTRA. I thank the the nature of the threat that is posed Islam worked well for over a thousand gentlelady for yielding. now, and moreover in the future, if we years, spreading a true gospel, a uni- Mr. Speaker, let’s be clear of the pur- fail in the larger war against militant fied society that followed the Shari’a, a pose of today. We face a real test of Islam. law handed down by God. They believe what this House of Representatives Mr. Speaker, let me outline some that the modern world has forsaken stands for and who we, as Representa- things about this very real threat to that pure religious life, and they be- tives, really are. our very existence that needs to be lieve that only in a Caliphate governed Do any of us really believe that the known by the American public and, in- by the Shari’a is the way to return to resolution in front of us today is a seri- deed, this body. This is not a global that pure life. ous piece of legislation? Does it prop- war on terror. I have never liked that This is the world that they now want erly recognize all of America’s military term, I don’t know why we keep using to recreate and force on the rest of the and other national security profes- it. This is a global war with jihadists. world. That is why they are fighting sionals who defend us day and night? We are not at war with a tactic, we are and that is why they are killing. They What of the hundreds of folks in the In- at war with a group of militant see today’s world as one where unbe- telligence Community that are ignored Islamists who hate us and who hate lievers, the United States, Japan and in this resolution, who each and every much of the rest of the world. What is others, dominate politically, cul- day are working hand in hand with our a jihadist, other than someone or some turally, militarily and economically. Armed Forces trying to achieve success group so full of hate that they are will- This directly assaults their religious in Iraq? ing to kill? beliefs, as in effect, much if not all of Does this resolution discuss or force I have a passion for understanding the world is controlled by unbelievers, a debate on the really tough issues of this threat. And thanks to a great deal unbelievers who must be destroyed, in- who it is that hates America and oth- of superb research done by many ex- cluding secular Muslim states in the ers so much that they are willing to perts on the subject, in particular the region. kill innocent men, women and chil- author Mary Habeck, we have been en- To illustrate, let me quote from dren? Again, this resolution comes up lightened as to who these individuals Osama bin Laden’s Fatwa. Listen to short. are, and perhaps also get an insight what these people tell themselves and What is the threat, and how should into the question of why do they hate, each other: ‘‘There is no more impor- America respond? That is the debate and why do they hate so much that tant duty than pushing the American that we should be having on this floor. they are willing to kill. enemy out of the Holy Land, no other This resolution is all about staying the I can tell you that these militant priority, except Belief, could be consid- course. It says, Support our troops and Islamist jihadists are a fringe element ered before it. There is no precondition don’t engage in new tactics; just keep of Islam who have very specific ideas for this duty, and the enemy should be going down the same path. That is not about how to revive Islam, return Mus- fought with one’s best abilities. If it is good enough. lims to world power, and how to deal not possible to push back the enemy There are people who hate us enough with their enemies. They are com- except by the collective movement of to want to kill. I speak of militant Is- mitted to a violent overthrow of the the Muslim people, then there is a duty lam’s hate for America, a hate that ex- existing international system, and to on the Muslims to ignore the minor dif- tends to others, including Muslims. its replacement by an all-encompassing ferences among themselves. Even the And these militant Islamists kill, they Islamist state, the Caliphate. military personnel who are not prac- kill violently and indiscriminately, but Mr. Speaker, in studying this threat, ticing Islam are not exempted from the this resolution is silent on the threat this militant Islamic jihadist threat, duty of jihad against the enemy.’’ that we face as a Nation, and it is si- we must also understand why Iraq is It should be clearly understood that lent on how we should respond. such an important element of their war a central tenet of jihadists’ beliefs is Who are these radical Islamists, and against the West. This is where the let- the belief that God is one; he has no what should America’s response to this ter from al Qaeda’s number two leader, equals, he has no partners. This is im- threat be? We face this on a global Zawahari, to the late al Zarqawi out- portant. If one believes that God is one basis. What is America’s response to lining the Islamic Caliphate that would and all that matters of rule giving or jihadism? How will America win this stretch from Indonesia across the Mid- law making belongs to him, no human war against this calculating enemy? dle East and Africa is instructive. In being, no government could make laws And how will America lead the world that letter, Zawahari outlines a four- or alter the Shari’a laws of God. This once again in the face of such a ruth- stage plan to create this religious em- would be, for all intents, setting one- less threat? pire. self up to be the equal of God. Herein The resolution that we are debating Stage one. ‘‘Expel the Americans lies the problem that these militant today simply asks, Do you support from Iraq.’’ Expel them in defeat. I fear Islamists have with the West and sec- America’s fighting men and women, that this debate may be the first step ular Muslim countries. This belief is and do you support or oppose a tactic in that process. applied equally to infidels and Muslim in a battle that is only one front in the Stage two is to create an Islamic re- heretics. war with these military jihadists who ligious government in the old Meso- The bottom line is that any govern- are bent on the destruction of the infi- potamia, that is, Iraq, developing it ment or order of law other than Shari’a del America and others around the and supporting it ‘‘until it achieves the is illegitimate. This belief, in their world. level of a Caliphate,’’ until it fills the minds, justifies the killing of heretical

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00029 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.050 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1502 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This tional fighting with the forces of the guises will do so. This belief includes is not recent thinking. A prominent crusader enemy, unless a big advantage their facts that democracy, liberalism, early 20th century Egyptian Muslim is likely to be achieved and great losses human rights, personal freedoms, ideologue named Hasan al Banna pro- induced on the enemy side. That will international law, international insti- fessed this point about Muslims and help to expel the defeated enemy from tutions are illegal, illegitimate, and nonMuslim heretics. He stated, quote, the country.’’ sinful. Democracy, and in particular we will not stop at this point, but we He goes on, ‘‘Therefore, efforts the United States democracy, is the will pursue this evil force to its own should be concentrated on destroying, focus of their wrath because it is con- land, invade its western heartland, and fighting and killing the enemy until, sidered the center of liberalism. This is struggle to overcome it until all the by the grace of Allah, it is completely not an enemy with whom we can nego- world shouts the name of the Prophet defeated. The time will come, by the tiate. We must contain them and de- and the teachings of Islam are spread permission of Allah, when you will per- feat them. throughout the world. All religion will form your decisive role so that the Mr. Speaker, the resolution before us be exclusively for Allah. word of Allah will be supreme and the does not address this threat, a real He went on to say that this violence word of the infidels will be the inferior. threat to our very existence. We are at would not be to avenge wrong suffered, You will hit with iron fists against the war, and I fear we don’t even know that nor to kill the unbelievers, but to save aggressors.’’ we are under attack. This myopic reso- mankind from its many problems. Are The modern words of bin Laden alone lution does not recognize or address we starting to get a picture of who the do not adequately explain the current that threat. enemy may be? It is also important militant Islamic threat to the United I urge my colleagues and the House that jihadists’ interpretation of Islam States and its friends around the to vote ‘‘no’’ on this resolution. is they will reject any system of laws world. Again in their own words, this MOMENT OF SILENCE OBSERVED IN MEMORY OF not based on Shari’a. quote from a senior al Qaeda leader, THE HONORABLE CHARLIE NORWOOD Democracy. Why do they hate us? quote, Islam became to be the only Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I Democracy, he claimed, is the ultimate hope in jihad under the banner of Islam ask unanimous consent that we recog- expression of idolatry, giving reason to become a solution for all of the en- nize the Members of the Georgia dele- for the hatred of Western values. This emies of America and of those weak- gation to make the sad commentary on is about them, it is not about us. ened nations, even to the leftist and Congressman NORWOOD’s passing. Al Banna is not the only studied peace groups in the Christian world. The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. ideologue. Another name, Sayyid Qutb, Whoever follows the writings of some MORAN of Virginia). Is there objection wrote, ‘‘Islam has a mandate to order of the Western authors will find that to the request of the gentlewoman the whole of human life, and that the some of them started to declare, from Florida? Western idea of separation between re- through their writings, about the There was no objection. Mr. DEAL of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I ligion and the rest of life is, quote, a American tyranny, that there is no thank the gentlewoman. hideous schizophrenia that would lead hope to face America other than On behalf of my colleagues from the to the downfall of white civilization through the armed Muslims. To the ex- State of Georgia, it is with great sad- and therefore its replacement by tent that in one of the demonstrations ness that I announce that our col- Islam.’’ that included hundreds of thousands league CHARLIE NORWOOD passed away Qutb maintained that political and against globalization and war in Italy, at approximately 12:45 today. religious ideology of the jihadist is de- the demonstrations carried a picture of CHARLIE was a great Member of this rived directly from the Koranic argu- bin Laden placing Che Guevara’s hat ment that God, unique and without body and a friend to all. on it, drawing him to be a Che Guevara Mr. Speaker, I would ask that this partner, is the only being of sov- look-alike. They wrote under his pic- body observe a moment of silence in ereignty. Therefore, the only role for ture, ‘‘anti-American.’’ Through this his memory. national leaders is to implement God’s action they expressed that the symbol Amen. laws. This gives the jihadists their be- of today’s Islamic jihad is the only so- The SPEAKER pro tempore. The lief that attacking secular or Muslim lution to face America. Chair recognizes the gentleman from heretic societies is justified. Qutb basi- b 1415 Missouri. cally justified all-out warfare on all of Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, once these societies. Mr. Speaker, here is the true threat again my friends on the other side of Where does that leave us today? It to America and the West: this militant the aisle are attempting to confuse the leaves us with a discussion that should Islamic jihad, a jihad that spans the conflict in Iraq with the war against be much deeper than the resolution globe, including attacks in Bali; in terrorists and has their genesis in Af- that is in front of us. The resolution in Spain; the United Kingdom; in the ghanistan, trying to put it all in one front of us is a shallow political docu- Philippines; in Kashmir; in Kenya; in basket. That is not the case. Anybody ment. Jordan; Israel; Nigeria; and, yes, in the can have their own opinion, but, Mr. Let me return to Osama bin Laden’s United States and Iraq. What is not Speaker, they may not have their own Fatwa against the West. Let me use his being discussed is this global problem, facts. own words. In calling on all Muslims, this threat to peace and stability ev- Mr. Speaker, I now yield 5 minutes to he says, ‘‘The explosions at Riyadh and erywhere in the world. Why, I ask, is my colleague from California (Mr. Al-Khobar is a warning of this volcanic the focus so keenly on Iraq as the prob- THOMPSON), a gentleman who is a Viet- eruption emerging.’’ lem, the only problem for us to debate? nam combat veteran of the 173rd Air- To further his murderous goals, bin Iraq is not the problem. It is but one borne Brigade. Laden then went on to outline the ter- front in this larger war. The American Mr. THOMPSON of California. Mr. rorist approach to his holy war to by people are not being well served by our Speaker, I thank the chairman for rec- saying, ‘‘It must be obvious to you that leaders and the media that are solely ognizing me for time. due to the imbalance of power between focused on the conflict in Iraq. This is Mr. Speaker and Members, as a com- our Armed Forces and the enemy but a single front in a much larger war. bat veteran, from the bottom of my forces, a suitable means of fighting Mr. Speaker, let me close with these heart, I say thank you to the brave must be adopted, i.e., using fast-mov- final thoughts about the militant Is- men and women who have served in ing light forces that work under com- lamic threat we face not only in the Iraq, each with great distinction. plete secrecy; in other words, to ini- front in Iraq but, indeed, around the Our troops have done an outstanding tiate a guerrilla warfare where the sons world, including here in America. job. They have done all that has been of the nation, and not the military There is a fundamental clash of civ- asked of them and more. They have forces, take part in it. And as you ilizations at work here. There is a fun- performed with the utmost profes- know, it is wise, in the present cir- damental belief by the jihadis that sionalism, making all of us very proud. c*mstances, for the armed military Islam must expand to fill the entire Now, I believe it is past time that we forces not to be engaged in conven- world or else falsehood in its many start bringing these brave men and

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:56 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00030 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.052 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1503 women home. They should be home the answer. We need to focus on get- the past with catastrophic con- with their families, not in the middle ting our troops out of Iraq as safely sequences. of Iraq’s civil war. Moreover, we and quickly as possible and making Neville Chamberlain genuinely be- shouldn’t be sending more troops into sure that the Iraqis step up and assume lieved that he had brought ‘‘peace in Iraq’s civil war. Some of our the security responsibilities for their our time’’ by washing his hands of servicemembers have been on two, country. what he believed to be an isolated dis- three, and even four tours of duty in I also rise to tell those who have pute in what he termed ‘‘a far-away Iraq already. served, those who are serving in Iraq country between people of whom we This escalation would put too much today, and their proud families thank know nothing.’’ That country was strain on our military and not just our you. Your Nation thanks you for your Czechoslovakia, and Chamberlain’s troops. Much of our military’s equip- great service to our country. well-intentioned efforts to withdraw ment is damaged. It will take years Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I Britain from the problems in that far- and billions of dollars to repair it and yield myself such time as I may con- away region only ensured that an im- replace it. Nearly every Reserve and sume. mensely larger threat was thereby un- National Guard member has been mobi- In this debate on Iraq, we must al- leashed. lized. The escalation is in no one’s best ways be aware that the remarks are The threat of Hitler did not appear interest. not to be confined only to the Amer- suddenly out of a vacuum. The chal- Two weeks ago I joined with my col- ican people. Our words will be heard lenges that we face today thus have league PATRICK MURPHY from Pennsyl- not just by our friends but by our en- been building for many years. vania, a decorated Army captain who emies also. They are watching to see We experienced the first attack on served in Iraq, to introduce binding what America will do. No weakness of the World Trade Center in 1993. The de- legislation to begin a phased redeploy- ours, no internal political struggle will struction of our embassies in Kenya ment of our troops out of Iraq. Our bill, go unnoticed. and Tanzania, the bombing of the which has already attracted 20 co-au- The suicide bombers, the leaders of al Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1998, thors from both sides of the aisle and Qaeda, the rulers of Iran, many others the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, and has a companion bill in the Senate, are listening, seeking encouragement then most dramatically the attack on provides a practical and comprehensive for their fellow extremists, listening our Nation on 9/11. As these attacks built over the years, strategy for ending our military in- for signs of our defeat. we did little in response. Our enemies volvement in Iraq. It sets a firm dead- We know from many sources that al came to believe that they could strike line for phased redeployment of our Qaeda, the terrorists in Iraq, and our us with impunity and that we would troops beginning May 1 with all com- enemies planning further attacks on us shrink from our responsibilities, from bat brigades out by March 31 of 2008. It closely follow what is said and what is defending our interests, that we would provides a concrete plan for shifting se- done in the United States and use that not stand up for our very own survival. knowledge to help them calculate their curity responsibilities to where they They felt safe in planning for larger at- next steps against us. They routinely belong: with the Iraqis. tacks. I have visited with our troops in Iraq, cite statements by U.S. sources as vali- Now our fight is truly one of global and I have talked to those who have dation of their strategy to defeat proportions. Some may not want to be- been training the Iraqi security forces. America. lieve it. The terrorists, however, are Let me quote Muhammad Saadi, a They have told me that the U.S. troops certain to believe it. As stated by sen- senior leader of the Islamic jihad, who have finished their job and that Iraq ior al Qaeda leader al Zawahiri, ‘‘ ... said that talk of withdrawal from Iraq needs to step up and start securing Jihad in Iraq requires several incre- makes him feel ‘‘proud.’’ He said: ‘‘As their country. Americans cannot con- mental goals. The first stage: expel the Arabs and Muslims we feel proud, very tinue to do it for them. Americans from Iraq. The second stage: Our bill recognizes that the Presi- proud from the great successes of the establish an Islamic authority or emir- dent’s escalation plan is a continuation Iraqi resistance, this success that ate, then develop it and support it of his failed ‘‘stay the course’’ slogan brought the big superpower of the until it achieves the level of a caliph- and it would not allow the increase of world to discuss a possible with- ate, over as much territory as you can, troop levels without congressional ap- drawal.’’ to spread its power in Iraq.’’ proval. They are looking for concessions of He continues: ‘‘The third stage: ex- Mr. Speaker, the United States can- defeat, signs of weakness, and it is tend the jihad wave to the secular not win the peace in Iraq. The Iraqis within this context that we embark on countries neighboring Iraq. The fourth must be the ones to do that. Our bill this debate today. stage: It may coincide with what came The question before us concerns not recognizes this reality and creates a before, the clash with Israel, because the past but the future. Where should surge in diplomacy, not troops, by cre- Israel was established only to chal- our country go from here? We are not ating a special U.S. envoy that will lenge any new Islamic entity.’’ help build relationships between Iraq merely debating a resolution, but we These are the words of al Zawahiri, and their neighbors. Our bill is a strat- are deliberating on our Nation’s future. not my words. And this al Qaeda leader egy for success in Iraq and is the best The war in Iraq is but a part of a far went on to say: ‘‘The whole world is an way to bring our brave men and women larger struggle, a global struggle, the open field for us.’’ home as quickly and safely as possible. struggle against Islamic extremist What then are the consequences of a While I strongly believe that today militants. As in the Cold War, our cur- U.S. withdrawal and surrender? The we should be debating and passing our rent struggle is one of survival. The terrorists, our mortal enemies, will binding solution, H.R. 787, I know that enemy does not mean merely to chase have demonstrated that they have de- this week’s debate is the first real de- us away. The goal of the Islamic ex- feated us, the strongest power on bate we have had on Iraq in more than tremist radicals is to destroy us. If we Earth. They will have proven that our 4 years. In this week alone, we will run, they will pursue. If we cower, they enemies only have to make the cost more than quadruple the amount of will strike. too high for us and that we will give time given to debate this war since it The choice before us is this: Do we up. The result would be an extraor- began. fight and defeat the enemy, or do we dinary boost to their morale and stand- Thank you, Speaker PELOSI, for retreat and surrender? We must not ing in the world, resulting from such a bringing this important matter to the fool ourselves into believing that we historic and momentous accomplish- floor. This resolution is a critical step can accommodate our enemies and ment on their part. They will become in getting our men and women out of thereby secure their cooperation. We heroes in the minds of millions. They this ugly mess, a full blown civil war in should not believe that the enemies’ will be inundated with recruits, with fi- Iraq. I support today’s resolution, demands are limited and reasonable nancing, with support of all types. which joins with the American people and thus easily satisfied or that we can in sending the President a loud and find safety by withdrawing from the b 1430 clear message that escalation is not world. This strategy has been tried in And they will be eager to go after us.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00031 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.054 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1504 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 A leader of the terrorist organization hemisphere, in Argentina, in the mid- them seemed insurmountable. And yet Islamic Jihad recently said of an Amer- 1990s. Let us not forget that in 2002 a every time we rose to face them, and ican withdrawal from Iraq, ‘‘There is court case in the United States found we prevailed. We are faced once again no chance that the resistance will that one of two men were convicted of with an overwhelming challenge, that stop.’’ He said an American withdrawal financing Hezbollah of $2 million in il- of Islamic militant extremists focused from Iraq would ‘‘prove that resistance legal activity here in the United States on our destruction and on world domi- is the most important tool and that and that last year an individual from nation. There is no path backward, this tool works. The victory of the Detroit was charged with supporting there is no retreat, because that will Iraqi revolution will mark an impor- Hezbollah financially and was de- only bring disaster. tant step in the history of the region scribed by the United States Attorney I am saddened that some in this and in the attitude regarding the in the case as a ‘‘fighter, recruiter and Chamber have felt the need on this United States.’’ a fundraiser.’’ floor to characterize the decision of our These are his words, not mine. Let us not forget that Iran is a na- young men and women to join the mili- We know that the terrorists would tion believed to be pursuing nuclear tary as being motivated by money, by draw these conclusions because they weapons, and thus leaving the region bonuses and by other financial bene- have done so before when we recoiled in vulnerable to Iranian domination, and fits, rather than their patriotism. the face of terrorist attacks. In bin that would have grave consequences for My stepson Doug and my daughter- Laden’s 1996 Declaration of Jihad and the U.S. security priorities. in-law Lindsay are both college grad- other statements, bin Laden repeatedly Surrendering Iraq over to the terror- uates. Doug is a graduate of the Uni- pointed to America’s weakness being ists would erode the trust of the U.S. in versity of Miami. Lindsay is a graduate its low threshold for pain. As evidence, that region and affect our critical re- of the U.S. Naval Academy and has a he pointed to the U.S. withdrawal from gional interests in the entire neighbor- master’s in English. They have many, Somalia in 1993 because of casualties hood. Our allies, such as Kuwait, Jor- many opportunities they could have from attacks by al Qaeda and its allies. dan, Bahrain and Egypt may become pursued. They chose to serve their Bin Laden said, ‘‘When tens of your reluctant to continue their cooperation country, because they and many others soldiers were killed in minor battles with us, which currently includes pro- are patriots. They did not do it for bo- and one American pilot was dragged in viding access to their facilities, nuses. They did not do it for money. the streets of Mogadishu, you left the logistical support that we need to pro- Let us not just support our troops. area carrying disappointment, humilia- tect our interests in the region. Let us support their mission. And their tion, defeat and your dead with you. The damage would not be confined, mission is to defeat the Islamic ex- The extent of your impotence and your however, to the Middle East. Our en- tremists. weakness became very clear.’’ emies would be encouraged to join Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of These are bin Laden’s words, not forces in a coalition to directly chal- my time. mine. lenge the United States and expand Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, during We witnessed the consequences of So- their efforts to undermine us and our his 20 years of service to this country, malia and the ensuing inaction. How- allies. the gentleman to whom I am about to ever, the implications for withdrawal It is already happening. Venezuela’s yield earned two Distinguished Flying and surrender in Iraq could be even strongman Hugo Chavez is openly Crosses, two Bronze Stars, the Soldiers greater. There would be an intensifica- forming an alliance with Iran, and re- Medal and other awards. A Vietnam tion of the violence. cently called on Iran and Venezuela to combat veteran serving two tours as an As the National Intelligence Esti- join forces to ‘‘finish off the U.S. em- assault helicopter pilot, I yield 5 min- mate on Iraq recently affirmed, ‘‘If Co- pire,’’ quoting him. utes to the gentleman from Iowa (Mr. alition forces were withdrawn rapidly Let us consider the consequences of BOSWELL). during the term of this estimate, we withdrawing and surrendering Iraq to (Mr. BOSWELL asked and was given judge that this almost certainly would Islamic militant extremists. As James permission to revise and extend his re- lead to a significant increase in the Woolsey, the former Director of the marks.) scale and scope of sectarian conflict in Central Intelligence Agency, has em- Mr. BOSWELL. Mr. Speaker, I thank Iraq, intensify Sunni resistance to the phasized, ‘‘We have to do our damndest the gentleman very much for the time. Iraqi Government, and have adverse to win this thing, in spite of the his- I appreciate being part of this discus- consequences for national reconcili- tory of mistakes in tactics and strat- sion today. ation.’’ egy. The stakes are too high to do oth- Mr. Speaker, I couldn’t help but be Iraq would become, as one of my erwise. The whirlwind we will reap if somewhat taken by Mr. RANGEL’s com- Democratic colleagues said in Decem- we lose means that we owe it to the ments about the lack of urgency and ber of 2005, a ‘‘snakepit for terrorists.’’ world and to future generations to do the lack of sacrifice in our country be- Sunni Arabs throughout the Middle everything humanly possible to avoid cause of what is going on with our East would certainly view the resulting giving the Islamists the encourage- troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I situation as a Shiite victory in Iraq ment they will certainly obtain if they can say to you, whoever is listening or and, in turn, as a win for the regime in win.’’ watching, wherever you are, when I go Iran. Neighboring countries would like- Mr. Speaker, this is not just an ab- through my communities, my towns, I ly seek to prevent Iranian domination stract policy discussion for me. This is sense the same thing. Where is the of Iraq and the region by providing fi- a subject close to my heart. My stepson sense of urgency and where is the sense nancial and other support, including Doug and his wife Lindsay are both of sacrifice? potentially troops, to anti-Iranian fac- marine pilots who served in Iraq along- I will tell you where it is. When you tions. side many other brave Americans. go to see the troops off, to see their It would be interpreted as a defeat of They understand the consequences of families, to see them, then you know the U.S. and would thus strengthen defeat. They recognize the deadly where the sacrifice is. Then you know rogue regimes in Syria and Iran. Iran enemy that we are facing. where the urgency is, to be there when would be free to expand its influence Lindsay will soon be deployed to Af- they go back the second or third time, throughout the Middle East, including ghanistan, in just a few weeks, where, and, as some have said, the fourth. its long-term effort to dominate the depending on our actions in this Cham- Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support Persian Gulf and the world’s oil supply. ber this week, she could face a more of this resolution, a resolution in sup- Iran’s sponsorship of terrorist organi- deadly enemy. All of us, all of us long port of our troops who are serving with zations such as Hamas and Hezbollah for a world in which the mortal chal- distinction in Iraq, and opposing the would likely increase, thereby ensuring lenge of Islamic militant extremism President’s call for escalating the the murder of countless civilians and a does not exist. But that world is a fan- troop levels in Iraq. further destabilization of countries in tasy, and that is the world that this As a two-tour combat veteran of the the region and indeed beyond. resolution seems to address. Vietnam conflict, as Ike said, as an as- Let us not forget that Iran’s proxy, Many times in our history we have sault helicopter pilot, I, like many oth- Hezbollah, twice attacked in our own met with great challenges, and many of ers in this body, know firsthand of the

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00032 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.056 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1505 everyday sacrifices made by our men Mr. Speaker, you know what we do House Armed Services Committee, Mr. and women in uniform serving in Iraq. best? You know what we do best? I will SKELTON, for giving me this time. And, I might add, if I could, I know the bet everybody who is paying attention Mr. Speaker, I rise today with my sacrifices of their spouses and children. intends to file their income tax April fellow veterans to express strong oppo- Branded on me always will be the re- 15. We do best when we are under pres- sition to sending more than 20,000 addi- minder of my children when I had to sure to get it done. tional United States troops to Iraq, leave, and they wondered if their dad I think it is time to say to Mr. and I rise in strong support of the un- would come back. You can’t forget Maliki, you know what? You have got derlying resolution that we are debat- that. And it is happening to our troops your government in place. You have ing today. repeatedly. More than 3,100 have given got your chance for democracy. It has Mr. Speaker, when thinking about the supreme sacrifice. Over 20,000 have been given to you. We went in there our political and military situation in been injured, many of them very se- and Saddam is gone. He is history. You Iraq, I often reflect on my own service verely. have got your chance. It is up to you. in Vietnam and my thoughts there as a This resolution recognizes our brave Now, you have got your problems, but person, when I served there as a young men and women for performing their you have got your government and it is man in uniform proudly defending the mission to the best of their ability. All in place. You have your problems, but ideals on which America was built. Members of this body, all Members of you have to work them out. We cannot I often think, how is it different this body stand foursquare behind their come in there and settle a civil war. today? How is today’s soldier in Iraq efforts. And that is exactly what is going on. different than soldiers 40 years ago in As one Member of Congress who Vietnam? I think there are some dif- voted in support of the Iraq war resolu- b 1445 ferences, but there are obviously many tion in 2002, I recognize the pretext for We were, like you were there and I striking similarities. going to war was based on faulty, mis- was with you in the White House, 14 Obviously, our soldiers today have leading, misinformation. I cannot re- months ago when they said to the communications technologies and verse that vote, but I can no longer ac- President, the Vice President, Sec- other war-fighting technologies that quiesce to a failed and tragic military retary Rumsfeld, Secretary Rice and are far superior to what we had 40 exercise in Iraq. General Pace, if you have got at that years ago in Vietnam. Soldiers now Two months ago, Generals Casey and time, 14 months ago, if you have got have access to a 24-hour news cycle Abizaid stated they did not support the over 200,000 troops trained, equipped that we did not have in the 1960s. increase in U.S. troop levels in Iraq, and in field, then what is your plan to But, Mr. Speaker, what is the same, and recently President Bush main- bring our troops home? And just like what is exactly the same, is the fact tained that that military policy with now, silence fell in the room. that our soldiers are trained and regard to Iraq would be determined by Now, the claim is over 300,000 trained equipped to accomplish the mission our military leaders. However, last and equipped in the field and we are given to them by their political leaders month, President Bush ignored his top not bringing ours home. So we should in Washington. They are trained to military advisers and called for a say to Mr. Maliki, you have got to do execute this mission and to the best of 20,000-plus increase in U.S. troops in it, pick something, whether it is oil their ability, without any thought to Iraq. fields or pick something and say start- whether that mission is right or wrong, I and others have been pressing the ing next week or the week after you or even whether that mission is well administration to level with the Amer- are responsible for their security be- thought out. Clearly, this is very simi- ican people on the status of the Iraqi cause we are going to bring our troops lar to what we experienced during Viet- Security Forces being trained and out and bring them home and we are nam. ready to defend their Nation. If the going to take them to Baghdad, put When I served in Vietnam, we were Iraqis are trained and ready, reportedly them on airplanes and fly them home. trying to execute a mission that was over 300,000, as we have been told, it is You have got to do it. It is yours to do impossible to do because our political time to begin now a planned phased and we hold you responsible to do it. leaders had given us a poorly defined withdrawal of U.S. troops. Sending Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, may I mission that we could not win mili- more U.S. troops to Iraq does nothing inquire about the time that has been tarily. to enhance the Iraqis’ training. It only consumed and the time remaining on Our brave men and women serving in places more U.S. forces into harm’s each side, please. Iraq rely on us, their political leaders, way to become additional targets of The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- to develop a winning strategy, and it is the Iraqi civil war. This failed policy tlewoman from Florida (Ms. ROS- very clear that we are not winning in must stop. We can support our troops LEHTINEN) has used 1 hour, 3 minutes, Iraq by any standard of measurement in the field and oppose this escalation having 3 hours and 57 minutes remain- that you might want to use. of U.S. forces. ing. The gentleman from Missouri (Mr. I returned from my service in Viet- The sectarian civil war violence in SKELTON) has used 45 minutes, leaving nam at the height of the anti-war sen- Iraq is increasing, and U.S. troops are 4 hours and 15 minutes remaining. timent; and let me tell you, there was becoming an increasing target of the Mr. SKELTON. Then subject to the no worse feeling than coming home various tribes and factions. We cannot Chair, I wish to recognize more than after a tour of duty to find that you continue to place ourselves in the mid- one speaker in a row on our side. had come home to an American society dle of this civil war. It is time to insist I yield, Mr. Speaker, 5 minutes to the that was not grateful and was not be- that the Iraqis resolve their own civil gentleman from Florida (Mr. BOYD), a hind you. war. We must insist and allow the gentleman who is a Vietnam combat I want to make sure that our sons Iraqis to defend their own Nation. The veteran, rifle platoon leader of the and daughters serving in Iraq today do Bush administration stated that Iraq 101st Airborne Division. not experience what we experienced 35, Security Forces are trained and ready Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, may I 40 years ago. The American people and in sufficient numbers to do the job. ask the gentleman from Missouri, is it their leaders in Congress all support Again, they stated over 300,000 trained your intent to keep going or will you the men and women executing the out- and equipped. come back to the Republican side? Mr. lined mission. These men and women Therefore, I believe now is the time BOYD and I are lucky enough to be in who have fought and defended our to oppose any further escalation of the same committee, and I think we country should be proud of the job they U.S. troop levels and now begin the are probably working under the same have done, and we all are proud of planned, phased withdrawal of U.S. time constraint, if we could go back to them. forces. I regret today’s resolution is the Republican side. That is what I However, we should have learned nonbinding. We need to begin address- wanted to ask you, after he speaks. from the mistakes our political leaders ing this matter in real substantive leg- Mr. SKELTON. That would be fine. made in Vietnam and not make those islation. I urge all of my colleagues to Mr. KINGSTON. Thank you. mistakes again. support this resolution and to work in Mr. BOYD of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I The problems we are having in Iraq unison to bring our troops home. thank my friend, chairman of the have nothing to do with our troops and

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:54 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00033 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.057 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1506 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 their ability and their training and Speaker PELOSI called the war ‘‘a could lead to a division. It could be so their equipment. Our problem is with grotesque mistake.’’ chaotic that the United States of our policy. So if the situation in Iraq is so hope- America would have to return to Iraq The men and women serving in Iraq less, and unwinnable, why are we mess- in larger force numbers than we have are counting on their political leaders ing around with nonbinding resolu- now. It could lead to Iraq becoming a to develop a successful strategy in tions? If the war is a lost cause and nation state controlled by terrorists or Iraq, and interjecting more young there is no longer an American inter- terrorist sympathizers and that would American men and women in uniform est, why do we not just go ahead and be in control of the third largest oil re- into the crossfire of an Iraqi civil war get out of there now? It is not worth serve in the world. is simply not the right approach. another life or another dime. Now, we have seen what Mr. Putin The warring factions in Iraq have Conversely, if the cause is worth- and Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela been at odds since the death of Muham- while, should we not fight to win? Non- are doing with their petro-dollars and mad in 632 A.D., and the United States binding resolutions, Mr. Speaker, are all the anti-American ill will they are military is not going to solve an Iraqi great for the Democrat club back spreading around the globe. Would you political problem, a problem that has home, but for those of us who serve in really want to empower a bunch of ter- existed between the Sunnis and the Congress, we are the law of the land. rorists with those kinds of oil reve- Shias for more than 1,400 years. We are elected to pass laws, fund wars nues? Past troop surges aimed at stemming and influence policies. Our opinions, as Then the other thing we are told is if the violence in Iraq have failed, and expressed in nonbinding resolutions you pull out immediately or quickly continuing to deploy more American about what should happen in Sudan or what happens to U.S. credibility troops will not bring us any closer to a Israel or Cuba, they are appropriate, abroad? As we are dealing with China, self-governed Iraq. but when it comes to American soil, who very recently shot down a sat- We have been training and equipping our job is to pass real legislation and ellite, we are very concerned about Iraqi security forces for almost 3 years. make real laws. We do not have to vent that. North Korea, we are at the nego- We have 325,000 trained, conducting se- our frustration. We can change policy. tiating table with them right now. And curity operations there. The con- This week’s resolution is just a Russia seems to be slipping away from tinuing presence of large numbers of cover-your-rear-end political design to democracy and going back to some of American troops in Iraq only postpones give the legislative branch a chance to its older ways that we are worried the day when Iraqis will have to as- say I told you so. But, Mr. Speaker, as about. As I have just said, Hugo Chavez sume responsibility for their own gov- you know, like it or not, a real vote is is spreading bad street money all over ernment. Ultimately, it is incumbent coming. South America, which is not a good upon the Iraqis to make peace and pro- It is coming in the form of the fiscal sign. mote democracy in their own country. year 2008 supplemental bill. In that And then finally, Mr. Speaker, if we With 140,000 of our troops in Iraq, the supplemental resolution, $5.6 billion is pull out, what does it say to the Amer- war in Iraq is exhausting our resources, designed to pay for 21,500 new troops in ican servicemen who have already lost resources that we, our people, are de- Iraq. All Members will have a chance their lives? Hey, sorry, we did not manding that we have at home to solve to vote on that supplemental bill; and mean it; your sacrifice was not worth some of our domestic priorities such as as you know, an amendment can be of- us gutting it out, if you will. health care and education. And those fered to delete the $5.6 billion. A ‘‘no’’ You know, it is interesting, the resources are not only dollars; they are vote would be against it, and a ‘‘yes’’ President has been criticized for ‘‘stay- human blood. vote would be to say we are against ing the course,’’ and he is no longer Again, I stand here today to oppose having the troops there and we are not staying the course. Who is supporting the Iraqi troop surge because all evi- going to pay for it. That is what is real. staying the course by a ‘‘yes’’ vote to dence suggests that it is not a path to I think in November the electorate this nonbinding resolution, but the victory in Iraq and will only put more made an adjustment. They did not like Democrat leadership and the Democrat Americans in harm’s way. what the Republican House was doing, Party. Ultimately, the debate today is about and I certainly understand that. I one thing, the men and women that think we did fail on many levels to de- b 1500 proudly wear the uniform and the best liver the products which we promised If you are saying it is a lost cause but way to take them out of the center of we would deliver to the people. But the we support you, how are you saying, an increasing sectarian conflict and Democrats are in the same situation. It no, we are not going to send recruits? civil war in Iraq. was an anti-war fever that swept so It doesn’t make sense. You just can’t Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I many of them into office, but here we have it both ways. This is staying the am pleased to yield to Mr. KINGSTON are with a nonbinding resolution. course. The President no longer wants such time as he may consume, a mem- Now, I understand that it is frus- to stay the course. He is saying let’s ber of the Defense appropriations sub- trating. I serve, as you do, on the De- plus-up the numbers, let’s divide Bagh- committee. fense Committee; and as you know, dad nine different ways. And that is Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, I many times we do not get all the infor- something the RAND Corporation has thank the gentlewoman from Florida mation that we want. We have heard, called for as it has studied the history for yielding, and Mr. Speaker, I thank as Mr. BOYD said, general after general of nations that have insurgencies. Sub- you. after admirals after captains telling us dividing the areas is an effective way I want to say this, that if the troops we do not need more troops in Iraq, and to fight insurgencies. The President in Baghdad watched what Congress was now they are saying that they do. We has said let’s go into al Anbar prov- doing today, they would be outraged. have also heard the President say the ince; let’s go into Sadr city. Those are Fortunately for us in the Free World, decisions for military changes in Iraq changing of the course. they do not sit around and watch C– will be made in Baghdad, not in Wash- Mr. Speaker, a ‘‘yes’’ vote is a vote SPAN and what silly politicians do. ington, DC, and I hope that is the case to stay the course; a nonbinding reso- They live in a real world where there with this situation. lution is an insult to those who are in are real bullets. I am very frustrated about it, but one harm’s way. If you truly believe that This resolution, on the other hand, is thing we have been told unequivocally the war is a lost cause, why mess not real. It is a political whip check de- by those same generals and admirals around with a nonbinding resolution? signed for press releases. It is non- and Secretaries of the Navy and Army A ‘‘no’’ vote to this is a vote for binding. and Secretary of Defense and today change, and I believe it sends a strong- The Democrat National Chairman, from the ambassadors from Jordan and er signal to the troops that we support Howard Dean, famously said: ‘‘The idea Egypt is that if America withdraws you and we are sending new recruits to that we are going to win the war in from Iraq at this time, it is sure to help you finish and complete this job. Iraq is an idea which is just plain bring chaos and destruction. That will Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Penn- wrong.’’ lead to a full-scale sectarian war which sylvania. Mr. Speaker, I now yield 6

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00034 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.058 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1507 minutes to the gentleman from Ten- these folks are unwilling or unable to of U.S. military involvement since nessee, my fellow Blue Dog, Colonel do that for philosophical or psycho- Vietnam. TANNER, a Vietnam Navy veteran, re- logical reasons, then we can only try to At a naval station in California, I tired colonel of the Tennessee Army force a square peg into a round hole for treated combat veterans returning National Guard. so long. It has been going on for 4 home from Vietnam, many with severe Mr. TANNER. Mr. Speaker, I am de- years, and they are seemingly incapa- physical and psychological wounds like lighted to be here with the other ble. And I say that what we need to do PTSD and the effects of agent orange. Democratic Members who are veterans is rethink our strategy and that a pull- After Vietnam, America swore there to talk about this resolution. back to the perimeter is preferable to would never be another tragic military I want to start off by saying what prolonging a costly and deadly mili- misadventure, but that is exactly what ALLEN BOYD said. I was on active duty tary strategy toward a political goal is happening in Iraq. during the Vietnam years. The problem that is out of reach. The American people want this Con- here is not the troops; the problem is Whether or not this new strategy gress to end the war and to bring our the competency of the civilian leader- works, I am glad to see that General soldiers home now, not 2 years from ship that has gotten us into this mess. David Petraeus will be commanding now at the end of this President’s This resolution supports our troops our men and women on the ground. He term. That is what the American peo- and calls for a different strategy by our has proved himself a strong military ple elected Democrats to do in Novem- civilian leadership with respect to Iraq. commander, and I wish him well. It is ber. When I was on active duty when I not his strategy that I question. What we do this week is a miniscule was in the military, I followed orders. Here is why this resolution is impor- little step. Step two will come when we That was my job. My role here in Con- tant to me: not only do the majority of get to appropriations next month. gress as I see it is to try to help formu- the Iraqis in every poll that has been We have to get out of Iraq. We have late some sort of competent civilian taken over there say they will be bet- to get out now, not 2 years from now. We are killing them, they are killing leadership and strategy so the troops ter off if we leave or get out or pull us, and nothing is getting better. And can be successful. We have not seen back, or however one wants to talk the reasons we started this whole war that in 4 years. The war began in Iraq about it, but what it is doing in Iraq to have turned out to be false. The Amer- in March of 2003. Since then, we have our effort in Afghanistan. I am going ican people know this, and today they lost 3,124 people dead and over 23,000 to be leading a delegation to Brussels are watching our debate. They will wounded, and it is not a bit better next Saturday to talk about Afghani- judge our actions. today than it was the day we started. stan. We are losing our momentum in Getting U.S. soldiers out of Iraq has The war has cost Americans almost Afghanistan because of the Iraqi whirl- been my top priority since they were $400 billion, with another request for wind that is sucking everything into it sent there 4 years ago under false pre- $285 billion more, with no end in sight. in terms of our military supplies, our tenses. And the new claim by the Presi- Competent civilian leadership for our military approach, and so forth. Al- dent that escalating the war will re- men and women in uniform on the dip- most everyone who has looked at this duce the violence is just another at- lomatic and political fronts must be situation agrees, from the Baker-Ham- tempt to mislead the American people. demanded by Congress and the Amer- ilton Report to everybody else, that we It is a lot like Lyndon Johnson sending ican people if we are to properly honor need to radically change our strategy. the bombers into Cambodia and Laos. the sacrifice of the dead and the Listen to these words from the Coun- They don’t accept it. The American wounded and their families. cil of Foreign Relations. They say: people don’t accept it and they won’t. Instead, what do we have? We have ‘‘The United States’ interests in the Those who claim we cannot leave unbelievable reports that the Pentagon Middle East and Persian Gulf region Iraq without causing chaos ignore re- can’t identify 170,000 guns issued to the can be more effectively advanced if the ality. Iraqi forces in October of 2005; some of United States disengages from Iraq. In- I ask to insert in the RECORD a piece our soldiers buying their own body deed, the sooner Washington grasps by Retired Lieutenant General and armor; up-armored Humvees sitting in this, the sooner it can begin to repair Reagan administration NSA Director Bosnia or Herzegovina while we needed the damage that has been done to William Odom that decisively debunks them in Iraq. And David Walker, the America’s international position.’’ this argument. Comptroller General, says he believes Speaking of Afghanistan, they also [From the Washington Post, Feb. 11, 2007] that almost 30 percent of the money say: ‘‘Iraq is siphoning off so many re- VICTORY IS NOT AN OPTION spent over there has been wasted, sto- sources that we could end up failing in (By William E. Odom) len, or otherwise unaccounted for. Afghanistan as well.’’ The report warns The new National Intelligence Estimate on I think any patriotic American ought that Iraq is all consuming and makes it Iraq starkly delineates the gulf that sepa- to come to this floor if he or she has difficult for the United States to ad- rates President Bush’s illusions from the re- the opportunity and ask questions dress other priorities. alities of the war. Victory, as the president about the incompetency of the Pen- That is exactly what we are talking sees it, requires a stable liberal democracy tagon and civilian leadership thus far. about here, a different strategy for in Iraq that is pro-American. The NIE de- I believe any viable Iraqi strategy to Iran, for our troops to be successful; an scribes a war that has no chance of pro- be successful must contain clearly de- ducing that result. In this critical respect, accountability from them as to their the NIE, the consensus judgment of all the fined goals to hold the Iraqi leaders ac- own security, so that we can con- U.S. intelligence agencies, is a declaration of countable for their own security. Mr. centrate with 26 other nations in NATO defeat. BOSWELL, a helicopter pilot in Viet- who are helping us fight the war in Af- Its gloomy implications—hedged, as intel- nam, said as much earlier. ghanistan, a war that we can win, a ligence agencies prefer, in rubbery language Our men and women in uniform have war that we must win, and a war that that cannot soften its impact—put the intel- performed magnificently. They have is every bit as important if not more so ligence community and the American public completed every task assigned to them. on the same page. The public awakened to in the war on terror than Iraq ever was. the reality of failure in Iraq last year and But impressive military might alone is Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Penn- turned the Republicans out of control of not enough if the Iraqi people cannot sylvania. Mr. Speaker, I now yield 5 Congress to wake it up. But a majority of its or will not make progress in securing minutes to the gentleman from Wash- members are still asleep, or only half-awake their own country and establishing a ington (Mr. MCDERMOTT), a veteran of to their new writ to end the war soon. civil democracy. the U.S. Navy. Perhaps this is not surprising. Americans Western-style democracy works be- (Mr. MCDERMOTT asked and was do not warm to defeat or failure, and our cause we have a theory called separa- given permission to revise and extend politicians are famously reluctant to admit tion of church and state. When people their own responsibility for anything resem- his remarks.) bling those un-American outcomes. So they don’t go to the same church, they Mr. MCDERMOTT. Mr. Speaker, I beat around the bush, wringing hands and de- nonetheless can get together Monday proudly stand today with fellow vet- bating ‘‘nonbinding resolutions’’ that oppose through Friday and build a civil soci- erans as the House debates the most the president’s plan to increase the number ety and get along with each other. If damaging, costly, and divisive course of U.S. troops in Iraq.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00035 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.060 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1508 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 For the moment, the collision of the Lawmakers gravely proclaim their opposi- drawal will take away the conditions that public’s clarity of mind, the president’s re- tion to the war, but in the next breath ex- allow our enemies in the region to enjoy our lentless pursuit of defeat and Congress’s anx- press fear that quitting it will leave a blood pain. It will awaken those European states iety has paralyzed us. We may be doomed to bath, a civil war, a terrorist haven, a ‘‘failed reluctant to collaborate with us in Iraq and two more years of chasing the mirage of de- state,’’ or some other horror. But this ‘‘after- the region. mocracy in Iraq and possibly widening the math’’ is already upon us; a prolonged U.S. Second, we must recognize that the United war to Iran. But this is not inevitable. A occupation cannot prevent what already ex- States alone cannot stabilize the Middle Congress, or a president, prepared to quit the ists. East. game of ‘‘who gets the blame’’ could begin to (2) We must continue the war to prevent Third, we must acknowledge that most of alter American strategy in ways that will Iran’s influence from growing in Iraq. This is our policies are actually destabilizing the re- vastly improve the prospects of a more sta- another absurd notion. One of the president’s gion. Spreading democracy, using sticks to ble Middle East. initial war aims, the creation of a democracy try to prevent nuclear proliferation, threat- No task is more important to the well- in Iraq, ensured increased Iranian influence, ening ‘‘regime change,’’ using the hysterical being of the United States. We face great both in Iraq and the region. Electoral democ- rhetoric of the ‘‘global war on terrorism’’— peril in that troubled region, and improving racy, predictably, would put Shiite groups in all undermine the stability we so desperately our prospects will be difficult. First of all, it power—groups supported by Iran since Sad- need in the Middle East. will require, from Congress at least, public dam Hussein repressed them in 1991. Why are Fourth, we must redefine our purpose. It acknowledgment that the president’s policy so many members of Congress swallowing must be a stable region, not primarily a is based on illusions, not realities. There the claim that prolonging the war is now democratic Iraq. We must redirect our mili- never has been any right way to invade and supposed to prevent precisely what starting tary operations so they enhance rather than transform Iraq. Most Americans need no fur- the war inexorably and predictably caused? undermine stability. We can write off the ther convincing, but two truths ought to put Fear that Congress will confront this con- war as a ‘‘tactical draw’’ and make ‘‘regional the matter beyond question: tradiction helps explain the administration stability’’ our measure of ‘‘victory.’’ That single step would dramatically realign the First, the assumption that the United and neocon drumbeat we now hear for ex- opposing forces in the region, where most States could create a liberal, constitutional panding the war to Iran. democracy in Iraq defies just about every- Here we see shades of the Nixon-Kissinger states want stability. Even many in the thing known by professional students of the strategy in Vietnam: widen the war into angry mobs of young Arabs shouting profani- topic. Of the more than 40 democracies cre- Cambodia and Laos. Only this time, the ad- ties against the United States want predict- ated since World War II, fewer than 10 can be verse consequences would be far greater. able order, albeit on better social and eco- considered truly ‘‘constitutional’’—meaning Iran’s ability to hurt U.S. forces in Iraq are nomic terms than they now have. Realigning our diplomacy and military ca- that their domestic order is protected by a not trivial. And the anti-American backlash pabilities to achieve order will hugely reduce broadly accepted rule of law, and has sur- in the region would be larger, and have more the numbers of our enemies and gain us new vived for at least a generation. None is a lasting consequences. and important allies. This cannot happen, country with Arabic and Muslim political (3) We must prevent the emergence of a however, until our forces are moving out of cultures. None has deep sectarian and ethnic new haven for al-Qaeda in Iraq. But it was Iraq. Why should Iran negotiate to relieve fissures like those in Iraq. the U.S. invasion that opened Iraq’s doors to our pain as long as we are increasing its in- Strangely, American political scientists al-Qaeda. The longer U.S. forces have re- fluence in Iraq and beyond? Withdrawal will whose business it is to know these things mained there, the stronger al-Qaeda has be- awaken most leaders in the region to their have been irresponsibly quiet. In the lead-up come. Yet its strength within the Kurdish own need for U.S.-led diplomacy to stabilize to the March 2003 invasion, neoconservative and Shiite areas is trivial. After a U.S. with- their neighborhood. agitators shouted insults at anyone who drawal, it will probably play a continuing If Bush truly wanted to rescue something dared to mention the many findings of aca- role in helping the Sunni groups against the of his historical legacy, he would seize the demic research on how democracies evolve. Shiites and the Kurds. Whether such foreign initiative to implement this kind of strat- They also ignored our own struggles over elements could remain or thrive in Iraq after egy. He would eventually be held up as a two centuries to create the democracy Amer- the resolution of civil war is open to ques- leader capable of reversing direction by turn- icans enjoy today. Somehow Iraqis are now tion. Meanwhile, continuing the war will not ing an imminent, tragic defeat into strategic expected to create a constitutional order in push al-Qaeda outside Iraq. On the contrary, recovery. a country with no conditions favoring it. the American presence is the glue that holds If he stays on his present course, he will This is not to say that Arabs cannot be- al-Qaeda there now. leave Congress the opportunity to earn the come liberal democrats. When they immi- (4) We must continue to fight in order to credit for such a turnaround. It is already grate to the United States, many do so ‘‘support the troops.’’ This argument effec- too late to wait for some presidential can- quickly. But it is to say that Arab countries, tively paralyzes almost all members of Con- didate for 2008 to retrieve the situation. If as well as a large majority of all countries, gress. Lawmakers proclaim in grave tones a Congress cannot act, it, too, will live in in- find creating a stable constitutional democ- litany of problems in Iraq sufficient to jus- famy. racy beyond their capacities. tify a rapid pullout. Then they reject that Chaos, not democracy, has taken Second, to expect any Iraqi leader who can logical conclusion, insisting we cannot do so hold his country together to be pro-Amer- because we must support the troops. Has root in Iraq, and chaos will continue to ican, or to share American goals, is to aban- anybody asked the troops? take U.S. lives until we act in our best don common sense. It took the United States During their first tours, most may well interest and order our people out of more than a century to get over its hostility have favored ‘‘staying the course’’—whatever harm’s way. toward British occupation. (In 1914, a major- that meant to them—but now in their sec- News accounts continue to remind us ity of the public favored supporting Germany ond, third and fourth tours, many are chang- that our soldiers don’t even have the against Britain.) Every month of the U.S. oc- ing their minds. We see evidence of that in proper body and vehicle armor. We can- cupation, polls have recorded Iraqis’ rising the many news stories about unhappy troops not adequately protect the soldiers al- animosity toward the United States. Even being sent back to Iraq. Veterans groups are ready serving, but more were ordered supporters of an American military presence beginning to make public the case for bring- say that it is acceptable temporarily and ing them home. Soldiers and officers in Iraq in anyway. If you want the most basic only to prevent either of the warring sides in are speaking out critically to reporters on reason to vote to oppose escalation, it Iraq from winning. Today the Iraqi govern- the ground. is that we haven’t properly equipped ment survives only because its senior mem- But the strangest aspect of this rationale the troops already in Iraq, and we are bers and their families live within the heav- for continuing the war is the implication not doing any better by the troops we ily guarded Green Zone, which houses the that the troops are somehow responsible for are sending in now. U.S. Embassy and military command. deciding to continue the president’s course. Just being on the record against the As Congress awakens to these realities— That political and moral responsibility be- President’s escalation of this war is and a few members have bravely pointed longs to the president, not the troops. Did not enough. The only way to diffuse them out—will it act on them? Not nec- not President Harry S Truman make it clear essarily. Too many lawmakers have fallen that ‘‘the buck stops’’ in the Oval Office? If the violence in Iraq is to defund the for the myths that are invoked to try to sell the president keeps dodging it, where does it war in Iraq. Congress has the power to the president’s new war aims. Let us con- stop? With Congress? control the funding, and we have the sider the most pernicious of them. Embracing the four myths gives Congress responsibility to exercise the power (1) We must continue the war to prevent excuses not to exercise its power of the purse vested in us by the Constitution. That the terrible aftermath that will occur if our to end the war and open the way for a strat- is what the American people elected us forces are withdrawn soon. Reflect on the egy that might actually bear fruit. to do. We must exercise our constitu- double-think of this formulation. We are now The first and most critical step is to recog- fighting to prevent what our invasion made nize that fighting on now simply prolongs tional power as a co-equal branch of inevitable! Undoubtedly we will leave a our losses and blocks the way to a new strat- government and do what the President mess—the mess we created, which has be- egy. Getting out of Iraq is the pre-condition is unwilling to do: bring our soldiers come worse each year we have remained. for creating new strategic options. With- home.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00036 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.017 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1509 When appropriations for Iraq come to other side of the aisle said this isn’t a friends who are fighting in Iraq right the floor, I intend to offer an amend- world war, this is a civil war. But if now. We know young men who have ment based on the 1970 Hatfield- you look at the record, since 1983, there gone over there and sacrificed, lost McGovern appropriations amendment have been numerous attacks, numerous their arms and legs and have died, and to end the war in Vietnam. It will be attacks, on the West. There have been it is tragic, it is a horrible thing. World an amendment to provide funding to attacks at the World Trade Center in War II was horrible. protect our soldiers as we bring them 1993. There was attacks in 1994; the Every war was horrible. When you home in a planned, safe, and orderly Khobar Towers in 1996; the U.S. embas- see people dying, in combat, you can way, and to prohibit taxpayers’ monies sies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998; hardly stand it, because you know how from being used to continue or expand USS Cole in 2000; the September 11, 2001 their families and they feel, those who the war in Iraq. This will provide a attacks which brought this country survive. transition for the Iraqi security forces into the war; the London bombings in War is hell. But sometimes it is nec- using a benchmark that matters: the 2005 and countless other attacks. This essary. If you don’t stand up to a bully date when U.S. troops will be out of is not confined just to the Middle East. or a tyrant, then they will push, and there. These people want to spread their they will push, and they will push until The Iraqis can’t help themselves venom throughout the world. you have to fight. If you wait too long, until we get out. Right now, almost Now, if we pull out of Iraq, what does the fight is so severe that you really anything constructive that Iraqis do is that do? Everybody knows right now get hurt. It is better to whip them at seen as collaborating with the United that the President of Iran wants to ex- the beginning than to wait until later States occupiers. We have to get out of pand his sphere of influence. He is on when the cost is much, much high- the way so the Iraqis can solve their sending terrorists across the border er. own problems. We can’t help; we just from Iran into Iraq. He is helping Lord Chamberlain went to Munich in make good targets. Hezbollah in Lebanon. 1938. He signed a peace agreement on So I want to encourage everyone in Let me read to you a quote from him. Herr Hitler’s terms, gave the the House to vote for this resolution. I He said, ‘‘Israel should be wiped off the Sudetenland to him and said, Hey, if want to make it the biggest, strongest, map’’ and that ‘‘anybody who recog- you don’t go into Poland or Czecho- clearest vote that we can get to let the nizes Israel,’’ anybody who recognizes slovakia, we’ll let you have it. All we President know for the second time, he Israel, ‘‘will burn in the fire of the Is- ignored the election, that the Congress want is peace, peace in our time. lamic nations’ fury.’’ And they have He came back, and he had given the says ‘‘no.’’ been involved in terrorist attacks. I know that many Members of the green light to Adolf Hitler because he They are trying to build a nuclear appeared weak, and the allied forces Republican Party are as distressed as I bomb right now, and they are watching am about Iraq, and I admire their cour- appeared weak, they were dismantling us on television as we speak, make no their weapons and their military, and age in standing up to their President. mistake. Every veteran, including myself, in he said, They’re weak. We can do what- Iran and the terrorists are watching, ever we want. So he started World War this House and in this Nation is very and they are thinking, my gosh, the proud of our soldiers. They have done II, and 62 million people died. will of the American people is waning, We are in the same situation today, what we have asked them to do. It is and we are going to turn tail and run. time for new orders to be issued. It is in my opinion, with the radical terror- We are going to pull out. ists and Iran. We need to let them time to end the U.S. role in the Iraq This isn’t Vietnam. Vietnam was a know that we are going to be firm, and civil war. It is not a war on terrorism; country, Cambodia and Laos are coun- we are going to stand up to whatever it is a civil war. And bring our soldiers tries in southeast Asia. This is a world they throw at us right now so that we home. We can begin to do it imme- war. They have attacked the United don’t face a major Holocaust down the diately. That is what I advocate and States of America. It was a worse trag- road. I really believe this. I am not just that is what the American people ex- edy than that which took place in Ha- saying this as a political speech. I am pect from us. waii in 1941 when they attacked Pearl Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I not saying any of my colleagues are Harbor, and now they are trying to de- am so pleased to yield such time as he just making political speeches now, velop a nuclear bomb. may consume to Mr. BURTON of Indi- If we pull out of Iraq, you may rest today. I really believe what they are ana, the ranking member of the Sub- assured that Iran’s sphere of influence saying. committee on Western Hemisphere, will grow, and the fear of Iran through- But I am convinced after studying and a long-time veteran on leading the out the Middle East and the world will history and watching what happened in fight against Islamic jihadists. grow. They will not back down from the past, that if we don’t deal with this Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speak- their development of a nuclear weapon problem now, we will deal with it later, er, those who don’t profit from history and the costs will be a heck of a lot are destined to make the same mis- and a delivery system that can reach not only the Middle East and Europe, more than it is today, and it may in- takes over and over again. volve millions and millions of lives. When I knew this debate was going to but the entire world. What I am trying to say now is if we Can you imagine what would happen if take place, I went back and started a nuclear weapon was launched in New having my staff go through all the start pulling out and looking like we are turning tail and running, we are York, California or someplace else in newspapers they could find prior to this country? Can you imagine? World War II criticizing Winston likely to be in another huge war in the years to come. I don’t know whether it Can you imagine a Holocaust if a nu- Churchill for his stand against Hitler clear war broke out involving Iran and the build-up in violation of the will be 2 years, 5 years or 10 years, or quicker than that. But if they develop throughout the world, not only in the Treaty of Versailles of Nazi Germany, Middle East? This is what I think we and nobody listened. And as a result of a nuclear weapon, and they see that we face right now. Deal with them now, nobody listening, 62 million people are weak, and we are pulling out, they let them know we are going to stand died. Not 1,000, not 10,000; 62 million are going to push like they have been firm, Iraq is going to be a democracy. people died. You ought to read these pushing, and they will push, and they We are not going to let Iran or any of articles. They are very interesting. He will push, and they will push until we was maligned; he was criticized. They have to go into a war that is much the terrorists prevail, and we are going said he should be run out of Par- greater than what we face today. to stop a Holocaust in the future. liament. And, of course, once the war There is a lot at stake right here, Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 started, he became Prime Minister and right now. My colleagues, I think, are minutes to the gentleman from Penn- one of the greatest men of the 20th cen- being very myopic. They are not look- sylvania (Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY) first tury. ing at the big picture. This is some- and only Iraq war veteran to serve in thing that I think all of us ought to this body, a Member of the 82nd Air- b 1515 think about. borne Division, who received the We are in a world war now against You know, we all have kids, and we Bronze Star and his unit received the terrorism. I know my colleagues on the all have grandkids, and we all have Presidential Unit Citation.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00037 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.062 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1510 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Mr. PATRICK J. MURPHY of Penn- Levittown, Bucks County, was killed in side, but as one who has been there. I sylvania. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I Iraq. rise as one who is charged with public appreciate it. You know, a few blocks away from responsibility as the ranking member Mr. Speaker, I take to the floor this great Chamber, when you walk in of the Middle East Subcommittee. today, not as a Democrat or a Repub- the snow, is the Vietnam Memorial, While this resolution before the Con- lican, but as an Iraq war veteran who where half the soldiers listed on that gress today and this week, while this was a captain of the 82nd Airborne Di- wall died after America’s leaders knew resolution expresses support for our vision in Baghdad. our strategy would not work. It was troops in Iraq, the heart of the resolu- I speak with a heavy heart for my immoral then, and it would be immoral tion is a statement of disapproval of fellow paratrooper Specialist Chad now to engage in the same delusion. the President’s so-called surge of Keith, Specialist James Lambert and That is why sending more troops in the troops in Iraq, and I cannot support it. the 17 other brave men I served with civil war is the wrong strategy. I see Iraq, as others have eloquently who never made it home. We need to win the war on terror, and stated, as the central front in the war I rise to give voice to hundreds of reasonable people may disagree on on terror. I rise today in opposition to thousands of patriotic Pennsylvanians what to do, but most will agree that it this resolution out of a fundamental and veterans across the globe who are is immoral to send young Americans to sense that we have a moral obligation deeply troubled by the President’s call fight and die in a conflict without a to finish what we started, to confront to escalate the number of American real strategy for success. The Presi- the enemies of our way of life, and to troops in Iraq. dent’s current course is not resolute, it support our duly elected Commander in I served in Baghdad from June of 2003 is reckless. That is why I will vote to Chief as he makes those decisions that to January of 2004. Walking in my own send a message to our President that he deems necessary and appropriate to combat boots, I saw firsthand this ad- staying the course is no longer an op- achieve those ends. ministration’s failed policy in Iraq. I tion. Let me say from the heart, for a mo- led convoys up and down Ambush Alley Mr. Speaker, it is time for a new di- ment, my reasons for supporting this in a Humvee without doors, convoys rection in Iraq. From my time serving troop surge. A few days before Presi- that Americans still run today because with the 82nd Airborne Division in dent Bush addressed the Nation, he in- too many Iraqis are still sitting on the Iraq, it became clear that in order to vited a handful of Members of Congress sidelines. succeed there, you must tell the Iraqis down to the West Wing of the White I served in al-Rashid, Baghdad, that we will not be there forever. Yet, House. I must tell you that I had my which, like Philadelphia, is home to 1.5 3 years now since I have been home, it doubts about this troop surge. In all million people. While there are 7,000 is still Americans leading convoys up four of my trips to Iraq, I had heard Philadelphia police officers serving, and down Ambush Alley and securing consistently from our military com- like my father in Philadelphia, pro- Iraqi street corners. We must make the manders over the past several years tecting its citizens, there were only Iraqis stand up for Iraq and set a that a large American footprint in Iraq 3,500 of us in al-Rashid, Baghdad. timeline to start bringing our heroes was actually counterproductive to our Mr. Speaker, the time for more home. goals. troops was 4 years ago, but this Presi- That is why I am proud to be an 1530 dent ignored military experts like Gen- original cosponsor, with Senator b eral Shinseki and General Zinni, who, BARACK OBAMA and fellow paratrooper, But August and the aftermath of 2006 in 2003, called for several hundred thou- Congressman MIKE THOMPSON, of the changed all of that. All of that advice sand troops to secure Iraq. Iraq De-escalation Act, a moderate and predated an extraordinary increase in Mr. Speaker, our President, again, is responsible plan to start bringing our violence that commenced in the late ignoring military leaders, patriots like troops home, mandating a surge in di- summer of last year, when it became General Colin Powell, like General plomacy and refocusing our efforts on clear to all of us in this body, and to Abizaid and members of the bipartisan the war on terror and Afghanistan. freedom-loving people around the Iraq Study Group who oppose this esca- Mr. Speaker, our country needs a world, that our strategy and tactics on lation. real plan to get our troops out of Iraq, the ground in Iraq were not working. But most importantly, Congresses in to protect our homeland and to secure Now, I took that skepticism and that the past did not stand up to the Presi- and refocus our efforts on capturing counsel into the Cabinet room of the dent and his policies. But today I stand and killing Osama bin Laden and al West Wing, and there I heard the Presi- with my other military veterans, some Qaeda. There are over 130,000 American dent describe a new strategy and new who were just elected, like Sergeant servicemen and women serving bravely tactics. For all of the world to have Major TIM WALZ, Admiral JOE SESTAK in Iraq. Unfortunately, thousands more read the newspaper accounts, Mr. and Commander CHRIS CARNEY. We are on the way. An open-ended strategy Speaker, I would have assumed the stand together to tell this administra- that ends in more faceless roadside President was simply sending more tion that we are against this esca- bombs in Baghdad and more street-cor- troops for more troops’ sake. But that lation, and that Congress will no ner memorials in America is not one was not the case. longer give the President a blank that I will support. Despite what the previous speaker on check. Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I this floor suggested, this is a new Mr. Speaker, close to my heart is a am pleased to yield such time as he strategy. It is a new way forward. It is small park on the corner of 24th and may consume to Mr. PENCE, the rank- an effort on the part of the President Aspen Streets in Philadelphia. This is ing member of the Subcommittee on to embrace an increase in troop the Patrick Ward Memorial Park. Pat- the Middle East and South Asia, whose strengths in Baghdad that was initially rick Ward was a door gunner in the minority staff director, Greg McCar- recommended by the Iraq Study Group, U.S. Army during Vietnam. He was thy, setting up the posters, is an Iraq and more on that in a moment. killed serving the country that he war veteran and a marine as well. But let me say that I believe this new loved. He was the type of guy that (Mr. PENCE asked and was given per- way forward, this new approach ought neighborhoods devote street corners to mission to revise and extend his re- to be given a chance to work. I believe and parents name their children after marks.) to oppose the President’s new strategy him, including my parents, Marge and Mr. PENCE. I thank the ranking in Iraq is to accept the status quo. And Jack Murphy. member for yielding time. the headlines of the last 24 hours Mr. Speaker, I ask you, how many Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposi- should tell every man and woman of more street corner memorials are we tion to the concurrent resolution for good will in this Congress that the sta- going to have for this war? This is what the House, and I do so from a position tus quo in Iraq is not acceptable. the President’s proposal does. It sends of a humble public servant, one who Now, earlier I mentioned that the ap- more of our best and bravest to die ref- has not served in Iraq in uniform, as proach of a troop surge in Baghdad was ereeing a civil war. Just a month ago, our previous speaker did, and others first recommended by the Iraq Study Sergeant Jae Moon from my district in have who are in this Chamber at my Group. I am quite struck, Mr. Speaker,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00038 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.064 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1511 that the previous speaker who is a would state that it is the sense of Con- some Republicans have made it clear freshman Member of Congress from gress that we should not take any ac- that they oppose the surge of forces in Pennsylvania spoke, as many have in tion that would result in the elimi- Iraq. And that is their right, and if it is the Democrat majority, quite glow- nation or reduction of funds for our in their heart, it is their duty. And at ingly of the report of the Iraq Study troops. this moment, it appears that a major- Group. And I admire this work product I rise today not to complain about ity of Americans are with the majority greatly. procedure, but to say, Mr. Speaker, I in this Congress. A bipartisan work authorized during regret that this newly minted majority But what if? What if they are wrong? the last Congress, James A. Baker, III, could not do as the Democrat chairman What if you are wrong? What if the former Secretary of State, Lee Ham- of the Senate Armed Services Com- surge and the new leadership of Gen- ilton of Indiana, a former chairman of mittee appears prepared to act. eral Petraeus and the courage and the House International Relations My amendment that was offered, bravery of American men and women Committee bringing together a bipar- similar to others, has nearly identical in uniform and the sacrifices of Iraqis tisan group of wise counselors devel- language to a resolution being offered in uniform succeed in the coming oped the Iraq Study Group report. by the distinguished Senator LEVIN, months? While I do not agree with every as- the chairman of the Armed Services You know, it is a snow day back in pect of it, particularly those that talk Committee. And both of us agree that Indiana today, Mr. Speaker. And my about having a dialogue with terrorist Congress should affirmatively state kids are even home watching this on states in the region, there is much that that it will not cut funding to the TV. I give my kids some pretty basic recommends the American people to troops. advice sometimes. One of the pieces of the Iraq Study Group. And again I site I deeply regret that we were not able advice I give my kids when they are in evidence the gentleman from Penn- to make that declarative statement facing challenges, I say to them, you sylvania’s glowing reference to that re- today. And let me say with great re- know, people don’t like losers, but they port just moments ago. spect to the chairman of this Armed like quitters even less. Now, let’s look, if we can, at what Services Committee, who needs not to And I think we ought to reflect on the Iraq Study Group has to say about hear from me about the deep respect I that old maxim as we come upon this the idea of a troop surge in Iraq. I have for him, that I have to believe decision today. If this new strategy in would offer very humbly, and maybe that somewhere in his heart of hearts, Iraq succeeds in the coming months, startling to some who are looking in, knowing his extraordinary record of what will those who vote for this reso- Mr. Speaker, that the very words service to this country, that he may lution say? The truth is, we must fight ‘‘troop surge’’ comes from the Iraq well have hoped for a stronger state- and win a victory for freedom in Iraq. Study Group’s recommendations. ment as well. The truth is we have no option but vic- Allow me to quote from page 73 of While the Democrat resolution before tory. the book that is available in book us expresses the hope that Congress In their hearts the American people stores all over America. The Iraq and all Americans will continue to sup- know this, and the American people Study Group said: ‘‘We could, however, port and protect our brave men and are willing to make the hard choices to support a short-term redeployment or women serving in Iraq, it does not take choose victory. Courage. Courage is the surge of American combat forces to the next step to show tangible support key in this moment. stabilize Baghdad or to speed up the for our troops in the nature of funding. C.S. Lewis wrote that courage is not training and equipping mission if the And let me say this with great sin- simply one of the virtues, but the form U.S. Commander in Iraq determines cerity: there is a fundamental dif- of every virtue at the testing point. that such steps would be effective.’’ ference between pledging to support Courage then is the answer, not re- Let me emphasize that again. The and protect our troops and pledging crimination and retreat. We are at a Iraq Study Group that the gentleman not to cut off the funding for our war moment when the American people and from Pennsylvania and many in the in Iraq. the Members of this body will take a majority have heralded as an impor- It is a specious distinction, and one stand. This is a moment for courage. tant work that provides us with a vi- that is not lost on our colleagues in the Our brave men and women in Iraq ex- sion for going forward says: ‘‘We could, Senate. I would submit to you that hibit courage and uncommon valor however, support a short-term rede- words have consequences, and ‘‘sup- every day. ployment of surge of American combat port’’ and ‘‘protect’’ do not assure the It is my hope and prayer that we in forces to stabilize Baghdad.’’ American people that we will continue this House might follow their lead and Mr. Speaker, that is precisely what to fund our troops in the field. show them that such courage resides President Bush called for in January. I believe the American people under- here as well. Let’s vote down this reso- And it is precisely that which Congress stand this point, Mr. Speaker. A poll lution and find it within ourselves to this week is poised to reject in a non- cited this morning in USA Today lead the American people by bringing binding resolution. I submit to you shows that even though a majority of forward the resources and the support today that if the Iraq Study Group is Americans are opposed to the surge of necessary to see freedom within Iraq. to be cited again and again by the ma- troops in Baghdad, a majority also op- Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 jority as source authority, and a fount pose cutting off funding for the troops. minutes to the gentleman from New of wisdom, and I believe it is, then let’s The American people do not want York (Mr. NADLER). be clear about the recommendations of Congress to defund this war in the ma- Mr. NADLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise to the Iraq Study Group. jority, even if they are concerned about support this resolution and to call It is not to say, Mr. Speaker, that a the course and direction the war is tak- upon my colleagues to make a commit- short-term redeployment or surge of ing. And Congress should tell the ment to protect our troops and to bring combat forces in Baghdad will solve troops and the American people that it them home as quickly and safely as the present crisis and impasse that we will never use the power of the purse to possible. face. It simply is a strategy to quell vi- accomplish policy ends in the field of Mr. Speaker, the American people olence with Iraqis in the lead, to create battle. and Members of Congress were de- the conditions of stability whereby a With this I close. Listening to this ceived. Every reason we were given for long-term political solution can be debate today and to the opposition to invading Iraq was false. Weapons of achieved. the surge being espoused by the Demo- mass destruction, not there. Saddam Now let me say, Mr. Speaker, it was crat majority, I have begun to wonder Hussein working hand in glove with al my great hope that the resolution be- a very simple question: What if it Qaeda, not true. fore us today would have come to the works? I have made it clear that I sup- I ask you, if the President had gone floor under procedural rules that al- port the surge and the President’s new to the American people and said, we lowed for amendments. For my part I strategy. must invade a country that poses no spent much of last evening offering an My good friends on the Democrat imminent threat to us and sacrifice amendment, along with others, that side of the aisle and, as has been said, thousands of lives in order to create a

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00039 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.066 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1512 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 democratic government in Iraq, would they are in Iraq and to withdrawing because the whole world has a tremen- we have assented? I think not. them on a timetable mandated in the dous stake in a stable Iraq and a peace- As the President now says to us that law. We should provide funds to rebuild ful Middle East. we should continue indefinitely to ex- the Army and to raise our readiness This administration’s arrogant dis- pend American blood and treasure to levels. We should provide funds for dip- regard for our international partners support one side in a sectarian civil lomatic conferences in case there is has destroyed U.S. alliances that were war, should Congress continue to con- any possibility of negotiating an end to decades in the making. Those alliances sent? I think not. We need to say the Iraqi civil war. And we should pro- saw us through the darkest days of the enough already. Enough with the lies vide funds for economic reconstruction cold war when the very existence of our and the deceit and the evasions, assistance. But above all, we must use country hung in the balance. Yet, this enough with the useless bloodshed. the power of the purse to mandate a administration tossed them aside like We must protect our troops and en- timetable to withdraw the troops from yesterday’s news. sure their safety while they are in Iraq. Iraq. It is a sad tragedy to witness the for- But we must not send more troops We must use the power the people feiture of America’s moral standing in there to intervene in a civil war whose have entrusted to us. The best way to the world and the abandonment of di- outcome they cannot determine. protect our troops is to withdraw them plomacy as an effective asset for Amer- And we should set a swift timetable from the middle of a civil war they ica’s interests. to withdraw our troops from Iraq and cannot win and that is not our fight. We need to bring all the parties to let the contending Iraqi factions know I know that if we withdraw the the table and discuss cooperative ac- that we will not continue to expend troops, the civil war may continue and tion to secure Iraq’s long-term sta- American blood and treasure to referee could get worse. But this is probably bility and a peaceful Middle East. their civil war. inevitable no matter how long our Mr. Speaker, I voted to give the Only if faced with the reality of im- troops remain. And if the Iraqis must President the authority to topple Sad- minent withdrawal of American troops fight a civil war, I would rather they dam Hussein’s regime in Iraq because might the Iraqis strike a deal with fight it without 20,000 more Americans he said it presented a ‘‘grave and gath- each other and end the civil war. We dying. ering threat to America.’’ know, Mr. Speaker, that the adminis- Yes, the blindness of the administra- The President said Saddam Hussein tration has botched the handling of tion is largely to blame for starting a possessed weapons of mass destruction this war. They stood by as Baghdad civil war in Iraq, but we cannot end it. and intended to use them against was looted, they failed to guard ammu- Only the Iraqis can settle their civil America. nition depots, they disbanded the Iraqi war. We can only make it worse and The President said Saddam was in ca- Army, they crippled the government by waste our blood and treasure point- hoots with Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda firing all of the competent civil serv- lessly. terrorists. I took the President of the ants in the name of debaathification, So let us pass this resolution, and United States of America at his word. and they wasted countless billions of then let us lead this country out of the We have learned, to our great regret, dollars on private contractors and on morass in Iraq so that we can devote what that was worth. God only knows what with no account- our resources to protecting ourselves Now the President wants to send ing. from the terrorists and to improving 21,000 more troops to Baghdad. Repub- And all this while they continued to the lives of our people. lican Senator Arlen Specter called the deny resources to the real war on the Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 new deployment ‘‘a snowball in July.’’ real terrorists. They let Osama bin minutes to the gentleman from North An outgoing commander of the Central Laden escape. Carolina, United States Army veteran, Command, with responsibility for Iraq, Mr. ETHERIDGE. told the Senate last November, and I 1545 b Mr. ETHERIDGE. Mr. Speaker, as a quote, ‘‘I do not believe that more They allowed the Taliban to recover veteran, as you have heard, of the American troops right now is the solu- and to reconquer. They allow our ports United States Army, myself, I strongly tion to the problem. I believe the troop to remain unprotected from support our troops, our veterans and levels need to stay about where they uninspected shipping containers, and their families. Let me state at the out- are.’’ they let loose nuclear materials re- set that our troops have done every- And the former Republican chairman main unaccounted for, waiting to be thing that has been asked of them to of the Senate Armed Services Com- smuggled to al Qaeda to be made into do. They have done it well. Exception- mittee, John Warner, a decorated ma- nuclear weapons. ally well, I might say. rine and former Secretary of the Navy, And why does the President want More than 34,000 from North Carolina said last month, ‘‘I feel very strongly more troops in Iraq? To expand our have been deployed on Operation En- that the American GI was not trained, role from fighting Sunni insurgents to during Freedom and Operation Iraqi not sent over there, certainly not by fighting the Shiite militias also. Of Freedom. And more than 5,000 are cur- resolution of this institution, to be course, when we attack the Shiite mili- rently over there now. More are pre- placed in the middle of a fight between tias, they will respond by shifting their paring to go back to the desert once Sunni and Shiia and the wanton and targets from Sunnis to American again. just incomprehensible killing that is troops. American casualties will sky- I am tremendously proud of all the going on at this time.’’ rocket, and we will be fighting two troops from North Carolina and across Mr. Speaker, I have voted for every insurgencies instead of one. America who have laced up their boots, defense bill and war funding legislation I believe the President has no real followed their orders, and done their that Congress has passed for Iraq. I am plan other than not to ‘‘lose Iraq’’ on duty. They are our heroes, and we sa- very concerned about the state of read- his watch, and to hand over the whole lute them. iness of our American Armed Forces. mess to a successor in 2 years. He will Regardless if one terms the Presi- As the Representative for Fort Bragg ignore anything we do that doesn’t dent’s announced change in policy a and Pope Air Force Base, I know that have the force of law. That is why this surge or an escalation or an augmenta- America’s military and our military resolution must be only the first step. tion, the so-called new plan can be communities have many unmet needs, In the supplemental budget we will summed up in four words: more of the while the war in Iraq continues to con- consider next month, we should exer- same. sume more and more public dollars, cise the only real power we have, the I myself have traveled to Iraq twice. with no end in sight. Congressional power of the purse. We And after I returned last year I said In conclusion, I rise in support of this will not cut off the funds and leave our the administration must change from resolution with no joy in my heart, but troops defenseless before the enemy, as this failed policy. Specifically, I said with solid conviction in my soul. The the demagogues would imply. But we that we need more burden-sharing sup- failure of this administration has gone should limit the use of the funds we port from other countries, more com- unchecked and unchallenged by the provide to protecting the troops while munities and countries in the region, Congress of the United States for far

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:12 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00040 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.067 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1513 too long. We need a new direction in Let there be no doubt about this: De- tion so weak as to doom with certainty Iraq. feat in Iraq will be a terrible blow to our efforts? The question before Congress is this: our national security. It will psycho- But I have spoken with too many Is more of the same in Iraq an accept- logically boost the Islamist terrorists people in the field, people with some able policy? The answer is no. who we are fighting there and else- optimism, that I am not ready to con- Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I where. clude that with certainty. And I don’t am pleased to yield such time as he The bipartisan Iraq Study Group re- think this House should reach that may consume to Mr. ROYCE, the rank- ported Ayman al-Zawahiri, deputy to conclusion. ing member of the International Ter- Osama bin Laden, has declared Iraq a b 1600 rorism, Nonproliferation and Trade focus for al Qaeda. That declaration is And that is my read of the bipartisan Subcommittee, obviously an expert in more than words. Iraq Study Group which, while recog- this field. While not all fighters in Iraq are nizing the grave challenges, spoke of The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. jihadists, many are. Some have wrong- improving the process for success. The LYNCH). The chair is trying to address ly denied that here on the House floor fact that the consequences of our de- an imbalance in the time for debate. today. Jihadists are coming from all feat would be so great also leads me to Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I over the world. The report reads, persist. very much agree, and we have been ‘‘They will seek to expel the Americans Let’s consider more about the impli- doing that approach. There are some and then spread the jihad wave to the cations of defeat. Look at neighboring time restraints from some of our Mem- secular countries neighboring Iraq.’’ Iran. Most Americans remember the bers, and so it necessitated this Chaos in Iraq will allow for more ter- 1979 Iranian takeover of our embassy in change, but we have been making sure rorist safe havens there. Tehran. That led to 444 days of cap- that the Democrats could get their The 9/11 Commission stated that tivity for our men and women. Unfor- members in. every policy decision we make needs to tunately, relations with Iran have only The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- be seen through the lens of terrorist worsened since. Iran today is a state tleman may proceed. sanctuaries. My colleagues, I would ask sponsor of terrorism. It aids Hezbollah, Mr. ROYCE. I will begin my remarks if we are doing that. and it backed this terrorist group’s war by saying that I hope that these 3 days And that report stated that if Iraq on Israel this summer. With Iranian of debate, Mr. Speaker, are character- becomes a failed state, it will go to the backing, Hezbollah is the A Team of ized by civility and respect. Without top of the list of places that are breed- terrorism, running highly sophisti- doubt, this is the most difficult issue ing grounds for attacks against Ameri- cated operatives worldwide, including that we will confront in this Congress. cans abroad. here. Iraq is terribly complex. The stakes We saw what happened when Afghan- Some terrorism experts consider for our national security are great, and istan descended into chaos. Al Qaeda Hezbollah to be a more challenging foe the sacrifice in American lives and the emerged out of the ruin to strike than al Qaeda. Iran is backing the in- loss of Iraqi lives have been very pain- America on 9/11. That is the type of surgents fighting our men and women ful. threat we are facing today, which will in Iraq. Iran is also storming ahead This is a war unlike any other we be supercharged if Iraq fails. with a nuclear weapons program. have fought, and it has been vexing. All We have to confront the potential The embassy takeover was a big mo- of us, supporters and opponents of this disaster scenario in the region that rale boost for Islamist terrorists; some resolution alike, Republicans and U.S. failure in Iraq could bring, which trace the beginning of Islamist ter- Democrats, all Americans, have a vital would be worsening strife which could rorism to that embassy takeover. The interest in our Nation succeeding in engulf the entire region, sparking a shattering of the Iraqi state in our helping to build a stable Iraq and de- wider war in this resource-rich area. hands would be that 1979 morale boost feating Islamist terrorism. That is the Saudis have warned that they are magnified. It would also prove the way challenge of our time. prepared to aid Sunni militias. Jordan for tremendous Iranian influence in the As we have heard, mistakes have could move troops into Iraq’s western region. been made. There is no doubt about desert to serve as a buffer. The Turks We must face our responsibility to that. I have been dismayed by some of are increasingly worried about the the Iraqi people. Yes, we have given them: the lethargy in training Iraqi independent Kurdish movement. Iran them 4 years to come together; it has troops, the inability to meter oil and could move to secure the oil fields to been beyond frustration that they protect civilian infrastructure. But we the south. haven’t. Tens of thousands of Iraqis can’t allow this to cloud our strategic In describing the consequences of have died during this time. What hap- judgments. continued decline in Iraq, the Iraq pens if we leave or operate without the To my mind, this resolution, indeed Study Group wrote, ‘‘Such a broader manpower our military leadership says our struggle in Iraq, can be boiled down sectarian conflict could open a Pan- it needs? I don’t think anyone believes to two questions: Are Iraq and the dora’s box of problems, including the that the carnage won’t be several times global struggle against Islamist ter- radicalization of populations, mass what we have seen. rorism separable? And is Iraq hopeless? movement of populations, and regime We often hear calls to intervene in The answer to both questions is no, changes that might take decades to countries for humanitarian reasons. which leads me to a ‘‘no’’ on this reso- play out.’’ Some would like our military to go to lution. This is the powder keg that is Iraq Darfur in Sudan. Maybe we should take The rationale for this war has today. The status quo is nasty. But the decisive military actions to stop that changed, whether we like it or not. We consequences of failure, while unpre- genocide, but what about trying to fin- are now fighting for stability and mod- dictable, is far worse. ish a job where we have already made eration against the Islamist terrorism So to the second question: Is Iraq a huge military commitment, knowing that is now host in Iraq. hopeless? I can understand why many full well that Iraq’s withdrawal would Our Civil War didn’t start out as a Americans may feel that way. Every lead to a brutal humanitarian crisis? battle against slavery. It was a fight to day there are horrific car bombings, We also often hear from some about save the Union. the sectarian violence has intensified. how unpopular our country is world- We started out fighting Saddam and We will hear many assessments that wide. This is said to greatly harm our to stop what the majority of this House Iraq is hopeless in this debate. influence and interest. And there is believed was his weapons of mass de- No one is going to argue that success truth to that. Just wait if our with- struction program. We are now fighting is guaranteed. But arguments that we drawal precipitates a horrific scale of Islamist terrorism. It is a different and have no chance of bringing stability on ethnic cleansing. Is that the Iraqi leg- more daunting fight, but the con- the ground in Iraq are also extreme ar- acy we want? I am not ready to con- sequences of our success or failure are guments. cede the inevitability of this. no less critical because the stakes of Are the forces of chaos so strong, and It is very important that our Nation this battle have changed. are the forces of stability and modera- be united. Our success depends upon it.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00041 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.068 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1514 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 We need to be sowing discord among The administration has refused to There was no objection. the enemy, not ourselves. We have had listen to its own generals, to Congress Mr. SKELTON. I yield the balance of successes against Islamist terrorism or to the American people. They just my time, Mr. Speaker, to my friend, worldwide. do what they want. my colleague, the gentleman from This resolution states that Congress After September 11, I was willing to California, the chairman on the Com- disapproves of the January decision of do anything to make our country safe, mittee on Foreign Affairs (Mr. LAN- the President to deploy more troops to like all of us. We came together in a bi- TOS). I ask unanimous consent that he Iraq. The bipartisan Iraq Study Group partisan way. I believed in fighting ter- be allowed to control the time. panel, but one month earlier, said it rorists in Afghanistan was the right The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there could support a short-term redeploy- thing to do, but the current situation objection to the request of the gen- ment of American combat forces to in Iraq proves what we have been say- tleman from Missouri? stabilize Baghdad. This resolution goes ing all along, that the Iraq war has not There was no objection. in the opposite direction. and will not make America safer. In- Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I want to I have heard the argument about why stead, it is costing the American tax- thank my friend from Missouri for this resolution isn’t a retreat, but it is payers $200 million every day. The yielding. I am very pleased to yield 5 minutes a nonbinding rebuke of the President’s money that we spent in Iraq could have to a distinguished member of the For- tactics, that it doesn’t cut off funding. sent 17 million high school students to eign Affairs Committee, chairman of That may be the case on paper, but the college. Can you imagine, 17 million our Europe Subcommittee, my friend symbolism is far greater. I don’t see students going on to college right now and colleague from Florida (Mr. how opposing our professional mili- that we could have provided assistance WEXLER). tary’s call for more troops at this piv- to, or paid for 6 million new school Mr. WEXLER. Thank you, Mr. LAN- otal time is anything but a signal of teachers, reduced the student ratio, TOS. permanent retreat. It is also congres- funded the No Child Left Behind Act, Mr. Speaker, today I stand with the sional micromanagement. or help with Katrina. But more money American people in support of this res- The war is horrible. The easy thing has been spent on this war, and yet it olution and in opposition to the Presi- would be to just say out. But we can’t is costing us money for those that are dent’s escalation of the Iraq war. I wish away the Islamist terrorists will losing their lives right now. stand in opposition to a President that take great strength from our defeat. Over 3,000 men and women have given failed the American people by initi- That is what they are saying. These in- their lives for this war, and over 23,000 ating an ill-conceived war; an adminis- dividuals in groups are as persistent as are coming home wounded or disabled. tration that misled the Nation, vulner- they are brutal. They must be fought Mr. Speaker, over 10,000 of these troops able after 9/11, into believing that Sad- and defeated. So let’s not give these are so severely wounded that they will dam Hussein had weapons of mass de- forces a win on the floor of the U.S. never be able to serve again. Let me struction; an administration that in- House. tell you, and you have to look at them, vented links between Baghdad and al I ask my colleagues to think through never able to serve again. Qaeda; that ignored the views of the in- these implications and vote down this Now the President wants to send telligence community, while con- resolution. 21,500 more troops to the most dan- vincing Americans that our brave sol- Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I now gerous part of Iraq. Why? Why are we diers would be greeted in Iraq as lib- yield 6 minutes to the gentleman from sending our troops to fight in another erators; an administration that assured California (Mr. BACA), former para- country’s civil war? Mr. Speaker, this us that Iraqi oil money would pay for trooper with both the 101st and 82nd isn’t a strategy for success. This is a the reconstruction; and that through Airborne Divisions. desperation attempt by the administra- military force, rather than diplomacy, Mr. BACA. Mr. Speaker, I rise in sup- tion who can’t admit that they made a we would cultivate American values of port of House Concurrent Resolution mistake. They made a mistake, and freedom and democracy in Iraq. 63. they need to admit it. And the sooner The American people know that they I thank the Armed Services Com- we come to this realization, the better have been taken down a false path by mittee chairman, Mr. SKELTON, for car- off this country will be. As a veteran, I this administration, down a spiraling rying this legislation in support of our understand that sometimes war is nec- path of war under false pretenses into a military troops and opposing the Presi- essary, but as a veteran, I also know quagmire with a President who will not dent’s plan to send at least 21,500 more that war should always be the last re- change course, even in the face of a troops to Iraq. sort because war means someone’s sons growing civil war. This resolution I speak today as a proud veteran who and daughters won’t come home. That sends the President an unequivocal served in the United States armed serv- means separating parents from their message that he must change direction ice as a paratrooper in the 101st and children, leaving their homes, someone of this war. 82nd Airborne Division. making a sacrifice. How did we arrive in this desperate As a veteran and as a Congressman, I In my home State of California situation? From the top down, the voted against this war in year 2002 be- alone, we have lost 325 men and women President, the Vice-President and the cause no one could convince me why we in Iraq. Back in my home district, we Secretary of State have manipulated had to be there in the first place. I was have lost 10 outstanding young men. It evidence, broadcast half truths, and tormented with this decision. I talked just breaks my heart. Mr. Speaker, you doctored intelligence through an or- to many of my constituents. I called don’t put the American families chestrated effort to smear and destroy the bishop in my area. I couldn’t see through this kind of pain unless you those who have opposed their policies. what invading Iraq had to do with se- are sure, beyond any shadow of doubt, Just last week, in a scathing report, curing the homeland. No one in the ad- that there are no other options. The the Defense Department’s Inspector ministration could convince me that President had failed to convince me in General concluded that the Pentagon there were weapons of mass destruc- 2002, and I am still not convinced to took inappropriate action by advancing tion in Iraq. But we sent our troops this day. conclusions that were not backed up by there anyway, without proper training I say let’s support this resolution. the intelligence community. or proper equipment. Let’s bring back our men. The American people have judged the This administration was in such a GENERAL LEAVE actions of this President, they see this hurry to invade Iraq that we sent our Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, at this war for what it is, and they spoke military in there with defective body time I ask unanimous consent that all clearly in November, stating loudly armor and Hummers that couldn’t Members may have 5 legislative days that we must end our disastrous Iraq withstand the roadside bombs. In fact, within which to revise and extend their policy. Yet this administration con- before Congress made any appropria- remarks on H. Con. Res. 63. tinues its defiant disregard of the views tions for an Iraq invasion, the Presi- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there of the American people. Not the voice dent took $600 million from our troops objection to the request of the gen- of the American people nor the conclu- in Afghanistan and sent it to Iraq. tleman from Missouri? sions of the Iraq Study Group have

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00042 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.071 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1515 budged this administration from its erything that we have asked them to really need to ask if we are going to stubborn and misguided path. And now, do. formulate a strategy and work with the President is doubling down on a This nonbinding resolution addresses this administration for a winning bad bet that risks the lives of thou- a tactic, not an overall strategy; a tac- strategy in Iraq. The questions that sands more American soldiers on a mis- tic that the President of the United need to be asked are these: What are guided plan that ignores the rec- States as Commander in Chief has full the benchmarks for its Iraqi military? ommendations of our military com- constitutional authority to move with. What are the benchmarks for the Iraqi manders on the ground. Now, I respect my colleagues across Government, for reconciliation and for the aisle, and I know we all want to see b 1615 internal reform in Iraq? What are the a disengagement of our troops from rules of engagement for our troops who Unbelievably, President Bush has al- harm’s way in Iraq. But I would submit will be going over there to assist in ready tried twice the strategy of esca- that disengagement must be done this Baghdad security operation? What lation. It failed both times. To try under favorable circ*mstances in the resources are available? What man- again is to act in blind faith, ignoring interests of our national security. power and personnel are available to the facts, ignoring the experts, ignor- There is no other alternative. our State Department and USAID to ing the will of the American people, Let’s look at what would happen with help and assist in the reform and rec- and, worst of all, ignoring the terrible a failed policy in Iraq. Iraq is on the onciliation process so that we can cre- sacrifices that will undoubtedly be en- verge of anarchic fragmentation. There ate the groundwork for diplomatic res- dured by our soldiers and their fami- are 27 ethnic groups in Iraq. It is not as olution? And as we look at a clear lies. simple as a Sunni versus Shiia conflict. holding bill, who is going to do the Mr. Speaker, our troops must be re- There are other splinter groups using holding? Who is going to do the build- deployed from Iraq. Instead of a surge violence for their own designs. ing? These are questions that a respon- of American troops entering Baghdad, Precipitous withdrawal from Iraq sible Congress should be asking, not there should be a surge of American will lead to unprecedented violence, whether or not to support this surge. soldiers back into every town and spilling over into neighboring coun- The American people voted for every city across our Nation. For our tries such as Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi change. This resolution offers nothing troops who have given so much in Iraq, Arabia, and we will see Shiia uprisings to shape a new strategy on how to for our military families whose lives in Lebanon and Bahrain, which have move forward successfully in Iraq. The have been shattered by this war, it is significant Shiia populations. Jordan is American people deserve more from time to bring them home. already facing massive numbers of ref- Congress, and, by God, our troops de- How do we honor our brave men and ugees coming across the border, put- serve more from this Congress. women? How do we honor over the 3,000 ting strain. And Iranian influence is Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I who died, and thousands more who growing. The regime is intent on gain- yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from have been maimed? Instead of an esca- ing hegemony in the region, exerting South Carolina (Mr. BARRETT), a mem- lation, we should honor these soldiers its influence widely throughout the ber of the Foreign Affairs Committee. by bringing them home and giving Middle East and controlling oil and gas Mr. BARRETT of South Carolina. them the best health care, the best reserves to use the money to further Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentlelady for mental health support that they have fuel terrorism. Al Qaeda will consoli- yielding. justly earned. date a base to work from in western Mr. Speaker, over the next 2 to 3 I applaud Congress for taking a stand Iraq to perpetrate further days, Members of Congress will come on this war. I only wish we were voting transnational terrorism, and Turkey to the well and they will talk about the on a binding resolution that mandates will be compelled to cross borders to Iraq resolution. They will talk about a redeployment of troops and cuts off deal with separatist groups. troop levels and spending and funding funding for this tragic escalation. Each America, dear America, will lose sup- and security, training, strategy, a lot month we remain in Iraq, 100 more port of its vital allies in the region and of different things in a lot of different American soldiers die, hundreds more our reputation will suffer immensely ways, with valid arguments on both are maimed, and $5.5 billion is spent. for a very long period of time, much sides. But I want to boil it down to Mr. Speaker, we have endured 4 years longer than what we saw after the something simple, something that I un- of a failed Iraq policy, longer than we Vietnam conflict. derstand, something that means more were in World War II, longer than we It is clear to me that security and po- to me than some of the things I men- were in the Korean War, and we can af- litical reconciliation in Iraq run par- tioned. ford no more blank checks for this allel, and without halting the spiral of There is a gentleman from my dis- President. violence, reconciliation within Iraq trict, a Major Rick Simmons, a native Today I stand with the American will not occur. Without halting the spi- of Pickens, South Carolina, an Eagle people, our soldiers in Iraq, with my ral of violence, our allies in the Persian Scout, a Citadel grad. From time to fellow Members of Congress on both Gulf and the broader Middle East will time he has written me letters con- sides of the aisle in strong opposition be forced to deal with their own polit- cerning different issues in Iraq. He is in to the President’s escalation in Iraq ical disruption, rather than starting Fallujah right now. and in support of our redeploying our multilateral dialogue that is so essen- He wrote me a letter dated 5 Feb- troops and reversing, most impor- tial for a longer standing peace ruary, 2007. It is a rather lengthy let- tantly, our Nation’s failed strategy in throughout this entire region, whether ter, but I want to read you one sen- Iraq. we are talking about the Palestinian tence from this letter: Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I issues, Lebanon, Iraq or Iran. Our allies ‘‘This is not Bush’s war, it is my war, yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from in the region, particularly, need polit- and it is the war of every volunteer Louisiana (Mr. BOUSTANY). ical cover. I have heard this from nu- here because we know how high the Mr. BOUSTANY. Mr. Speaker, I rise merous Arab Ambassadors whom I stakes are for this country.’’ ‘‘My in vigorous opposition to this resolu- have had many conversations with. war.’’ That is what he says. ‘‘This is tion. With all due respect to my col- The ground must be laid for multilat- my war.’’ leagues across the aisle, this resolution eral diplomacy. It will not occur during Rick, first to you and all your com- does not outline a new strategy for how a spiral of violence. Our allies in the rades over there, I say thank you and we move forward in Iraq and it will region have given commitment that God bless you. I pray for you every day. have absolutely no impact on the cur- they will help with Iraqi military But I want to tell you something, son; rent strategy. Furthermore, it is the training, police training, as well as re- it is my war too. It is my war and my wrong signal to send to our allies in building of Iraq and further resources, children’s war and my children’s chil- the region and the wrong signal to send once the stage is set with security and dren’s war. to our troops, those brave, courageous a move toward reconciliation. This is our war, ladies and gentle- men and women in uniform who have So, if we are going to be responsible men. This is the greatest enemy that performed magnificently and done ev- in this body, there are questions we we have ever faced in my lifetime, Mr.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00043 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.073 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1516 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Speaker. And when I raised my right defend its people against thugs, insur- the Foreign Affairs Committee (Mr. hand and put my left hand on the gents and militias, our bill calls for an SCOTT). Bible, it was to support and defend the international stabilization force to Mr. SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, Constitution of the United States help keep the peace in Iraq. But it thank you very much. It is indeed an against all enemies. And it was to pro- would stay only for 2 more years and honor to stand before this House as a tect the protectors, the protectors of would deploy only at the request of the very proud member of our Foreign Af- liberty, the protectors of democracy, Iraqi Government. fairs Committee under our distin- the protectors of freedom. And if it Because we have already poured guished Chairman LANTOS and also to takes a troop surge and a funding enough of the people’s money down stand as our co-chair of our Demo- stream that is guaranteed, I will do ev- this sinkhole, H.R. 508 would prohibit cratic Group on National Security, as erything I can to ensure the protectors any further funding to deploy U.S. well as a voting member of the NATO have everything they need. troops, but would provide the resources parliament. There is only one way out of Iraq, for a safe withdrawal of all of our U.S. I have been to Iraq. I have been to Af- Mr. Speaker. There is only one way out military personnel and contractors. ghanistan, been to Pakistan, been to of this war. Victory. Victory. I urge my The proposal would also provide for Kuwait. I have been there with our sol- colleagues to do the right thing and I humanitarian aid and major invest- diers and our generals, and what I am urge them to vote against this resolu- ments to rebuild Iraq’s physical and about to say is based upon my experi- tion. economic infrastructure, because tak- ence in this whole arena. Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I am ing our troops out of Iraq doesn’t mean Now, a lot has been said and I think pleased to yield 51⁄2 minutes to a new abandoning Iraq. it has been misguided, very unfortu- member of the Foreign Affairs Com- nate. So allow me, if I may, to state for b 1630 mittee, my neighbor from Northern the record exactly what this resolution California, Ms. LYNN WOOLSEY. We can and we must go from military does. Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Speaker, I am a occupier to reconstruction partner. There has been talk up here about proud member of the Foreign Affairs Our proposal expressly prohibits the this resolution is here to cut funds. Committee, I am a member of the Pro- construction of U.S. military bases in Nothing could be further from the gressive Caucus and the Out of Iraq Iraq because it is that kind of perma- truth. There is no Democrat in this Caucus, and I have been working to nent occupation that fuels the rage and Congress who would dare cut the funds bring our troops home since before we anti-American jihadists in the Middle from our soldiers who are in harm’s sent them there. East. way, and any Member that continues Mr. Speaker, the decision to send Iraq should belong to the Iraqis, and to say that is doing a disservice to this more brave Americans into the Iraq that includes Iraq’s resources. So under Congress and to the people of the grinder is an act of staggering arro- the terms of our bill, the United States United States. gance for the President. Nearly two- would forfeit any proprietary claim to This resolution does not say we are thirds of our people think this is a Iraqi oil. pulling out troops. We know the situa- deeply flawed, tragically misguided Finally, H.R. 508 guarantees full tion in the Middle East. We know this policy. They get it, Mr. Speaker. They health care funding, including mental region is vital to our interests. The can see that more troops won’t stop the health benefits, for U.S. veterans in issue here is not pulling out troops. sectarian violence, because it is our military operations in Iraq and other The issue here is a vote, up or down, on very military presence that ignited conflicts. It is the least, the very least, a policy that says two things, 57 words. this sectarian violence in the first we can do to express our gratitude and Allow me to read them to you. place. repay their sacrifices. It says that the ‘‘Congress and the The human cost in Iraq has been dev- Mr. Speaker, we must never, ever for- American people will continue to sup- astating. By some estimates, several get what war does to bodies, to minds, port and protect the members of the hundred thousand Iraq citizens have to families, to communities and to the United States Armed Forces who are died, died for the cause of their own so- human soul. The victims of war are not serving or who have served bravely and called liberation. No wonder a majority pieces to be moved around on a chess honorably in Iraq.’’ of Iraqis want the occupation to end. board. They are our fellow citizens in a Then it says: ‘‘Congress disapproves As the late columnist Molly Ivins put global village that gets smaller every of the decision of President George W. it, ‘‘Iraq is clearly hubris carried to the day. They are our brothers. They are Bush announced on January 10, 2007, to point of insanity. It is damn hard to our sisters. They are God’s children deploy more than 20,000 additional convince people you’re killing them for and have as much right to human dig- United States combat troops to Iraq.’’ their own good.’’ nity as you or I. That is what it says. Those two I hope that an overwhelming vote in The one thing I desperately hope we things. Let us not mislead the Amer- favor of this resolution will compel the have learned from the Iraq nightmare ican public anymore, certainly not on President to rethink his Iraq policy. is that we must find more sensible, hu- what we are going to vote on here But, if not, this body will have no mane ways to keep America safe and today. I stand as a proud member who choice but to take further steps. Ulti- resolve global conflict because, if we do has cosponsored, who supports this res- mately we must do more than send a not, given the kinds of weapons that olution 100 percent because of four im- message. We must send a convoy of are available today, I fear that we are portant reasons. military planes to bring our troops putting the entire planet on a path to- The first reason is that this 21,500- home. ward destruction. man escalation, number one, is deceiv- Together with my colleagues, Con- I fear most of all for our children. ing in and of itself, when we know from gresswomen LEE and WATERS, I have ‘‘War,’’ said Martin Luther King, Jr., the CBO account that it is not 21,500. It offered a plan to end the war once and ‘‘is a poor chisel to carve out tomor- is more like 48,000 when you put the for all. Our bill is H.R. 508, the Bring row.’’ Mr. Speaker, tomorrow belongs support troops involved. I am here to Our Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty to our children. So, for their sake, we tell you, this is a dangerous strain on Restoration Act. H.R. 508 would com- must find alternatives to war. We must an already overstrained military. plete a fully funded military with- protect America by relying not on our Let me share with you what the Na- drawal from Iraq within 6 months of basest impulses, but on the most hon- tional Security Advisory Group is say- enactment, because our military and orable and humane of American values, ing. It says this: nearly all of the avail- their families have given enough for our love of freedom, our desire for able combat units in the U.S. Army, this policy that is only increasing the peace, our capacity for global leader- Army National Guard, Marine Corps, terrorist threat and doing damage to ship, and our compassion for the people have been used in the current oper- our national security. The bill would of the world. ations. Every available combat brigade accelerate the training of Iraqi Secu- Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I am from the active duty Army has already rity Forces during that 6-month period. pleased to yield 51⁄2 minutes to my been to Afghanistan or Iraq at least for And because Iraq is not yet ready to friend from Georgia, a new member of a 12-month tour, and most are now in

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00044 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.075 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1517 their second or third tours of duty. threat because we seek a world where proud Nation and to make clear my There is a strain here, and some are on people of all religions and races and staunch opposition to putting more of their fourth tours of duty. sexes are entitled to the same rights. these men and women in harm’s way in Approximately 95 percent of the We cannot retreat. Iraq. Army National Guard’s combat battal- If we pull out, there is no doubt that In the absence of a clear and mean- ions and special operations units have Iraq will become a safe haven for al ingful strategy for success, it is time to been mobilized since 9/11, and there is Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist extricate our troops out of this civil very little available combat capacity groups to plan and carry out attacks war and redeploy them out of the occu- remaining in the Army National on unbelievers or infidels. How do I pation of Iraq. Guard. know this? Because they tell us. They Back in 2002, I joined my colleagues All active duty Marine units are told us before 9/11, but we did not pay in the Congressional Black Caucus in being used on a dangerously tight rota- attention. They tell us all the time formulating a brief and succinct state- tion schedule, but here is another. that they will not stop until all lands ment of principles regarding the Iraq We often forget that these are sol- from India to Morocco and Spain to war. Within these principles we ex- diers with families, with mothers, with Russia are governed by radical Islamic pressed our clear opposition to a uni- fathers who are out there, separated law. lateral first strike action in the ab- from their children. Listen to this. In 1938, Adolf Hitler told us what he sence of clear evidence of an imminent This is why we are against this 21,500, was going to do, and we refused to pay threat to the United States. We further or 48,000, surge. Between 2001 and 2004, attention. We cannot afford to repeat stated that any post-strike plan for divorce rates among active duty Army that historical mistake. maintaining stability in the region officers have tripled, and rates among This is not a Democrat and Repub- would be costly and would likely re- Army enlisted soldiers have gone up. lican issue. Our security is an Amer- quire a long-term commitment of our Let me conclude by saying this: on ican issue, and I hope we are going to troops and treasure. the bleached bones of many great past start to act as Americans, like the Today, it is very clear that the over- nations and civilizations are written American people expect us and want us throw of Saddam Hussein has provoked those pathetic words, ‘‘too late.’’ They to do. sectarian divisions in the Iraqi society moved too late. The American people We must understand that we are that are now expressed daily through are watching us and they are hoping fighting the first battles of a war violence on a staggering scale. It is and they are praying that we not move against radical Islamist ideology that also clear that our efforts to stabilize too late, and let us get our young men will be waged for the next 50, maybe 100 Iraq has, indeed, required the massive and women out of this crossfire of a years. commitment of both lives and taxpayer civil war. Mistakes have been made and more dollars that we predicted. Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I mistakes will be made in the future. What was not clear then but is clear am pleased to yield 5 minutes to the War is never easy; nor is it predictable. now is that this administration had no gentlewoman from North Carolina But if the people of the United States definite plan for achieving our stated (Mrs. MYRICK), the Chair of the Con- understand the true nature of the objectives in Iraq. gressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus. threat that we all face and Congress re- b 1645 Mrs. MYRICK. Mr. Speaker, Iraq is alizes that this war against jihadism just one battlefield in this will be fought in various forms around The administration had lofty rhet- multigenerational struggle against the world for at least the next 50 years, oric, but no strategy for creating a sta- radical Islamist jihadists, but it is a then we can make informed policy de- ble democracy that could be our part- very important battlefield. cisions that will help us in the future. ner in the war on terror. This is the beginning stage of a We must plan now for the future. We Mr. Speaker, I raise these points to multigenerational worldwide struggle need to unite as a country behind this remind our Congress that from the be- that will last throughout our lives and struggle against radical Islamic ginning of this war there have been likely our children’s lives. jihadists. voices raised not in opposition to our It is hard to accept that the safety It is downright irresponsible to tell President but in demand of a strategic and security that most Americans felt our troops that we support you but do approach to the growing threats we in the 1980s and the 1990s was just a not support the mission that you are face, opposition and demand of an hon- smokescreen while the Islamist ex- fighting. What message does that send est assessment of what could be accom- tremists planned and carried out a one- to our troops? It may score political plished with military force, and in de- sided war in other parts of the world. points, but it hurts our troops who are mand of a clear purpose for why we On September 11, we saw the un- over there fighting to defend us and send our troops into harm’s way, our thinkable: airplanes flown into build- our right to be here and speak freely. young men and women, the future of ings, thousands of innocent people This resolution does not deal with our Nation into situations where they killed, and the killers claiming that the larger problem of radical Islamic may seriously be injured or killed. this was done because God desired it. jihadists. So I strongly urge a ‘‘no’’ These are the very points that the res- Some people still do not understand vote. We must support our troops in olution before us today demands. how anyone could rationalize such dis- the field by supporting their mission. I I have no illusions about the danger gusting acts. support our troops wholeheartedly and inherent in the growing number of na- For the past few years, and specifi- believe their mission is just and nec- tions that may soon have the capa- cally in the past month, I have joined essary for the security interests of our bility to construct weapons of mass de- with some of my colleagues to learn country. struction. To the contrary, I am con- about the true nature of the threat The world our children and grand- vinced that maintaining the peace in that we face from this jihadist ide- children will inherit will be a better this increasingly dangerous world has ology. This ideology is preached by the place because we had the courage to become a precondition to our contin- likes of Osama bin Laden, Moqtada al- stand up today to fight these battles. ued survival. Sadr, Hassan Nasrallah, and the aya- Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield The question is, given the situation tollahs in Iran. 5 minutes to the gentleman from Mary- in which we find ourselves in Iraq and Our presence in Iraq did not make us land (Mr. CUMMINGS), a senior member given that our primary consideration vulnerable to these killers. There were of the Armed Services Committee. must always be the security of our Na- many previous worldwide attacks be- Mr. CUMMINGS. Mr. Speaker, as a tion, is sending additional troops into fore America was attacked on Sep- member of the Armed Services Com- action most likely to stabilize that na- tember 11 and before we entered Iraq. mittee and a member of the Board of tion and the region? Is it the action We face this threat because we refuse Visitors of the United States Naval most likely to cause Iraqis themselves to succumb to live in a world where Academy, I rise today to express my to take the essentially political ac- women cannot speak, as I speak now, unwavering support for the men and tions that only they can take to create without risk of death. We face this women who wear the uniform of our a government capable of governing? Is

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00045 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.076 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1518 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 it the action likely to initiate the rec- in Iraq in not going to go away. It is for war with talk about a smoking gun onciliation between Sunni and Shiite, going to continue to be a problem. If that would come in the form of a mush- and the most recent National Intel- we do withdraw our troops, as many in room cloud. The administration pulled ligence Estimate says is critical to re- this room want us to do, the war on on the emotions of the public while our ducing the violence in Iraq? terror will continue. Nation was still in shock from 9/11. Our I have seen no compelling evidence We had a meeting today with the President pushed for war with arro- that the answer to any of these ques- Ambassador from Jordan and the Am- gance. ‘‘Bring it on,’’ he said. Coalition tions is ‘‘yes,’’ and many of our top bassador from Egypt asking us not to of the willing. Deck of cards. Freedom military commanders have testified withdraw; that we have to stay and on the march. Mission accomplished. A that sending 21,500 more United States persist and to try to establish a peace- plan for victory. Those are just some of forces to Iraq will not create a path to ful regime there. And they have their the promises that have been made, but success. reasons, because they know this is a the administration has not been able to Our forces have done all and more component of the war on terror. And make good on those promises. It is fair than we have asked them to do, and the war on terror is a bad term; it is a to say that the President has defaulted their families have been patiently sac- war on radical fundamentalist jihadist on a promissory note. rificing for 4 long years. The voters Islam. And these jihadists are not Today, the question before us is can spoke in November, and we as Members going to stop coming at us. Indeed, the President make good on the prom- of Congress of the United States do not since over the last 4 years, there have ise of security in Iraq with an esca- have the right to remain silent. We been attack after attack after attack lation of the combat operation. All of cannot allow more to be asked of our in Bali, in Spain, in London, and they the facts point to a strong ‘‘no’’ on soldiers now if their mission is not are going to keep coming after Western that question. clear. The President has no plan likely interests, because their goal and their After reviewing all of the facts, I saw to produce victory. And if, as the Na- agenda is to defeat the West, to defeat that increased troops did not work in tional Intelligence estimates suggest, everything we stand for, and to ulti- the spring of 2004, when troop levels the Iraqi forces and the government mately establish a global fundamen- were raised by thousands, but this did are not capable of being partners in talist Islamic regime. nothing to prevent the continued upris- their own reconstruction, I urge my I oppose this resolution. I am going ing, and April of 2004 was the second colleagues to support our troops by to vote against it, and I encourage all deadliest month for American forces. I supporting this resolution. of my colleagues on both sides of the have heard from generals, former Sec- Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I aisle to do the same. The President’s retaries of State, and a bipartisan com- would like to yield 5 minutes to Dr. plan was recommended to us in the mission, all saying that escalation will WELDON of Florida, a member of the Iraq Study Group. It is amazing, many not work. I am vehemently opposed to Appropriations Committee. of the people who are saying they are the escalation of the Iraq war and its Mr. WELDON of Florida. I thank the going to vote for this supported the open-ended commitment to a failing ef- gentlewoman for yielding. Iraq Study Group, and the Iraq Study fort. Mr. Speaker, I rise to address H. Con. Group recommended many of the com- The President only accepts the ad- Res. 63, disapproving of the decision of ponents that are in the President’s vice of those who agree with him. After the President announced on January plan. We need to give this time to months of threats and a long military 10, 2007 to deploy 20,000 additional work. I know the American people are build-up, the United States attacked United States combat troops to Iraq. losing patience in this conflict, but I Iraq on March 19, 2003. The administra- This resolution essentially has, by also know the stakes in this conflict tion cut short U.N. arms inspections my interpretation, three sections. It are huge. And if we fail, the con- after a war-sanctioned resolution failed has the first section, which speaks in sequences could be huge to the region, by a wide margin to gain support in the support of our troops; and then it has they will be huge to the world, they U.N. Security Council. Because the the second section, disapproving of the will be huge to the American people President could not get the U.N. or the mission of 20,000 of the troops, which is and our children and our grand- world public in support of an invasion, a little bit of an inconsistency. We are children. he developed his unilateral preemptive saying we support the troops, but we So I strongly encourage a ‘‘no’’ vote doctrine. don’t support what you are trying to on this resolution. The President has had generals tell do. Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield him that this war should end and an es- But the most important part of this 51⁄2 minutes to the gentleman from New calation is not the answer; but when he resolution is the third section shown York (Mr. MEEKS), a senior member of gets advice he doesn’t like, he simply here in white. There is nothing there. the House Foreign Affairs Committee. fires the generals. No plan. Mr. MEEKS of New York. Mr. Speak- He has had a commission of experts So the authors of this resolution are er, there is a concept from the people advise him that a diplomatic political essentially saying, we don’t approve of of West Africa called Sankofa. Lit- effort with all of Iraq’s neighbors the President’s plan but we have no erally translated, it means, ‘‘It is not would be the most effective way to en- plan to deal with this challenge. taboo to go back and fetch what you able the U.S. to move its combat forces Ladies and gentlemen, we won the have forgot.’’ out of Iraq responsibly. However, the war in Iraq. What we are struggling to Today, I want to use the premise of President did not like that advice, so win now is the peace, establishing a Sankofa and go back to some of the he has chosen to simply ignore it. peaceful government that can run this things that have occurred in the recent When the President needed Congress country. And we have very determined past with regard to Iraq so that we can to approve military action against opponents seeking to make sure that learn from those lessons. In order to Iraq, he cared about the perspective of chaos reigns in that country and we do know where we need to go in Iraq, we the Congress then. As Congress begins what this resolution is leading us to have to evaluate what missteps have to conduct oversight of the combat op- do, which is essentially to leave. been made. That is our responsibility. eration, the President wants to ignore Indeed, a senior member on that side As we look at the last 5 years, the the voices of dissent that come from of the aisle recently said in the press President has shown no accuracy on this very body. that, ‘‘This is the bark, and the bite is the challenges we face in Iraq. While The cameras of history are rolling, coming.’’ We supposedly support the our soldiers are courageously carrying and I hope and pray that at the end of troops, but what is next is no funding out their orders, it has become appar- this debate history can record that this for the troops; that this Congress under ent that military action to bring secu- body, starting with this resolution as a this new leadership is going to exercise rity to Iraq has reached its limitation, first step, has taken the appropriate the power of the purse and cut off the but our President insists on escalating action to end a morally wrong war that flow of money. military force. threatens to irreversibly stain the fab- But, ladies and gentlemen, my col- I recall over 4 years ago hearing the ric of Congress if we do not exercise leagues, this is not Vietnam. The war President and the administration push our constitutional authority and our

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:10 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00046 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.078 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1519 patriotic responsibility to balance the by the President, a statement of dis- was turned down by the Rules Com- President’s power. agreement to which, again, no alter- mittee. Believe me, just for a second, To move forward and bring security native is offered. If we disagree with maybe our side at times treated you to Iraq will require a bipartisan effort; the President’s plan, we should be of- wrong; but, believe me, you are getting it will require dialogue with Congress, fered reasoned, responsible alter- to be a fast learner, because every time dialogue between Congress and the ad- natives. Instead of speaking today as you seem to speak over here, the Re- ministration, and dialogue and diplo- Democrats or Republicans, we should publican side of the aisle is shut down macy between Iraq and all of its neigh- come together, speaking as Americans from offering anything. This is the bors, as the Iraq Study Group wisely who are seeking to answer the ques- major issue of war and peace. Can you recommended. I am reaching across the tions of how to move forward with suc- imagine if this were 1937 or 1938 or 1939 aisle to my colleagues who also believe cess in Iraq. in the House of Parliament, and it was that military action has its limitations Under the process today, we have a resolution like this with Nazi Ger- and a diplomatic offensive will bring a only one option from the other side of many pouring over Europe, there would new and critical approach to secure the aisle. Is that what the American be some resolution, and everyone else, Iraq. people expect from this House? No. The Churchill would have been shut out be- This war has created deep humani- American people expect more. What is cause he wanted to offer something tarian crisis in Iraq and a deep polit- so amazing to me and in this Congress, constructive to make a difference. ical crisis in the international system. you voted, this Congress voted and Let me read from a letter penned by Based on all that has happened leading passed legislation last year that set Jim Baker and Congressman Hamilton. up to this war and since its commence- our country on a course to find our way There is no magic formula, they said, ment, I cannot in good conscience sup- forward in Iraq. We have to look no far- to solve the problem of Iraq. They basi- port any escalation of military force in ther than the report of the bipartisan cally say there are actions to take. The Iraq. But I plan to move forward with Iraq Study Group to find a way for- political leaders need to establish a bi- a strong push for a diplomatic effort to ward, a new approach for Iraq, an ap- partisan approach. They go on to make a problem that military action simply proach that can bring us victory. the report, the consensus report as to has not been able to solve. That is what we should be consid- work that they have done. We rec- Some ask what will happen in Iraq if ering today. The recommendations of ommend their report, and then they we leave, but the more fundamental this distinguished group can bring us end by saying, ‘‘Yet, U.S. foreign pol- question is, what will happen to Iraq to a consensus and unite the Congress icy is doomed to failure—as is any and the United States if we stay. and the Nation on Iraq. I have been to course of action in Iraq—if not sup- Dr. King, when speaking on Vietnam Iraq three times, and since there, I con- ported by a broad, sustained con- once said, ‘‘A time comes when silence tinue to be deeply concerned. sensus.’’ Then they go on to say how is betrayal. That time has come for us So when I came back from my third dangerous this is. in relation to Vietnam.’’ I echo those trip, I offered this idea of an inde- I ask you, why? Why couldn’t we get sentiments today. If Congress is silent pendent bipartisan commission we a vote? Why couldn’t the American while the President escalates the war called fresh eyes on the target, and people get a vote on something that in Iraq, we betray the American people, many Members on your side have been many on your side may not like, but we betray the American soldiers, and hailing it, yet you would not permit most do, and some on my side may not we betray our constitutional responsi- this to come up for a vote. Why would like, but most do, and I ask, this body bility. the Rules Committee shut down some- ought to be voting on the Iraq Study Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I thing that many of you ask for over Group to show the American people am pleased to yield 51⁄2 minutes to Mr. and over? And there are Members on that we can be successful. WOLF of Virginia, the ranking member my side who don’t like it, but it is the Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield of the State and Foreign Operations only balanced plan. 5 minutes to the gentleman from New appropriations subcommittee. This legislation was set up, the 10 York (Mr. ACKERMAN), a member of the (Mr. WOLF asked and was given per- Members, bipartisan, five Republicans, Foreign Affairs Committee and chair- mission to revise and extend his re- five Democrats, Jim Baker, former man of the Middle East Subcommittee. marks.) Secretary of State; Lee Hamilton, who Mr. ACKERMAN. Mr. Speaker, the Mr. WOLF. Mr. Speaker, we are a co- served here and has probably, quite coalition of the willing no longer is. If equal branch of government. We do not frankly, forgotten more about this those who are no longer with us are work for the President or the adminis- issue than any Members on your side against us, then we have lost the sup- tration; our job is to thoughtfully con- or any Members on my side. A 10–0 de- port and the admiration of the entire sider the issues before us, and to work cision, Leon Panetta, Ed Meese, whose world. Those of us who came of age in with the President and with the admin- son will serve with General Petraeus, the sixties believing that war is the ul- istration. When we agree, it is our re- they came up with this idea. timate breakdown of civilized process sponsibility to work together for the Yet the Rules Committee has shut have done the unthinkable. We trusted best interests of our country; and this down not to permit a vote. They our leadership when we should have where we cannot agree, however, we worked for more than 8 months sup- questioned more. have an equal responsibility to make ported by expert working groups, and We gave war a chance. We called the case of why we disagree, and offer senior military advisors in the areas of upon our sons and daughters entering responsible and thoughtful alter- the economy, reconstruction, military, the prime of their young lives to step natives. This resolution does not meet security and political development. up, as had generations before them, to that test. The study’s report was issued on De- defend our freedom and our liberty Some may say that is what we are cember 6 and was hailed, but yet it is against an Iraqi nuclear threat that did doing in the House this week, dis- not permitted to come up for a vote. not exist. Our young people did not dis- agreeing with the President and offer- Because of the importance of this appoint. They answered the call, have ing alternatives to the plan. This reso- group, I introduced a sense of Congress been fighting bravely and ferociously, lution fails. There is no plan offered. resolution in support of the rec- putting their lives on the line every Certainly the resolution before us in- ommendations. I asked the Rules Com- day for going on 41⁄2 years. cludes a statement on which we all un- mittee late last night to make my res- They followed the orders of their offi- equivocally agree: support for our olution in order to be considered dur- cers right up to the Commander in brave men and women in the Armed ing the debate. By doing so, I believe Chief, and a grateful Nation, indeed, Forces who are serving or who have the House will be working to meet our can ask no more. They did not dis- served in Iraq. responsibility as political leaders to appoint. But it is we who let them seek a bipartisan consensus on the down, tragically. We are reminded that b 1700 issue of war and peace. the President is the Commander in Yet it also includes a statement of But the request, not on my behalf, Chief, and, indeed, he is. He sent them disapproval on the plan for Iraq offered but on behalf of the American people, to fight and die in a war based on a

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00047 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.079 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1520 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 faulty and tortuously shifting premise. Mr. Speaker, in response to our ar- June 11, 2004. He said, ‘‘If we keep at- That we, in our positions of great ticulate friend from the State of New tacking Americans, they will leave trust, were misled and then misplaced York, in regard to his comment, we Iraq the same way they left Vietnam, our trust, does not excuse us. have given war a chance. I would just the same way they left Lebanon, the He sent them to fight in a war with- say to him, you have. We have given same way they left Mogadishu.’’ out equipping them properly, and, as war a chance, and we have not given June 11. Where does he get this from? many generals believe initially, in in- victory a chance. This is not the time Well, he gets part of it from General sufficient numbers. With an abundance to pull the rug out from under those Jeaps’ book in Vietnam, the successful of prayers but inadequate plans, he who have given their lives for their general there. They understand, as I sent them to fight international terror- country. heard to my own shock and sorrow, a ists; but, instead, they are mired down, Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. With that, Mr. World War II veteran said to me on one enmeshed, and are being slaughtered in Speaker, I would like to yield to Mr. of the days we were honoring him, We someone else’s sectarian and deadly KING of Iowa for 5 minutes. haven’t really won a war since World civil war while the real terrorists pre- Mr. KING of Iowa. I thank the War II. pare to retake Afghanistan. gentlelady for yielding this time, and I Think about what that means. Think Six years ago I voted with the Presi- appreciate very much the privilege to about what that means to our enemies dent. He is our President. I did not address you, Mr. Speaker, and the mes- who are encouraged by this kind of de- want him to fail. His failure is our sage that is coming, at least from our bate and this kind of behavior. We country’s failure, and that is not ac- side of the aisle. must have the resolve. I point out also ceptable. But here is where we are. We Mr. Speaker, I take us back to how our casualties. We have lost 2,534 have lost the support of even those in do we identify this enemy that we are brave, patriotic Americans in hostile the region who wanted Saddam’s de- fighting? So I looked back through action. We have lost 591 to accidents mise. We have not found the real ter- some of the history. In 1783, we made within that theater. rorist, Osama bin Laden. peace with Great Britain. The Revolu- The loss in American lives as a price We have lost the support of the coali- tionary War, for combat purposes, was to be ready between Desert Storm 1 tion of the willing. We have lost the over. 1784, American merchant marines and the beginnings of Operation Iraqi support of our major allies. We have were being attacked in the Mediterra- Freedom, that 10 years, was a little lost the prestige and admiration of the nean by Barbary pirates. over 5,000, averaging 505 a year. There world. We have lost our credibility. We In 1786, two diplomats, Thomas Jef- is a price to be ready, and they pay have lost the confidence of the Amer- ferson and John Adams, went over that price. Those lost lives are every ican people. And we have lost over 3,000 there to meet with them, and their bit as precious to us. precious lives of our bravest patriotic idea was, we will be able to talk them I listened to the debate over on this and promising young citizens. I voted into peace. Well, they talked to them side of the aisle. A brave American, with the President, and I was wrong, all right, and the representative of the former admiral from Pennsylvania, but I know I was wrong. Barbary pirates, Mr. Sidi Haji Abdul stated that he believes his job now is to Grown-ups know that not every story Rahman Adja, responded to them, and come in and help manage a successful has a happy ending regardless of good this is in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD conclusion to the war. intentions. I am afraid this is one such from Thomas Jefferson’s report. Well, I want to compliment Judge story. I am afraid we have been led into He asked him, why do you fight us, Louie Gohmert, who had the urge from a dead-end chasm from which there is why do you attack us, why do you kill the bench, to legislate from the bench, no easy escape. Under the administra- us? We have done nothing hostile to- and realized that his constitutional re- tion’s leadership, everything has gone wards you. His answer was, It is found- sponsibility, if he wants to legislate, is wrong. So what do we do now? Do we ed on the laws of our Prophet. It was to run for Congress. So now we have compound the disaster? written in the Koran. All nations who Representative GOHMERT in Congress Perhaps we can learn from the great should not have acknowledged their actually legislating instead of legis- Iraqi poet, Omar Kyayyam, who in the authority were sinners, that it was lating from the bench. Runaiyat wrote: their right and duty to make war upon I would submit my question to the ‘‘The Moving Finger writes; and hav- them wherever they could be found and gentleman from Pennsylvania: Do you ing writ, to make slaves of all they could not really think your job is to come here Moves on; nor all your Piety nor Wit take as prisoners, and that every Mus- and micromanage the war? Do you Shall lure it back to cancel half a lim who should be slain in battle was really think that is constitutional? Re- Line, sure to go to Paradise. gardless of that question, do you think Nor all your Tears wash out a Word I take you back to today. We call our it is wise? of it.’’ marines leathernecks. The reason for How would you like it if Congress Mr. Speaker, sending 20,000 addi- that is they wore a heavy leather col- made a decision that you really only tional troops is not a change of plans, lar to diminish the odds that they needed one destroyer in your task it is merely an escalation. About one would be beheaded by this enemy who force, or you get along without the out of every 40 people we send to Iraq has, to this day, at least fairly re- submarine or maybe you only needed comes home in a casket. As an old cently, is still beheading marines. That half the supplies on your supply ship? math teacher, I can tell you by ex- is how this started. trapolation that sending 20,000 more Now, we are in a war. Von Clauswitz b 1715 brings home 500 more dead. Little else wrote that the object of war is to de- That would be micromanagement changes. stroy the enemy’s will and ability to that I think he would raise a powerful This vote is, indeed, nonbinding. It is conduct war. That means take away objection to. And so I would point out but the little boy in the crowd yelling, their munitions, take care of their ar- that here on the floor of this Congress ‘‘The emperor has no plan.’’ Mr. Speak- mies, destroy them if you can. But in when we had Nouri al-Maliki, the er, managing failure is unpleasant, but the end, whatever you might do doesn’t Prime Minister of Iraq, speaking from reinforcing it is criminal. Vote for the break their will. You have to destroy that very podium behind me, July 26, resolution so that we might help the their will. There is nothing going on on 2006, a short half a year ago, he said, President to avoid compounding this this side of the aisle that is dimin- ‘‘The fate of our country and yours is disaster. ishing the will of our enemy. tied. Should democracy be allowed to Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I will tell you, they will interpret it fail in Iraq and terror permitted to tri- before I yield the 5 minutes to Mr. KING as encouraging the will of the enemy. I umph, then the war on terror will of Iowa, I would like to yield 15 seconds would point out this quote from never be won elsewhere.’’ to Dr. GINGREY of Georgia to make Moqtada al Sadr. I heard this over al Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker I yield some remarks. Jazeera TV when I was in the Middle myself such time as I may consume. Mr. GINGREY. I appreciate the East, actually in Kuwait City, waiting Mr. Speaker, it is an honor to be here gentlelady yielding. to go into Iraq the following morning, and to be part of this debate. I wanted

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00048 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.081 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1521 to congratulate the bipartisan way in military leaders say our very presence is very brief, and all of us should have which this resolution was brought be- there is fueling the insurgency, and it read it. It is two sentences long. It es- fore this House with two Members of is not making our country safer. sentially says: stay the course. A reso- the Armed Services Committee, the Today, the House begins a detailed de- lution which says, we oppose increas- chairman, IKE SKELTON from Missouri, liberation on House Concurrent Resolu- ing troops, but we support our current and Republican Member JONES from tion 63, which is only the beginning of troops is a resolution that says, stay North Carolina, and also Chairman this Congress’s oversight of the Presi- the course. LANTOS of the Foreign Affairs Com- dent’s strategy in Iraq. It is not a resolution that says with- mittee. I congratulate them in their This straight-forward resolution draw. That might be a morally defen- leadership. plainly expresses our support for the sible position, because perhaps we At a recent send-off of troops being brave men and women who are cur- should withdraw, at least some believe. redeployed from my home district in rently serving or who have served in It is not a resolution that says, put in Missouri, I told the families that I the Armed Forces. In my home State of more troops. It is a resolution that would work in Congress to bring their Missouri, over 27,000 men and women says, adding more troops is wrong, but loved ones home safe, sound and soon. have been deployed to serve in Oper- we support those that are there. However, this proposed military esca- ation Enduring Freedom and Operation That is a resolution to stay the lation flies in the face of that inten- Iraq Freedom since September 2001. course. I would suggest no American tion. It is our duty as Members of Congress believes we should stay the course. I As we enter the fifth year of this mis- to ensure they have the necessary would suggest that the RAND study managed war in Iraq, with an ill-de- training, equipment, resources and sup- and the Army’s manual on counterin- fined plan, it is irresponsible to think port while in harm’s way and when surgency both suggest that staying the that an escalation is in the best inter- they return home. course is wrong. Indeed, it is a recipe ests of our troops. The Bush escalation When debate concludes this week, it for failure. Both RAND and our own plan is yet another indication that the is my firm hope that the result will be counterinsurgency manual say, if any- President has failed to listen to the a bipartisan vote reflecting both our thing, we should have between 400,000 American public, military experts, the unwavering support of our troops and and 450,000 troops there. bipartisan Iraq Study Group, and Dem- the reality that a fourth U.S. esca- So why would we support staying the ocrat and Republican Members in this lation is the wrong direction for our course? Now, we all know that many of Congress. country. us, and I included, wanted a change in Even General Colin Powell, the As the new majority, we have the op- strategy in Iraq. My colleagues on the former Secretary of State, said, I am portunity to develop a comprehensive other side called for a change in strat- not persuaded that any surge of troops and commonsense solution to enable us egy. This surge is the change in strat- in Baghdad for the purposes of sup- to protect our troops, maintain our ob- egy. pressing this communitarian violence, ligation, and end this conflict as quick- Indeed, and I am mystified, and I am this civil war will work. ly as possible. We stand ready to pro- glad some of my colleagues today have It is my solemn responsibility to act vide real peace of mind for the Amer- made the point, this is the change in on behalf of Missouri constituents and ican people by securing our homeland strategy, at least one of them, rec- their overwhelming desire for change. I and changing course in Iraq. ommended by the Iraq Study Group. I am proud to see the new Congress has Great change is possible when this thought my colleagues on the other begun to systematically analyze the Congress acts in unison with the Amer- side supported that. It seems to me President’s proposal regarding the war ican public. In the weeks and months that there is also an important flaw in in Iraq. ahead, this Congress will act in a bipar- this debate. Since the beginning of the year, we tisan way to carefully and thoroughly My colleagues say that this is a non- have already held 52 hearings in this examine the President’s proposals and binding resolution. I would suggest to Congress about the war in Iraq. Evi- pass decisions through hearings, debate you that when you are at war, and dence this new Democratic-led Con- and oversight using all tools available when the United States Congress acts gress is exercising real oversight and to change the direction of this war. with regard to that war, it is not non- demanding accountability on the Iraq Most importantly, we will continue binding. The world is watching. The war. We will continue to ask the tough to support our troops in hopes of de-es- world is watching every word that is questions about the President’s plan, calation of the war and escalation of said on this floor. continue to insist on a new direction the political solution for Iraq. Working I believe we have a moral duty to fin- while always putting our troops first. together, Mr. Speaker, great change is ish what we began. Earlier on the floor, We have the best military in the possible. my colleagues have mentioned that world, and we owe our troops a clear Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I many leaders in the region, in the Mid- mission. Our men and women in uni- yield 51⁄2 minutes to the gentleman dle East, have begged us not to leave. form have done their job two and three from Arizona (Mr. SHADEGG), a member They have begged us to stay at least times over, and our civilian leadership of the Anti-Terrorism Caucus. long enough to stand up the Iraqi Gov- must provide a clear, achievable objec- Mr. SHADEGG. Mr. Speaker, I thank ernment so that it can defend itself. tive so they can come home soon. the gentlewoman for yielding. I rise in They have implored us not to leave. This Congress has a grave duty to lis- opposition to House Concurrent Reso- Let me give you their words. They ten and take action. Recently, the lution 63, the resolution that calls on have said, because they opposed our mother of a young soldier being de- us to disapprove of the increase in originally going in, the coalition came ployed back to Iraq told me, Congress- troops in Iraq. I rise to oppose it, and uninvited, it should not leave man CARNAHAN, I am one of those I urge my colleagues on both sides of uninvited. They are making the point mothers who is against the war in Iraq, the aisle to carefully reflect on what that we have a duty to finish this ef- but my son volunteered to serve his we are doing. fort. They have talked about analogies. country. Please be sure they get the This debate may benefit the Amer- They pointed out that a heart surgeon support and equipment they need to ican people. This resolution will un- who begins a heart surgery is not enti- come home quickly and safely. doubtedly harm America and harm our tled, halfway through the surgery, to That mother’s heartfelt request is a troops. Every American wants our say, you know what, I am tired, I want powerful example of our national unity troops home. Every American wants to leave. and resolve to support our troops and this war over. But it is not that easy. On the other side of the aisle many of oppose this escalation policy that is You cannot just wish this war would my colleagues have said this is hard. not making the Iraq Government more end and believe it will go away as a Indeed, it is hard. But that is not a jus- self-reliant. In fact, it is using us fur- problem for America. Life is never that tification for leaving. The best analogy ther as a crutch. easy. I heard was one that said, this is like It is not making the Middle East re- Let us begin with the text of the res- stepping on a land mine, where you put gion more stable. In fact, many of our olution. Make no mistake about it, it your foot on it, but you know that if

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:12 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00049 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.083 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1522 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 you lift your foot off it will blow up. b 1730 I hope my colleagues will join me in We have put our foot on a land mine in I have a responsibility to see that supporting H. Con. Res. 63 and opposing Iraq. But if we lift our foot off before more Americans will not be sacrificed the President’s decision to send more the Iraqi Government can defend itself, unnecessarily. I have supported the troops to Iraq. it will blow us up, and it will blow funding to give our military the body We have spent hundreds of billions of dol- them up. armor, the equipment and training lars at the expense of critical programs at You cannot wish this war away. And they need, and I will continue to see home like education, health care and Home- so I would suggest this resolution is that they have whatever they need. land Security. Our military is severely strained binding. The world is watching. Our al- But I will not support an administra- with troops on their third and fourth tours of lies, if we abandon Iraq, will never tion policy that puts more troops in Iraq. Units are being deployed either under- trust us again. But why do they want a harm’s way, with no apparent end in staffed or with new personnel that has de- nonbinding resolution? Because they sight and with no clear goals on how to creased unit cohesiveness, proficiency, and do not want to accept responsibility. win the fight. morale. Equipment is worn out and our readi- The President does not have that In 2002, I stood in this well and I ness to deal with an additional crisis is in jeop- choice. He has responsibility. Those spoke on that resolution giving the ardy. who oppose this war have a duty to President permission to go to war, and Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, take a stand, one side or the other. If I voted against going to war with Iraq before I turn over our segment of the you oppose the war, then seek with- because I didn’t believe we had all the debate to Mr. HOEKSTRA of the Intel- drawal. If you do not, then do not un- information we needed on Iraq’s nu- ligence Committee, I would like to rec- dermine our troops. Because make no clear capabilities and weapons of mass ognize our last speaker for our seg- mistake, this nonbinding resolution destruction and its support for ter- ment, Mr. SHUSTER of Pennsylvania, a hurts our troops. rorism. I was concerned that the Presi- member of the Anti-Terrorism Caucus, Let me just conclude with this point. dent had not convinced the 39 countries for 5 minutes. In the midst of an ongoing war, it is who had supported us in the previous Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, ‘‘So impossible to support the troops and war with Iraq. I was disappointed that they go on in strange paradox, decided oppose the mission. Let me make that the President did not have an exit plan only to be undecided, resolved to be ir- clear. The world is watching. Our en- after we defeated Iraq. And I was dis- resolute, adamant for drift, solid for emies, al Qaeda, and the radical appointed that the President would not fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.’’ jihadists who hate us and want to kill put in the budget what we were going The words of Winston Churchill on the us are watching. If we tell them we op- to spend on that war. eve of World War II ring true today as pose the mission, we are encouraging No one denies that Saddam Hussein clearly as they did decades ago describ- them. They have guns, rockets, and was a cruel dictator who brutally op- ing our state of affairs. I am disappointed with my colleagues missiles pointed at our troops. This pressed his people, and I am glad that in the majority. They spent the time resolution is a grave error. I urge my the Iraqis are free of this tyranny. But and effort solidifying their caucus colleagues to oppose it. the Bush administration did not have against the war in Iraq. They devised a Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield accurate information then, and I don’t believe they have an accurate picture number of plans to withdraw our 51⁄2 minutes to the gentleman from of the situation today. troops. They made Iraq the focus of Texas (Mr. HINOJOSA), who is a member Our troops are now caught in the their agenda in November and not of the Foreign Affairs Committee and middle of a civil war between religious staying the course their slogan. How- chairman of the Higher Education groups that have hated each other for ever, they stand today, as Churchill Committee. centuries. There is no defined enemy said, resolved to be irresolute in their Mr. HINOJOSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise and no clear battle lines. position on Iraq. in strong support of H. Con. Res. 63. The task of imposing and growing de- The resolution we debate in the The State of Texas has a proud history mocracy in a place where it has never House today is based on flawed logic. of military service. Thousands of Tex- been is not the job of our military. It The resolution states that Congress ans have fought with distinction in must come from the political will of supports the efforts of our troops in every conflict this country has entered. the Iraqi people. Only the Iraqis can mind but not in body. The fact is, this Hundreds of my constituents are cur- decide whether they want to put aside resolution is framed upon the idea that rently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. centuries of discord and come together the current state of affairs in Iraq is They are willing to leave behind their to create a stable, democratic country beyond recovery and should be aban- families and friends to risk their lives where the rights of every group is rec- doned. in service to their country. Many will ognized. The Iraqi Government must Instead of offering any real alter- never return home. Many will come take responsibility for its own future. natives, the Democrats have drafted a home maimed and injured. After more than 4 years, the U.S. is nonbinding resolution that rejects the I want to read the names of the not safer because of our efforts in Iraq. President’s plan to reinforce our troops young people from the 15th District of By dividing our resources, we have al- and give the Iraqi Security Forces the Texas who have given their lives in lowed the Taliban to reemerge in Af- assistance they need. This resolution Iraq and Afghanistan: Darrell Shipp, ghanistan and have given al Qaeda a does not bring us one step closer to vic- Benito Ramirez, Javier Marin, Julio strong foothold that it never had be- tory. This resolution does nothing Alvarez, Gary Moore, Tomas Garces, fore in Iraq. Syria and Iran have gained more than reinforce the status quo. Mark Anthony Zapata, Juan Calderon, influence throughout the entire region. This resolution does show the Amer- Christopher Ramirez, Dustin Sekula, We have spent hundreds of billions of ican people that yet again, the Demo- Juan Garza, James Kesinger, Mitchell dollars at the expense of critical pro- crats, for all of their rhetoric, have no Mutz, John Russell, Quinton Gertson, grams at home like education, health plan, no alternative to fight the threat Christopher Kilpatrick, Tina Priest, care and homeland security. Our mili- of Islamic jihad. They instead have and Daniel Galvan. tary is severely strained with troops on chosen, amazingly, to simply stay the I know how much their families and their third and fourth tours of Iraq. course. friends have grieved at their loss. I Units are being deployed, either under- I will be the first to admit that, de- have spoken to their parents and staffed or with new personnel, that has spite the outstanding jobs that our spouses and have attended many of decreased unit cohesiveness, pro- troops on the ground have done, their funerals. We are all so very proud ficiency and morale. Equipment is progress in the war is slow and frus- of their military service and know they worn out and our readiness to deal with trating. We overthrew a violent despot, did their very best. an additional crisis is in jeopardy. only to see a new and dangerous threat However, as an elected Representa- Unfortunately, most of his generals emerge. But we can not be fooled into tive of the United States Government, disagree. The distinguished members of thinking that by leaving Iraq this I have a responsibility to make sure the bipartisan Iraq Study Group dis- threat will melt away. that the sacrifices of these brave men agree, and more importantly, the By the very admission of the Islamic and women were not in vain. American people disagree. fundamentalists we fight, this war is

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00050 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.104 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1523 only part of a larger power play to con- But then the President switched his gress and a Republican President who, solidate power and form a jihadist Is- focus at a critical time. He dismissed for 4 years, left our troops vulnerable, lamic state in the center of the Middle the factors which had brought success without proper equipment, without East. in Afghanistan, a just cause, clear evi- proper armor, and in an effort to fight In a speech released this month, dence, and a community of nations, this war on the cheap. Ahman Zawahiri praised al Qaeda’s and instead pursued his Iraqi adventure I will never vote to leave our troops master plan for Iraq. He asked Allah to based on faulty intelligence and em- without the support they need. But nei- consolidate Iraq so that it unites all ploying a strategy rejected by his own ther will I vote to continue down a our Muslim brothers in Iraq and sets Army Chief of Staff and numerous path that is putting them at needless up an Islamic state which will proceed other generals. risk. to liberate Jerusalem and take steps Thus, the President gave al Qaeda Vote for this bill. towards reestablishment of the Caliph- breathing room; he let them regroup, Mr. HOEKSTRA. Mr. Speaker, I ate. because he lost focus on the war on al would like to yield 6 minutes to my Mr. Speaker, I think it is a grave Qaeda, to wage war on Iraq. Mean- colleague from Alabama, who recog- mistake for us to not take our enemy while, in Afghanistan, al Qaeda and the nizes the danger of believing that we at their word. The jihadists do not Taliban regrouped. can negotiate with al Qaeda and bin want peace. They want capitulation. Iraq is not the central front in the Laden, Mr. EVERETT. We ignored their threats in the 1980s war on al Qaeda. Iraq is a distraction Mr. EVERETT. Mr. Speaker, I thank and they bombed our Marine barracks from the war on al Qaeda. Each day we the ranking member of the Intelligence in Beirut. We ignored their rhetoric in spend in Iraq is a day we are not work- Committee, my friend from Michigan. the nineties and they bombed the ing to bring the perpetrators of 9/11 to Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong World Trade Center and our embassies justice. opposition to H. Con. Res. 63, the in Africa. We ignored their threats in Whatever happened to Osama bin Democrats’ nonbinding resolution that the days leading up to September 11, Laden? Why aren’t we looking for him? does nothing to improve the outcome and our world was changed forever. We have a direct connection to 9/11. of the war, but does much to hurt the Democratic Presidential Candidate The families of those who perished on war against terrorism. John Edwards described this resolution 9/11 are still waiting for an answer. The resolution claims they support best when he compared it to a child This escalation is an appalling dis- the troops. However, regardless of what standing in a corner, stomping his feet. play of our weakness. We are sending the previous speaker said, they refuse This resolution may draw headlines, only 21,000 combat troops to Iraq be- to protect the money our troops must but it will not change a thing. cause, after stretching our military have while they are in harm’s way. We have one Commander in Chief, thin for 4 years, that is all the troops b 1745 not 435 separate executives. What the we have available at the moment. Congress does have is the power of the The President cannot tell us what If we wanted to have a meaningful purse and the ability to cut off the victory is or when he hopes to achieve debate on the real issues facing this funding for the war. Let’s be honest. it. What is really our goal in Iraq? country, we would take up Congress- This resolution is the first step in that What are we trying to achieve? And are man SAM JOHNSON’s bill that opposes direction. we going to leave this mess for the any effort to cut off or restrict funding If cutting off funding is the Demo- next President? for our military. crats’ plan, and I believe it is, then let Today, Iraq is consumed by civil war. But that is not the debate we are them state it openly. They are no Her neighbors, including our allies, having today. Instead, we are debating longer the voice of the opposition in Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey, are over- a nonbinding resolution that, in my Congress. They are the majority, and whelmed with refugees, and Iran is mind, can only hurt our troops who are they have an obligation to govern. It is strengthened and emboldened. If that on the battlefield as we speak, and this time for them to create a plan, a real is not already destabilized, then the resolution can only give comfort to course of success. The American people word truly has no meaning. those who wish to kill Americans. are waiting. The occupation itself is what is de- Making Iraq a secure place is dif- Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield stabilizing Iraq. The occupation is ficult because of deep-seated religious 51⁄2 minutes to the Representative from placing Americans on the killing fields. and ethnic divisions. This is high- California, DIANE WATSON, senior mem- The occupation undermines American lighted by the murderous acts of ber of the Foreign Affairs Committee. prestige and authority, and the occupa- Saddam’s dictatorship that killed so Ms. WATSON. Mr. Speaker, the esca- tion in Iraq makes it harder to defeat many thousands. In addition, al Qaeda lation of the conflict in Iraq is an exer- al Qaeda. and local terrorists along with hostile cise in futility. It has been 3 years now The military battle is over. Our only foreign governments, including Iran, since the President declared that our hope is to change course, to acknowl- have both encouraged and funded the original mission was accomplished in edge the reality that we have lost the current violence in the hopes that Iraq Iraq. military struggle in Iraq. Only then will not follow the path to democracy. And then the President let victory can we reengage with a strategy to They must not be allowed to succeed. escape from our grasp. He confused the give us a political victory. Any American lives lost in the de- toppling of Saddam Hussein with ac- We must remove our forces and move fense of our Nation is one too many. complishing the mission. forward with a political and diplomatic Yet we must not turn from our task of But there is a more important ques- strategy to engage both our allies and defeating terrorism before the job is tion being raised here on the House our adversaries in the region. This will done. President Bush is the Com- floor. It is an issue which has confused mean talking to Iran, not capitulating mander in Chief and intends to rein- our mission in Iraq from the beginning. to Iran. Even at the height of the Cold force American troop strength by 21,000 And it is the preposterous argument War, Reagan was willing to talk to soldiers to help Iraq’s new government that Iraq is part of the war against al Moscow. Until we are willing to engage finally control violence and restore Qaeda. with Iran, our friends in the Middle order. While I believe the decision to The al Qaeda attack on America East, who fear Iranian dominance as increase troop strength in Iraq could killed almost 3,000 innocent Americans much as we do, will not believe we are have been made much sooner and in in New York, at the Pentagon, and in a serious about confronting the Iranian greater numbers, it today presents the field outside of Shanksville, Pennsyl- threats. only viable option to bringing order to vania. We pursued al Qaeda into Af- Last, and most appalling, is the des- the country and laying the foundation ghanistan, dislodged the Taliban and peration accusation that we are going for Iraqi Government control of that cornered Osama bin Laden at Tora to cut off funds for our troops. Simply nation’s security. Bora. We had al Qaeda on the run. We not true. Iraq’s government is taking new had the world united against terror and This attack is especially galling steps to control the violence from all in favor of freedom and democracy. when it has been a Republican Con- ethnic groups and made it clear that

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00051 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.086 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1524 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 our abandoning them at this stage I rise today in support of H. Con. Res. military commanders in Iraq do not be- would guarantee failure for democracy 63. lieve that increasing the number of in Iraq. And it would ensure a tremen- I am a strong supporter of our service troops is the right approach. He stated, dous setback in America’s battle to men and women and strongly com- ‘‘I do not believe that more American deny terrorism a foothold and give mitted to finding a reasonable and re- troops right now is the solution to this them more chances to continue to kill sponsible resolution which includes a problem. I believe that the troop levels Americans. Pulling back now with no redeployment of our troops. However, a need to stay where they are.’’ viable plan to stabilize Iraq would be a responsible resolution does not include Increasing the number of U.S. troops disastrous action. This sentiment was the deployment of more of our brave is not a solution. The increase does expressed in the most recent National service men and women to Iraq. Sixty- nothing to improve long-term security Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. six percent of Americans oppose the and end sectarian violence. Our coun- Mr. Speaker, as you know, the NIE is President’s escalation plan to send ad- try needs a policy to secure and sta- the intelligence community’s most au- ditional troops to Iraq. They believe, as bilize Iraq and one that constructively thoritative written judgments on na- I do, without a new policy to secure the engages in diplomacy and partners tional security issues and is designed peace and stabilize Iraq, further esca- with our neighboring countries and the to help us develop policies to protect lation will do nothing but unneces- region to create a stable and peaceful U.S. national security interests. Spe- sarily risk the lives of more U.S. serv- nation, not a blank check to send more cifically, this report states: ‘‘Coalition ice men and women. men and women into harm’s way. We capabilities, including force levels, re- There are currently 135,000 U.S. need a policy and a plan to put the wel- sources, and operations, remain an es- troops courageously serving in Iraq. At fare of our service men and women first sential stabilizing element in Iraq.’’ In the direction of our government, they so they can come home, rejoin their addition, it goes on to say: ‘‘If coali- left their fathers, mothers, brothers, families, and receive the care they de- tion forces were withdrawn rapidly children, and wives. This war is having, serve. They should include adequate during the term of this estimate, we as you know, a significant impact on services for returning service men and judge that this almost certainly would their families and our communities. women, including culturally competent lead to a significant increase in the In the district that I represent, the care, mental health care for veterans, scale and scope of sectarian conflict in 32nd Congressional District of Cali- housing and education. Iraq, intensify Sunni resistance to the fornia, we have lost 13 sons to combat. We need a plan to ensure that U.S. Iraqi Government, and have adverse Note the photograph that I have here tax dollars are not going to war profit- consequences for national reconcili- on display. This includes Lance Cor- eering and fraud, such as the $1.4 bil- ation.’’ poral Francisco Martinez from the city lion that has been somehow charged by While America must not be in Iraq of Duarte in the San Gabriel Valley, Halliburton. I strongly believe that indefinitely, we should not leave with- who bravely served our country despite this is possible, but it will require out ensuring that the terrorists that not even being a U.S. citizen. I was courage, cooperation, and leadership on are there are put down. To do other- able to meet his parents. They were the part of all my colleagues. Let me wise would be terribly shortsighted and very humble individuals who spoke say to my colleagues that I support our would ultimately embolden our ter- only Spanish and proudly stated that troops and the war on terror. Unfortu- rorist enemies who have made no se- their son served their country with nately, the war in Iraq is not the war cret of their desire to continue to kill honor. It breaks my heart to think on terror. Americans. that this was only one servicemember, Mr. Speaker, I will continue to sup- As a member of the House Armed only one of the more than 3,000 families Services Committee and Intelligence port and protect our sons and daugh- that have been through this since the Committee, I have monitored the de- ters who are serving, as these young war started almost 4 years ago. people have served us so well. I will do velopments in the war on terrorism, in- The past 3 months, as you know, cluding those in Iraq. I met with Presi- so by voting for this resolution and by have been the deadliest months in the supporting their redeployment. dent Bush in the White House to dis- war in over 2 years. While Latinos cuss the military mission in Iraq short- Mr. HOEKSTRA. Mr. Speaker, I yield make up 12 percent of the U.S. popu- at this time 5 minutes to my colleague ly after he outlined his strategy for lation, they make up 17 percent of the Iraq in early January. We explored from New Jersey (Mr. SMITH). service men and women in combat in Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. what would happen in Iraq, the Middle Iraq, and 11 percent of those have al- Speaker, I thank my good friend for East, and America if we withdrew from ready been killed. U.S. casualties are yielding. the fight before Iraq’s democratic gov- now more than 3,100 and more than Mr. Speaker, the co-Chairs of the ernment is strong enough to maintain 23,400 service men and women have Iraq Study Group, former Secretary of the peace. Our conclusion was that Iraq been wounded in action, and nearly State James Baker and former House would become a sanctuary for terror- half of those wounded will not be able Foreign Affairs Chairman Lee Ham- ists and a base from which they could to lead a normal life because of severe ilton, wrote late last year: ‘‘There is no launch future attacks against Ameri- injuries, permanent disabilities, and cans. magic formula to solve the problems of Some Members have tried to claim post-traumatic stress syndrome. Yet Iraq. However, there are actions that that the war in Iraq has nothing to do many of these service men and women can be taken to improve the situation with the war on terrorism. That is the will return to Iraq for a second, third, and protect American interests. only way they can justify this non- and maybe even a fourth tour. ‘‘Many Americans are dissatisfied,’’ binding resolution, and that is pure The President’s proposal to escalate they go on to say, ‘‘not just with the nonsense. ignores the real needs of our troops and situation in Iraq but with the state of We have the greatest military on the the grave reality of this situation. our political debate regarding Iraq. Our face of the Earth, one that no other Three times in the past 2 years the political leaders must build a bipar- military dare stand before lest they be number of U.S. troop levels have in- tisan approach to bring a responsible destroyed. The only thing that can de- creased in Iraq. Three times this ap- conclusion to what is now a lengthy feat us is the lack of will. And may God proach has failed. And during Oper- and costly war. Our country deserves a help us if we lose the will to defend this ation Together Forward, additional debate that prizes substance over rhet- great Nation against terrorism. troops were sent into Baghdad because oric and a policy that is adequately Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield of an increase in sectarian violence. funded and sustainable. The President 5 minutes to the gentlewoman from U.S. military spokesman General Wil- and Congress,’’ Baker and Hamilton go California, HILDA SOLIS, member of the liam Caldwell stated that the increase on to say, ‘‘must work together.’’ Energy and Commerce Committee and was a failure and had ‘‘not met our ‘‘The President and Congress must Vice Chair of the Environment and overall expectations of sustaining a re- work together.’’ ‘‘Our country deserves Hazardous Materials Subcommittee. duction in the levels of violence.’’ Even a debate that prizes substance over Ms. SOLIS. Mr. Speaker, I thank the the commander of the U.S. Central rhetoric.’’ Good advice, especially gentleman for yielding time. Command in Iraq has testified that top when we are in the middle of a war to

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00052 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.088 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1525 help a suffering people living in a tor- there, from e-mails that parents for- sending an additional 21,500 troops to tured land striving to matriculate from warded me. Iraq is not in our Nation’s interests dictatorship to democracy. Our goals were great in Iraq. The and not a solution for the violence in Like many Americans, Mr. Speaker, I plan was not. The administration’s Iraq. The solution is for the Iraqi Gov- too have serious questions about this plan has not worked since the first ernment, the elected government, to do war, especially its cost in human life. I year. It is time we send a strong mes- what they need to do. I urge my col- too am impatient and want our men sage to the President that we no longer leagues to join me in supporting this and women brought safely home as support the administration’s strategy. resolution. quickly as possible. President Bush addressed the Nation Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, I But with so many Americans and on January 10 of this year to announce yield 6 minutes to my colleague from Iraqis and coalition forces at risk, it is his plans to send an additional 21,500 California (Mr. ISSA), a member of the important to ask what message a non- soldiers and marines to Iraq. This move Intelligence Committee. binding surge disapproval resolution ignores advice from the military and Mr. ISSA. Madam Speaker, I ask with no force of law might have on a has been tried before without success. unanimous consent that the resolution troop surge already under way and General John Abizaid, former com- be modified at page 1, line 6, after the what message do we send to our troops, mander of the Central Command, testi- word ‘‘Iraq’’ to include ‘‘personnel from our allies, and our enemies. Will it de- fied before the Senate Armed Services the United States Intelligence Commu- moralize even a little, maybe a lot, Committee on November 15, 2006, that nity who are serving or who have those brave Americans who have put he and General George Casey, the served bravely and honorably world- their lives on the line so that others Corps Commander, and Lieutenant wide to counter radical jihadists.’’ may be free? Will it undermine the re- General Martin Dempsey all agreed The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. solve, commitment, and solidarity of that more troops were not needed. The KAPTUR). The previous question has those nations that have stood with us White House is continuing with the been ordered without amendment. same flawed strategy to pacify the against the hate and murder of the ex- PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY country that has not worked, and add- tremists? And how will our enemies re- Mr. ISSA. Madam Speaker, I have a ing another 20,000 troops will not make gard passage of this resolution? With parliamentary inquiry. it work. The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- celebration? Will they step up their al- March 19 of this year will mark 4 tleman will state it. ready far too robust campaign of ter- years since we went into Iraq. May 1 Mr. ISSA. Madam Speaker, does that rorism, murder, and suicide bombing? will mark 4 years since the President mean that unanimous consent cannot If the Democratic leadership wants declared ‘‘mission accomplished.’’ But be offered? to stop the surge or the war itself, we turn on the news today and still see The SPEAKER pro tempore. The pre- bring a measure to the floor to defund headlines, ‘‘Car Bombers Kill 60 in vious question has been ordered, to it. The debate on defunding the war Baghdad,’’ ‘‘Four More American Sol- adoption of the concurrent resolution and, most certainly, the vote would diers Killed in Gunfight With Militia.’’ have predictable clear-cut con- We have made great strides in Iraq, without intervening motion. sequences. The President can’t spend but we are now trying to police a war Mr. ISSA. Madam Speaker, further money on a war he doesn’t first get between sectarian armies. Our troops point of inquiry. My understanding is from Congress. But by offering what is have performed all that has been asked that a unanimous consent request is al- essentially a sense of the House resolu- of them, and according to the National ways in order separate from the rule. Is tion, the weakest, least effective way Security Council’s analysis, we have that not correct? of driving home a point because it com- achieved many of our initial objec- The SPEAKER pro tempore. That is pels nothing, I am concerned that the tives: removing Saddam Hussein from not correct. Under the present cir- House this week may, unwittingly, sig- power, assisting Iraq with a constitu- c*mstances the Chair is constrained nificantly hurt the morale of our tion and free elections, and helping es- not to entertain an amendment to the warfighters while empowering the hate tablish democratic institutions. resolution. mongers. Surely no one in this Cham- It is time for the Iraqis to take con- Mr. ISSA. Thank you, Madam Speak- ber wants that. trol of their own country and that we er. Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, I yield begin bringing our troops home. This is Madam Speaker, that makes it very 5 minutes to the gentleman from Texas in the best interests of our military, clear that in fact even if there is no ob- (Mr. GENE GREEN), member of the the Iraqis and our national security. jection to including the brave men and House Energy and Commerce Com- Our forces cannot indefinitely sus- women who operate, often without mittee and Vice Chair of the Sub- tain the demands we currently are weapons, who operate behind enemy committee on Health. placing on them. Joint Chiefs Chair- lines, who in fact are part of our Intel- Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr. man Peter Pace acknowledged last ligence Community, they cannot be in- Speaker, I thank my colleague for al- week when testifying before the House cluded in this resolution. It is a sad lowing me to speak. Armed Services Committee that non- day when democracy does not even in- I rise today in support of this resolu- deployed U.S. forces are not suffi- clude that which there is no objection tion. The President’s escalation, or ciently equipped, echoing similar con- to from being considered. surge, as he calls it, is not a strategy cerns expressed recently by Army Chief Notwithstanding that, Madam that will quell the violence in Iraq. of Staff Peter Schoomaker and Lieu- Speaker, I think it is extremely impor- We have heard for too long that tenant General Steven Blum, chief of tant that we deal with the limited change in Iraq is just around the cor- the Pentagon’s National Guard Bureau. strict language we have been offered, ner, and we continue to spend billions The Guard, nationwide, is only and, in the spirit of that strict lan- of dollars and have taken thousands of equipped to about 30 percent of their guage, I must oppose it. I must oppose U.S. casualties. needs. Units are taking equipment with it because in fact on a strict basis this I supported our goals to bring democ- them into theatre and being forced to resolution, if heeded by the administra- racy to Iraq, voted for the Iraq resolu- leave much of it for other units to use tion, says stay a failed course of ac- tion, and voted for the billions of dol- when they come home. It will cost tion. lars to support that effort. And I will about $25 billion to reequip the Na- Madam Speaker, it is amazing that not vote to cut funding for our troops tional Guard and Reserves to pre-Iraqi the election very clearly told us in No- while they are in the field in Iraq and war levels. vember that the American people were Afghanistan. We cannot continue to send troops to not comfortable with the conduct of Iraq for 12-month deployments every this war; that in fact on both sides of b 1800 other year and expect to maintain a the aisle, people were calling for a They are doing their best with a very well-equipped and experienced fighting bolder vision, a vision that was more flawed plan, and that doesn’t come force with high morale. aggressive diplomatically and mili- from just GENE GREEN saying it. I This resolution expresses the beliefs tarily. In fact, two Presidential can- heard it less than a year after we went of many Members of this House that didates, Senator HILLARY CLINTON and,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00053 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.090 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1526 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 in fact, Senator MCCAIN, are and have more or we should have less, nobody Iraq, we can say no to the President’s been saying we should have had more believes that we should stay the exact escalation, and we can say no to the troops early, we should have more course with no change, and that is unnecessary loss of another American troops now. It is amazing that in fact what this is asking for. soldier, marine or airman; or we can the one thing this resolution is saying So I call on my colleagues on both once again vote to stay the course and is stay the course, make no changes. sides of the aisle to realize that in fact to continue on with this failed policy. Further, regardless of what my Dem- this resolution calls for the one thing Many Americans have expressed frus- ocrat colleagues would say today, the that the American people most object tration that the resolution we vote on next step after ‘‘Mr. President, we will to, and that is unchanged staying the this week is a nonbinding resolution, not send more troops,’’ is, ‘‘Mr. Presi- course at this level. The American peo- and I understand that frustration. On dent, we will not send more tanks; Mr. ple called on us in November to do January 9, Senator KENNEDY and I in- President, we will not send further per- something bolder, to bring peace in the troduced companion bills in the Senate sonnel and intellectual gatherers to region, and I call on you to vote down and House to block President Bush’s understand our enemy; Mr. President, this resolution just exactly to do that. new plan to escalate troop levels in we won’t send more translators; Mr. Mr. CARNAHAN. Madam Speaker, I Iraq. Our legislation would prevent the President, we cannot and will not sup- yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from obligation or expenditure of a single port more body armor; Mr. President, Massachusetts (Mr. MARKEY), a mem- dollar to increase the number of troops we will not support this war on terror ber of the Energy and Commerce Com- in Iraq unless Congress affirmatively throughout the region.’’ mittee and chairman of the Sub- voted to do so. But I would not dismiss this resolu- Those are the next steps, because you committee on Telecommunications. tion’s importance simply because it is can’t simply say, as this resolution Mr. MARKEY. Madam Speaker, I nonbinding. Twenty-four years ago, tries to, stay the course. Do nothing. thank the gentleman. Madam Speaker, this debate marks this House took up another nonbinding No increases, no decreases. Support the the beginning of the end of the ill-con- resolution when it first debated my nu- troops, but send them no more. clear freeze resolution. We passed the That makes as much sense as telling ceived, mismanaged and ultimately nuclear freeze on the floor of the the people at the Alamo, stay the failed war in Iraq. The war in Iraq was House. It was nonbinding and it never course. That wasn’t the right solution launched on the basis of false and mis- leading intelligence about a non- passed the Senate. But it nevertheless at the Alamo. At the Alamo they existent nuclear weapons program. changed the course of this Nation’s nu- should have either increased their When the inspectors looked for nuclear clear weapons policy. It did so because forces so that they could have sus- weapons in all the most likely places, of the pressure it put on the White tained the bombardment, or with- there was nothing there. When they House to change, and it was followed drawn. looked in all the unlikely places, there by binding legislation that halted tests We, in fact, are in a position where was nothing there. When this was re- of anti-satellite weapons, cut funding the President has made a multitude of ported to the world, the world said for Star Wars and cut in half the plan new initiatives, one of which includes ‘‘don’t invade.’’ But when this was re- size of the MX missile force. additional troops to help relieve those ported to the President of the United That is why I fully understand why tired troops, to help bring the force States, he chose to invade Iraq. In some Republican Members have simul- level up to a level similar to exactly other words, the President did the op- taneously denounced this resolution as what Presidential candidates on both posite of what the evidence would dic- silly and unserious, and, at the same sides of the aisle were clamoring for tate. time, have tried to prevent its passage. just a few weeks ago and throughout Here we are, 4 years after the inva- Why are they afraid of a nonbinding the election. sion. The American people looked at resolution? Because this resolution ex- Madam Speaker, one of the other the facts on the ground in Iraq and poses the lack of support in the Con- things that just amazes me, today I voted in November to de-escalate. The gress for the President’s escalation took a little time and I checked out generals looked at the situation and scheme. how many Members of Congress served said de-escalate. The Iraq Study Group The administration’s failed strategy in the military. It turns out it is less analyzed our options and said we has already ended any chance of a suc- than one-third. I checked out how should de-escalate. cessful short-term outcome. The just- many Members went to Iraq in the pre- So what has the President of the released, deeply pessimistic National vious Congress. It turns out less than United States decided? After all the Intelligence Estimate on Iraq simply one-third. evidence, he has chosen to escalate the confirms this situation. We are in the middle of a sectarian The fact is that we are considering a war. Once again, our President is doing religious civil war in Iraq, and the resolution as though we were General the opposite of what the evidence and presence of our troops is preventing the Petraeus, a man who was unanimously common sense dictates. confirmed in the Senate just a few days Our troops continue to fight hero- Iraqi people from taking responsibility ago, and deployed to support and de- ically to prevent Iraq from sliding into for their own security and for their fend our troops and this effort, who is anarchy, but they are losing ground to own political solution that must fol- solidly convinced that we have to do a deep emotional cycle of religious low. This war should never have been more and do it better and who is there strife and revenge that goes back 14 fought, period. It was a mistake, the to do it and was unanimously con- centuries. Our soldiers cannot be beat- firmed. American people know it was a mis- en on the military battlefield, but nei- take, our military leaders know it was In closing, Madam Speaker, only ther should they be faulted for failing here, with less than one-third of the a mistake and a bipartisan majority in to drain a political swamp. the United States Congress know it Members having gone and seen what is The American people are now speak- was a mistake. going on in Iraq, less than one-third ing out with one clear voice, in frustra- having served in the military, even at tion and in anger, demanding change, b 1815 a minor level of lieutenant or captain demanding a new direction in Iraq. But Let’s pass this resolution and send a or private, have the hubris to say that the President isn’t giving us a new di- strong signal to the Bush administra- we have to not add, not subtract, just rection. All he has to offer is more of tion that it is time to stop the esca- keep the exact same number that we the same, an escalation of our troop lation, bring this war to an end, and and the American people believe is not presence in Iraq. And this escalation bring our troops home. I urge adoption getting the job done. That is exactly ignores the recommendation of the bi- of this resolution. what this resolution is claiming to do. partisan Iraq Study Group, which said PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY We are not given an alternative in any that all combat brigades not necessary Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, I way, shape or form. for force protection could be out of Iraq have a parliamentary inquiry. So, Madam Speaker, there is no by the beginning of 2008. The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. choice on either side of the aisle. This week, we have a choice: We can KAPTUR). Please state your parliamen- Whether you believe we should have say no to the President’s failed war in tary inquiry.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00054 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.093 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1527 Mr. HOEKSTRA. Does this resolution troops in Iraq. However, at a time ple, the administration ignored the in- include any provisions expressing sup- when we should be excited about a new telligence community’s opinions about port for the members of the United proposal calling for a major shift in our the status of Iraq’s weapons of mass de- States intelligence community serving policy on Iraq, the bill we are debating struction programs. The administra- inside of Iraq? condemns it. This proposal taps as its tion also ignored recommendations The SPEAKER pro tempore. The new leader Lieutenant General David about the number of troops needed to Chair will not interpret the pending Patraeus, who should be given an op- secure Iraq following the fall of Sad- measure. portunity to succeed. Confirmed unani- dam Hussein. In addition, the Presi- Mr. HOEKSTRA. Further parliamen- mously by the Senate, he has extensive dent and the administration ignored tary inquiry. knowledge of other wars and military warnings about the difficulty and dan- The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- conflicts and has resolved that Amer- ger of occupying Iraq and that Iraq tleman may state his inquiry. ica can achieve a favorable result in would likely break down into sectarian Mr. HOEKSTRA. When would it be Iraq. violence. appropriate to ask for unanimous con- The new policy is a shift in the rules In short, the administration ignored sent to correct this oversight in this of engagement and calls upon the everything that conflicted with its resolution that only addresses support Iraqis themselves to step up in respon- plan to invade Iraq. Unfortunately, no for our armed services, but as the rank- sibility and achievement. A Wash- one has borne the burdens of the ad- ing member of the Intelligence Com- ington Post story dated January 12 of ministration’s Iraq narrow agenda mittee, I feel that it does a great injus- this year with the byline, ‘‘With- more than our troops and their fami- tice to the hundreds of people in the in- drawals could start if Iraq plan works: lies. The decision to escalate the war, telligence community who are not rec- Gates,’’ repeats the words of Secretary to send more than 21,000 additional ognized for their service in Iraq? troops to Iraq, will only increase the The SPEAKER pro tempore. The of Defense Robert Gates testifying be- burden on our troops. Many of the Chair would look to the majority man- fore the Senate Armed Services Com- troops serving in Iraq have served two, ager of the concurrent resolution for mittee on January 11, Gates said: ‘‘If three, even four tours of duty. And of any proposal to alter it. these operations actually work, you Mr. HOEKSTRA. Further parliamen- can begin to see a lessening of the U.S. course the failed Iraq policy has re- tary inquiry. footprint both in Baghdad and Iraq sulted in the death of 3,109 U.S. troops, The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- itself. Then you could have a situation including 325 from my own State of tleman may state his inquiry. later this year where you could actu- California, and injury of more than Mr. HOEKSTRA. Would it be appro- ally begin withdrawing.’’ 23,000 others. priate at any time during the debate on Isn’t that what Americans want, a Madam Speaker, many experts be- this resolution to ask for unanimous plan of action with a new focus, stabi- lieve that the President’s latest plan consent to modify this resolution to lizing Iraq and bringing our troops will not work, and early indications address the significant oversight in the home? But that plan is not being de- support that conclusion. About 5,000 underlying resolution? bated today, and that is why I am troops have arrived in Baghdad since The SPEAKER pro tempore. The going to vote against this resolution. the President announced the plan in Chair would only entertain such a re- We live in extremely dangerous January, yet the violence and devasta- quest at the instance of the majority times. We know Iran is developing tion in Iraq is increasing. It is esti- manager of the concurrent resolution. atomic weaponry. We also know that mated that more than 2,276 Iraqi civil- Mr. HOEKSTRA. I thank the Chair. six other Arab nations are actively ians have died so far this year and that With that, I would like to yield 5 seeking atomic technology, according more than 1,000 Iraqi security forces minutes to my colleague from the to the International Atomic Energy and 33 U.S. servicemen have died in State of Illinois (Mr. MANZULLO). Agency. The stakes are onerous. That just the past week. We are sending Mr. MANZULLO. Madam Speaker, I is why America’s men and women in thousands more troops to Iraq in what am privileged to be a member of the uniform not only deserve our support is now known to be a civil war. Sending House Committee on Foreign Affairs. in the field, but also here in the House more troops to Iraq is not the answer. Our chairman, Mr. LANTOS, has sched- of Representatives, by allowing their The key to stabilization is bringing our uled for March a hearing to discuss the opinions to be voiced through their troops home and renewing our commit- different proposals relating to the han- Members of Congress. It is the least we ment to diplomacy. dling of the war in Iraq. He has prom- can do for them. This resolution is the first step in ised a lot of time for debate on all the Mr. CARNAHAN. Madam Speaker, I reining in this President and his mis- different bills introduced in the House yield 5 minutes to the gentlewoman guided policies. However, as many have of Representatives, ranging from those from California, MAXINE WATERS, Chair noted, this is, again, an unbinding reso- that call for us to pull out of Iraq im- of the Out of Iraq Caucus. lution. I look forward to working with mediately, to those that demonstrate Ms. WATERS. Madam Speaker, I rise my colleagues on the war, spending our presence there as part of a larger as Chair of the 76-member Out of Iraq bills that will be considered in the war, not against a nation, but against Caucus, and I will be followed by many coming months to enact meaningful a movement, Islamic jihadis. They are other members during this hour. I rise changes to this failed policy and to fi- everywhere and are responsible for at- in support of our troops and in support nally bring our troops home. The fu- tacks in India, Jordan, Israel, England, of this resolution opposing the Presi- ture of the entire Middle East is at Egypt, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Rus- dent’s escalation of this war. stake. sia, Spain, Turkey, the Gaza, Morocco, Madam Speaker, I support this reso- The President does not appear to un- Pakistan and in the United States and lution, hoping this will be a first step derstand or appreciate the situation in Iraq. in ending this war and reuniting our Iraq is deteriorating each day. We are Chairman LANTOS wants to make troops with their families and loved losing; however, we can win. And we sure that all sides are heard, that all ones. This is an unbinding resolution. will win by using leadership to engage possible alternatives are given an air- The real test for this Congress is going and unite rather than attempting to ing. But that is what is missing in the to be whether or not we will continue overpower and conquer. Who are we bill that the Democratic majority has to fund this war. fighting? The Sunnis, the Kurds, the given us this evening: it can’t be For nearly 4 years, our troops have Shias? Who are the insurgents? Some amended. Can you imagine three days served bravely and admirably in Iraq. Sunnis, some Shias, some Kurds? Who of debate without the opportunity to Unfortunately, the President and his are the terrorists? Shias, Sunnis, amend a bill? That implies the Demo- administration have decided to pursue Kurds, Syrians, Iranians? Who are we cratic leadership believes they have a a political agenda when it decided to fighting? I don’t think our soldiers monopoly on truth and fear input from push for an invasion of Iraq. The Presi- know, and I am not so sure this admin- other Members of Congress. dent ignored the advice of dozens of ex- istration has really given the kind of The bill we are debating today con- perts inside and outside the govern- deep thought and consideration as to demns the infusion of up to 21,000 more ment about invading Iraq. For exam- who we are really fighting.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00055 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.105 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1528 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Diplomacy is the only answer. Today, that he was sent to that battlefield and whenever we can when we know that we must oppose this escalation. How- he gave his life for that particular any President, any administration is ever, I have no choice but in the final cause, which we discuss today. making a mistake. analysis to oppose continued funding of We are here in his honor to say that Now, how has this administration the American taxpayers’ dollars to the we have to make sure that we no been able to keep us supportive in some war giant whose appetite cannot be longer continue to escalate this war ways up to now? By doing something satisfied, but in the interest of peace, which was presented to us, it seems which is really sad, by questioning our must be denied. again, a long time ago based on, at the patriotism. And so tonight and tomor- I urge my colleagues to support this minimum, false information, and at row and for the next couple of days bill. most, sadly, lies presented to this Con- more will question our patriotism. But Mr. HOEKSTRA. At this time I would gress. I ask you, isn’t a true patriot he or she like to yield 3 minutes to the gen- who is not holding back to question the b 1830 tleman from Nebraska (Mr. SMITH). actions of his country even during war- Mr. SMITH of Nebraska. Madam We have to make sure that no further time? Isn’t that the true patriot who is Speaker, I think we need to ask our- loss of life takes place. So much has willing to say, even during wartime, selves several questions: Does this res- been said today about supporting our stop it now, stop the madness before it olution make America safer? Does this troops. Well, I know of no greater sup- goes any further and before we lose resolution send a message to our allies port than to bring them home tomor- more of our young people? that draws them closer to us? Does this row morning. And so we gather here after 3,109 resolution encourage our troops, or I know a lot of people will say, if you losses, after 23,000 wounded soldiers does it discourage our troops? bring them home, Iraq will become a saying we have to stop it now, and we We heard about de-escalation and mess. Well, has anyone noticed that have to vote for this resolution. when that might be appropriate, when Iraq is a mess? Mr. HOEKSTRA. At this point in it may not be. But I can tell you that Well, if you bring them home now, time, I would like to yield 51⁄2 minutes this resolution does not accomplish de- Iraq will become a country in a civil to a member of the Foreign Affairs escalation. In fact, it does not even war. Has anyone noticed that Iraq is Committee and also a member of the support the troops on their way as we involved in a civil war? Subcommittee on the Middle East, Mr. speak. It only supports the troops who The question is, will we wait for FORTENBERRY from Nebraska. Mr. FORTENBERRY. Madam Speak- have served or are currently serving. more Americans to lose their lives and Madam Speaker, in my conversations more to be wounded? er, when I left home this week for with constituents, with soldiers, with When I say that we were given bad Washington, my 6-year-old Kathryn be- came very sad. See, she has big, beau- those closest to the situation, they see information or possibly lied to, we tiful brown eyes and they welled up hope, they see hope in a change of were told at that time, I remember, with tears at the prospect of my leav- strategy. We know that the status quo how the weapons of mass destruction ing again for Washington. And she said is not what we need to do, and that is were stored in Iraq and that we had to to me, Daddy, why do you have to be a why a change in strategy is certainly get them before they got us, and how Congressman? And I thought of the in order. there was a link between al Qaeda and words of the Revolutionary War author I don’t pretend to be General September 11 and Saddam Hussein. And Thomas Paine when he said, ‘‘I prefer Patraeus, and I hope that none of us now, even the administration and its peace; but if trouble must come, let it pretend to know more about the situa- ardent supporters agree that there was come in my time so that my children tion than General Patraeus. no link between Saddam Hussein and can have peace.’’ I am concerned when we hear that September 11, there was no link be- tween al Qaeda, there was no link be- Madam Speaker, this is a pivotal mo- this resolution is the first step for cut- ment for our Nation and a very grave, tween any of that that we were told; ting funding. Why don’t we just put solemn policy debate. We cannot afford and we still haven’t found the weapons that resolution up right now? We can to allow the ups and downs of the daily of mass destruction. It was simply a save a lot of time; we can send a more news cycle set the course for our delib- desire to take us to where we shouldn’t direct message. Is that the appropriate erations. The stakes in Iraq are simply be. And in the process, we really blew thing to do? I hope that you will join too high. me in voting ‘‘no’’ on this resolution it. During last year’s debate on Iraq, I because I support our troops and their I was in New York City on September emphasized that this war is different mission. 11; I was not with my colleagues here. from wars of the past. There is no Mr. CARNAHAN. I yield 5 minutes to It was election day in New York, pri- front, no lines of demarcation, no clear the gentleman from New York, JOSE´ mary day, and I was there in New York enemy in distinct uniforms. This is a SERRANO, member of the House Appro- on that day for some local elections. I war that invades tranquil time and priations Committee. lived through that moment, and I know space without warning, carried out by (Mr. SERRANO asked and was given how painful that was. But beginning those who hide among populations permission to revise and extend his re- with September 12, the world was with seeking to exploit the vulnerable for marks.) us. Every country was supportive of ruthless, ideological purposes. Mr. SERRANO. This is, indeed, a what we were going through. It always We have never before waged a war in very solemn occasion; and anyone amazed me that countries that live an era of globalization, in an age when watching this debate, either on tele- with terrorism on a daily basis thought technology eviscerates the concept of vision or in the gallery, should under- that, for some reason, the attack on us distance, magnifies our losses, stand that we take very seriously what was in many ways even bigger than the trivializes our accomplishments, and we say here today. We may disagree on attacks on their own country, and they places our adversaries in a far better what the final outcome should be, but supported us. We could have taken that position to leverage our freedoms, par- we do take it very seriously. goodwill and used it for positive things ticularly the freedom of speech, And I take it seriously as I recall a throughout the world. What did we do? against us. These are the complexities funeral I attended, it seems a long time We totally lost the goodwill by going we face now. ago, for a member of the Armed Forces, and invading a country that had noth- Madam Speaker, I submit that our Luis Moreno, who was killed in Iraq. I ing to do with September 11. And so choices now stand to determine not remember that rainy morning, leaving now, the same people who supported us only the future of the Middle East but the church on the way to the cemetery, no longer support us. the very future of civilization. We can the pain and the sadness that took What we are doing here today is ex- point fingers and blame each other, or place in the whole community, the erting a constitutional right. This is we can think constructively together. pain and the sadness that engulfed a not a political exercise, this is not a So what are our choices? The Na- family and everyone who was there. legislative exercise, this is Members of tional Intelligence Estimate categori- We took seriously the loss of that Congress saying that it is our right to cally rejects an arbitrary or precipi- life, and we honor every day the fact oversee the President and to stop him tous U.S. troop withdrawal. The result

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00056 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.097 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1529 would be horrific chaos, a humani- And every nation that counts upon us greater Middle East, a region of great tarian disaster, destabilizing the entire as a friend and ally will also pay a very importance and even greater fragility. Middle East, emboldening the geo- heavy price. None of us wants to see And I had strong concerns about the political aims of Iran, and leading to a the repeat of the last helicopter out of administration’s preparation for the much less peaceful world in very short Saigon. aftermath of a war in Iraq. The admin- order. I urge my colleagues, let’s find con- istration was completely focused on The conflict in Iraq is dangerous, structive ways to get the job done. waging war and not on winning the risky, and complex. And we can all Mr. SKELTON. May I make an in- peace. agree that our troops are doing an out- quiry, Madam Speaker, of how much Unfortunately, Madam Speaker, all standing job, and so are their families time has been consumed and how much of those concerns have been borne out. who bear the biggest burden in their time remains on each side, please. There were no WMDs, no al Qaeda con- absence. The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- nections, no 9/11 link. It was all I submit that our time and energy as tleman from Missouri has 2 hours, 28 trumped up evidence by an administra- leaders of this Nation should be focused minutes. The gentleman from Michi- tion consumed with toppling the dic- on new, clear military and geopolitical gan has 2 hours, 151⁄2 minutes. tator in Iraq. Today, Iraq is in civil strategies. Mr. SKELTON. Madam Speaker, I war, the Middle East is even more un- First, Iraqis must fight for their own yield myself such time as I may con- settled, and our standing in the world country now. They must lead in the sume. is at a low point. The international battle for Baghdad now. The great Chinese strategist and support given to America after 9/11 was Over the past several months I joined thinker once wrote that war should not squandered and will take years to re- colleagues in urging the President to be begun unless the end is in sight. pair the damage. And, as a Nation, we deploy trained Iraqi troops into the Sadly, that admonition of Sun Tzu was are even less secure today than we heart of the battle for Baghdad, and I not adhered to in this war in Iraq. were the day we invaded Iraq. I point am pleased to see that this rec- Let me bring us back to what we are this out only because it is critically ommendation is now under way. How- all about today. We have been hearing important to know where we have been ever, I remain concerned about expos- discussions ranging from both ends of if we want to know where we should be ing our forces to unnecessary danger in the football field. This is a very simple, going. the sectarian violence of Baghdad. As straightforward resolution. This resolution gives voice to the best we can, our troops should remain The first part of it is: We fully sup- deep, deep opposition here in the Con- in support and training roles. I also be- port the American troops. And I am gress and throughout the country to lieve that it is prudent to send rein- going to say, Madam Speaker, we are the President’s plan for escalating the forcements to our marines in Anbar so proud of them. They are volunteers, war in Iraq. province who are achieving good suc- they are professionals, they understand b 1845 cess against al Qaeda elements in col- the word duty. I speak for the vast majority of my laboration with Sunni tribal leader- And, secondly: We do not agree with constituents on the central coast of ship. the troop increase of 21,500, for the sim- California when I state my unequivocal Second, we must engage responsible ple reason it has not worked in the opposition to this escalation. The ad- members of the international commu- past, for the simple reason it is going ministration’s plan looks like more of nity, particularly the pan-Arab world, to cause somewhere between 2,500 and the same failed policies that got us to assume a unified and decisive role in 13,000 support troops to support that ef- here in the first place. It is a plan neutralizing the forces of chaos and fort. And, consequently, it is not a based more on hope than on fact, but- helping secure stability and peace well-thought-out tactic. And despite tressed by hysterical rhetoric. It is a throughout the Middle East. the fact that some wish to call it a plan opposed by numerous military Third, we must provide meaningful strategy, it is a tactic, and there is a leaders and experts. It is, quite frank- congressional oversight. And I com- large difference between the two. ly, simply not believable. mend Chairman LANTOS for taking this Madam Speaker, at this time I yield The recent National Intelligence Es- lead in the House Foreign Affairs Com- 5 minutes to a member of the Energy timate makes it perfectly clear that mittee and for his commitment to a and Commerce Committee as well as the President’s grand plan is just never substantive and reasoned debate in this the Budget Committee, the gentle- going to work. The resolution here be- regard. woman from California (Mrs. CAPPS). fore us puts Congress on record against I would have liked to have had the Mrs. CAPPS. I thank my colleague the proposition that success will come opportunity to support a constructive for yielding. only after more troops are thrown into bipartisan initiative drawing upon the Madam Speaker, I rise in strong sup- battle. substantive resources like the Iraqi port of this resolution supporting our The other objective of this resolution Study Group to enhance congressional troops and disapproving the President’s is to remind everyone that opposing oversight and set out meaningful plan to escalate the war in Iraq. the war in Iraq, and especially oppos- benchmarks to measure progress to- More than 4 years ago, the resolution ing the President’s escalation, is con- ward the stabilization of Iraq and the to support a war in Iraq came before sistent with supporting our troops. Our drawdown of our troops. this House. After careful consideration men and women in uniform have done While it would be politically easier of the evidence and arguments put everything we have asked them to do for me to vote for this resolution, I forth for a unilateral preemptive at- and so much more. Over 3,000 have cannot. I see no useful purpose in sup- tack on Iraq, I decided I could not in made the ultimate sacrifice. More than porting a nonbinding resolution that good conscience vote for that resolu- 20,000 others have been injured, so very may have the unintentional con- tion. many of them seriously. sequence of undermining our efforts My ‘‘no’’ vote against the President’s Let no one doubt the bravery of our while our troops remain in harm’s way. plan for war in Iraq is one of my proud- troops and the support that I and my Madam Speaker, this resolution, est moments in Congress. I didn’t be- colleagues who are opposed to this war while wrapped in the mantle of sup- lieve the case where war had been have for them. I am eternally grateful porting our troops, does not point to a made. There was no real evidence of for the sacrifices our men and women credible way forward in Iraq. I believe weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. in uniform and their families are will- I would make the same decision if a The administration’s arguments about ing to make every single day. They Democratic administration were strug- al Qaeda connections with Iraq were continue the long distinguished line of gling with similarly arduous chal- specious, and its attempt to link Iraq soldiers, sailors and airmen that have lenges. If we flinch now, regardless of with the tragedy of 9/11 was shameful. kept our country and so many others the goodwill behind our motivations, if I was deeply concerned about the ef- free from tyranny and oppression, but we are perceived as weak and divided fects of preemptive war on America’s their service is due more than heartfelt and eager to throw up our hands in standing in the world, and equally wor- appreciation and flowery words from frustration, we will pay a heavy price. ried about the ramifications for the politicians.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:17 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00057 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.100 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1530 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Their sacrifice, their service, is owed I know that none of us are happy part of a global war on terrorism. Sad- responsible leadership from those civil- with the progress of the war. I know dam had had nothing to do with the 9/ ian leaders with whom power ulti- that the American people are strug- 11 attack. mately rests, and that is where our sol- gling with this war. I struggle too. I Saddam wasn’t harboring any al diers have been let down. This adminis- am reminded that we have been sent Qaeda cells that did attack us. In fact, tration has taken arrogance, stubborn- here by our constituents to exercise they understood that starting a new ness and incompetence to new heights. our best judgment and to bring our ex- war would distract us and limit us It ignored the advice of military ex- perience to bear on the most pressing from accomplishing our immediate perts leading up to and throughout this issue facing our Nation, the global need to eliminate Osama bin Laden. war. threat of a radical Islamic fundamen- Saddam was a vicious, secular, despotic It stocked reconstruction teams with talism. dictator, but he saw al Qaeda as a political hacks, and it brushed off the Last week in the House Appropria- threat to his control, and al Qaeda indisputable reality of Iraq in a melt- tions Committee on Defense, on which viewed Saddam as an enemy of their down. It dismissed the considered opin- I serve, I asked the chiefs of staff of the religious extremist world vision. ion of the Iraq Study Group, the Con- Army about the consequences of failure The U.S. Intelligence Community gress, most importantly, the American in Iraq. I was reprimanded for getting knew that there was no clear evidence people. off topic. But that is the topic. That is that Saddam was a threat to the Make no mistake, the failure of the the point. Withdrawal from Iraq will United States. There was no failure of war in Iraq lies at the highest levels of have consequences, both immediate our professional Intelligence Commu- the White House and at the desks of and in the seeds of future conflicts. nity, but there was an abysmal failure the Pentagon’s civilian leadership, and What will Congress do if we leave of our political leadership. the cost of that failure is borne by our Iraq to flounder and descend into So how did we get to this point? First troops, their families and the Iraqi peo- chaos, and how will we handle the next we were scared with the threat of ple. It is time for the administration to challenge laid before us, for there will Saddam’s arsenals or weapons of mass stop obfuscating the conditions on the be others. Do any of us doubt the deter- destruction, al Qaeda training camps, an Iraqi meeting with the 9/11 hijacker, ground in Iraq, stop the charade about mination of forces who are counting on mobile labs, aluminum tubing, yellow so-called new plans that will finally our failure, on our resolve? This is the cake uranium. But there were no weap- bring success in Iraq. most fundamental question that con- Madam Speaker, it is time to stop ons of mass destruction, Madam Speak- fronts us, not solely the question of the war in Iraq. Support the troops. In- er. troop reinforcement that is already deed, bring them home. The training camps didn’t exist. Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, at under way. Our answer to this question Mohamed Atta never met an Iraqi this time I would like to recognize my will be the legacy, not just of this agent in Prague. The White House colleague from New Jersey (Mr. President, but of all of us in this Cham- knew, before they informed us about ber. FRELINGHUYSEN) for 5 minutes. the mobile labs, that our experts had Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. I thank the Over 35 years ago I served with the determined that they were not in any gentleman for yielding. Army in Vietnam. While I never much way related to chemical or biological Madam Speaker, today tens of thou- advertised this fact, I was proud to weapons. Likewise, the aluminum tub- sands of our young men and women are serve, even as my father, then a Mem- ing was bogus information. Well before serving in uniform heading for Iraq. ber of Congress himself, was subject to the so-called yellow cake uranium More are headed there as we speak. many personal attacks on the home from Niger was cited as evidence at an They will do what American soldiers front from those who opposed the Viet- attempt at nuclear armament, our In- do. They will serve our Nation with nam War. telligence Community had informed courage and pride, and for that they Like many soldiers then, I wanted to the White House that it was a hoax. deserve our deep gratitude. do my time and come back safely. I Yet we were told repeatedly by the Today in the House we are engaging promised myself one day that if I had President and the Vice President that in a debate on a resolution that de- the chance, I would be a better person, Saddam was a threat to global sta- clares their military and humanitarian a better elected official, for that mili- bility, that there was a direct connec- missions failed. I have seen this resolu- tary experience. I promised myself that tion between Iraq and al Qaeda and tion described in the press as symbolic, I would never let our soldiers down September 11. We were told in the toothless and meaningless. I couldn’t wherever they might be. buildup to the war that our troops disagree more. Our consideration of Madam Speaker, we are Americans would be greeted by the Iraqis as lib- this resolution, the words spoken on first, and as Republicans and Demo- erators, being offered flowers in the this floor, carry great meaning and crats, we need to come together to streets. This was propaganda that the weight. work on solutions in Iraq and the Mid- State Department warned the White The actions of this body have con- dle East. We are a Nation at war, lives House not to believe, but they nonethe- sequences. When Members speak, the are on the line, and we could do much less peddled it to the Congress and to world listens: our friends, our allies, better than this resolution. the American people. our rivals, our enemies and future en- Mr. SKELTON. Madam Speaker, I We were told that to liberate Iraq emies alike. What are they hearing? yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from was to spread freedom and democracy, I remember just 2 weeks ago, during Northern Virginia, a member of the to keep oil out of the hands of poten- the Super Bowl, seeing the video of our Appropriations Committee, Congress- tial terrorist-controlled states. We troops in Baghdad watching the game. man JIM MORAN. were told that the war would pay for Our soldiers watched that game. Every Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Madam itself with Iraqi oil revenues. Yet all Member on this floor should know with Speaker, I would like to paraphrase a we have done is to finance our enemies, certainty that our soldiers surely are poem that Rudyard Kipling wrote upon the insurgents and Iranian Shiia inter- watching this debate, and so are their the death of his son in World War I ests. families, and so are our enemies and so that seems particularly apt to the war After Baghdad fell, we were told that are the loved ones of those who made in Iraq: America had prevailed, that the mis- the ultimate sacrifice in their service When they ask why the young men sion was accomplished, that the resist- to our Nation. died ance was in its last throes, that more Instead of showcasing the best par- Tell them it’s because the old men troops were not needed. As things went tisan rhetoric and working for political lied. from bad to worse, we were told of advantage, we should be working to- Madam Speaker, when the White turning point after turning point, the gether with our Commander in Chief to House announced 4 years ago the U.S. fall of Baghdad, the death of Saddam’s honor their service and commitment, military would attack Iraq under the sons Uday and Qusay, the capture of to find a way forward in Iraq that pro- guise of the global war on terrorism, Saddam, a provisional government, the tects our Nation and results in a stable there wasn’t one single uniformed mili- trial of Saddam, a charter, a constitu- Iraq that can govern and protect itself. tary officer who believed that Iraq was tion, an Iraqi Government, elections,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00058 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.102 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1531 purple fingers, a new government, the Members on both sides of the aisle. But ginning to the receding of their Zionist death of Saddam, all excuses for trium- I have heard about how wherever they crusader tide against us.’’ phant rhetoric while the reality on the are, many Members tonight will go to Those are bad messages, Madam ground continued to worsen. the well when they ultimately vote and Speaker. But I would suggest respect- We were told, as they stand up, we try to send the President a message, fully to all of my colleagues for all the would stand down. We would stay the try to signify to the administration wrong messages this resolution will course. Now we are told that there is a that this war has not been conducted in send to our enemies, nothing it con- new course, but it is in the same mis- the appropriate way. It has not tains will be more devastating than guided direction. Falsehood after false- achieved the objectives that we all felt what it says to our troops, to our mili- hood unravels each day, with the morn- were possible, in fact, absolutely nec- tary, those brave men and women in ing paper reporting even more deaths. essary at its outset. uniform who answered the call to arms, Now the American people are being issued not by some ephemeral entity, b 1900 asked to put 20,000 more sons and but by us, by this Congress. daughters, brothers and sisters, hus- I would say, Madam Speaker, I un- And how do we say through the reso- bands and wives into the line of fire, derstand that perspective; not only un- lution we are considering here today, and into the dead zone between the sec- derstand it, in many ways I strongly we support your needs, but we reject tarian sides of a civil war. A message share that perspective. But I have to your mission? We allow for your de- was sent to President Bush on Novem- argue the fact of the matter is, for all ployment but we shun the premise of ber 7, 2006. This surge of more troops of the good intentions we have here to- your departure? And what do we say to into Iraq defies the will of the Amer- night, the negative aspect of such an the wife or husband? How do we re- ican people. action is going to far outweigh, far out- spond to the father or the mother or But this is a new Congress. We will weigh whatever good it might attempt the loved one of the next warrior lost no longer be cowed by leaders using 9/ to achieve. in battle who asks, why did you oppose 11 as a political ploy against sensible The reality is, if this message is through that resolution the job they people who oppose the administration’s heard at all at the other end of Penn- were sent to pursue but did absolutely failed Iraq policy. Today for the first sylvania Avenue, it is going to speak in nothing from preventing them from time since the war began, Congress will whispers. Whispers. But in other lands, going from the outset? go on record opposing the President’s in other continents, in other cities, far, That is the tyranny, and I have to failed Iraq policy. Some will argue that far away, when this resolution comes say it, Madam Speaker, that is the it is a nonbinding resolution, that it before us, and if it is passed, it is going folly of the resolution before us for all will not have the impact of a law, that to crash like thunder. In places like its lack of practical result, for the fact it will not stop a roadside bomb or Ramadi and Basra, from Baghdad and that this resolution will do absolutely bring a single soldier home to their beyond, friend and foe alike are going nothing. Never has this Congress in its family. But the President understands to hear something far different than history of war considered an action of what this resolution means. It is the what we intend. such dramatic consequence. beginning of the end of this wrong war They are going to hear that through Now, it is said during the Civil War of choice. this vote we have abandoned the Iraqi that the great Southern general, Rob- Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, I people. They are going to hear that ert E. Lee, was really tired, and I think yield 10 minutes to my colleague from America has forsaken this struggle. we can all relate to this, of the criti- New York, a member of the Intel- They will hear that we disavow our cism, the second-guessing that was di- ligence Committee, roughly 1 minute military objective in Baghdad really rected at his leadership through the for every foot of snow that his commu- before it has meaningfully begun, and major newspapers of his time. nity has recently received. most importantly in the shadows And he observed, Apparently all my Mr. MCHUGH. Thank you, Mr. Chair- where our enemies lurk, in places like best generals had become journalists. man. Very roughly, you owe me a few. Madam Speaker, listening to this de- Tehran and Damascus, the message Today, tonight, I think it can be fairly bate tonight, it becomes obvious that will fail where its authors intend, but said of some, apparently all of our best kind of like life itself, those of us in it will succeed very, very mightily generals have become Congressmen. Congress have moments of high drama where they wish it would not. My colleagues, we are not generals. and great importance, and by any Madam Speaker, for all of the good The Constitution of this great Nation measure, the date this evening and to- intent embodied in this proposal, it does not provide for 535 Commanders in morrow and the days that follow and, will not bring a single soldier home Chief, yet that is the reality lost in the most importantly, the vote that will sooner. This vote, no matter what the proposal that we are considering this attend it, is just such a moment. tally, no matter what this board shows night in this week. I would observe, Madam Speaker, in as to green and red at the end of the But I would suggest, instead of being the now nearly 231 years that this day, will not shorten this conflict by a diminished by that fact, instead of great Union has endured, this House single month, not by a week, not by a being lessened by what we are not, we has encountered few sessions demand- day. It will not change the course of a need to be empowered by what we are. ing greater honesty, greater selfless- single battle. It will not even alter a And I say to my colleagues tonight on ness, and greater wisdom than that of pebble that lies on the battlefields in both sides of the aisle, we indeed have occasions of war. And as I said, this is which those struggles will be fought. a grave responsibility in this matter. such a time. It will, however, say to the insur- But it does not lie in nonbinding reso- But this debate really does stand gents, the Saddamists, the radical Is- lutions that send wrong messages to alone. It is unique over the more than lamic militants and their patrons that our troops and absolutely wrong mes- two centuries and three decades of our time is on their side. It will say that sages to our enemies. It rests in the au- history, because from my study at no America has no stomach for this fight. thorities vested in us by the Constitu- time in this Nation’s history has the And somewhere in a cave in Afghani- tion of this great land, the power to Congress considered the matter before stan, or in a hut on the Afghan-Paki- fund or not all matters of government, us this week. The question of shall we stan border, Osama bin Laden is going especially war. resolve, in a nonbinding resolution, to smile. Like all of us here tonight, I want that this House disagree with a mis- His words of a failure of America will this war to conclude. I represent the sion, duly designated by the constitu- be that much closer to reality. As he 10th Mountain Division, the most de- tional authority vested in the Presi- has said: ‘‘The epicenter of these wars ployed division in the United States dent, as Commander in Chief, in the is Baghdad, the seat of the caliphate Army. I was there 3 weeks ago. I know conduct of the war, that this same Con- rule.’’ They keep reiterating that ‘‘suc- the pain. I know the suffering. And like gress, in an earlier session has, in fact, cess in Baghdad will be success for the all of you, I am frustrated by the path expressly endorsed. United States, failure in Iraq the fail- we have traveled to this point, and I I have listened today with great in- ure of the U.S. Their defeat in Iraq will am troubled by the course that appar- terest. I have enormous respect for all mean defeat in all their wars and a be- ently lies ahead.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00059 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.112 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1532 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 And we can, we must have, a dif- Iraq, for far too long without any over- Yet dispute these costs, neither the ferent approach, one that especially sight, for far too long without any ac- American people nor this Congress has places responsibility for success where countability from this the equal been given a reasonable explanation or it rightfully lies, and I have heard my branch of government, this U.S. Con- reasonable grounds for keeping Amer- colleagues tonight speak about that, gress. Madam Speaker, and because of ican troops in Iraq to do the job that with the Iraqi people. I propose an the Republicans’ unwillingness and the Iraqi soldiers should be doing for them- amendment to the supplemental appro- Democrats’ inability to question the selves. President or his administration about priations bill that will just do that, re- b 1915 quire the Iraqis to step forward, to the conduct of this war, we now find stand up, to stop the talking, and to ourselves embroiled in a civil war on a Madam Speaker, because of our grave begin to act. foreign soil. missteps, our enormous miscalcula- It will fully fund the needs of our We are not seen as liberators. We are tion, the situation in Iraq has steadily troops and provide for us, the Congress, seen as an occupying force on a foreign declined. And there is no evidence that the rightful role and expedite an oppor- land. We are seen as an occupying increasing the number of American sol- tunity to review the Iraqis effort and army by the Iraqi people. Madam diers at this point will do anything to judge the progress of this new mis- Speaker, we are trapped in a deadly sit- other than provide more targets to the sion in Baghdad. These things have to uation where American soldiers and Iraqi insurgents and make the situa- be done. But this resolution, in my Iraqi citizens are targeted for murder, tion in Iraq even more volatile. judgment, in my judgment, is what mayhem and maiming. Madam Speaker, after being wrong must decidedly not. Many of our top generals and experts on so many counts time and time This weekend I took the time to in this field have testified that the again, I believe the stakes in this war reread John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer American troop presence is the biggest, are too high for us to continue to put Prize-winning work ‘‘Profiles in Cour- largest, most provocative catalyst to blind trust in this administration. The age.’’ And in those pages our martyred the violence in Iraq. The Iraqi people world in which we live deserves more. President spoke: ‘‘In no other occupa- are very suspicious of this administra- Madam Speaker, I am against this troop tion but politics is it expected that a tion and the motives of this President. surge because the American people and the man will sacrifice honor, prestige, and And they do not view foreign soldiers Iraqi people want truth surge. They want strat- his chosen career on a single issue.’’ in their cities, in their towns, in their egy, not more of the same. My friends, this is such a moment. I homes as something that they desire. It is the job and the responsibility of this accuse nobody in this Chamber, Madam So if the Iraqi people no longer want Congress to reflect the will of the people who Speaker, of any kind of transgression, us in their country, and if the military have put us here, and demand that the Ad- objective, which was supposed to be the honorable people, good people. We will ministration bring an end to this ill-fated war, toppling of Saddam Hussein has been disagree, as I expect they will on this not escalate it. achieved, then why do we still have and other days, but I do plead that Believe me, Madam Speaker, it brings me hundreds of thousands of our troops every Member in this House vote on no pleasure to have this debate and publicly there? this resolution, not for themselves, not disagree with the President, but my solemn Why on Earth are we sending more oath to my constituents, as well as my con- for gain or posture through politics, troops to this unstable and volatile not because of their alleged attention science and integrity prevent me from doing area when it is obvious that the solu- anything less. to public opinion, because it is right. tion to this problem is not a military We can do better. We must. But this It is time for us to end our occupation in one, but a political one? Iraq. I urge all of my colleagues to join me in resolution is not the path to that ob- Madam Speaker, if we want to get supporting H. Con. Res. 63. jective. out of this hole, then we must first Mr. SKELTON. Madam Speaker, I Mr. SKELTON. Madam Speaker, I stop digging. It is well past time for yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from yield myself such time as I may con- this President to finally understand the Appropriations Committee, Mr. sume. that he cannot solve the world’s prob- HINCHEY, the gentleman from New My friend from New York, a fellow lems with brute force, the American York. member of the Armed Services Com- military, and our boys’ and girls’ lives. Mr. HINCHEY. Madam Speaker, as a mittee, Mr. MCHUGH, a good friend, I We must begin a serious and political veteran of the United States Navy, I must agree with him on one comment and diplomatic effort in this region to am very, very honored to be a Member that he made when he said, I am trou- hold the Iraq Government responsible of this House of Representatives. And bled by the course that lies ahead. for protecting its own people and to so- today I am very proud and pleased to Madam Speaker, I am very troubled licit comments from Iraq’s neighbors stand here in support of this very im- about the course that lies ahead. That as well as our friends and allies around is what we are about this evening. We the world to help stabilize Iraq and to portant resolution, which needs to be have seen an irretrievable strategic rebuild that devastated country. adopted as the final first step of this mistake made in Iraq that put us The Iraqi people do not want to see Congress in dealing with this unjust, il- where we are. And consequently it more American troops coming into legal, unnecessary invasion of Iraq and brings us to this point where we ex- their homes and into their cities. They the subsequent disastrous occupation. press our concern and disagreement want their chosen, duly elected leaders In October of 2002, when the resolu- with the increase in troops in this cru- to step up to the plate and to protect tion authorizing this invasion came to cial time in Iraq and allows us the op- them as they were elected to do. And the floor, 133 Members voted against it. portunity to say thank you. We are they want their foreign occupiers to 127 Democrats and six Republicans proud of you, each of you who wears leave their homeland. voted against it. Most of us voted the American uniform. Madam Speaker, this is not hard to against it because we knew that the so- Madam Speaker, I yield 5 minutes to comprehend. Would we not want the called logic or rationale that had been the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. same thing if a foreign military came presented by the administration was RUSH), a member of the Energy and and occupied our cities, our States, our untrue, that there was no connection Commerce Committee. Nation, our homes? between Iraq and the attack of Sep- (Mr. RUSH asked and was given per- This war is draining American re- tember 11, that there was no evidence mission to revise and extend his re- sources and stretching our military to that there were chemical or biological marks.) the point where we will be unable to weapons left in Iraq, even though we Mr. RUSH. Madam Speaker, I raise protect ourselves against any real know that previous administrations of today to voice my support for this res- threat to our national security. We this country had supplied those weap- olution. For too long now, under a Re- know that to date over 3,000 American ons. publican-controlled Congress and a Re- soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq, We knew that the rationale presented publican-controlled Senate, the Presi- and more than $500 billion has been ap- for the development of a nuclear weap- dent has been given a free hand and a propriated for this unjust and this mis- on in Iraq was completely falsified. The blank check to conduct this war in guided war. documents were forged.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00060 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.106 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1533 On the 19th of March, this adminis- thing for this country, for our people, tinue to fund the war by approving the tration carried out an illegal, unneces- and for our military personnel, please, upcoming supplemental appropriation, sary, unjustified invasion of Iraq. We support this resolution. even though money exists to bring the will soon mark the fourth year of that The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. troops home now. action. In all of that time, this Con- KAPTUR). The Chair would like to an- When we equate funding the war with gress has done nothing significant or nounce that the gentleman from Mis- supporting the troops, we are dooming substantial to stand in the way of the souri (Mr. SKELTON) has 2 hours, 51⁄2 thousands of young Americans who are illegal, unjustified actions of this ad- minutes remaining, and the gentleman valiantly following the orders of their ministration, in spite of the fact that from Michigan (Mr. HOEKSTRA) has 2 Commander in Chief. If we truly cared they have caused the death of now hours, 30 seconds remaining. about the troops, we would not leave more than 3,000 American servicemen Mr. SKELTON. Madam Speaker, at them in the middle of a civil war. If we and women, more than 23,000 phys- this time I yield the balance of my truly cared about the troops, we would ically injured, unknown numbers psy- time to the gentlelady from California, not leave them in a conflict for which chologically injured, hundreds of thou- who is a member of the Armed Services there is no military solution. sands of Iraqi civilians killed. Committee and chairman of the Stra- The war is binding. The resolution is In spite of all of that, and in spite of tegic Forces Subcommittee, Mrs. not. This resolution will not end the the fact that, increasingly, every Mem- TAUSCHER. I ask unanimous consent war. It will not bring our beloved ber of this Congress has begun to un- that she be allowed to control the time troops home. It will not even stop the derstand with greater and greater clar- from this moment. administration from sending more ity, how the information was falsified, The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there troops. That is because this resolution how what the Intelligence Committees objection to the request of the gen- is nonbinding. told the White House, the Department, tleman from Missouri? The war is binding. The resolution is the State Department, and others in There was no objection. not; 3,100 U.S. troops are bound in this administration, had been twisted Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I death; 650,000 innocent Iraqi civilians and distorted and turned around pur- thank the gentleman and the chairman are bound in death. posely and specifically to carry out of the House Armed Services Com- The war is binding. The resolution is this disastrous invasion and subse- mittee for yielding time. not. American taxpayers are bound in quent occupation, nothing has been At this time I am happy to yield 5 debt. The war could cost $2 trillion. We done. minutes to the gentleman from Ohio are borrowing money from Beijing to The previous leadership of this Con- (Mr. KUCINICH). fight a war in Baghdad. Worse, each gress failed to step forward and take Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, as and every time Congress votes to fund any kind of action against this admin- we debate this nonbinding resolution the war, it votes to reauthorize the istration. And we hear people on this on Iraq, the administration is pre- war. There were no weapons of mass side of the aisle, tonight, speaking paring for the next war in Iran. We are destruction in Iraq, but there are weap- against this resolution saying it losing our democracy to war, massive ons of mass destruction at home. Pov- doesn’t do anything significant. It debt, fear and fraud. The American erty is a weapon of mass disruption. doesn’t do enough. people need Congress to surge towards Lack of education is a weapon of mass Well, let me tell you something. This the Constitution, surge towards the destruction. Poor health care is a is the first step of a new majority in truth. weapon of mass destruction. We must this Congress taking the right kind of Now, some call this resolution a first find and disarm those weapons of mass action on the basis of our obligations step. I would like to believe that Con- destruction which threaten the secu- and responsibilities under the Con- gress will respond to the will of the rity of our own Nation. But Congress stitution to stand up to the actions of American people expressed in the No- must first take responsibility. this administration and to put this vember election. They expect us to The Federal Court has made it abun- country back on the right track. Not take real action to assert our constitu- dantly clear that once a war is well un- just in the case of what is going on in tional power, to take America out of derway, Congress’ real power is to cut Iraq, even though that is so terribly Iraq by refusing to provide any more off funds. Funding the war is approval disastrous, but the consequences here funding for the war. That is our right. of the war. in our own country, the intimidation of The American people are waiting for people, the internal spying, the elimi- That is our duty. We have a duty to re- strain an administration which is con- us to provide real leadership to show nation of habeas corpus, all of the im- the way out of Iraq. My 12-point plan pingements on the American Constitu- ducting an illegal war. We have a duty to hold to a constitutional accounting responds to that demand. This plan, tion, based upon the culture of fear cul- drafted with the help of experts in tivated purposely by this administra- a President and a Vice President who led us into a war based on lies. international peacekeeping, specialists tion for their own personal and polit- with U.N. experience and veteran mili- ical objectives. No one in the previous I led the effort against the Iraq war resolution. tary advisors, creates a peace process leadership, no one in the previous ma- which will enable our troops to come jority, stood up to this administration Madam Speaker, I ask to include into the RECORD an analysis of the Presi- home and stabilize Iraq. in any kind of a constructive way. Here are the elements of the dent’s war resolution which was given So, if you want to correct the fail- Kucinich plan. to Members of Congress back in Octo- ures that have existed in this Congress First, Congress must deny any more ber of 2002. It pointed out that there is since that resolution came to the floor funds for the war. and since the 19th of March in 2003, no proof that Iraq had weapons of mass Second, the President will have to when this administration carried out destruction, anything to do with 9/11, call the troops home, close the bases that illegal, unnecessary and unjusti- anything to do with al Qaeda’s role in and end the occupation. fied invasion, then you will support 9/11. It is not as if Congress had no idea Third, a parallel peace process which this resolution, recognizing that it is the war was based on untruths. brings in international peacekeepers the first important step taken by a new Now we must tell the truth, not just must begin. That is third. majority here in this Congress to deal about the escalation, but about the oc- Fourth, move in the international with the consequences of all of that cupation. We are illegally occupying peacekeeping and security force and falsehood. Iraq. We attacked a nation which did move out U.S. troops. Peacekeepers If you fail to do so, you will continue not attack us. We must recognize the will stay until the Iraqis are able to to leave the door open for further vio- wrong that has been done and move to handle their own security. lations of law and constitutional prin- right it. Fifth, order U.S. contractors out of ciples by this administration, perhaps Instead of debating the end of the Iraq. next in Iran, because that may be the war, Congress is ironically preparing to Sixth, fund an honest process of re- next illegal step of this administration. give the war a new beginning. Some construction. If you want to make up for what you have made it clear long before this par- Seventh, protect the economic posi- failed to do, if you want to do the right ticular resolution that they will con- tion of the Iraqi people by stabilizing

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00061 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.109 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1534 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 prices in Iraq, including those for food States interests and international peace and Key Issue: There is no credible intelligence and energy. security, declared Iraq to be in ‘‘material that connects Iraq to the events of 9/11 or to Eighth, create a process which gives and unacceptable breach of its international participation in those events by assisting Al the Iraqi people control over their eco- obligations’’ and urged the President ‘‘to Qaida. take appropriate action, in accordance with Whereas Iraq continues to aid and harbor nomic destiny without the structural the Constitution and relevant laws of the other international terrorist organizations, adjustment policies of the World Bank United States, to bring Iraq into compliance including organizations that threaten the and the International Monetary Fund. with its international obligations’’ (Public lives and safety of American citizens; Ninth, give the Iraqi people full con- Law 105–235); Key Issue: Any connection between Iraq trol over their oil assets, with no man- Whereas Iraq both poses a continuing support of terrorist groups in Middle East, is datory privatization. threat to the national security of the United an argument for focusing great resources on States and international peace and security resolving the conflict between Israel and the Tenth, fund a process of reconcili- Palestinians. It is not sufficient reason for ation between the Sunnis, Shiites and in the Persian Gulf region and remains in material and unacceptable breach of its the U.S. to launch a unilateral preemptive Kurds. international obligations by, among other strike against Iraq. Eleventh, the U.S. must refrain from things, continuing to possess and develop a Whereas the attacks on the United States any more covert operations in Iraq. significant chemical and biological weapons of September 11, 2001 underscored the gravity And twelfth, the U.S. must begin a capability, actively seeking a nuclear weap- of the threat posed by the acquisition of process of truth and reconciliation be- ons capability, and supporting and harboring weapons of mass destruction by inter- terrorist organizations; national terrorist organizations; tween our Nation and the people of Key Issue: There is no connection between Iraq. Key Issues: There is no proof that Iraq rep- resents an imminent or immediate threat to Iraq and the events of 9/11. Whereas Iraq’s demonstrated capability There is a way out. Congress should the United States. A ‘‘continuing’’ threat and willingness to use weapons of mass de- stand for that. And we will have an op- does not constitute a sufficient cause for struction, the risk that the current Iraqi re- portunity to do it once again in about war. The Administration has refused to pro- gime will either employ those weapons to 6 weeks. vide the Congress with credible intelligence launch a surprise attack against the United ANALYSIS OF JOINT RESOLUTION ON IRAQ that proves that Iraq is a serious threat to States or its Armed Forces or provide them (By Dennis J. Kucinich) the United States and is continuing to pos- to international terrorists who would do so, sess and develop chemical and biological and Whereas in 1990 in response to Iraq’s war of and the extreme magnitude of harm that nuclear weapons. Furthermore there is no would result to the United States and its aggression against and illegal occupation of credible intelligence connecting Iraq to Al Kuwait, the United States forged a coalition citizens from such an attack, combine to jus- Qaida and 9/11. tify action by the United States to defend of nations to liberate Kuwait and its people Whereas Iraq persists in violating resolu- in order to defend the national security of itself; tions of the United Nations Security Council Key Issue: There is no credible evidence the United States and enforce United Na- by continuing to engage in brutal repression tions Security Council resolutions relating that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruc- of its civilian population thereby threat- tion. If Iraq has successfully concealed the to Iraq; ening international peace and security in the Key Issue: In the Persian Gulf war there production of such weapons since 1998, there region, by refusing to release, repatriate, or is no credible evidence that Iraq has the ca- was an international coalition. World sup- account for non-Iraqi citizens wrongfully de- port was for protecting Kuwait. There is no pability to reach the United States with tained by Iraq, including an American serv- such weapons. In the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq had world support for invading Iraq. iceman, and by failing to return property Whereas after the liberation of Kuwait in a demonstrated capability of biological and wrongfully seized by Iraq from Kuwait; chemical weapons, but did not have the will- 1991, Iraq entered into a United Nations Key Issue: This language is so broad that it sponsored cease-fire agreement pursuant to ingness to use them against the United would allow the President to order an attack States Armed Forces. Congress has not been which Iraq unequivocally agreed, among against Iraq even when there is no material other things, to eliminate its nuclear, bio- provided with any credible information threat to the United States. Since this reso- which proves that Iraq has provided inter- logical, and chemical weapons programs and lution authorizes the use of force for all Iraq national terrorists with weapons of mass de- the means to deliver and develop them, and related violations of the UN Security Coun- struction. to end its support for international ter- cil directives, and since the resolution cites Whereas United Nations Security Council rorism; Iraq’s imprisonment of non-Iraqi prisoners, Resolution 678 authorizes the use of all nec- Whereas the efforts of international weap- this resolution would authorize the Presi- essary means to enforce United Nations Se- ons inspectors, United States intelligence dent to attack Iraq in order to liberate Ku- curity Council Resolution 660 and subsequent agencies, and Iraqi defectors led to the dis- waiti citizens who may or may not be in relevant resolutions and to compel Iraq to covery that Iraq had large stockpiles of Iraqi prisons, even if Iraq met compliance cease certain activities that threaten inter- chemical weapons and a large scale biologi- with all requests to destroy any weapons of national peace and security, including the cal weapons program, and that Iraq had an mass destruction. Though in 2002 at the Arab development of weapons of mass destruction advanced nuclear weapons development pro- Summit, Iraq and Kuwait agreed to bilateral and refusal or obstruction of United Nations gram that was much closer to producing a negotiations to work out all claims relating weapons inspections in violation of United nuclear weapon than intelligence reporting to stolen property and prisoners of war. This Nations Security Council Resolution 687, re- had previously indicated; use-of-force resolution enables the President pression of its civilian population in viola- Key Issue: UN inspection teams identified to commit U.S. troops to recover Kuwaiti tion of United Nations Security Council Res- and destroyed nearly all such weapons. A property. olution 688, and threatening its neighbors or lead inspector, Scott Ritter, said that he be- Whereas the current Iraqi regime has dem- United Nations operations in Iraq in viola- lieves that nearly all other weapons not onstrated its capability and willingness to tion of United Nations Security Council Res- found were destroyed in the Gulf War. Fur- use weapons of mass destruction against olution 949; thermore, according to a published report in other nations and its own people; Key Issue: The UN Charter forbids all the Washington Post, the Central Intel- Whereas the current Iraqi regime has dem- member nations, including the United ligence Agency has no up to date accurate onstrated its continuing hostility toward, States, from unilaterally enforcing UN reso- report on Iraq’s WMD capabilities. and willingness to attack, the United States, lutions. Whereas Iraq, in direct and flagrant viola- including by attempting in 1993 to assas- Whereas Congress in the Authorization for tion of the cease-fire, attempted to thwart sinate former President Bush and by firing Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolu- the efforts of weapons inspectors to identify on many thousands of occasions on United tion (Public Law 102–1) has authorized the and destroy Iraq’s weapons of mass destruc- States and Coalition Armed Forces engaged President ‘‘to use United States Armed tion stockpiles and development capabilities, in enforcing the resolutions of the United Forces pursuant to United Nations Security which finally resulted in the withdrawal of Nations Security Council; Council Resolution 678 (1990) in order to inspectors from Iraq on October 31, 1998; Key Issue: The Iraqi regime has never at- achieve implementation of Security Council Key Issues: Iraqi deceptions always failed. tacked nor does it have the capability to at- Resolutions 660, 661, 662, 664, 665, 666, 667, 669, The inspectors always figured out what Iraq tack the United States. The ‘‘no fly’’ zone 670, 674, and 677’’; was doing. It was the United States that was not the result of a UN Security Council Key Issue: The UN Charter forbids all withdrew from the inspections in 1998. And directive. It was illegally imposed by the member nations, including the United the United States then launched a cruise United States, Great Britain and France and States, from unilaterally enforcing UN reso- missile attack against Iraq 48 hours after the is not specifically sanctioned by any Secu- lutions with military force. inspectors left. In advance of a military rity Council resolution. Whereas in December 1991, Congress ex- strike, the U.S. continues to thwart (the Ad- Whereas members of al Qaida, an organiza- pressed its sense that it ‘‘supports the use of ministration’s word) weapons inspections. tion bearing responsibility for attacks on the all necessary means to achieve the goals of Whereas in 1998 Congress concluded that United States, its citizens, and interests, in- United Nations Security Council Resolution Iraq’s continuing weapons of mass destruc- cluding the attacks that occurred on Sep- 687 as being consistent with the Authoriza- tion programs threatened vital United tember 11, 2001, are known to be in Iraq; tion of Use of Military Force Against Iraq

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00062 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.110 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1535 Resolution (Public Law 102–1),’’ that Iraq’s tember 11, 2001, or harbored such persons or Council can decide that military force would repression of its civilian population violates organizations; be necessary, ‘‘The Security Council may de- United Nations Security Council Resolution Key Issue: The Administration has not pro- cide what measures . . . are to be employed 688 and ‘‘constitutes a continuing threat to vided Congress with any proof that Iraq is in to give effect to its decisions (Article 41) . . . the peace, security, and stability of the Per- any way connected to the events of 9/11. Fur- [and] it may take such action by air, sea, or sian Gulf region,’’ and that Congress, ‘‘sup- thermore, there is no credible evidence that land forces as may be necessary to maintain ports the use of all necessary means to Iraq has harbored those who were responsible or restore international peace and security.’’ achieve the goals of United Nations Security for planning, authorizing or committing the (Article 43). Furthermore, the resolution au- Council Resolution 688’’; attacks of 9/11. thorizes use of force illegally, since the U.N. Key Issue: This clause demonstrates the Whereas the President has authority under Security Council has not requested it. Ac- proper chronology of the international proc- the Constitution to take action in order to cording to the U.N. Charter, members of the ess, and contrasts the current march to war. deter and prevent acts of international ter- U.N., such as the U.S., are required to ‘‘make In 1991, the UN Security Council passed a rorism against the United States, as Con- available to the Security Council, on its call resolution asking for enforcement of its reso- gress recognized in the joint resolution on and in accordance with a special agreement lution. Member countries authorized their Authorization for Use of Military Force or agreements, armed forces . . .’’ (Article troops to participate in a UN-led coalition to (Public Law 107–40); and 43, emphasis added). The U.N. Security Coun- enforce the UN resolutions. Now the Presi- Key Issue: This resolution was specific to cil has not called upon its members to use dent is asking Congress to authorize a uni- 9/11. It was limited to a response to 9/11. military force against Iraq at the current lateral first strike before the UN Security Whereas it is in the national security of time. Council has asked its member states to en- the United States to restore international Furthermore, changes to the language of force UN resolutions. peace and security to the Persian Gulf re- the previous use-of-force resolution, drafted Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act (Public gion; by the White House and objected to by many Law 105–338) expressed the sense of Congress Key Issue: If by the ‘‘national security in- members of Congress, are cosmetic: that it should be the policy of the United terests’’ of the United States, the Adminis- In section (1), the word ‘‘continuing’’ was States to support efforts to remove from tration means oil, it ought to communicate added to ‘‘the threat posed by Iraq’’. In section (2), the word ‘‘relevant’’ is added power the current Iraqi regime and promote such to the Congress. A unilateral attack on to ‘‘United Nations Security Council Resolu- the emergence of a democratic government Iraq by the United States will cause insta- tions’’ and the words ‘‘regarding Iraq’’ were to replace that regime; bility and chaos in the region and sow the Key Issue: This ‘‘Sense of Congress’’ reso- added to the end. seeds of future conflicts all other the world. While these changes are represented as a lution was not binding. Furthermore, while Now, therefore, be it compromise or a new material development, Congress supported democratic means of re- Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep- the effects of this resolution are largely the moving Saddam Hussein it clearly did not resentatives of the United States of America same as the previous White House proposal. endorse the use of force contemplated in this in Congress assembled, The U.N. resolutions, which could be cited resolution, nor did it endorse assassination SEC. 1. SHORT TITLE. by the President to justify sending U.S. as a policy. This joint resolution may be cited as the troops to Iraq, go far beyond addressing Whereas on September 12, 2002, President ‘‘Authorization for the Use of Military Force weapons of mass destruction. These could in- Bush committed the United States to ‘‘work Against Iraq’’. clude, at the President’s discretion, such with the United Nations Security Council to ‘‘relevant’’ resolutions ‘‘regarding Iraq’’ in- meet our common challenge’’ posed by Iraq SEC. 2. SUPPORT FOR UNITED STATES DIPLO- MATIC EFFORTS. cluding resolutions to enforce human rights and to ‘‘work for the necessary resolutions,’’ The Congress of the United States supports and the recovery of Kuwaiti property. while also making clear that ‘‘the Security PRESIDENTIAL DETERMINATION.— Council resolutions will be enforced, and the the efforts by the President to— (a) Strictly enforce through the United Na- In connection with the exercise of the au- just demands of peace and security will be thority granted in subsection (a) to use force met, or action will be unavoidable’’; tions Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions applicable to Iraq and the President shall, prior to such exercise or Whereas the United States is determined as soon thereafter as may be feasible, but no to prosecute the war on terrorism and Iraq’s encourages him in those efforts; and (b) Obtain prompt and decisive action by later than 48 hours after exercising such au- ongoing support for international terrorist thority, make available to the Speaker of groups combined with its development of the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion and the House of Representatives and the Presi- weapons of mass destruction in direct viola- dent pro tempore of the Senate his deter- noncompliance and promptly and strictly tion of its obligations under the 1991 cease- mination that— complies with all relevant Security Council fire and other United Nations Security Coun- (1) Reliance by the United States on fur- cil resolutions make clear that it is in the resolutions. ther diplomatic or other peaceful means national security interests of the United Key Issue: Congress can and should support alone either (A) will not adequately protect States and in furtherance of the war on ter- this clause. However Section 3 (which fol- the national security of the United States rorism that all relevant United Nations Se- lows) undermines the effectiveness of this against the continuing threat posed by Iraq curity Council resolutions be enforced, in- section. Any peaceful settlement requires or (B) is not likely to lead to enforcement of cluding through the use of force if necessary; Iraq compliance. The totality of this resolu- all relevant United Nations Security Council Key Issue: Unilateral action against Iraq tion indicates the Administration will wage resolutions regarding Iraq, and will cost the United States the support of war against Iraq no matter what. This under- (2) Acting pursuant to this resolution is the world community, adversely affecting mines negotiations. consistent with the United States and other the war on terrorism. No credible intel- SEC. 3. AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF UNITED countries continuing to take the necessary ligence exists which connects Iraq to the STATES ARMED FORCES. actions against international terrorists and events of 9/11 or to those terrorists who per- AUTHORIZATION.—The President is author- terrorist organizations, including those na- petrated 9/11. Under international law, the ized to use the Armed Forces of the United tions, organizations or persons who planned, United States does not have the authority to States as he determines to be necessary and authorized, committed or aided the terror- unilaterally order military action to enforce appropriate in order to— ists attacks that occurred on September 11, U.N. Security Council resolutions. (1) Defend the national security of the 2001. Whereas Congress has taken steps to pur- United States against the continuing threat (c) WAR POWERS RESOLUTION REQUIRE- sue vigorously the war on terrorism through posed by Iraq; and MENTS.— the provision of authorities and funding re- (2) Enforce all relevant United Nations Se- (1) SPECIFIC STATUTORY AUTHORIZATION.— quested by the President to take the nec- curity Council Resolutions regarding Iraq. Consistent with section 8(a)(1) of the War essary actions against international terror- Key Issue: This clause is substantially Powers Resolution, the Congress declares ists and terrorist organizations, including similar to the authorization that the Presi- that this section is intended to constitute those nations, organizations or persons who dent originally sought. specific statutory authorization within the planned, authorized, committed or aided the It gives authority to the President to act meaning of section 5(b) of the War Powers terrorist attacks that occurred on Sep- prior to and even without a U.N. resolution, Resolution. tember 11, 2001 or harbored such persons or and it authorizes the President to use U.S. (2) APPLICABILITY OF OTHER REQUIRE- organizations; troops to enforce U.N. resolutions even with- MENTS.—Nothing in this resolution super- Key Issue: The Administration has not pro- out U.N. request for it. This is a violation of sedes any requirement of the War Powers vided Congress with any proof that Iraq is in Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, which re- Resolution. any way connected to the events of 9/11. serves the ability to authorize force for that SEC. 4. REPORTS TO CONGRESS. Whereas the President and Congress are purpose to the Security Council, alone. (a) The President shall, at least once every determined to continue to take all appro- Under Chapter VII of the Charter of the 60 days, submit to the Congress a report on priate actions against international terror- United Nations, ‘‘The Security Council shall matters relevant to this joint resolution, in- ists and terrorist organizations, including determine the existence of any threat to the cluding actions taken pursuant to the exer- those nations, organizations or persons who peace . . . and shall make recommendations cise of authority granted in section 2 and the planned, authorized, committed or aided the to maintain or restore international peace status of planning for efforts that are ex- terrorist attacks that occurred on Sep- and security.’’ (Article 39). Only the Security pected to be required after such actions are

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00063 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.023 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1536 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 completed, including those actions described You are right. A big problem, big And I have listened to his eloquent in section 7 of Public Law 105–338 (the Iraq issues, and this resolution doesn’t ad- words today about the radical threat Liberation Act of 1998). dress them. we face. (b) To the extent that the submission of any report described in subsection (a) coin- What does it do? It basically says I have a fundamental question for the cides with the submission of any other re- that the military leaders have a sug- other side. I thought our colleague port on matters relevant to this joint resolu- gestion that we have reinforcements from New York did a superb job of ac- tion otherwise required to be submitted to that they believe may improve the sit- knowledging the good intentions of Congress pursuant to the reporting require- uation, help us get a victory in Iraq. every Member of Congress involved in ments of Public Law 93–148 (the War Powers Now, they can’t guarantee that. The this debate and the good intentions of Resolution), all such reports may be sub- President can’t guarantee it. Nobody the majority. I share his frustration mitted as a single consolidated report to the can guarantee it. But what does this with the progress of the war to date. I Congress. (c) To the extent that the information re- say? It says we are not going to do share the comments made by my col- quired by section 3 of Public Law 102–1 is in- that. Okay, fine. But what are you leagues on the other side who are un- cluded in the report required by this section, going to do instead? happy at how we got here. But I think such report shall be considered as meeting This resolution, by rejecting the only that misses what I believe is the essen- the requirements of section 3 of Public Law plan on the table, basically is saying tial question we confront now, and that 102–1. stay the course, keep the status quo. is, where do we go from here? What will Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, I I don’t think the status quo has been this resolution do? And I would suggest yield myself as much time as I may working. I think we know we have to that that is a question that has not consume. make some changes in strategy and been examined in this debate. I would Do any of us really believe that the whatever. We have to make something suggest that many would like to wish resolution in front of us today is a seri- work. But this basically says we will this war would go away, that many ous piece of legislation? take the only plan that is out there would like to believe that if the United Does it discuss or force a debate on and reject it. We won’t do it. States withdrew its troops from Bagh- the really tough issue of how big this So my question would be what do you dad and withdrew its troops from Iraq conflict is? do instead? What do you do to ensure that somehow Iraq as a problem would Who is it that hates America and that we don’t have a genocide in Iraq go away. others so much that they are willing to on the scale of what is going on in But, Mr. Chairman, you have made kill innocent men, women and chil- Darfur? If you don’t want to do this the point over and over and over again dren? plan, what do you do to ensure that today: this isn’t about Iraq. Again, it does not do that. There are terrorism does not grow and flourish in I would ask my colleagues on the people who hate us enough to want to Iraq and that then they come to attack other side can they name a single kill. I speak of militant Islam’s hate us on our soil again, which they jihadi leader, a single radical Islamist, for America, a hate that extends to haven’t done for 5 years? What do you who has said if they prevail in Iraq, if others as well, including Muslims. And do to protect our troops? we will just leave Iraq, that this will these militant Islamists kill. They kill I think these are a lot of questions end, that they will no longer desire to violently and indiscriminately. that we have, Mr. HOEKSTRA, which is conquer the world, that they will back Who are they? why just saying no to the only plan away from all of their rhetoric about What should America’s response to that is on the table won’t do it. It is attacking all Westerners everywhere? this threat that we and others face on kind of like a football game: the coach And I suggest you can’t name anyone a global basis be? and quarterback call a play, and they like that. What is America’s response to are in there, and then someone runs Let me read you just a few quotes to jihadism? make this point. Ayman al Zawahiri, How will America win this war into huddle and says, No, we are not we all know who he is, a well-known against this calculating enemy? going to run this play. How will America lead the world, What play are we going to call? jihadi leader: ‘‘It is a jihad for the sake We don’t have a play. once again, in the face of such a ruth- of God and will last until our religion So the quarterback gets under the prevails.’’ Not until we abandon Iraq, less threat? center. The center snaps the ball, and What is a jihadist, other than some- but until their religion prevails. nobody goes anywhere. Nobody knows one or some group so full of hate that ‘‘The entire world is an open battle- what to do because there is no play, they are willing to kill? field for us,’’ he goes on to say. ‘‘We there is no plan. That will fail. will attack everywhere until Islam b 1930 This simple status quo resolution is reigns.’’ Ayman al Zawahiri does not I have a passion for understanding not the solution. say we will attack until the war in Iraq this threat. These Islamic jihadists are Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, re- ends, we will attack until Americans a fringe element of Islam who have claiming my time, I thank the gen- pull out of Baghdad, we will attack very specific ideas about how to revive tleman. I think he has made some very until they are no longer in the nation Islam, return Muslims to world power, good points about what we don’t see in of Iraq. He says, ‘‘We will attack every- and how to deal with their enemies. this resolution. We don’t see a discus- where until Islam reigns.’’ They are committed to a violent over- sion of what the global threat is from Again al Zawahiri: ‘‘The jihad in Iraq throw of the existing international sys- these jihadists who hate democracy, requires several incremental goals. The tem and to its replacement by an all- who hate other heretic Muslim states, first stage: expel the Americans from encompassing Islamic state, the caliph- who want to establish this caliphate Iraq.’’ Note that that is only the first ate, as it is called. that spreads throughout the Middle stage. ‘‘The second stage: establish an This is more than just about Iraq. It East, spreads into Europe, across Afri- Islamic authority or emirate. The third is a much bigger problem. It is also ca, into Asia. It lacks the concept of stage: extend the jihad wave to the sec- clear that this jihad is about them, putting it into a bigger picture. ular countries neighboring Iraq.’’ It their god, their religion before it be- There is no alternative plan. Really, will not end. comes anything about anyone or any- if you vote for this resolution, what If your resolution, if a resolution to- thing else. That is right, it is about you are voting for is you are voting for night, could end this war and bring our them before it is about us. And that is stay the course. Support the troops; boys home and our girls home and why this resolution comes up so short don’t try a new strategy or tactic. Just make the world safe, I would be the because it does not address all of these stay the course. And it also does not first to vote for it. But it won’t. issues. deal with what the potential con- Osama bin Laden says it clearly: Madam Speaker, I would like to yield sequences may be of that failed strat- ‘‘Hostility toward America is a reli- to my colleague from California (Mr. egy. gious duty, and we hope to be rewarded CAMPBELL). Madam Speaker, I would like to yield for it by God . . . I am confident that Mr. CAMPBELL of California. to my colleague from Arizona. Muslims will be able to end the legend Madam Speaker, I thank the gen- Mr. SHADEGG. Madam Speaker, I of the so-called superpower that is tleman for yielding. thank the gentleman for yielding. America.’’

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00064 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.025 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1537 We are on notice. I think we have to And at this time I would like to yield Forces. And we would make certain take them at their word. It isn’t about 5 minutes to my good friend and neigh- that our veterans, who have given us so Iraq. It is about our confrontation, a bor in California, the gentlewoman much, receive the health and mental historic confrontation, with radical from Oakland, Representative BARBARA health benefits that they deserve. jihadists who seek to kill us. LEE of the Appropriations Committee. Our bill would remove the specter of Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, re- Ms. LEE. Madam Speaker, I want to an endless, and that is what this is claiming my time, I think the gen- thank the gentlewoman for her leader- right now, it is an endless occupation, tleman from Arizona stated it very ship, for yielding, for her deep commit- by preventing the establishment of per- well. When we talk about the jihadists, ment to our troops and to our country. manent military bases. Our very pres- they believe that the modern world has As a daughter of a proud veteran of ence in Iraq is fueling the insurgency, forsaken that pure religious life. They two wars, I know personally that we and our troops have been the targets of believe only in a caliphate governed by have a moral obligation to support and this civil war. shiria law and that is the way to return protect our brave men and women on Madam Speaker, these are the best to that pure life. That is the world the ground in Iraq. However, there is and the safest ways to end this occupa- they now want to recreate. And as they no reason for us to stand behind the tion. But it really didn’t have to be recreate it, they want to force it on the President’s plan to escalate his failed this way. Imagine for a moment what rest of us. policy in Iraq. In fact, Madam Speaker, would have happened had Congress Madam Speaker, I would like to now the American people are way ahead of adopted my substitute amendment to yield to my colleague, Mr. SAXTON. us. the authorization to use force against Mr. SAXTON. Madam Speaker, I A USA Today/Gallup poll released Iraq in October 2002. We would have al- thank Mr. HOEKSTRA for yielding. just today shows that 60 percent oppose lowed the United Nations inspectors to I would just like to build on some- this escalation, 63 percent favor bring- finish their job. We would have discov- thing that Mr. SHADEGG said. He said, ing our troops home by the end of 2008, ered what we all know now as fact, in essence, that this subject is so im- and last November the American peo- that Saddam Hussein had no weapons portant because it goes so much fur- ple soundly rejected the President’s of mass destruction, and, as then, there ther than Iraq. And as a member of the failed policy in Iraq at the voting was no connection between the horrific Armed Services Committee, I try to booth. You would think that the Presi- events of 9/11 and Iraq. Iraq did not at- keep close tabs on where our soldiers dent understood what all this meant. tack us, as many are trying to con- and sailors and marines and airmen are After the election he continued his lis- tinue to convince the American public deployed. And it may surprise some on tening tour on options for Iraq, but it that it did. Iraq did not attack us 5 the other side of the aisle, but perhaps seems that he wasn’t hearing what the years ago. The bottom line is that Iraq also not, to know that we have troops de- American people were saying. would not be a war-torn country as it ployed in Southwest Asia in five coun- The Iraq Study Group actually indi- is today, and, again, the world is less tries; we have troops deployed in Eu- cated and said very clearly that there safe. And if this wasn’t enough, over rope in quite a few countries, several was no military solution to this mess. the last several months the President countries; in Central Asia we have And rather than heed the call of mili- troops in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, has been saber-rattling on the issue of tary experts, advisers, and the Amer- Iran. We must not go down the same and Kyrgyzstan; in Southeast Asia we ican people, the President offered an have troops deployed in the Phil- path and end up in another unneces- even worse plan: put more troops in sary, dangerous, costly and disastrous ippines, Thailand, and Indonesia; in harm’s way in Iraq. This just doesn’t preemptive war with Iran. This notion South America in Colombia, Brazil, Ar- make any sense. of the ‘‘axis of evil’’ and preemptive gentina, Paraguay, and Guantanamo That is why this no-confidence reso- war is very, very dangerous. Bay; and in 19 countries in Africa, all lution puts the administration on no- Madam Speaker, the stakes are too in support of the war on terror. tice: end the occupation and bring our high. We need to stop digging ourselves And as Mr. SHADEGG mentioned a few troops home. However, if the President deeper into this hole. Escalating this minutes ago, it has been clearly stated doesn’t change course, we must go fur- war and expanding this war does noth- that Iraq is the first battleground cho- ther. This war has undermined our ing in terms of our national security. sen to make their stand and clearly credibility and standing in the world. It puts us more at risk. Iraq was not a stated that all of these other places It has cost too many lives and injured haven for terrorists as it is now. Again, where we have sent troops, not because too many of our troops. This war has Iraq, Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, we have extra troops to send some- cost too many Iraqi lives. This war has there was no connection, and we have where, not because we have extra tax- cost us nearly half a trillion dollars, to dispel that notion so the American payer dollars that we are trying to get and the costs keep mounting. The people know the truth. rid of or spend, but because every one chaos in Iraq that the President set in So, rather than end this war today, of those countries exhibits a piece of motion has further destabilized an al- we are saying let’s just for today at geography where there is a threat re- ready precarious balance in the Middle least take one step and stop the esca- lated to the global war on terror. East. lation and expansion, and we will be So a vote for this resolution is a We must take steps to use the up- back to talk about how we are going to vote, perhaps, of goodwill on the part coming supplemental appropriations begin to bring our troops home, and of those who will eventually in a few bill to set in motion an end to this ter- bring them home within 6 months. days vote for it, but it won’t end this rible and misguided war and bring our Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I war. It won’t end the desire of the troops home from Iraq. am happy to yield 5 minutes to the Islamists to take advantage of various To that end I support fully funding gentleman from Illinois (Mr. HARE), a situations and, as Mr. HOEKSTRA men- the safe withdrawal of our troops from member of the Veterans’ Affairs Com- tioned, achieve their goals. Iraq over a 6-month period, and I will mittee. And so this is a broad war. This is a work with my colleagues to do this. Mr. HARE. Madam Speaker, I thank war where it will be years and perhaps Additionally, along with Congress- the gentlewoman from California. I decades to bring to a conclusion. And women WOOLSEY and WATERS, we have rise today in strong support of this res- the worst thing we can do is to send introduced H.R. 508, the Bring our olution. messages that we are not serious about Troops Home and Sovereignty of Iraq Recently at a town hall meeting that carrying out our duties in defense of Restoration Act. I had, a man approached me, pulled out this generation and, as I will point out a picture of his son, said that he had later, future generations of Americans. b 1945 just died in Iraq 6 months ago. His wife Mr. HOEKSTRA. Madam Speaker, re- This bill would completely fully fund won’t come out of the home. He said, claiming my time, with that I reserve military withdrawal from Iraq within 6 ‘‘I want you to promise me that when the balance of my time. months, while ensuring that our troops you go to Washington, you will do ev- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I and contractors leave safely, and accel- erything you can to make sure that would like to yield myself 20 minutes. erate the training of Iraqi Security this never happens to another family.’’

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00065 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.114 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1538 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Three days later, I called the family gest that this administration try some- manders on requirements for pre- of Senior Airman Daniel Miller of thing it hasn’t tried yet: diplomacy. It venting chaos in the aftermath of the Galesburg, Illinois, who lost their son can work. You just have to have the invasion. As a result, our extended to a roadside bomb explosion outside of courage to try. presence in Iraq continues to worsen Baghdad 2 weeks prior to when he was In the coming weeks, I am hopeful the situation, not only in Iraq, but in supposed to be coming home. I hope that Congress will consider a com- the entire region. and pray I don’t ever have to make an- prehensive measure such as H.R. 787, Terrorist incidents continue to flare other phone call to another grieving the Iraq War De-escalation Act, of up around the world, from England to family. That is why I come to the floor which I am a cosponsor. In addition to Spain, from Indonesia to Jordan. Chaos this evening in strong opposition to the requiring the responsible redeployment and intolerance in the form of civil war President’s decision to deploy 21,500 ad- of U.S. forces from Iraq and allowing now has secured a deadly grip on Iraq. ditional troops in Iraq, and I strongly basic force protection, it launches a The policy of escalation has failed, and support this resolution. comprehensive regional and inter- failed again, to loosen that horrendous The current situation in Iraq is national diplomatic initiative. I am grip. The Iraqi people want us to leave, grave, and it is rapidly deteriorating. thoroughly convinced that the only and so do the American people, espe- The sectarian conflict is the principal way we will attain peace in this region, cially those in my congressional dis- challenge to stability in Iraq, and in Iraq, is through diplomatic initia- trict, and especially those that I en- caught in the middle of this civil war tives. counter at churches, schools, syna- are approximately 140,000 of our brav- This legislation also makes the Iraqi gogues, town hall meetings and on the est troops. Over 3,000 troops have al- Government responsible for their own street. ready lost their lives, while over 22,000 destiny by establishing benchmarks Madam Speaker, democracy and self- have been wounded. concerning Iraqi military readiness to government cannot be imposed on Iraq Our current strategy has not made police their own country without by any foreign power, including us, the significant impact on reducing the vio- United States assistance. United States of America. Our troops lence. In fact, December 2006 was the Finally, as a veteran myself, I also have done everything we have asked of third deadliest month since the war hope as we move forward we will ade- them, even when we have failed to began. The cost of this war, both in the quately prepare for the return of thou- equip and protect them. The problem number of lives lost and the amount of sands of new veterans. Our number one does not lie with our troops, but with dollars spent, has had a profound effect priority should be to fully fund the the distorted world view of this admin- on Illinois and my congressional dis- cost of veterans health care and PTSD istration and the military and diplo- trict. Out of the 3,128 deaths, 95 have benefits. matic doctrine of preemptive war as a been from Illinois, and eight soldiers This administration’s budget calls solution to global political problems. from the 17th District. for cutting prosthetics by $2 million We must do everything possible to But not only will an increase in troop and severely cuts funds to the VA at a protect our troops and we must do ev- levels not solve the fundamental cause time when it is proposing an increase erything in our power to take care of of violence, it places us at a great dis- in troop levels. Without full funding for them when they return home. advantage here at home. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, It is impossible, Madam Speaker, to the Congressional Budget Office, the our veterans are left without the serv- build a coalition against terrorism by troop surge could require as many as ices they were promised when they attempting to unilaterally impose 48,000 troops and as much as $27 billion, pledged to defend this Nation. these doctrines on the international which is five times the amount of the Madam Speaker, I strongly urge my community. We cannot undo the many President’s request of $5.6 billion. Also colleagues on both sides of the aisle to mistakes which have been made in the U.S. military will be forced to de- support this resolution as the first of Iraq. And when our national interests ploy many combat units for their sec- many steps towards bringing our have been so distorted, when we have ond, third, and even fourth deploy- troops home and securing our success so lost our direction, it is the histor- ments in Iraq, and extend the redeploy- in Iraq. As I told the gentleman at my ical, moral, and constitutional respon- ment of others. Currently as we sit in debate on this town meeting, I promised him I would sibility of this Congress to set us back resolution, 16,000 single mothers are do everything I could so this would on course and on the right track. serving in Iraq. This troop surge would never happen again. That journey be- It is time to recognize that we are only extend the time their children are gins this evening. enmeshed in an unending, vicious cir- left at home alone, with their mother Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I cle of escalating violence, rather than or their father. am happy to yield 5 minutes to the a force for peace, and that is why I am Since the military is already short gentleman from Illinois (Mr. DAVIS), a a cosponsor of H.R. 508, which would thousands of vehicles, armor kits and member of the Oversight and Govern- bring the force of law to end this war. other protective equipment, a troop ment Reform Committee. Today we have before us a non- surge threatens the readiness of our (Mr. DAVIS of Illinois asked and was binding resolution, most likely insuffi- forces. In fact, if you saw the paper re- given permission to revise and extend cient to end the occupation. But it can cently, a soldier was quoted saying he his remarks.) help to move us in the right direction had to go to the junkyards to dig up Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Madam Speak- and set us on the right path. Therefore, pieces of rusted scrap missile and bal- er, first of all, I want to thank Speaker I support this resolution, because it re- listic glass so they could armor the ve- PELOSI for providing what we never had flects the will and interests of the hicles and make them combat ready. in the last session, and that is ample American people, and I trust that this While only a first step, this resolu- opportunity to fully discuss Iraq, administration will abandon dema- tion is a good start. It does not give up where we are and what we ought to be gogic calls for constantly changing no- on our troops or declare defeat in Iraq, doing about it. tions of success and victory and awak- but offers a new forward direction to- I have always been told that when en to the world of reality. wards a nonpartisan goal of bringing you start with a faulty premise, you Madam Speaker, it is time, it is past our troops home safely, quickly, and will inevitably reach a faulty conclu- time, to bring our troops home. I am securing stability in the region. sion. And the rationale given for enter- told that insanity is doing the same Already, this Democratic-led Con- ing the war was faulty. There were no thing over and over and over again and gress has had 52 oversight hearings on weapons of mass destruction, no con- expecting different results. This resolu- various issues related to this war, and nection to 9/11. Therefore, we never tion sets us on the right course, gives many of my colleagues have introduced should have invaded Iraq in the first us the right direction. I urge its pas- several bipartisan measures that pro- place. sage. mote political and diplomatic engage- But then after the invasion, the occu- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I ments. pation of Iraq has been tragically mis- am happy to yield 5 minutes to my A person this evening said, Where do managed. Civilian military leadership neighbor and colleague from California we go from here? I would strongly sug- ignored the advice of senior com- (Mr. HONDA).

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00066 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.117 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1539 b 2000 lowance in a timely manner. So that he that we have brought with the 3 mil- Mr. HONDA. Madam Speaker, I could continue to live in dignity, local lion-plus babies who have been vac- thank my colleague, the gentlewoman officials and media had to put out a cinated, with the hundreds of schools from Northern California (Mrs. call for donations to pick up where his and hospitals that have been built, and TAUSCHER). government failed him. with all those expectant mothers that Like so many of my colleagues, I This brave man expected that his were given prenatal care by the Ameri- stand here today in opposition to sacrifices would be repaid with the gen- cans so that their children would be President Bush’s surge in Iraq. erosity that America promises to our born in a healthy fashion. We should not have attacked Iraq in veterans. Instead, he encountered a But, Mr. Speaker, I recall that in 1984 the first place, and we definitely should system that is overextended and ill Ronald Reagan very eloquently asked not escalate things further. The initial equipped to help him when he needed the American people to support him in evidence for the war was flimsy at best, it. Other constituents have told me bringing freedom to the people of El and realizing that, I voted against the that when they try to call the Veterans Salvador. I remember his speech; and authorization for war. Administration they have to wait on in his speech, he harkened back to an- The most recent evidence that the hold for over 2 hours before they can other American who had appealed to us President has presented in support of talk to a human being. in bringing freedom to another part of this surge is even less credible, and I Is this how we should treat those who the world, which was at that time en- urge my colleagues to prevent the put their lives on the line for our coun- dangered, and that was Greece in 1947. President from throwing more gasoline try? The Veterans Administration re- The communists were very close to onto a fire that is already burning out cently testified that it needs a 13 per- victory in Greece, and Harry Truman of control. cent increase in funding to address ris- appealed to the American people in a When I speak to veterans of the Iraq ing costs and increased demand, but joint session of Congress. He said the war, I become infuriated by their tales the President’s budget proposes less free peoples of the world look to us for of the destruction that this President’s than half of that. support in maintaining their freedoms. policies have wrought in that country. And now the President wants to fur- If we falter, we may endanger the peace Nor can they fathom why their Com- ther escalate the strain on our already of the world, and we shall surely en- mander in Chief insists on squandering over-extended system by sending more danger the welfare of this Nation. the strength of the greatest fighting soldiers off to Iraq? I am outraged and Now, we have no guarantee of victory force in the history of the world. I cannot mince my words. This is a na- in Iraq. There is no battle plan that While Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s tional shame. This is not how America comes with a guarantee of victory, but rule was a rogue state and an affront to repays its valiant heroes. I will tell one thing that is very clear: American values, today Iraqi citizens Madam Speaker, we must stop this what is happening in Iraq and our ef- are forced to endure even more severe madness. This surge, this escalation forts in Iraq are connected and are and deadlier situations. will fail just as past surges have. watched by every terrorist in the There is no indication that Iraq was This conflict requires the diplomatic world, and that connection is estab- a center for international terrorism and political solution, not just simply lished and travels as fast as the speed prior to President Bush’s adventure sending more troops into the fight. We of electrons in this age of television there. Now, as a result of his irrespon- cannot allow this President to shatter and technology and high-paced, fast sible actions, it undeniably is. the lives of more of our best and media and the Internet. They see what Over 3,000 brave American service brightest. It is time to bring our troops we are doing. men and women have lost their lives in home. And that connection, Mr. Speaker, Iraq in addition to the 100,000 or more ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE was made when the Beirut bombings Iraqis who have been killed; 25,000 The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AL occurred against the Marines in the American soldiers have been injured. GREEN of Texas). Members are re- Marine barracks in Beirut. In fact, I For what, Mr. President? For what? minded to direct their remarks to the think Mr. SKELTON was with me. We You have yet to answer this simple Chair. were over there very shortly before question, and I suspect this is because Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I under- those bombings occurred. you do not have an answer. There is stand we have until 12 o’clock to com- They are connected and the terrorist not, nor can there be, a credible answer plete this part of the debate? world watched very closely when there to this utter folly. The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen- was no response to that. They watched Each Member of this House has tales tleman is correct. very closely when there was no re- of constituents whose lives will never Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield sponse in the Khobar Towers, with re- be the same because of the Iraq war. myself such time as I might consume. spect to the Cole and extremely anemic In the aftermath of 9/11, one of my Mr. Speaker, in my office I keep a response with respect to the bombings constituents joined the Army out of a photo of about a dozen Kurdish moth- in the embassies in Africa. deep sense of patriotism. One day while ers whose bodies are strewn across the Now we are undertaking an impor- on patrol in Iraq, his tank drove over hillside in northern Iraq, holding their tant and difficult mission; and, Mr. an explosive device, sending the vehicle babies, killed in mid-stride where they Speaker, I pointed out before that at 10 feet in the air. He survived but suf- were gassed to death by Saddam Hus- least one brigade of the 82nd Airborne fered severe brain and spinal injuries. sein. As I listened to some folks in this is already in place in Baghdad, now en- For his bravery, he was awarded the debate talk about what they consider gaged in the operation, and we have a Purple Heart, multiple commendations to be an immoral war, an illegal war, brigade of the Big Red One moving now and other medals. an occupation that is not consistent toward the theater. I believe we have After completing a service to his with morality, I harken back to that right at 4,000 members of the 82nd Air- country, he returned home to resume picture and the thousands of people borne now in country in Iraq, and we his life with his wife and newly born that it represents, and I harken back have Iraqi soldiers and Americans en- triplets. also to the exhuming of mass graves gaged in the nine sectors of the city al- Upon returning to work, however, he with, again, mothers shot in the back ready undertaking this operation and found that he had difficulty concen- of the head with a .45-caliber pistol by this plan that has been developed by trating as a result of his head injury. Saddam Hussein’s executioners and our warfighting commanders. He was diagnosed with traumatic brain with their little babies similarly with The idea that we are here, poised to injury and post-traumatic stress dis- holes in the back of their skulls. retroactively condemn an operation order. Mr. Speaker, this operation in Iraq is that our soldiers are already carrying As a result of the strain that the indeed a moral operation. It represents out, is, to my mind, remarkable. There President’s policies are placing on the the goodness of the American people. is not going to be any force in effect Veterans Administration, he, like so I am also reminded of something that with respect to this vote that will take many of my constituents, was unable lots of folks and the Vice President place shortly that will do anything but to receive a change in his benefit al- talked about, and that is the goodness send the wrong message to America’s

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00067 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.119 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1540 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 allies, and I think you have seen com- let that happen. Sending more U.S. the 138 who existed before the move- ments by some of our allies over the troops to Iraq will not stabilize it or ment started, and we allow for the last several weeks with respect to the the region as a whole. As the latest Na- troops who are rotating home, we will message that we send out. We are in- tional Intelligence Estimate makes have fewer; we will have 157,000 troops teresting people are we not, Mr. Speak- clear, Iraq is becoming more polarized in Iraq, according to DOD. That is er. We send out messages with all the and violent, not less. Sending more fewer than the number of troops that electronic gadgets in the world to con- American troops to Iraq without we had a year ago in December. That is vey the messages to the entire world, stronger Iraqi leadership will only lead the state of this so-called surge; fewer and then we say, you know, we really to further chaos. troops than we had last year. did not mean what you take our state- My consistent opposition to this Mr. Speaker, at this point I would ments to mean and we really did not troop surge is built upon years of hear- yield such time as he may consume to intend to give anybody the wrong mes- ings in the House Armed Services Com- the distinguished gentleman from New sage that we still support the troops. mittee, congressional briefings and five Jersey (Mr. SAXTON) who, for a number Well, Mr. Speaker, we have got a trips to the region, including three to of years, chaired the Terrorism Sub- number of great members of the Armed Iraq, witnessing the war firsthand and committee and is now the ranking Services Committee that I want to speaking with our troops and com- member. yield to, and I want to come back later manders on the ground. Mr. SAXTON. Mr. Speaker, I want to and talk a little bit later about this I have watched the President plead thank the ranking member for yielding war against terror and the centerpiece his case to the American people, trying me this time. that is Iraq and the centerpiece of that to justify why more troops will save I rise in opposition to the resolution which is as planned. his failed policy; but I am consistently that will be voted on Friday. And my You know, I was thinking there was disappointed by the stubbornness ex- statement, as clearly as I can, says a statement once that in a little hut in hibited by an administration that has why. Central America when we were stand- failed every step of the way. Mr. Speaker, I recently attended the ing up to the Communists and we were I have stated from the beginning of funeral of an old friend who passed providing a shield for El Salvador, the war that the Commander in Chief away after a wonderful, productive 90 while that fragile democracy stood up, has the responsibility to define a well- years of life. His family and friends there was a hut in El Salvador which articulated mission that has the sup- gathered at the church to celebrate his reportedly had the writing on it, port of the American people and an life and to remember his accomplish- Thank God for Ronald Reagan. I am exit strategy to bring our troops home ments. During World War II, he served wondering if some trooper in the 82nd sooner and safer. He has neither. as a member of the Army Air Corps. Airborne, in the 2nd brigade of the 82nd Top military commanders in Iraq, Near the end of the service, two Air Airborne may write on a wall in Bagh- the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and Force sergeants unfolded and refolded dad, maybe on Friday when we take the American people all agree that an American flag, and then caringly this vote, This is the day in which the sending more troops to Iraq will not presented it to my friend’s widow say- American Congress condemned the end the civil war. They understand the ing, ‘‘On behalf of the President of the mission that we are carrying out Iraqi Government needs to take re- United States, the United States Air today. sponsibility for securing their own Force, and a grateful American people, Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of country, and we should immediately I present this flag in honor of your hus- my time. begin a strategic redeployment of U.S. band’s service to his country.’’ Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I troops in conjunction with diplomacy Mr. Speaker, we survive as a nation yield myself 5 minutes. that forces Iraq’s neighbors to step up today in large part because of the self- Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to lend my as regional, responsible partners. less service to our country by a great strong support to this bipartisan reso- If the President sidesteps the Con- many Americans just like my friend. lution supporting our men and women gress, he does so at his own peril; and, Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, in uniform and opposing the Presi- sadly, it is the men and women of our members of the Coast Guard, and mem- dent’s decision to send more troops Armed Forces and their families who bers of the foreign service organiza- into Iraq. will pay the highest price. tions have been supported by the Last year, Congress united across American people and by American re- party lines to say loudly and clearly, b 2015 sources and funding. the year of 2006 must be a year of sig- I believe it is grossly irresponsible to Because we are once again involved nificant transition in Iraq. Rather than send more troops to Iraq when only in a war which threatens our country, chart a new course, the President is two thirds of our Army’s up-armored we find American military personnel proposing more of the same. His ac- Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan have are again deployed to many parts of tions will only deepen America’s in- been fitted with the latest anti-IED the world. Last week, Chairman of the volvement in Iraq’s civil war. protective kits. That is over 4,000 Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace listed Instead of acknowledging the facts Humvees without the right equipment. the long list of countries where our on the ground, instead of listening to General Pace has indicated that all forces are deployed and are present to the combatant commanders and the armored vehicles will not be up-ar- help protect us as part of the global Iraq Study Group and instead of hear- mored until July, well after the Presi- war on terror. Earlier tonight, I read ing the American people’s call for dent’s surge has occurred. from that list. There are 70 countries change, the President has once again This is why I am an original cospon- where Americans serve abroad in sup- chosen to stick to his failed policies, sor of the Meehan legislation that re- port of the global war on terror. We and now he has raised the risk by in- quires the President to ask Congress don’t send them there because we want sisting more U.S. troops head to Iraq. for an up-or-down vote if he plans to to send them off to some far off part of It has been 4 years, Mr. President. raise troop levels in Iraq and why I am the world for no good reason. There are The American people have every right proud to support this legislation today. threats there, threats like al Qaeda, to expect a change of course in Iraq, I will continue to challenge the threats like Hezbollah, threats like the and it is your responsibility to them President to abandon his flawed troop Quad groups that are funded by Iran. and our men and women in uniform to surge policy, and I urge my colleagues This is a unique and historic struggle stop fighting Iraq’s civil war. to support this important resolution. for a number of reasons. Chief among As General Odom, the former head of We owe it to our troops and to our con- them is that our enemies are both the National Security Agency under science. state and nonstate actors. They are le- President Reagan, wrote this weekend, Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield thal and deadly. Fortunately, the great unless Congress speaks up, and I quote, myself just 30 seconds, and I would like citizens of this country have re- we may be doomed to 2 more years of to just make one note. That is, if we sponded. Americans have volunteered chasing a mirage in Iraq and possibly add the 21,500 troops that are already in large numbers to work, defend, and widening the war to Iran. We cannot partly in Iraq, these reinforcements to fight to protect our way of life. Yet,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00068 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.121 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1541 today some among us would question lem in the Middle East, and I bet it achieve superiority strategically inter- whether we are on the right track. And won’t be long until they are a huge nationally. Let’s look at the process, I think they are on the wrong track. problem in the U.S.’’ They are today. the process that fosters the doubt that As many of my colleagues on both The second thing I would like to talk some citizens in the U.S. have today. sides of the aisle know, I have devoted a little bit about is how they work to That is why we are here tonight. Some much of my career in Congress to achieve their goals on the battlefield. people doubt our capabilities. And this studying and understanding this It is kind of unique, certainly unique in is the type of thinking that brings us enemy. I must say that I believe I have history. Their radical ideology breeds here tonight. This is the doubt that developed some understanding of them, an unconventional strategy of violence, fuels the desire to disengage, to pre- and so I would like to take a few min- and they are not to be underestimated. tend that the danger doesn’t exist, to utes here tonight to share some This is the method to their violence: discuss, as we are here today or to- thoughts and some facts about them. They have recognized that it is dif- night, solutions to limit our success You simply cannot discuss or under- ficult or impossible for them to achieve and move toward disengagement. stand our situation in Iraq without their goals through conventional war- fare strategies and techniques. They The enemy has demonstrated a first addressing some of the funda- strong understanding and some success mental and important questions about have instituted as a substitute a four- stage process that replaces traditional internationally in developing this un- the enemy. conventional strategy of warfare. It Who is he, or who are they? How do warfare, at least traditional warfare as has evolved something like this: they work to achieve their goals on the we know it in the West. Their strategy battlefield? How do they work to is well laid out and planned; it is called In the early 19th century, armies met achieve their international objectives? insurgency. Four steps. each other on the battlefield, frontline What is our record against them? And First, they work quietly to gain the to frontline. We all remember looking what is at stake? support of the population through so- at those old movies of wars in the 19th First of all, who are they? Members cial, charitable, and ideological groups century. Warriors were trained in tech- of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, the Quads and organizations, schools, hospitals, niques aimed at defeating their foe’s forces, and other similar terrorist charities. They gain the support of the frontlines so as to prevail on the bat- groups’ view of the world is based on an people. tlefield. There was little thought, plan- extreme ideology, an ideology that is Second, now that they have devel- ning, or training given to reaching be- far more extreme than most Middle oped some strength in organization, yond the frontlines in battle, much less Eastern people want or support. I cer- they begin to develop strength in un- to strike directly at central govern- tainly can’t speak for the citizens of conventional warfare capabilities. Un- ments. Today, this strategy of warfare the Middle East, but it seems clear to conventional warfare capabilities, ter- is called first-generation warfare. rorism, if you will, until their ability me that in the opinion of the great ma- Then, during the 20th century, spe- exists to severely harass their enemy, jority of citizens and residents of the cifically during World War I and World usually the superior legitimate force, Middle East, both Muslim and non- War II, two new generations of warfare the government of whatever country Muslim, that this is an extreme ide- they happen to be operating in. This is evolved. During World War I, armies ology which they feel they should re- often the traditional or newly created were trained to carry out tactics not ject. And they do. government, just like the one that we only against frontlines but also against The extremists are groups of individ- logistical supply lines. The intent was uals who do not believe in any form of are dealing with in Iraq. And in this way, they build popular support to damage the enemy’s ability by secular government, and will go to through unconventional warfare suc- reaching back beyond the battlefield seemingly any lengths to sabotage oth- cesses as well as through charities. frontline. This is called second-genera- ers who try to establish secular or rep- Step three. They develop the ability tion warfare. resentative free types of governments. to reconsider the danger of counter- World War II brought about third- Their tactics run the gamut from ser- attack posed by the stronger legiti- generation warfare by using tactics to monizing to mistreatment to capture, mate force or government, and the reach even further behind the lines to torture, and death, often by beheading. ability to fade away temporarily into attack the industrial production facili- Their leaders are male and assign sub- the population until the pressure is off ties of the enemy’s central govern- servient roles to females. Their ide- so they can come back and fight again, ments. ology holds that members of society, all the time getting stronger, all the Finally, the most recent evolution, both Middle Eastern society and other- time carrying out their work through wise, who do not share their same rad- strategic and tactical execution of war- the charities and the schools and the fare, designed as fourth-generation ical beliefs are assigned to a subser- hospitals, and the terrorist acts vient role or simply eliminated. They warfare. The goal, to destroy the deter- against their enemy. mination of the enemy’s decision- are members of organizations who Finally, the fourth step, they develop makers to continue the fight. state openly and repeatedly, ‘‘Death to it over time, the conventional capabili- the non-believers, death to America.’’ ties that are necessary to be used They say it every day. This, in short, is against the stronger traditional force b 2030 what they are about. with the objective of defeating the le- Perhaps there are some of us here in Today’s decisionmakers are the citi- gitimate government. zens of Europe and the rest of the West, Congress who don’t take these people If that sounds familiar, it should, be- including, of course, the United States seriously. I do. And I am glad Franklin cause it is exactly what is happening in and the decisionmakers of the United Roosevelt took Hitler and his people Iraq. This is the traditional four-step States Congress. Unconventional tools seriously as well. It is much the same. insurgency process first used in China have been used by al Qaeda through Twenty years ago, while on my sec- by Mao in the 1920s, and in Vietnam fourth-generation warfare and other ond trip to Israel, it was 1987 to be during the 1960s and 1970s. exact, I came across an article about Studying this concept, one can apply groups to convince the decisionmakers Hamas. In 1987, I had never heard of it to various theaters around the world to discontinue the effort. Unconven- them before; they were a brand-new in the global war on terror and identify tional tools such as the Western media, group. So while I was there, I asked various stages in various theaters in terrorist acts such as those on 9/11, and about them. And I learned much about many places in the world. I believe, for unconventional warfare such as killing Hamas, but also about other groups example, Hezbollah in Lebanon has Shiia citizens, Sunni citizens and coali- that we hear about today, groups like worked its way nearly to the fourth tion military participants with IEDs Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad, other stage of the insurgency process. Other and car and truck bombs. groups that existed at the time. And I groups like al Qaeda in Iraq are fol- Through the media, every one of will always remember getting back on lowing the same course elsewhere. these acts which is reported has an ef- that airplane to come home. I thought, The third thing I would like to talk fect and carries a message inten- ‘‘Today these people are a huge prob- about a little bit is how they work to tionally to discourage decisionmakers,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:49 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00069 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.124 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1542 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 and that is precisely the plan. That is mately led to the rise of the Taliban We also rejected the immediate with- precisely why we are having this de- and provided safe haven for al Qaeda. drawal of our troops because we believe bate tonight. Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in that so much is at stake. So the Iraq That brings us to the debate today. 2000 resulted in an empowered Study Group did state that they would Often American decisionmakers have Hezbollah, weakened Lebanese mod- support a surge to effect the stabiliza- been convinced through fourth-genera- erates failed to keep peace. The best tion of Baghdad, and it is in the nine tion warfare used by al Qaeda and used example was Hezbollah’s naked aggres- sectors of Baghdad with Iraqi battal- by other groups, Shiia militias, Sunni sion this past summer in delivering un- ions to the front, American battalions insurgents, to convince some here to believable attacks against Israel’s ci- backing them up, that this operation is vote to discontinue necessary efforts in vilian population. As one commentator taking right now. So it appears to me one of the central theaters of the glob- has put it, this is from Victor Hanson that the President is, in fact, following al war on terror, Iraq, and hence con- in the National Review Online, Decem- and is on common ground with this vince us not to provide the level of na- ber 1, 2006, ‘‘By not responding to a dec- recommendation by the Iraq Study tional security so important to the ade of prior attacks in East Africa, Group. I thank the gentleman for citizens and children and future gen- New York, Saudi Arabia and Yemen yielding. erations of the United States of Amer- and withdrawing precipitously from Mrs. TAUSCHER. If the gentleman ica. Lebanon and Mogadishu, we gave the will yield, I just wanted to respond, Fourth, let me talk about under- fatal impression that terrorists could since you were so nice to quote me. standing the consequences of with- strike the U.S. with near impunity.’’ Mr. Speaker, the truth is, as we all drawal and our record. Withdrawal That is what we are talking about know, the Iraq Study Group had a very under fire is unacceptable and history doing now in Iraq. comprehensive strategy, but it was a is replete with examples of harmful The lesson here is obvious. We must radical departure from what the Presi- consequences in doing so. Lebanon and remain engaged until we complete our dent is proposing today in this surge. I Somalia are two examples where we mission. Finally, what is at stake? It is think there was some, you know, 70- presently face increased threats to our clear that al Qaeda and other groups plus recommendations in the Iraq national security as a result of pre- constitute a serious threat to the citi- Study Group, including shifting the viously ill-timed withdrawals. zens of the U.S. for this generation mission to training of the Iraqi Secu- As a result of the U.S. withdrawal in and, even more importantly, for the fu- rity Forces and a big emphasis on di- Lebanon, for example, after the Marine ture generations. Our enemies have plomacy. So I don’t think it is fair for barracks bombing in 1983, the country, demonstrated significant success in the gentleman to cherry-pick a para- Lebanon, even today remains a ter- carrying out activities to the det- graph out of what the Iraq Study rorist hotbed. The withdrawal riment of the citizens of the U.S. Group says. strengthened Hezbollah. It contributed They have successfully attacked nu- But with all due respect, I will tell to years of civil war in Lebanon. It di- merous targets overseas, mostly with you what the Iraq Study Group rec- minished U.S. prestige in the region explosives, and have used missiles ommended is not what the President is and influence throughout much of the known as jumbo jets to attack New doing now. Frankly, the President has world. York City and Pennsylvania and at the rejected the Iraq Study Group rec- The lingering question: Could the Pentagon, and they have used explo- ommendations, and I think that to sug- U.S. have prevented the rise of sives in terror operations in Afghani- gest that he is going along with the Hezbollah and the influence of Tehran stan, and even more successfully in Iraq Study Group recommendations is with sustained engagement in Leb- Iraq to pit the minority Sunni popu- really not correct. anon? We will never know. lation against the Shiia. They fueled Mr. HUNTER. I would just say to my In 1993, we withdrew our forces from the insurgency and have cost Sunni, friend from California, he is consistent Somalia after a failed military oper- Shiia, as well as the lives of U.S. sol- with the Iraq Study Group to the ex- ation in Mogadishu. A decade later an diers. tent of 21,500 troops, which has been de- Islamic militia with ties to al Qaeda Our choices may be difficult. It is not scribed by your side of the debate as has controlled that country and is re- easy to be at war. It is even harder to very substantial and such an important sponsible for destabilizing the entire stay at war, but it is clearly proven by thing and such a major thing that it Horn of Africa. We didn’t know it at history that we must not abandon the should be stopped. So that, obviously, the time. We decided to withdraw. It missions in the war on terror nor in the is not an inconsequential aspect of the was a mistake. This radical movement Iraqi theater. We have seen the results Iraq Study Group’s statement. briefly shows signs of regaining lost of the precipitous withdrawals. It Mrs. TAUSCHER. Well, yielding my- ground in Somalia, even today. would be unconscionable to vote and to self some time, I don’t disagree with At the very least, Somalia remains a do other than to support the adminis- you, but one recommendation out of dangerous, ungoverned place, and the tration’s plan. some 70-odd does not make the Iraq lingering question, could the United Mr. HUNTER. Would the gentleman Study Group what the President is States have prevented the spread of yield briefly? doing. radicalism in the Horn of Africa with a Mr. SAXTON. I yield to the gen- Mr. Speaker, at this time I am going sustained engagement in Somalia, but tleman. to yield myself 25 minutes, and at this we withdrew. Mr. HUNTER. I want to thank the time I yield 5 minutes to the gen- Further evidence of failure to re- gentleman for yielding briefly. I want tleman from Illinois, the chairman of spond to terrorism emboldened al to thank him for his statement and the Aviation Subcommittee, Mr. Qaeda. In 1993, the World Trade Center just clarify the record, while he has got COSTELLO. was bombed. No response. In 1996, some time, if I could. Mr. COSTELLO. I want to thank my Khobar Towers were bombed. No re- Mr. Speaker, my good friend from friend from California for yielding time sponse. In 1998, the U.S. Embassy California, the gentlelady, made the re- to me. bombings in Kenya and Tanzania took mark, as I understand it, that the Iraq Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support place. No response. In 2000, the attack Study Group did not agree with the of the Skelton bipartisan resolution on the USS Cole took place. No re- President’s so-called surge. I just opposing President Bush’s policy to sponse. would point to the statement that the send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq. I Result? September 11. We are not Iraq Study Group published in their re- do so because I am strongly against es- alone. The Soviet Union and Israel port. They said we could, however, sup- calating the war in Iraq. both paid heavy prices for imple- port a short-term redeployment or This is not so much a policy as it is menting a precipitous withdrawal on surge of American combat forces to a hope that additional troops will two separate occasions. The Soviet stabilize Baghdad or to speed up the somehow make right the long list of Union withdrew from Afghanistan in training and equipping mission if the poor decisions by this administration 1989 and left behind the conditions of U.S. commander in Iraq determines regarding our involvement in Iraq. anarchy and warlordism, which ulti- that such steps would be effective. Putting 21,500 more soldiers on the

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00070 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.125 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1543 ground only gives President Bush little authorize the use of military force, I resources to deal with Afghanistan and more time to resist the conclusion that voted ‘‘no.’’ I felt at that time that we future contingencies. Will we be able to the vast majority of Americans have had not exhausted all diplomatic ave- respond if our military is needed else- already reached, and that is that the nues and that unilateral action would where? With more of our troops bogged events in Iraq have moved beyond our have a grave effect on our strategic po- down, will our allies around the world ability to impact them in a meaningful sition in the world. More significantly, continue to have faith in our ability to way militarily. it could undercut the broader long- respond to extremist and military It is important to note that we have term war against Islamic extremism. threats around the globe? reached this point not because of some Sadly, Mr. Speaker, many of these pre- We must answer these questions. But failing of our men and women in uni- dictions have come through. We now I have not heard satisfactory responses form who continue to make sacrifices. find ourselves in a position where only from the President or military offi- Indeed, our respect and admiration for grim choices remain. cials. Mr. Speaker, I also oppose the our troops is matched only by their surge because the present administra- b 2045 bravery. Regrettably, but not unpre- tion has not sufficiently answered dictably, the plan for postwar Iraq woe- The war in Iraq has indeed strained questions about the impact on military fully was inadequate, and the Bush ad- our military, drained taxpayer dollars personnel. For those in the military, ministration, instead of taking respon- and damaged our credibility in the this war hits close to home every day. sibility for its failings, continues to in- international community. As a mem- While we have asked few Americans sist that victory is just around the cor- ber of the House Armed Services Com- to sacrifice during this conflict, ner. It is not. A civil war is raging in mittee, I have heard from a number of servicemembers and their families con- Iraq, and our troops are caught in the administration officials and academic tinue to face the uncertainty of re- crossfire. experts on the way forward in Iraq. peated deployments, injury and in The grand designs of the Bush admin- And many of these experts have warned some cases the death of a loved one. istration are not attainable now, if against increasing the number of They deserve better. they ever were. It is time to admit it troops. Mr. Speaker, I told President Bush and move forward. This is not to say Last November, General Abizaid told that veterans in my district have said, that we should abandon the region. Far Congress that an increase in U.S. troop ‘‘We are a military at war, not a Na- from it. The United States must con- levels would only delay the ability of tion at war.’’ And military leaders tinue to work with countries of the Iraqis to take the lead. Mr. Speaker, agree. Mr. Speaker, if we truly want to Middle East and of the world to sta- what changed between November and create a situation where we can with- bilize Iraq and its neighbors. today? Even the most ardent pro- draw our troops, we need to escalate I have said for months that I believe ponents of the troop increase acknowl- our diplomatic efforts and call on the best way to get the rest of the edge that to work all pieces must come Iraq’s neighbors to help the Iraqi Gov- world to take responsibility for what is together. ernment make the tough political deci- happening on the ground in Iraq may First, the military must be able to sions needed to reduce the violence. be to remove our troops, and I am con- quell sectarian and insurgent violence. We must not give in to the Presi- vinced that this is the necessary course And then if the violence subsides long dent’s diversion, but develop a of action now. We can maintain a enough for a window of opportunity to multipronged strategic plan the Amer- strong presence in the region, but we open, the economic and political com- ican and the Iraqi people deserve. cannot make the hard political deci- ponents must be executed flawlessly. Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I sions that the Sunnis, Shiites and oth- Even if our forces are successful in yield 6 minutes to the gentlewoman ers must make to save Iraq, and then reducing violence in the short term, as- from California (Ms. ZOE LOFGREN). they will not make them as long as our surances cannot be given that other Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California. Mr. military is there. parts of the government will be able to Speaker, I rise in strong support of this Let me just reemphasize that. We address the economic and political resolution that supports our troops, cannot make the hard political deci- components of the President’s plan. but oppose the President’s escalation sions that the Sunnis and Shiites and Well, the track record of the adminis- plan. My opposition to this war has others must make to save Iraq, and tration and the Maliki government been clear and consistent. The night they will not make them as long as our make it hard to believe that such a before I voted against the Iraq war res- military is there. plan will bring real results. One of the olution in October 2002, I stated on this Mr. Speaker, the American people do most egregious errors of our entire ex- floor that Congress should not grant not support sending more troops to perience in Iraq has been the failure to the President power to pursue a war in Iraq. In fact, the American people want put trained experts in critical civilian Iraq for three reasons. us out of Iraq, and the people of Iraq positions. First, Iraq was not an imminent want us out as well. To accomplish this new mission, ci- threat to the safety and security of Mr. Speaker, I commend the sac- vilian agencies have been asked to send America, something we now know to be rifices and service of our men and several hundred experts to Iraq to true. There are no weapons of mass de- women in uniform, and I commend carry out the plan. However, the mili- struction in Iraq. Chairman SKELTON for bringing this bi- tary has reported that because of hir- Secondly, we were acting without partisan resolution to the floor of the ing delays, DOD will have to assign real international support. And we now House. I urge my colleagues to support their own personnel because U.S. civil- know that our unilateral action proved the bipartisan resolution. ian agencies are unable to fill the much to be disastrous to our standing in the Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, at needed positions. world community. this time I yield 6 minutes to my friend Mr. Speaker, it should not be the role Finally, I questioned whether the and colleague from California (Mrs. of the military to rebuild nations on President had an exit strategy. Now, DAVIS). their own. We should have been 41⁄2 years later, it is clear that Presi- Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speak- leveraging our talented and experi- dent Bush did not have and still does er, I rise today in support of our ex- enced Federal workforce all along. not have an exit strategy for our traordinary troops and oppose sending Many of my colleagues have already troops. over 20,000 additional U.S. forces into discussed key issues such as readiness Even though I voted against the in- the middle of Iraq’s violent sectarian and equipment levels, but two of the vasion, I never dreamt that the Presi- conflict. I oppose the President’s plan greatest concerns I have with the dent’s policies and course of action because it will not end the insurgency, President’s plan are the effect on our would be as disastrous as they have halt military activity, or accelerate volunteer force and the strategic risk been for Iraq, for the gulf region and our departure from Iraq. The plan is that is created by putting more mili- for America. not a strategic change. tary assets into Iraq. Americans went to the polls in No- Rather, it is the continuation of a By adding more troops, the adminis- vember to send a clear message to Con- failed policy. When Congress voted to tration leaves our Nation with fewer gress and to the administration. They

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00071 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.126 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1544 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 are against this war and they want a Middle East, they must step up their lence, based on sectarian, political, so- successful exit plan. Americans see diplomatic efforts. With the help of the cial and cultural factors dating back that we are spending 8 to $10 billion a entire region, we can push the Iraqis to 1,000 years. month to fight this war, while in our help themselves. The situation in Iraq cannot be own country we have 47 million Ameri- Iraqi security forces must be trained solved militarily. Pretending otherwise cans without health care insurance and in a faster pace so they can be respon- only puts our soldiers, marines and our national debt is almost $9 trillion. sible for their own country. There is no others in greater danger. I have visited Mr. Speaker, my Democratic col- guarantee of success in Iraq, nor is them in theater, in Iraq and other leagues and I hear the American people there a clear definition of what success countries in the region and, yes, at loud and clear. They want oversight of might look like; but we do have a Walter Reed Hospital here in Wash- this war. They want to know the hard moral obligation to make our best ef- ington. facts of the situation on the ground in forts to diffuse the chaos the war has I have met with their families in New Iraq, instead of the rosy picture the created. The solution must be a polit- Jersey. The quality of these men and Bush administration tries to paint. ical and a diplomatic one. women, their earnest wish to serve They want investigations of and an end Unfortunately, the President refuses their country makes this situation all to the shady contracting in Iraq that to pursue the diplomatic options en- the more tragic. has given away billions of American dorsed by the bipartisan Iraq Study Mr. Speaker, they were sent to Iraq dollars without so much as a receipt. Group and his own military advisors. irresponsibly and in ignorance by lead- They want assurances that our troops As we saw today with the welcome ers, sometimes improperly equipped, will be protected. news that diplomatic efforts have led and are now asked to achieve an impos- Mr. Speaker, even though it was a to the de-escalation of tensions in sible mission. There is no way for us to mistake of titanic proportions to ini- North Korea and an agreement to resolve militarily the emerging multi- tiate this war, now that Iraq has been abandon their nuclear weapons ambi- faceted civil war that is engulfing Iraq. destabilized, what are we to do? The tion, a conflict is not always the right When he ordered the invasion of Iraq, answer cannot be more of the same, be- answer to world challenges. President Bush unleashed forces he did cause what we are doing is failing to Even General Abizaid, the outgoing not understand and could not control. have a positive impact. Our troops top commander of the U.S. forces in As the most recent National Intel- have performed the difficult missions Iraq, does not believe an escalation ligence Estimate attests: ‘‘The term given to them in Iraq with courage. will increase our chances of American civil war does not adequately capture Congress and the American people success. The American public has long the complexity of the conflict in Iraq, will continue to support them and pro- been ahead of Congress in their opposi- which includes extensive Shia-on-Shia vide them with every resource they tion to this war. violence and al Qaeda and Sunni insur- need. 320 soldiers from my home State I am here today to tell the American gent attacks on coalition forces and of California have died in this war. We people that they are being heard. I widespread criminally motivated vio- can never repay our debt to their faith- stand with the majority of Americans lence.’’ ful service and the sacrifices made by who say they have had enough. In the Whenever American forces leave their families. coming weeks and days, Congress will Iraq, there will not be a stable Amer- The failure in Iraq is not a failure of give the President’s plan the scrutiny ican-style liberal democracy. Pro- our fighting men and women. It is a the American people expect and our longing the occupation of Iraq whose failure of command, a failure of polit- troops deserve. It is time to bring this stability has only declined by any ical leadership. We must provide our war to an end and time to support this measure as our presence goes on in- troops and their families with a new resolution. creases the costs we incur in lives, dol- exit strategy instead of a new deploy- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I lars, and international prestige. ment. yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from No one will look back and say, if only The civil war in Iraq is not the prod- New Jersey (Mr. HOLT), my friend and the American military stayed a little uct of ad hoc, spur-of-the-moment indi- colleague. longer. No, historians will look back vidual violence. No. It is organized and Mr. HOLT. Mr. Speaker, America be- and ask what took Congress so long to it is a strategy of various political and gins the fifth year of war in Iraq. I am recognize a disaster and do something sectarian factions in Iraq. Putting our pleased that Speaker PELOSI has sched- about it. Extracting American troops troops in the middle of these warring uled such a thorough debate of the from this quagmire will dry up support factions will not end the violence. It most important moral and political for the various insurgencies operating will only put our troops in the middle issue of the day. The war in Iraq was in Iraq, and encourage other nations to of it. That notion is borne out by the misguided from the outset, even ille- take part in the process of stabilizing fact that more than 60 percent of the gal, and has been mismanaged consist- the country and promote the domestic Iraqi public believes that it is a good ently ever since. processes necessary for long-term sta- thing to attack and kill Americans sta- The resolution we have before us bility. tioned in Iraq. today puts Congress on record opposing Given all of those factors, the burden Proponents of the President’s esca- the escalation of troops in Iraq pro- should not be on those who believe that lation plan act as if the United States posed by President Bush and expressing American forces should be withdrawn. has but two options: one, increase the our steadfast support for our troops. The burden should be on those who American troops at great cost, both in Let me say at the outset that I in- want to continue this endeavor to show human lives and financial; or, two, do tend to vote for this resolution. It is an any compelling evidence that is worth nothing. But those are not the only important first step. The President’s sending more Americans to kill and to choices. We must step up our diplo- escalation of forces in Iraq is worse be killed. matic efforts in the region as rec- than the stay-the-course strategy so Sending more troops should require ommended by the bipartisan Iraq clearly rejected by Americans. If we the same high standard of evidence Study Group. pass this resolution, we will be doing that should have been met to go to war Americans should call upon neigh- more than repudiating the President’s in the first place. boring states in the Middle East to disastrous policy. We will for the first take strong measures to avoid a spread time be putting Congress on record in a b 2100 of the conflict beyond Iraq. As Iraq dis- way that will allow us to bring this war But the President and, I am sorry to integrates into sectarian violence, her to an end for Americans. say, the previous Congresses did not neighbors must insist that the factions Mr. Speaker, U.S. Armed Forces who apply that high standard. Some of us within Iraq halt their civil war. are serving in Iraq are heroes. They are said 4 years ago that there was not evi- We need to remind the countries in the most finely trained and dedicated dence sufficiently compelling to send the region that stability in Iraq is vital group of patriots any leader could Americans to kill and to die. After the to their interests. If they want to avoid want. But they now find themselves President went to war anyway, I called having this war spill out across the mired in the middle of intense vio- for withdrawal early.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00072 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.129 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1545 Now, Congress must establish stand- had publicly stated that the surge was Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield ards that we failed to set, standards of a failure and the operations had ‘‘not myself 3 minutes to just make a brief intelligence and evidence, standards of met our overall expectations of sus- response to a couple of statements that diplomacy, standards of legislative taining a reduction in the levels of vio- have been made. oversight, so that we do not go to war lence.’’ Mr. Speaker, Mr. HOLT referred to or escalate wars based on ideology Additional troops are not going to our wounded folks in Walter Reed as rather than evidence, bravado rather make a difference because there simply tragic. They are not tragic. They are than humility, patriotic fervor rather is not a military solution to the war in American heroes, and they are the peo- than patient diplomacy. Iraq. The devastating sectarian vio- ple who have bought the freedom that Congress failed in its constitutional lence is going to continue, but our allows us to have this debate today. role to exert a check and balance on troops should no longer be asked to Mr. Speaker, I would like to yield the Executive. With this resolution we serve as referees in a battle between re- some time to three unusual Americans begin on a new course, under new legis- ligious sects that have been fighting on the Armed Services Committee who lative leadership. We will audit the for centuries. all have had sons serving in the Iraq books. We will review the procedures Mr. Speaker, many of my colleagues theater. The first gentleman is the gen- for detaining prisoners, for engaging ci- on the other side of the aisle claim tleman from Minnesota (Mr. KLINE), vilians, for conducting intelligence. that if you speak out against the Presi- whose son has been a helicopter pilot Mr. Speaker, it is time for President dent’s proposal, you are not supporting in Iraq, as much time as the gentleman Bush to catch up with the American our troops, and this is nonsense. And if wishes to consume. people. The American people under- they listened to the troops, they would Mr. KLINE of Minnesota. Mr. Speak- stand that American forces should not know that not even a majority of our er, of course I rise today in strong op- remain in Iraq to try to quell a civil troops support the President’s plan. position to this resolution. It occurs to me, Mr. HUNTER, that I war they cannot control. The American According to a poll conducted by Army need to thank you not only for your people understand that we must Times, a weekly newspaper popular service, but for your son’s service in refocus our attention on our real inter- with Active Duty and retired Army the Marine Corps. It is one of those lit- ests. If the President did not, let us personnel, only 41 percent of our troops support the President’s plan. But they tle twists of those things that I served show at least that we do and pass this will do whatever is asked of them, re- my whole life in the Marine Corps, and resolution. my son is serving in the Army. You Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I gardless of whether or not they agree served in the Army, and your son is yield 5 minutes to my friend and col- with the command. Mr. Speaker, at the beginning of the serving in the Marine Corps. And I league from New Jersey (Mr. PALLONE). war, our troops fought without the don’t know if we will ever untwist this. The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AL body armor they needed to protect But I thank you and him for his serv- GREEN of Texas). Before recognition, themselves against improvised elec- ice. the Chair announces that the tronic devices. It now appears that the Mr. Speaker, the proponents of this gentlelady from California (Mrs. military doesn’t have the protective resolution will have us believe that TAUSCHER) has 1 hour and 17 minutes, equipment needed to properly outfit this resolution supports and protects and the gentleman from California (Mr. the troops the President plans to send our military personnel while criti- HUNTER) has 1 hour and 18 minutes. to Iraq. According to the Army, it cizing the President for changing Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, the de- lacks not only armor kits for soldiers, course. bate taking place here in the House but also trucks and vehicles needed to We have listened to several speakers this week is long overdue. We are ap- accommodate any escalation in troop today who, like me, served in Vietnam proaching our fifth year of this war, levels. Lieutenant General Steven and witnessed firsthand the micro- and this is the first time Congress is Speaks, the Army’s deputy chief of management of the war from Wash- debating the strategy President Bush staff for force development, said any ington. Ironically, they stand here wants to implement in Iraq. additional units of troops sent to Iraq today endorsing the same incompetent Congress can no longer stand on the would have to share the trucks as- policy of interference. Instead of Presi- sidelines, and the President has to signed to the units now there. dent Johnson choosing bombing tar- know that to escalate the war in Iraq Do supporters of this plan really be- gets, however, we have 535 legislators is simply not acceptable. We have lost lieve this Congress should allow the dictating General Petraeus’s reinforce- too many American lives, seen too President to move ahead without prop- ment levels; yes, dictating his tactics. many soldiers seriously injured and erly investigating whether or not our It was wrong in 1967, Mr. Speaker, and spent too much of our hard-earned tax- troops will have all the necessary pro- it is wrong in 2007. payer money for no good reason. I am tective equipment they need? I notice that the distinguished chair- proud of my vote against the initial Mr. Speaker, we also need to realisti- man of the Armed Services Committee Iraq war resolution, and see this reso- cally look at the distraction that the has risen several times today to point lution before us tonight as the begin- Iraq war is causing in the overall war out his belief that what the President ning of the end to U.S. military in- against terror. While the administra- is doing is not a change of strategy, it volvement in Iraq. tion and the Pentagon focus their at- is a change of tactics. And I would say Mr. Speaker, I come to the floor this tention on Iraq, the war in Afghanistan to my good friend, that great gen- evening to commend our troops for the has been forgotten. The Taliban has tleman from Missouri, that if that is valiant work they have done over the significantly grown in strength in Af- right, if this is tactics, then in fact this last 5 years. I am thinking of them ghanistan, and America needs to focus resolution is trying to do just that, when I voice my strong opposition to its attention there, the source of the micromanage the tactics of this war. the President’s plan to send 21,500 addi- attacks on 9/11. If congressional micromanagement tional troops to Iraq. Mr. Speaker, I opposed this war from were the only problem with this resolu- The President hopes this troop esca- the very beginning, and want to see our tion, I would still argue vigorously for lation plan will secure Baghdad and re- troops home. The President should be its defeat. But it is not the only prob- duce the sectarian violence that is rip- putting forth a plan for withdrawal lem. Understanding the purpose and in- ping the country apart. But there is no from Iraq, not escalation. I am willing tent of this resolution, its proponents evidence to support those hopes. to vote to cut off funding for the esca- have revealed their true intentions in In fact, on four different occasions lation. I have voted against the Iraq the course of this debate. They intend the President increased troop levels in supplemental appropriation bills to for this resolution to be the first step Iraq, and every time these plans failed send a message that we need to end on the path to defunding our troops, to calm the violence in Iraq. Last sum- U.S. military involvement in Iraq. withdrawing them, and allowing Iraq mer the President moved more troops With this resolution, we begin the to become a chaotic, ungoverned space into Baghdad and said that he hoped to process of getting out of a place where that will act as a training ground for al see some results in a matter of months. we should never have been from the be- Qaeda and the radical jihadists that we By October, General William Caldwell ginning. are at war with.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00073 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.131 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1546 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Though few in the West knew it, a veloped by American commanders in noted that, ‘‘We cannot simply pull new war had already begun during my Iraq and here at home, represents a out, as much as we may want to. The days as commander of Marine aviation fundamental shift. In a study updated consequences of a destabilized and cha- forces in Somalia. In the intense battle last week, Anthony Cordesman from otic Iraq sitting in the center of a crit- in the back alleys of Mogadishu that the nonpartisan Center for Strategic ical region in the world could have cat- inspired the movie ‘‘Blackhawk Down’’ and International Studies, declared astrophic implications.’’ and the bombing of vulnerable U.S. em- that, ‘‘Much of the criticism of the new b 2115 bassies in Tanzania and Kenya cap- Bush approach has been unfair. The tured America’s attention briefly, but new strategy is considerably more so- The recent National Intelligence Es- it took an unprecedented attack on our phisticated and comprehensive than timate was even more specific in its homeland for the country to realize the details the President could fit into analysis. If the United States were to what Islamic extremists had long his 20-minute address,’’ or, I might add, withdraw rapidly, the Iraqi security known: The United States was at war. Mr. Speaker, than I can include in this forces would likely collapse, neigh- And I think Mr. SAXTON did a very 10-minute address, ‘‘presuming it com- boring countries might intervene open- thorough and eloquent job of explain- bines political, military and economic ly in the conflict; massive civilian cas- ing the length and nature of this war. action in ways that do offer a signifi- ualties and forced population displace- Every country was now a potential cant hope of success.’’ ment would be probable; and al Qaeda front and every city a battlefield in the But rather than acknowledge the in Iraq would attempt to use parts of enemy’s war against Zionist crusaders comprehensive nature of the new Bagh- the country to plan increased attacks and nonbelievers. Whether by design or dad and al-Anbar security plan, oppo- in and outside of Iraq. not, Iraq has become the front in not nents prefer to ignore the pleas of Gen- It seems pretty clear to me, Mr. only a physical war of attrition, but in eral Petraeus to provide him with the Speaker, what we are debating here is the war of wills between free societies troops necessary to turn the security success or failure. and Islamic jihadists who seek to de- situation in Iraq’s capital city around. Let us not support that catastrophe. stroy them. Instead, they pat him on the back, Let us not promote a humanitarian The proponents of this flawed resolu- wish him ‘‘Godspeed’’ in his endeavor, disaster which is almost unimaginable. tion prefer to ignore reality. They be- and then promptly move to deny him Let us support success in Iraq. Let us lieve that repeating the mistaken be- that which he has requested and needs support the new commander in Iraq lief that Iraq is not a central front in to succeed. As a Vietnam veteran, I and give him what he needs to succeed the war against Islamic jihadists will cannot in good conscience watch as in this mission. make that perception real. Unfortu- Congress once again undercuts the mo- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I am nately for those who hold this belief, rale of those in uniform. happy to yield 5 minutes to my friend the enemy, our enemy has a say in the I will not stand idly by and watch and colleague, the gentlewoman from matter. Al Qaeda’s second in command, others resurrect the ghost of that pain- Wisconsin (Ms. BALDWIN). al-Zawahiri, in December 2006, made it ful conflict, and we have heard it resur- (Ms. BALDWIN asked and was given quite clear where al Qaeda stands. In a rected many times this day, Mr. Speak- permission to revise and extend her re- video posted on jihadist Web sites, al- er, without acknowledging the slaugh- marks.) Zawahiri sent a clear message: ‘‘The ter and humanitarian disaster that re- Ms. BALDWIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise in backing of Jihad in Afghanistan and sulted from the fall of Saigon. And it support of this resolution expressing Iraq today is to back the most impor- was a humanitarian disaster. Millions disapproval of the President’s decision tant battlefields in which the crusade died. Just as in 1974, decisions we make to escalate the war in Iraq. against Islam and Muslims is in today in this body will have con- During the past 4 years, I have em- progress. And the defeat of the Cru- sequences for entire nations and gen- braced, stood by, and prayed with Wis- saders there, soon, Allah permitting, erations to come. History stands ready consin families as they said their last will have a far-reaching effect on the to judge the wisdom of this body, its goodbyes to their brave sons and future of the Muslim Ummah, Allah ability to learn from past mistakes and daughters and husbands and wives. willing.’’ its ability to comprehend the ramifica- Those fallen soldiers have served with We have heard repeatedly that al tions of its actions. In spite of count- the utmost loyalty and courage, trust- Qaeda and the jihadist terrorists un- less warnings, I fear we will come up ing decision-makers in Washington, the derstand that Iraq is the central front short in the eyes of posterity. President, his administration, and this in this war against radical Islam. Opponents call for the administra- Congress to do the right thing. Like al- Thankfully, the U.S. military leader- tion to heed the advice of its generals, most all of my colleagues, I have vis- ship has also recognized this fact. only to reject the commanders’ pro- ited with wounded troops at Walter In his recent testimony before the nouncement when such states are at Reed and at home and joined with fam- Senate, General David Petraeus was odds with their own misguided percep- ilies and communities to send troops asked if he believes that Iraq affects tions. They criticize the ‘‘cherry-pick- off to war and to welcome them back the overall war on terror. His response ing’’ of prewar intelligence, and then home. All of them, all of them, the was clear and unequivocal: ‘‘I do, sir.’’ proceed to do just that, while reading dead, the wounded, the deployed, the Clearly, there are elements of the the most recent National Intelligence returned, and their families, deserve greater al Qaeda network of inter- Estimate, choosing to ignore the dire political leaders who will make deci- national extremists that want some- warnings of the Intelligence Commu- sions worthy of their enormous sac- thing very different than most Iraqis nity’s most authoritative written judg- rifice. Mr. Speaker, we have fallen well want, and want something very dif- ments on national security issues. short of that goal, and we will only ferent in that region and in the world. But to those who criticize this new honor their sacrifices when we ac- Many mistakes have been made as security plan and offer no solutions for knowledge this and end the war. our military, unparalleled in conven- success, only demands for capitulation, I want to review just some of the tional strength and maneuver, has we must demand that they answer a things that we now know. We all know changed strategy and tactics to fight vital question they choose to ignore: that this is a war of choice, not a war the counterinsurgency battle. In re- What will happen if the Iraqi Govern- of necessity. We all know that Iraq sponse to the frustration at the lack of ment does not succeed and we with- posed no imminent danger to America progress felt by those in Iraq and at draw prematurely? that would justify what this adminis- home, the American military dem- One critic of the administration’s tration called a ‘‘preemptive’’ war. We onstrated its greatest strength: the handling of Iraq, a very vocal critic, all know that Iraq had nothing to do ability to adapt to new conditions on and a man who I knew and admired with the tragic September 11 attacks the ground and develop new strategy. throughout my Marine Corps career, that our Nation suffered. We know that To those who have lived and studied retired General Anthony Zinni, the few in the world stood with America as the art of military strategy and tac- former commander of Central Com- we undertook this nearly unilateral tics, the plan we debate this week, de- mand, spelled it out bluntly when he war. And we now know that our war in

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00074 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.132 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1547 Iraq has diverted our attention and our sons and daughters, husbands and wives. sive diplomatic efforts to stabilize the Middle resources from efforts to combat ter- Those fallen soldiers have served with the ut- East. A number of these bills and resolutions rorist threats to our Nation. most loyalty and courage, trusting decision- establish concrete benchmarks for the Iraqi And beyond that, we know now that makers in Washington—the President; his ad- government. It is long overdue for this Admin- worldwide resentment of our military ministration and this Congress—to do the right istration to start paying attention to these alter- presence in Iraq has become a central thing. Like almost all of my colleagues, I have native proposals, that chart a new course in recruiting tool for terrorist organiza- visited with wounded troops at Walter Reed Iraq. I believe that we must redefine our mis- tions worldwide. Therefore, we know and at home, and joined with families and sion in Iraq. We must bring an end to our mili- that this war continues to make Amer- communities to send troops off to war and to tary occupation and replace it with a program ica less safe and more vulnerable. welcome them back home. All of them, all of of humanitarian relief, political stabilization,and What else do we now know? We now them—the dead, the wounded, the deployed, diplomatic engagement. We must participate know that the planning and execution the returned, their families—deserve political in a robust regional diplomatic effort, including of this war was wrought with enormous leaders who make decisions worthy of their direct discussions with Syria and Iran, to pro- miscalculations. We know that more enormous sacrifices. Mr. Speaker, we have mote stability in Iraq. And I think that effort than 3,000 American servicemembers fallen well short of that goal, and we will only would be well received by all Iraq’s neighbors, have lost their lives in Iraq, and we honor their sacrifices when we acknowledge because regardless of whether these countries know that between 56,000 and 61,000 this and end the war. are close allies of the United States, or not, Iraqi civilians have been killed since I want to review just some of the things that Iraq’s neighbors have more to gain if Iraq is the war began. And based on polls re- we know. We all know that this is a war of stabilized and more to lose if it is not. leased Monday, we know that 68 per- choice, not a war of necessity. We all know We must also heed the advice of many, in- cent of Americans disapprove of the that Iraq posed no imminent danger to Amer- cluding the Iraq Study Group, and acknowl- President’s handling of this war. ica that would justify what this Administration edge that other conflicts in the Middle East re- Mr. Speaker, I was among the first called a ‘‘pre-emptive’’ war. We all know that quire our attention and leadership, if the re- group of House Members to speak out Iraq had nothing to do with the tragic Sep- gion is to achieve lasting stability. Therefore, against the prospect of going to war in tember 11 attacks that our Nation suffered. we must also initiate a new push for Arab- Iraq, and I voted against authorizing We know that few in the world stood with Israeli peace. the use of force in Iraq; and as an early America as we undertook this nearly unilateral I believe Congress not only has the right, and consistent critic of the war, I un- war. We now know that our war in and occu- but the responsibility, to assert its constitu- derstand the importance of offering a pation of Iraq has diverted our attention and tional role as a co-equal branch of government new course in Iraq. We must bring an our resources from our multi-faceted efforts to in overseeing the conduct of this war and end to our military occupation and re- combat terrorist threats to our Nation and its bringing it to an end. Our Constitution explicitly place it with a program of humani- allies. And beyond that, we now know (based authorizes Congress the power to declare war tarian relief, rebuilding political sta- upon last year’s declassified intelligence esti- and to raise and support armies. If Congress bilization, and diplomatic engagement. mates) that worldwide resentment of our mili- is given the power to make wars, we must We must participate in a robust re- tary presence in Iraq has become a central re- also exercise our power to end wars. In doing gional diplomatic effort, including di- cruiting tool for terrorist organizations world- so, I believe all options, including using ‘‘the rect discussions with Syria and Iran, to wide to increase their ranks. Therefore, we power of the purse,’’ should be on the table. promote stability in Iraq. And I think know that this war continues to make America The United States is the lone superpower in that this effort will be well received by less safe and more vulnerable as long as it the world today. Along with that awesome and Iraq’s neighbors because regardless of persists. unprecedented power comes responsibilities whether these countries are close allies What else do we now know? We now know to humankind. America’s reason for maintain- of the United States or not, Iraq’s that the planning and the execution of the war ing her superpower status must be to export neighbors have more to gain if Iraq is following our invasion were wrought with enor- the best of our democratic system of govern- stabilized and more to lose if it is not. mous miscalculations. We now know that bil- ance and the hope of the American Dream to We must also heed the advice of lions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been lost the rest of the world. But these cherished many, including the Iraq Study Group, or squandered through no-bid contracts, lack ideals can’t be exported through force. We and acknowledge that other conflicts of accountability measures and lack of Con- must teach and lead by example. in the Middle East require our atten- gressional oversight under the previous Re- Mr. Speaker, while I support the resolution, tion and leadership if the region is to publican majority. We know that more than I strongly believe Congress needs to do more achieve lasting stability. Therefore, we 3,000 American service members have lost to represent the will of the people and pursue must also initiate a new push for Arab- their lives in Iraq. We know that between all options that would lead to an end to this Israeli peace. I believe that Congress 56,000 and 61,000 Iraqi civilians have been occupation and this war. has not only the right but the responsi- killed since the war began. And, based on Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I would bility to assert its constitutional role polls released Monday, we know that 68 per- like to yield 10 minutes to the gen- as a co-equal branch of government in cent of Americans disapprove of the Presi- tleman from Missouri (Mr. AKIN) and overseeing the conduct of this war and dent’s handling of the war in Iraq and 72 per- note that he has a son who has served bringing it to an end. In doing so, I be- cent of Americans believe that things are as a U.S. Marine in Iraq. lieve all options, including using the going badly in Iraq. (Mr. AKIN asked and was given per- power of the purse, should be on the The situation in Iraq today has variously mission to revise and extend his re- table. been called an all-out civil war or more simply marks.) The United States is the lone super- a state of chaos. Mr. AKIN. Mr. Speaker, we come power in the world today. And along For years many Americans, including many here today, we have spent most of the with that awesome power comes re- members of this Congress from both parties, day on this, to discuss a resolution. It sponsibility to humankind. America’s gave this war a chance. It is time for this ad- has two parts. The first says that we reason for maintaining its superpower ministration to give peace a chance. It is time support our troops, and the second says status must be to export the best of our for the President to pay attention to the vast that we are opposed to the mission democratic system of governance and yet still growing majority of Americans that that the troops are sent on. the hope of the American Dream to the want us to get out of Iraq. Now, the problem with the resolution rest of the world. But these cherished Mr. Speaker, I was among the first group of is that it is self-contradictory right up ideals cannot be exported through House Members to speak out against the front. If we were going to say we are force. We must teach and lead by exam- prospect of going to war in Iraq. I voted supporting our troops, we would give ple. against authorizing the use of force in Iraq, them body armor. We would give them Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this resolu- and as an early and consistent critic of the up-armored Humvees. We would give tion expressing disapproval of the President’s war, I understand the importance of offering a them tanks. But would we withhold the decision to escalate the war in Iraq. new course in Iraq. Many of my colleagues most important in our arsenal and that During the past 4 years I have embraced, have introduced bills that would redeploy our is other American fighting men and stood by, and prayed with Wisconsin families troops in a responsible manner within a rea- women? So to say that we are going to as they said their last goodbyes to their brave sonable time frame, while focusing on aggres- support our troops, but we are not

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00075 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.133 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1548 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 going to send them any reinforcements that we are going to get an Why would it be so odd for us to fight is on the face of it contradictory. Could Islamoterrorist dictator? I think that terrorists? What do terrorists believe? you picture Davy Crockett at the that makes at least some sense. So They believe that you blow up innocent Alamo looking at his BlackBerry, get- then now what do we have? Now we people. What do we believe? That life is ting a message from Congress: Davy have Iraq with the oil money sup- a gift from God. Crockett, we support you. The only porting it, with this crazy dictator b 2130 thing is we are not going to send any spreading this same kind of radical troops. I am sure that would really be Islam all over the Middle East. That is What do terrorists do terrorism for? impressive to Davy Crockett. a minimum for the scenario of what we To take your liberty away, to compel The second problem with this resolu- are potentially looking at if we rapidly you to do something you don’t want to tion is that it really misses the job of withdraw. do, to make women into slaves, to take what Congressmen should be doing. Now, it seems to me that all of us, as away people’s freedom, to take away Look, I am an engineer by training. If Americans, need a little bit of a direc- your liberty. That is what terrorism is we are about to make a mistake or we tion check. And I think sometimes for, and that is fundamentally against are doing something wrong, I am open when we need direction, it is helpful to the idea that God made people to be minded to my Democrat colleagues look at the people who came and found- free. That is why he fights. saying to me, TODD, we are going down ed this great Nation before us. And so That is why America has always the wrong path. That is a bad idea. You I go back to a question that I ask audi- fought. There is nothing weird or un- should do it this way instead. I was al- ences, not only school kids but adults. usual about this. Is it worth fighting ways trained that if you are ready to I ask them, What is it that makes terrorists? Is it worth risking your life criticize somebody, you at least offer America so unique and so precious? If for freedom? I taught my son yes. an alternative. But the problem with you take America like an onion and When I went over to visit him, together this nifty little resolution is that it take all the outer layers off, when you we reaffirmed what we were doing in says we support the troops, but we are get down to the heart, what makes us Iraq. not going to give them any reinforce- who we are as a people? And invariably What? Is it so unusual that we have ments, and then it is blank. There is no I hear the word ‘‘freedom.’’ But that is a debate about whether we should be not quite sufficient because it isn’t recommendation. There is no leader- going to war or not? That very first quite complete. You see, the people at ship. They are just saying we are going war was over the Declaration of Inde- Tiananmen Square, those little kids in to stand on the sidelines and say, It pendence. There was a gentleman from college, wanted freedom, but they won’t work. But don’t we owe our sol- Virginia who said, What has there been greased the treads of Chinese tanks. diers something positive, something in the conduct? But perhaps maybe we Just because you want freedom doesn’t specific, a positive recommendation? could adjust his words. The Democrats have been elected to mean you can have it. What has there been in the conduct There was more to what our Found- majority. That means leadership. That of the terrorists that gives us any room ers understood, and they set it forth means if you have got a better idea, for hope? The terrorists say the only before we embarked on our first war as good Jew is a dead Jew, the only good put it on the table; but if you don’t, a Nation eloquently in our Declaration Christian is a dead Christian. That shut up and don’t undermine the mo- of Independence. It says: ‘‘We hold doesn’t leave you a lot of room for ne- rale of our troops and encourage our these truths to be self-evident.’’ Rather gotiation. enemies. That isn’t very helpful. flowery language. Any idiot should Now, I have heard people talking If we want to stay free, we must know this: ‘‘That all men are endowed about the fact that this is a civil war. fight. Millions of Americans that are by their Creator with certain This isn’t a civil war. If we leave, it armed in the holy cause of liberty are unalienable Rights, that among these will be what is a real civil war. Right invincible by any force which the ter- is Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Hap- rorists may send against us. A just God now there is a lot of ethnic clashing piness.’’ And our job in government is presides over the destinies of nations. and violence, and what is that caused to protect those God-given rights. It is Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be by? Guess what, terrorists. They said not just an idea; it was a conviction. purchased at the price of the terrorists they are doing it intentionally. They People say ideas have consequences. blow up a holy place of the Shias, and Many idiots have ideas, but an idea running the world? Forbid it, Almighty the Shias react and they go shoot up a that you die for has consequences. And God. bunch of Sunnis, and so, yes. But who this idea was powerful. It is the engine I know not what course others may started all of this? Well, of course, it is that has driven America. It has guided take, but as for me, and as for my son, the terrorists. It is their intention. And us in times of war because we will say, we will choose liberty. do we think if they can destabilize Iraq yes, we believe there are certain funda- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I by fomenting strife between racial mental God-given rights that all people yield 5 minutes to my friend, col- groups that they won’t take the same are given. league, and neighbor from California strategy to the other barely stable na- And that is what I taught my son (Mr. MCNERNEY). tions in the Middle East, nations where when he was a little kid. Here he is Mr. MCNERNEY. Mr. Speaker, the you have a Sunni leadership and a Shia with the Marine Club, just a little guy, young men and women who joined the majority? Are they not going to do the saluting Old Glory with a whole bunch Armed Forces after 9/11 out of a sense same? Or are you going to say, oh, but of little kids in some motley uniforms of duty and love for our country are it is a civil war, so we can wash our they bought from the used equipment just like my son Michael, who joined hands of it, it is nothing to worry store for military services. Here he is the military because of those terrible about? posing just as proud as can be. Founder attacks. I am proud and heartened by Now, we had the ambassadors to of the Marine Club, taught, taught that their commitment to service and patri- Egypt and to Jordan, and they pleaded there are some things in this world otism, just as I am proud of my own with us today, do not rapidly withdraw that are worth dying for, and those son’s commitment, and I am concerned your troops. So we started to ask, well, convictions are the fact that God gives about their safety and well-being, just what would happen if we were to do us life and liberty and the pursuit of as I was about Michael’s when he was this? Well, nobody knows. But there is happiness. And I believe America still in the service. one thing we can kind of assume. All believes that. When I talk about supporting our the way through history, the history of There is the little marine. He has troops, it is not rhetorical, it is per- mankind, whenever there is anarchy, it grown up now. That is the cache of ter- sonal. And it is with great sadness and lasts but a short time; and it is imme- rorist arms that was found in Fallujah. steely resolve that I stand up here to- diately filled with some kind of very That is the gang that he had the proud night on the issue of Iraq and the strong dictator. Now, do we think that opportunity to lead as a second lieu- President’s plan to escalate that con- the dictator is going to be a moderate, tenant in Fallujah because he believes flict. I am saddened because the mis- reasonable sort of guy, or if we pull out that there is nothing particularly guided and mismanaged conflict has of Iraq immediately, is it not likely strange for us to be fighting terrorists. become a tragic disaster and a genuine

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00076 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.134 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1549 threat to Mideast stability and global Iraq. I will continue to push for that There is a moment when wisdom re- security. The escalation will cause new direction while always putting our quires change, and I believe that the more violence in the Middle East and troops first. time has come to say enough is will weaken our Nation. This resolution is an important first enough. America’s military involve- I am resolved, because it is our duty step. I stand with resolve in opposing ment in Iraq needs to draw to a close as the Congress of this great Nation to President Bush’s plan for an escalation and it is time for the Iraqi people to as- check and balance the power of the in Iraq. sume control over their own country. President on any issue we believe ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE I strongly urge my colleagues to join harmful to this country. This adminis- The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AL me in voting ‘‘yes’’ on this resolution. tration insists on finding a military GREEN of Texas). The Chair will remind Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, to com- answer rather than changing this failed all persons in the gallery that they are plete this triad of veterans’ fathers, fa- approach and pursuing the diplomatic here as guests of the House and that thers of sons who have served in Iraq, and political solutions necessary to any manifestation of approval or dis- is JOE WILSON, whose son Alan has re- bring an end to the violence. approval of proceedings or other audi- ceived the Combat Action Badge for Unfortunately, the President’s plan ble conversation is in violation of the service in Iraq and the Palmetto Cross, to escalate the war in Iraq will not rules of the House. which is a high award for the National bring success there, nor make the Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I am Guard in South Carolina, and who has United States more secure. In fact, the happy to yield 5 minutes to the gentle- a son in the Signal Corps, Julian, a proposal means a further distraction woman from Oregon (Ms. HOOLEY). doctor in the Navy, and a son Hunter, from the mission in Afghanistan and Ms. HOOLEY. Mr. Speaker, I thank a well-named son, Hunter, in the the need for a tougher, smarter ap- my colleague. ROTC. proach to the global war on terrorism. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to join the The reason I am going through these The President’s proposal puts more discussion on Iraq that is taking place members of the Wilson clan, Mr. U.S. lives at risk, further stretching in this Chamber, across this country, Speaker, is because inspired by his wife the readiness of our ground forces and in classrooms, coffee shops, living Roxanne, all these young men are serv- increasing the drain on our Treasury. rooms and across back fences. This res- ing in the military, and if the Wilson President Bush’s plan is opposed by olution asks whether the House of Rep- family does not re-up, we are in trou- military experts, by Republicans and resentatives believes with regard to the ble. Democrats in both Chambers of Con- war in Iraq that doing more of the I yield such time as he may consume gress, and by the vast majority of our same is a correct strategy to adopt. to the great gentleman from South country. That is why I rise in strong Since this war began, 3,125 American Carolina, JOE WILSON, to follow that support of the resolution under consid- soldiers have died and 23,417 have been wonderful presentation by Mr. AKIN. eration in this body. wounded. There have been over 100,000 Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. The resolution has two straight- Iraqi casualties and nearly $500 billion Thank you, Congressman HUNTER, for forward provisions: continuing support has been spent. We have tried troop your leadership for our troops and for for those American soldiers who have surges before in this war and we have your son’s service in Iraq. served or are currently serving in Iraq; seen the results. In November of 2004, Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support and disagreeing with the President’s the United States increased the troop of our men and women serving in the plan to escalate the conflict. levels by approximately 18,000. And United States Armed Forces and in op- Supporting our troops is my top pri- guess what happened? Insurgent at- position to House Concurrent Resolu- ority, not just because it is our duty tacks went up by 17 percent. Did that tion 63, a resolution that claims to sup- and responsibility, but because it is surge work? No. port the troops but opposes reinforce- personal to me and my family. In June of 2005, we increased troop ments. To truly support our troops, we Recently the Washington Post re- levels again, this time by 21,500 troops. must provide the equipment and suffi- ported that the Marine Corps and Guess what happened? Insurgent at- cient personnel requested by their com- Army brigades that would be sent to tacks went up 29 percent. Did that mander, General David Petraeus. Iraq under the President’s plan are surge work? No. I believe that we must triumph in the short of body armor, vehicles, and If we allow to surge troop levels global war on terrorism, that victory other important equipment. That again, by how much can we expect in- in Iraq is the only option, and that shows just how desperate the Presi- surgent attacks to rise this time? Ein- America’s survival is at stake. My con- dent’s misguided plan is. Military ac- stein once suggested that insanity is victions are deeply derived from per- tion should never be executed in des- doing something over and over and sonal experience and from historical peration. over again and expecting different re- perspective. We must transfer the responsibility sults. My concerns have been developed as for establishing and maintaining law Mr. Speaker, I voted against going to a member of the Armed Services Com- and order on the streets of Iraq to the war in Iraq, but ever since the Presi- mittee, through which I have visited Iraqis. Training those Iraqi units must dent committed our first soldier, I have Iraq six times, as a 31-year veteran of be done outside of Iraq. This will mean done everything in my power to sup- the Army Reserves and Army National more troops trained more quickly and port our troops and give them equip- Guard, and as the proud parent of an will lessen the likelihood that Iraqi ment to keep them safe. Our warrior Iraq veteran. army and police turn to dangerous mi- soldiers have done everything we have Less than a year after the war in Iraq litias and death squads. asked of them and more, and I remain began, my eldest son, Captain Alan The members of our Armed Forces committed to our troops until the very Wilson, was deployed across Iraq, who have served in Iraq have done so, last soldier leaves Iraq, and I will do where he served honorably for 1 year. bravely and honorably. Unfortunately, whatever it takes to protect our sol- Alan worked for young girls to be able the President’s strategy in Iraq has not diers. But putting an additional 37,000 to attend schools. He has been a trust- matched the commitment with which American troops in harm’s way when ed military advisor to me regarding our troops have served in that country. there hasn’t been a change in strategy life on the front lines in Iraq. Alan We must begin a responsible rede- is not how we as a country support our today continues to serve in the South ployment of our troops out of Iraq on a troops. Carolina Army National Guard. public timeline that makes sense, Last November, the American people In addition to Alan, my younger while pursuing political and diplomatic spoke loud and clear. They said that three sons are also in the military. My solutions. Yet the President has stead- the current tactics in Iraq weren’t wife Roxanne and I appreciate their fastly refused to engage in the political working and they don’t support more dedication to protecting American and diplomatic efforts necessary to of the same. An escalation of troops families. bring a resolution to the violence in will not quell the violence, but will The decision to support continued ef- Iraq. lead to increased violence, more Amer- forts in Iraq is not one I made lightly. Both Republicans and Democrats ican casualties and a further desta- In the end, however, it is the only via- agree that we need a new direction in bilized Iraq. ble solution. Retreat is not an option.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00077 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.135 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1550 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Defeat is not an option. There is no end represent our constituencies and pro- Now, I will admit that it is a shame but victory. vide for their well-being, it is our re- that we do have to do it this way; but I was truly transformed by Sep- sponsibility to look out for the safety on this issue, the President has refused tember 11th, and I live with its rami- of American families. to heed the advice of so many of his fications every day. I sincerely believe In conclusion, God bless our troops. own top generals, of his own father, of we are faced with fighting the terror- We will never forget September 11. Our the Iraq Study Group, of our few re- ists overseas today, or we will face thoughts and prayers are with the late maining allies, or of the leadership of them in the streets of America tomor- Congressman CHARLIE NORWOOD, his this equal branch of government. It is row. wife, Gloria, his family, his staff and also a shame that today in America The attacks of September 11th were his constituents. there is a widespread fear that the not isolated, random events. Our Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I am President could even be establishing enemy is highly intelligent, well fi- happy to yield 6 minutes to my friend the preconditions for war with Iran. nanced, and committed to the destruc- and colleague from Tennessee, the gen- Regardless of that situation, I hope tion of our freedoms. tleman from Tennessee (Mr. COOPER). that this resolution will curb any reck- Terrorists have declared war on the (Mr. COOPER asked and was given less behavior. American people. We have a choice of permission to revise and extend his re- Finally, why is a change in strategy opposing them overseas or fighting marks.) necessary now? Iraq appears to be de- them again here in America. The con- Mr. COOPER. Mr. Speaker, I dis- scending into a civil war that neither cept that America’s retreat in Iraq will approve of the President’s January 10 Congress nor the Pentagon predicted. bring an end to sectarian violence and decision to surge 20,000 new troops into Defense Secretary Gates has described terrorist activity in the region ignores Iraq. I urge my colleagues to support no less than four separate conflicts history. Premature retreat will em- the resolution. going on in Iraq today. That has led bolden the enemy and make us more Mr. Speaker, although the President stalwart Republicans like Senator vulnerable to attacks. says that the 20,000 new troops con- John Warner, the former chairman of stitute a change in his strategy, all I b 2145 the Senate Armed Services Committee, am seeing are a repeat of the same to question whether the 2002 authoriza- We have seen it happen before. With- failed policies of the past. America has tion to use force in Iraq is even still drawals from Beirut and Mogadishu led sent additional troops to Iraq before, valid today. American influence in the to the 1993 World Trade Center attack, several times, without result. America region has substantially diminished, the 1998 embassy bombings across Afri- has tried to work with the Maliki gov- while the influence of Iran has in- ca, the 2000 bombings of the USS Cole ernment, and it has not been very suc- creased. It is time for a change. and ultimately September 11, 2001. cessful. Mr. Speaker, I agree with the origi- Al Qaeda has openly stated Iraq is Mr. Speaker, we have to admit that nal judgment of CENTCOM commander the central front in the war on ter- this approach is not working. The General Abizaid who testified before rorism. Osama bin Laden himself has President himself has admitted that Congress not long ago, and he said, ‘‘I said, ‘‘The issue is big and the misfor- his patience is running out with the do not believe that more American tune is momentous. The most impor- Maliki government. It is really just a troops right now is the solution to the tant and serious issue today for the question of whether Congress should problem. I believe that the troop levels whole world is this third world war. I try to force President Bush and Vice need to stay where they are.’’ say to you that the war will be won ei- President CHENEY to change course General Abizaid went on to say, ‘‘I ther by us or by you. If it’s the former, now or whether they will do it several met with every divisional commander, loss and disgrace will be your lot for all months from now. I say that the time General Casey, the corps commander, eternity, and, Allah be praised, this is for change is now. General Dempsey, we all talked to- the way the wind is blowing. If it is the It is true that Congress has no busi- gether. And I said, ‘In your profes- latter, you should read the history ness micromanaging a war. No one here sional opinion, if we were to bring in books. We are a nation that does not in Congress is Commander in Chief. It more American troops now, does it add remain silent over injustice, and we is also true that we must not shirk considerably to our ability to achieve will seek blood vengeance all lifelong. from our responsibilities to support our success in Iraq?’ And they all said no.’’ Not many days and nights will pass be- brave men and women in uniform, and That is quoting General Abizaid. fore we take blood vengeance, like we we need to support the brave Iraqis Mr. Speaker, I would have been more did on 9/11,’’ end of quote of Osama bin who have stood with us and the good inclined to support the President if he Laden. people of the region, but we do deserve had asked for a much larger number of We ignore bin Laden’s words to the a better strategy. More of the same is troops or for a sacrifice on the part of peril of American families. just not good enough, either for our all Americans who do not have a loved All of this is not to say that Members soldiers or for the good people of the one in our military. Such proposals of Congress do not have an obligation region. would have led me to believe that the to question foreign policy. As elected President Bush, we have to admit, President was considering a serious public officials, it is our duty to do so. has shown a distressing stubbornness change in strategy, but the President If by conscience one disagrees with our regarding Iraq. Although former Sec- has not recommended either. direction, he or she has a responsibility retary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld of- Instead, he has consistently violated to put forth an alternative plan. fered to resign twice due to his own the so-called Powell doctrine by not An alternative plan, however, is not embarrassment with his failures, Presi- waging war with an overwhelming what we are debating today. Instead, dent Bush refused to accept his res- military force, a clear objective, or a the Democrat leadership has put aside ignation for years, and finally only ac- defined exit strategy. From the begin- 36 hours of debate for a resolution that cepted it the day after the last elec- ning of this conflict, we have skimped provides no substantive solutions. tion. Colleagues on both sides of the on the number of troops, the equip- Our men and women in uniform de- aisle know that if the President had ac- ment for our soldiers, the commitment serve better. Their families deserve cepted that resignation earlier, not of our allies. It is simply too late to better. These men and women deserve only would Pentagon policy have been add on a few thousand more troops to know that America supports them, different; the core of the war might now. that Congress will provide requested well have been different. Our brave troops and their families equipment and personnel, and that we I think that the President needs a in the all-volunteer military have car- are all committed to their victory. nudge now, and this resolution will ried the entire burden of this war. Wall There is no magic bullet, no cure-all offer it. True, it is nonbinding, but that Street and Main Street have not been pill, but the fact remains that we must is a good thing. Congress is not cutting asked to help. Where are the war bonds endure. The stakes are too high, the off money for the troops, nor should to pay for this war? We have not even consequences of defeat too cata- we. We are sending a message to the tried to pay for it. We have borrowed strophic. As men and women elected to President. most of the money from nations like

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00078 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.136 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1551 China. Policies like that do not make times before the U.S. entered Iraq are As 9/11 taught us, warfare is no the Nation more secure. not useful nor can they be used as a vi- longer limited to the enemies within Mr. Speaker, in conclusion, Congress sion for the future. We are in this war. our region. Geographic boundaries and has already given the President more We must win. Anything less than an long distances do not keep us safe. time to fight this war than it took to honest discussion on how to proceed b 2200 win World War II, more money than forward is a disservice to this Nation was spent in Korea and Vietnam, and and to our military. An enemy encouraged by a retreat in the unfettered use of the finest mili- Second, if our policy is to support a Iraq will be close to our heels. That is tary in history. We are spending more stable Iraq, then we must employ a exactly why we must stay and confront on our military than every other na- strategy to achieve that goal. The our enemies. So how is this enemy, who is at a tion in the world combined, and yet we President and our military com- military and financial disadvantage, are bogged down in a Third World manders have stated that in order to seeking to win? They simply studied a country embroiled in its own civil war. fulfill that policy objective, Baghdad little American history. Both Osama At this point in time, it is not unrea- must be secured. In order to secure bin Laden and al-Zarqawi have ref- sonable for Congress to say enough is Baghdad, the Iraqi security forces need erenced the Vietnam conflict in form- more American troops to reinforce enough. Voters certainly said so clear- ing their strategy to defeat us. ly in the last election. their operations. President Bush Many in this body often rush to com- Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield agreed to this on the condition that pare this conflict with Vietnam, and in myself 1 minute just to respond to my the Iraqis lead the fight and that the one respect it is very similar: both en- friend from Tennessee. Iraq Government take more responsi- emies understood the way to victory Let me just point out that we are bility for securing their country. was through American politicians. If spending roughly 4 percent of GDP on If the majority party disagrees with they can weaken the American polit- defense at this point. President Ronald this policy objective and the strategy ical will, they knew they could achieve Reagan spent 6 percent. President John to achieve it, then I ask them, what is victory. The majority often invokes Kennedy, 9 percent. Operations in the their policy objective, and how do they the number of our war dead as the rea- war against terror are not bankrupting plan to achieve it? I have yet to hear a son to leave or the fact that this con- this country. consensus from my friends on the other flict has gone longer than our involve- With respect to the group of allies side of the aisle on what they believe ment in World War II. These arguments that the gentleman called our few re- our policy should be. They certainly play right into the hands of the enemy maining friends, I am reminded that cannot suggest that this resolution and their propaganda machine. there is a number of them like Poland even faintly resembles a plan or vision What people don’t seem to under- and Moldavia and Herzegovina and for a successful resolution to the cur- stand is that we cannot fall into the Georgia and Bosnia and Azerbaijan and rent conflict. trap of comparisons, or we risk losing Armenia and Albania, lots of little I will tell you what the debate is. It sight of what our men and women in countries that used to be behind the is a sound bite. It is a quick and easy the Armed Forces need from us: they Iron Curtain or in the case of El Sal- way to feed the defeatists in this coun- need our support. They need a coherent vador, in what was called by the Demo- try. More than anything it is a dis- policy and strategy that does not make crat Party the unwinnable war in Cen- appointment. The majority would rath- politics the long pole in the tent. tral America in Salvador, those coun- er score political points than have a Courage to do the right thing is not tries, which themselves were the bene- real discussion on the most important always easy. I will not abandon those ficiaries of an American policy of ex- question of this generation, how to win who have fought and given their lives panding freedom are standing with our the war against our enemies and keep in this conflict. I will not abandon the country in this operation in Iraq. our country safe. Iraqis who long for peace. Instead, I Mr. Speaker, I yield as much time as We should be asking ourselves, what support the President’s call for more he may consume to the gentleman would failure in the Middle East mean? troops. I believe it is the right thing to from California (Mr. CALVERT), who is Our enemies have stated that they do. It is illogical to say you support a member of the Armed Services Com- believe that Western Civilization is the troops that are there, but not the mittee. rotten to the core. Unless we get out of reinforcements that they need. Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise the Middle East entirely and convert to In closing, I would like to remember today in opposition to the resolution Islam, we will always be their enemy. those who have lost their lives to the offered by the majority expressing the In chapter 2 of the 9/11 report, the au- acts of terrorism: disapproval of President Bush’s deci- thors answer what the terrorists want The Beirut embassy and Marine bar- sion to deploy more than 20,000 addi- from America: racks bombing in 1983; the bombing of tional troops to Iraq. ‘‘To the second question, what Amer- Pan Am 103, 1988; the first bombing of This resolution, in my opinion, is ica could do, al Qaeda’s answer was the World Trade Center in 1993; the nothing but politics. Opposition to a that America should abandon the Mid- bombing of the AMIA Jewish Commu- plan is not a plan. This resolution is dle East, convert to Islam, and end the nity Center in Buenos Aires in Argen- using our service men and women in a immorality and godlessness of its soci- tina in 1994; the bombing of the Khobar debate that does not address policy. If ety and culture.’’ Towers in Saudi Arabia 1996; the bomb- this was an earnest debate about the Al Qaeda is closely watching Iraq, ings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya administration’s proposal, then the sending fighters and weapons and doing and Tanzania in 1998; the bombings of majority would have offered a bill that most everything in its power to bring the USS Cole in Yemen in the year answers two pertinent questions: What about an American retreat. If we leave 2000; the attacks on New York City and is success, and how do we achieve it? Iraq before it is secure, what will that the Pentagon, September 11, 2001; the Instead, we stand here debating a bill do to our enemy, an enemy who has al- Madrid train bombings, March 11, 2004; that opposes sending reinforcements to ready stated that they seek to destroy the London bombings, July 7, 2005. Iraq. There are no amendments al- us not for being in Iraq but for being in Do not doubt that if they were given lowed, and there is certainly no plan the Middle East and for being non-Mus- the chance, our enemies would come in offered in this bill. lim? this Chamber tonight and kill us all. In fact, this debate is incredibly iron- An American failure would bolster al This resolution is not a solution. It is ic since many of those on the other Qaeda and every other terrorist organi- nothing but doubt, fear, and weakness. side of the aisle were calling for more zation in the world. It would give them I urge my colleagues to vote against troops not too long ago. Once again, a reason to believe that they can win this resolution and stand up for the debate was not about success, but and that it could give them confidence victory. about opposition to the administra- so they could surely breach our shores Mrs. TAUSCHER. Mr. Speaker, I tion’s vision. one day. It would let them believe that yield 7 minutes to my friend and col- Let us talk about policy. First, nos- their plan, a plan to destroy Western league, the gentleman from New York talgic thoughts and longing for the culture for its godlessness, is correct. (Mr. ISRAEL).

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00079 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.139 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1552 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Mr. ISRAEL. I thank the gentle- their vests, night-vision goggles that not a single Republican who wakes up woman. work, and consistent rotations, their in the morning wanting this war to last Mr. Speaker, I want to begin by set- morale would be much better. for one day longer than it has to last. ting the record straight. I have heard Our troops are not afraid of democ- And in the same spirit, I am offended my friends on the other side talk about racy being waged on the floor of the by anyone who would suggest that this resolution as calling for with- House of Representatives. And, in fact, there is a Democrat who gives aid and drawal, as calling for retreat. There is on the chance that our enemies are lis- comfort to the enemy, who wants us to nothing in this resolution that says tening to this debate, let me suggest be defeated, who wants us to lose. That withdraw; there is nothing in this reso- that this debate doesn’t give aid and is not what we are about. lution that says retreat; there is noth- comfort to our enemies. It tells our en- We need to end the sound bites and ing in this resolution that says exit. emies what democracy is about. So for the partisanship and the war rooms off What this resolution says is that we our enemies who may be listening: wel- the floor of the House that tell people support our troops, and we do not be- come to democracy. This is what it what to say, and begin formulating ef- lieve that it is a good idea to add 20,000 sounds like, this is what it looks like, fective policy for the troops that are more troops to a policy that has not and this is what we are willing to fight listening to us tonight. worked. for. I visited my VA hospital yesterday, In October of 2002, I voted to author- What our servicemembers deserve to and I saw men and women in wheel- ize the use of force in Iraq. I believed hear is the truth. What they deserve is chairs and gurneys. It didn’t say Re- then, as I believe now, that the Middle a government that confronts reality publican or Democrat on those wheel- East is a dangerous place and that you rather than simply hoping for the best. chairs and gurneys. When the time have to use a combination of hard So here is the truth, Mr. Speaker: came, they went to fight for us. Our ob- power and soft power to help change somewhere between those who believe ligation is to stand by them, not with the trajectory of the Middle East from that we can stay the course in Iraq in- sound bites, not with policies that a place that teaches kids how to blow definitely and those who believe that haven’t worked before, but with new things up to a place that teaches kids we should leave Iraq tomorrow is the ideas for a stronger country. how to put things together. painful truth. The truth is that neither Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, I In January of 2005, I visited our of those options will work. yield myself 2 minutes to respond to troops in Iraq, and I remember sitting Now, if you agree with me that that my colleague, my good friend who just with General Casey and asking him, is the painful reality, then you are left spoke, Mr. ISRAEL. How many foreign fighters are here and with a hard choice: add 20,000 troops to Let me just make a couple of points. how many insurgents? And at that continue the administration’s ineffec- With respect to up-armored Humvees, point, January 2005, the General said, tive plan, or try something different. when we entered this administration, Congressman, there are about 500 for- 20,000 additional troops to Iraq, or re- the Humvee is a successor to the Jeep, eign fighters and there are about 5,000 build our readiness here at home to it is a tactical vehicle, we had 1,200 up- insurgents. And so what to do? We deal with the growing challenges of armored Humvees. That was in the committed more force to try and solve Iran or naval expansion in China or year 2000. Today, we have got 15,000 up- that problem. genocide in Darfur or the other dangers armored 114s, plus thousands of And then I went back to Iraq in April in the world. Hold the Iraqi Govern- Humvees that have the so-called MAC of 2006, 15 months later, and I asked ment accountable for accelerating the kits which are also protective armor General Casey, How many foreign training of their troops, or continue kits. fighters are there and how many insur- hoping for the best while putting the gents? And General Casey said, Con- burden on the backs of 20,000 more U.S. We had virtually no body armor in gressman, there are 5,000 foreign fight- troops. the year 2000. I don’t believe we had a ers, there used to be 500, now 5,000; Let me make two other points. The single set that was available for any there used to be 5,000 insurgents, now gentleman who preceded me, my friend line units in any American division in there are 20,000 insurgents. And so from California, said, what do you have the world. Today, we have over 400,000 what did we do? We threw in more to offer? We have offered ideas; we have of those. force. offered ideas from day one. The prob- I just want to make a point, if there And now a year after that we stand lem has been the stubborn resistance are American moms and dads, and we here debating a resolution on whether by the administration to listen to our have had a few who have thought that we should commit another 20,000 troops ideas. their sons and daughters were going to to a mission that is poorly planned, I have been advocating with my Iraq without body armor, I have said, from a military that has been strained friend from California (Mrs. TAUSCHER) Call me personally at the office, and I by that poor planning and that is ill a status of forces agreement in Iraq, so have not had a single phone call in 2 conceived. that we would send the message that years. So they have plenty of body Now, I want to be very clear, Mr. we are not occupiers, that we don’t armor. Speaker. If the President of the United want to be there for one day longer And, lastly, I just want to make one States asked me to support additional than we need to be. The administration other point with respect to what Amer- troops into Afghanistan tonight to find has rejected that. ica has, because there has been an im- Osama bin Laden, who by the way was I have been advocating with my plication I think throughout the de- the one who killed over 100 of my con- friend from Pennsylvania (Mr. CARNEY) bate that we are stretched too thin, stituents, or to stop the resurgence of a one-for-one resolution. I and others that others may attack us, may take the Taliban, which by the way was the have been advocating a formula, a one- advantage of the fact that we have de- group of people who really gave aid and for-one formula that says that for ployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. comfort to the enemy, I would vote for every Iraqi security force that stands Since the year 2000, we have more than that tonight. I absolutely would vote up an American will be redeployed. doubled the precision firepower of this for that tonight. But this decision by So we have provided ideas. And I country. That means the ability of this the President to put 20,000 more people want to once again offer a bipartisan country, and Republicans and Demo- into Iraq is the wrong number at the invitation to my colleagues to work crats have supported the funding that wrong place at the wrong time. with us, because whether this resolu- has done this; but if any country in the Mr. Speaker, during this debate I tion passes or not, the war is not going world should think they are going to have heard my colleagues talk about to end the next day. We still have take advantage of an America that is, the messages that we are sending our many challenges ahead, and we are in their estimation, stretched too thin, troops and how it will affect their mo- going to have to work together. the precision firepower, that means the rale, and I have an obligation as some- And, finally, Mr. Speaker, let me ability to send a smart weapon on tar- body who supports our military to sug- make a point about some of the charac- get to thread a goal post at many, gest that if we had given our troops up- terizations that we have been listening many miles, has more than doubled armor for their Humvees, Kevlar for to. As a Democrat, I know that there is since the year 2000. And so no country

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00080 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.142 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1553 that feels that there is that implica- Madam Speaker, I have often voiced natives to success were too horrible to tion in our situation in Iraq and Af- my respect for my Democratic col- contemplate. They were right, but now ghanistan should bet their life on it, leagues on the floor, and as individuals those concerns seem to be no longer op- because they will lose. I do respect and admire them. However, erative. Madam Speaker, I yield 10 minutes to I neither respect nor admire the man- I am under no illusions that we face Mr. COLE, the outstanding gentleman ner in which their leadership has cho- an easy road ahead in Iraq. Quite from Fort Sill. sen to frame the issue which they now frankly, it is the greatest challenge our Mr. COLE of Oklahoma. Madam place before the House. My friends on Nation has faced in a generation. How- Speaker, I rise today to speak about the other side of the aisle have abdi- ever, the alternative to showing re- the challenges we face as a Nation, and cated the responsibilities of being in solve in Iraq is defeat in the central to urge the Members of this House to the majority. front in the war on terror. That will be confront those challenges honestly and They do not want to legislate. They disastrous for the Iraqis, threatening forthrightly. do not want to act, they just want to for our friends in the region, and dan- As I do, I remind my colleagues that state an opinion. But they are stating gerous for the security of our own this House is not a debating society. It it in a fashion that will lead many to country. is not a place to merely score political question our sincerity as Members of That is why this resolution is so dis- points or rhetorical points. It is a place this House and to doubt the effective- turbing. Democrats want to have it where we should confront the issues ness of the institution which we all three ways. They want to criticize the that face our country and then act ac- love, and they are now privileged to President’s plan, offer none of their cordingly. This responsibility rests not lead. own, and then refuse to let our side of just with the Members individually, Madam Speaker, the majority in this the aisle offer a proposal for consider- but with the majority especially. We body has the responsibility to do more ation by this body. A nonbinding reso- come to this floor not just to speak, than just criticize. So, I ask, what is lution is no plan for the future. It is a opine, and orate. We come here to set their plan? We don’t know. How will plan for the next election. policy, to legislate and, most impor- they achieve a stable Iraq? They won’t In the next few days, I will continue tantly, to act. say. to engage in this debate and outline This resolution the majority, the It is time for Democrats to step up what I believe to be the real challenges Democrats, put before us today pre- and answer these questions. It is easy and choices that we face, and why we sents us with a choice; but after we to second-guess the decisions of former must support the surge in forces. I make that choice, nothing will happen, Congresses and the President. It is easy hope that in this debate my side per- nothing will change. We will have cho- to reconsider one’s support and the suades my colleagues to reject this res- sen to state our opinion, but we will support many in this Congress and in olution. refuse to act on that opinion. Some their majority have voiced in the past But if they are not persuaded, then I will see this as a tragedy; some, of placing additional troops in Iraq. hope they will have the political cour- Madam Speaker, will see it as a farce. But, what is easy isn’t always right age to act, as opposed to just talk; that This resolution is not serious. It is a and certainly not in this case. they will legislate as opposed to just political ploy rather than a principled Let there be no mistake. Our soldiers debate. I hope they will discharge their position. It is sound and fury that sig- are engaged in combat this very duties as a majority by laying out and nifies nothing. It is a cruel joke on minute. Our military commanders have enacting their strategy, as opposed to those who sincerely want to leave Iraq voiced support for the mission that merely criticizing the President and before our mission is finished, and it is they have been asked to complete. Gen- complicating a dangerous situation an affront to those of us who wish to eral Petraeus, our commander in Iraq, faced by our forces in the field. succeed in Iraq. But while this politi- supports the surge of forces. Indeed he Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, cally motivated resolution achieves says he needs these additional troops may I inquire about the time remain- nothing, it does have real and lasting to succeed. Moreover, the declassified ing on both sides? consequences. Passing this resolution National Intelligence Estimate makes The SPEAKER pro tempore. The will embolden our enemies, it will dis- clear the disaster that would result gentlelady from California has 471⁄2 courage our friends, and it will dis- from failure in Iraq. minutes remaining, and the gentleman appoint our troops. It will raise ques- Madam Speaker, let us consider what from California has 33 minutes remain- tions about our seriousness as a legis- will happen if the Democrats are suc- ing. lative body to anyone who actually cessful in undermining the mission and Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, at pays attention to our proceedings, and the objectives of the surge. What would this time I yield myself as much time it will lead our enemies to question our it mean? What effect would this have as I may consume. resolve and it will leave our men and on our forces? What would be the im- I was interested in my colleague, the women in uniform wondering why we plications for our Nation and the re- last speaker’s questions, the question are sending them on a mission in which gion? about why do we have a nonbinding we do not believe, but lack the polit- Well, Madam Speaker, at a practical resolution and does it have any signifi- ical courage to cancel. level, it would certainly mean that our cance. I should say, no one should min- Mr. Speaker, I am surprised and dis- enemies would know they have weak- imize the significance of this resolu- appointed that the majority party ened the will and resolve of the Amer- tion. Passage by a bipartisan majority would bring a resolution to the floor ican people. They would take this as a of the House of Representatives of this which condemns an action directed by lesson and a guide for the future. At a resolution opposing the President’s our Commander in Chief and his mili- tactical level, it would likely increase plan to escalate the war in Iraq would tary advisers yet which neither forbids the level of insurgent activity aimed at be a major turning point in the war de- that action nor offers an alternative destroying our forces. Additionally, it bate. course. would also mean that, lacking rein- Despite the fact that it is non- forcement, our current forces would be binding, passage would have enormous b 2215 stretched even further. significance. This bipartisan resolution If the majority party, the Demo- Strategically adopting this resolu- is serving as the basis for the first real cratic Party, was being honest with tion would undermine the credibility of debate on the President’s flawed Iraq their supporters and with the Amer- the United States. It will make the re- war policy since the war began nearly ican people, they would have a straight gion more chaotic and dangerous than 4 years ago. Last November, the voters up-or-down vote on whether or not to it is today. I remember many Members sent President Bush a loud and unmis- fund the initiative ordered by the of the majority party calling for an in- takable message about Iraq, but the President. This is the way in which we crease in the size of our force in Iraq President didn’t listen. should approach our constitutionally not so long ago. I remember numerous As his announcement of an esca- defined responsibility in regard to war statements by Members from the other lation of the war showed, passage of and peace. side of the aisle that said the alter- this bipartisan resolution is a second

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00081 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.143 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1554 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 chance for the President to hear a done all that we could do militarily to Madam Speaker, sending more troops strong, clear message that cannot be help the Iraqi people, and their prob- to Iraq is a dangerous gamble with our ignored. Passage of this bipartisan res- lems no longer require a U.S. military national security, and we need a new olution will send another clear mes- solution. The underlying causes of vio- approach. A number of experts, includ- sage: No more blank checks for the lence are primarily political and must ing the Iraq Study Group, had made President on Iraq. be addressed in that framework. Send- important recommendations, and they In addition, passage of a nonbinding ing more troops would simply be a con- must not be ignored. resolution opposing the President’s es- tinuation of the same failed strategy. It is clear that the President’s plan calation plan is only the first step in In October of 2002, I expressed my for escalation would harm our national the Congress, demanding a changing of concerns that President Bush’s ap- security and ignores the will of the course in Iraq. When this resolution proach to Iraq could have dangerous American people. I urge my colleagues containing fewer than 100 words passes, ramifications in the region and Amer- to support this resolution so that we we will take the country in a new di- ica’s own efforts in the war on ter- can promote a new strategy for Iraq rection in Iraq. A vote of disapproval rorism. For those reasons and many and bring our troops home. will set the stage for additional legisla- others, I voted against authorizing use Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, let tion, which will be coming to the of force against Iraq, a war that was me just respond to my good friend from House floor. mismanaged by civilian leadership Rhode Island, he is a great friend of Furthermore, what is surprising, as I from the start. mine and a former colleague on the see my colleagues from the other side Now, to address our troops’ lack of Armed Services Committee, the esti- trot forward one after another, I have protective gear and up-armored mate that has been given, that has to remind them that in their 12 years Humvees, I supported legislation to been bandied around, that we would in the majority, House Republicans provide additional funding for proper need some 20,000 support troops to sup- passed hundreds, hundreds of non- equipment, as well as other efforts to port the 21,500 troops that are involved binding resolutions, including in very assure our forces would be safe and ef- in the President’s plan, some of whom similar situations. fective. Now, however, we can best sup- are already in theater, has been rebut- For example, on October 30, 1995, the port our troops by changing our mis- ted by DOD, which said it is not 1 for House Republican leadership brought sion in Iraq and adopting a new strat- 1 support to line troops, it is about 1 in to the floor and passed H. Res. 247, a egy that reflects the realities on the 10, which in the estimate that they nonbinding resolution repudiating ground. The Iraqis must now take the gave us was about 2,000 to 2,300, not President Clinton’s pledge to deploy up lead in providing for their own secu- 20,000 support troops. to 20,000 troops to Bosnia as part of a rity, and we must reduce our presence Using that number, even with the 21,500 troops that are involved in the peacekeeping force. I will remind my to let them do so. Baghdad plan, adding them to the 138 colleagues, Kosovo is about to be de- The President’s claim that by adding that we have right now, still brings us clared independent because the United 21,500 additional combat troops we can to a number that is lower than the States and NATO countries interceded force a greater stability in Iraq is an 160,000 that we had December a year and stopped the genocide there. That is argument that ignores some basic ago. I know that number has not been a perfect example of wrongheaded pol- truths. Not only have past surges of absolutely resolved, but I would just icy that Democrats were able to put U.S. forces proved unnecessary in re- tell my friend that I believe it is going forward. ducing sectarian violence among to be much lower than the number that Madam Speaker, at this time, I am Iraqis, but the addition of more troops has been put out there. happy to yield 5 minutes to my friend would further inflame anti-American To my good friend from California, and colleague, the gentleman from sentiment and turn popular opinion who talked about the Kosovo vote and Rhode Island (Mr. LANGEVIN). even more against us in our efforts. We the resolution to disapprove it, my (Mr. LANGEVIN asked and was given have no proof that another surge would recollection is that vote was under- permission to revise and extend his re- lead to a different outcome than in the taken before troops were moved. In marks.) past, but we do know that it would this case, the 82nd Airborne is not al- Mr. LANGEVIN. Madam Speaker, I have negative consequences. ready over the line in Iraq, but they ac- am proud to join my colleagues in ap- Now, perhaps of greatest concern is tually have a brigade deployed in this preciation of our troops’ exceptional the impact of the surge on our military operation, and the Baghdad operation service and sacrifice, and to voice my readiness. The President’s estimate of that is being undertaken right now has opposition to President Bush’s plan to 21,500 more combat troops does not a combination of Iraqi troops and send more forces into what amounts to count the additional 15,000 to 28,000 American troops in each of nine sec- a civil war. support troops that would be needed, tors. As a former member of the House spreading our military even more dan- Madam Speaker, I yield as much Armed Services Committee and a new gerously thin. time as he would like to take to Mr. member of the Intelligence Committee, Madam Speaker, we have asked much CONAWAY from Texas, who is a gen- I recognize that our next steps in Iraq of our forces, included repeated deploy- tleman that represents a great base at present one of the greatest security de- ments, and a surge will only exacerbate Fort Hood. cisions our Nation has faced in decades. that problem. Operations in Iraq have The Iraq Study Group called the situ- also taken their toll on our equipment. b 2230 ation grave and deteriorating and said According to the Government Ac- Mr. CONAWAY. Mr. Chairman, thank it requires a new approach. I agree. We countability Office, 40 percent of the you for yielding me this time. Let me can all conclude that an unstable Iraq, Army’s and Marine Corps’ equipment is correct that record just a bit. I have torn by sectarian conflict, would lead now located in the Central Command got the area just west of Fort Hood. So to continued violence and civilian cas- theater of operations. Our National I have got a lot of civilian contractors ualties, provide combat training oppor- Guard/Reserve units are underequipped and retirees and active duty personnel tunities to those who would do us to deal with emergencies, and we have who live in my district, but serve in harm, and pose increased challenges to depleted our preposition stocks, which Fort Hood. the region. we need to respond quickly to other Mr. HUNTER. I will stipulate that Yet I disagree with President Bush’s contingencies. the gentleman would like to represent misguided belief that sending more Now, in testimony before the Armed Fort Hood. Americans into combat will solve the Services Committee in January, Gen- Mr. CONAWAY. Absolutely. I cer- problem. eral Conway, Commandant of the Ma- tainly would. Thank you, Mr. Chair- Our military has served valiantly for rine Corps, noted that an increase in man, for this time tonight. nearly 4 years, particularly in some forces in Iraq would increase our stra- I am opposed to this nonbinding reso- very challenging and nontraditional tegic risk and possibly lead to slower lution. This is a vehicle that the ma- missions, in some cases for which they and less effective response to another jority is using to bring us to this de- were never trained. However, we have potential threat. bate tonight. The resolution is pretty

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:46 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00082 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.145 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1555 simple in its language. It simply says I think that is generous. But what This fight, this global war against Is- that Congress disapproves of the deci- Pace did tell us was that if this Con- lamic Jihadists is really a fight for the sion President George W. Bush an- gress begins to cut funding, cut finan- heart of Islam. We must begin implor- nounced on January 10, 2007, to deploy cial support, begin to go back on the ing moderate Muslims to stand against more than 20,000 additional troops, U.S. promises made to those young men and those few who seek to hijack the reli- combat troops to Iraq. It says this woman, that that will in fact have a gion, and who are prosecuting this twice, in the preamble and then once deleterious impact on the troops’ mo- fight. again in the resolved. rale and their families who serve here. Let me preface my next remarks by It also says once that Congress and I think that the debate tonight and the saying that I am a Christian, and I be- the American people will continue to next 4 days will have a direct impact lieve that God is always in the business support and protect the members of the on the families who support these of changing men’s hearts, and that the United States Armed Forces who are young men and women, who allow hearts of these Islamist Jihadists can serving or who have bravely and honor- them to do what they do on behalf of be changed by the God I serve. But ably served in Iraq. We must assume, of this country. short of that, I believe we have only course, that, because it is not stated, And that is certainly is regrettable, two choices, either we lock these peo- that Congress and the American people if that support is hurt and harmed, and ple up forever or we kill them. will also support and protect those ad- that hurt and harm is then transmitted That is pretty harsh for a Christian to say, but those are our only options. ditional troops that are headed into to our young men and women who are I don’t believe we can compromise with harm’s way who will serve in Iraq, even fighting this fight every single day. them and I don’t believe they will com- though the resolution disapproves of I also do not believe it is the role of promise with us. I don’t believe that the decision that sends those young 535 independent contractors that make they will alter their beliefs to peace- men and women into harm’s way. up the House and Senate to become fully coexist with us. The majority knows that this resolu- five-star generals and make decisions So we are in a fight that will last for tion will pass. They would not have on how to fight this fight or any other years and for decades. There is no guar- brought it to the floor if their leader- war. I do believe it is our job to look as antee as to how this fight is being pros- ship had not be assured that they had far into the future as we can, and make ecuted and how we win this fight, I just the minimum 218 votes needed to pass decisions and then pass laws that lead know that we cannot lose it. And this this resolution. Since passage is as- this Nation. resolution tonight does not move that sured, we have to ask, why this lan- I do not know of anyone who believes process forward in a positive way. guage? Why something so like this, that a failure in Iraq is in our national We are in a long and hard struggle to that simply says what they are interest. Both sides have been saying protect freedom and liberty here and against, as opposed to something that this. There are no good results for such around the world. We are blessed by is perhaps more meaningful, like what a failure. General Petraeus has listed men and women who are willing to risk you are for. out a couple of the possibilities that he everything to defend you and me every It allows those who would vote in talks about. One is that sectarian minute of every day. favor of this, and like I said I am quite groups would begin to stake out turf. This resolution does not help in that confident it will pass, to set themselves This would generally involve ethnic struggle. And I urge my colleagues to up in that very enviable position to say cleansing. The humanitarian suffering vote against it. I told you so if things do not go exactly that would go on while that was hap- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I as planned. And no plan in war has ever pening is totally unacceptable. yield 5 minutes to my friend and col- done that. So our colleagues who vote He also mentions that international league, the gentlewoman from New in favor of this resolution will be in terrorist organizations might gain con- Hampshire (Ms. SHEA-PORTER). that position to be able to say I told trol of Iraq, and therefore use their Ms. SHEA-PORTER. Madam Speak- you so across a variety of cir- bases in Iraq to further their interests. er, this is a very important debate. c*mstances. The disruption to the oil markets Four long years and we are searching I do not believe that either side of and the impact that that will have not our souls. We have sent our finest and the aisle believes that it is the role of only on our economy but economies our bravest soldiers on a mission that this or any other Congress to tell the around the world would certainly occur made no sense from the beginning. Our President how not to deploy 20,000 if we have a failure in Iraq. Nation was attacked by evil people who troops. I believe there is another rea- None of these guesses as to what trained in Afghanistan. son for this language. One explanation would happen for failure in Iraq, that We have a right to go into Afghani- may be that it sets the stage for some- failure would almost automatically stan to remove the terrorist training thing that will really have an impact happen with an untimely withdrawal of camps. As a matter of fact, we should on the War in Iraq, the way that war is our troops, none of them are positive, be working even harder there to make sure our Afghanistan mission does not being fought, and I think that has to do none of these scenarios make Iraq a fail. We must not allow the Taliban with the power of the purse. safer place, none of them make the and other terrorist groups to control In spite of the language that says we Middle East a safer place, and they cer- Afghanistan again. will continue to support and protect tainly do not make America and the However, we are unable to give Af- our troops, I believe we will see in the United States safer. ghanistan our full attention because not too distant future attempts by the There are no guarantees, of course, our President has led us into a war majority to cut off funding for this that any plan will work. But telling with Iraq. Why? There are no Iraqis on war. I think we got a preview of this the President what not to do is clearly the plane that day. The Iraqis had no tactic last week when we passed the not in the interest interests of moving weapons of mass destruction. And they continuing resolution which cut $3.1 this debate forward. My personal view never asked us to come to their coun- billion in spending for military quality of that future that I spoke about is try. They do ask us to leave, though. of life projects and infrastructure that that the effort in Iraq is a major part And yet we will not leave. is needed to support the various BRAC of the overall global war against Is- The President will not listen to the decisions. lamic Jihadists. Other Members have Iraqis. The President will not listen to A lot has been made as to whether or eloquently stated tonight that this war the American people. The President not this debate will have an impact on will last for decades. will not listen to the world. But Con- the morale of our troops. Last week in I take very seriously the threats that gress will. We are ready to go in a new a hearing with the Armed Services the Islamic Jihadists have made and direction and say no to the President, Committee, General Pace, Chairman of are making to kill Americans and to and no to his plan to escalate this war. the Joint Chiefs of Staff told us, as hurt American interests. I do not un- I was a military spouse. I am very, well as Bob Gates, that this debate in derstand why they take these posi- very proud of my husband’s service. I and of itself will not directly hurt or tions, but I certainly believe them am also on the Armed Services Com- harm the morale of the young men and when they tell us they are coming to mittee. I know our troops need our sup- women who are fighting this fight. hurt us. port and they have it. But troops also

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00083 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.147 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1556 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 need to know that their leaders will President that I am against his esca- nam, and I would include the Soviet in- make sure that their mission is in the lation. vasion of Afghanistan in that chaos, I best interests of the United States be- Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, I would include the militant jihadist fore they are asked to go fight and die yield such time as he may consume to takeover of our Embassy in Iran in for their country. the gentleman from Texas (Mr. BUR- that chaos, much of that ensued be- I watched a young soldier walk down GESS). cause of congressional action that was a ramp on the way to Iraq. He was Mr. BURGESS. Madam Speaker, I taken on the floor of this House in cut- looking at all of us, and we were look- thank the gentleman for yielding me ting off funding for our troops. ing hard back at him. And I think most time. I appreciate him letting me go And I am not a big one on process. I of us had the same thoughts in our out of order. I am not a member of his haven’t been here that long. I don’t hearts, that we could not look him in committee. But when my committee know that I understand process all that the eye and tell him that his mission has time on Thursday night, I am hop- well. But why in the world would we was so essential to the security of the ing to be able to attend the memorial not allow a vote or even a motion to United States and the freedom of the service for our comrade, CHARLES NOR- recommit on, say, SAM JOHNSON’S bill, world that he had to go and he had to WOOD, whom we lost today. H.R. 511. SAM JOHNSON’S bill, a simple die if necessary. Madam Speaker, I rise to speak two-page bill that details all of the fine Why could we not tell him that? Be- against H. Con. Res. 63. I think it is a things done by our troops in Iraq and cause the mission had changed. Several mistake. It is the first step of this new Afghanistan, and ends with this simple times the President told us why we Congress, the first step this new Con- paragraph: Faithful support of Con- were there, and it was always a dif- gress is going to make towards cutting gress. Congress will not cut off or re- ferent reason. The mission had off the funding for our troops. strict funding for units and members in changed. And therefore the soldier You do not have to take my word for the Armed Forces that the Commander it. Yesterday’s CQ Today, a magazine looked confused and we certainly felt in Chief has deployed in harm’s way. widely read up here in Washington, and confused also, because we could not tell Wow, that is pretty simple. I don’t I am quoting, ‘‘It is a foot in the door him why we were there. understand. I frankly, do not under- I wanted to run up to him and tell toward limiting military involvement stand why this House could not vote on him I support you, I support you by in Iraq. The Democrats want to do this this simple measure submitted by my by the Congressional power of the making sure that you never get sent to fellow Texan, SAM JOHNSON, a legiti- checkbook.’’ a war against unless we know why you mate war hero in his own right. I sim- Further in the article it says, are there. ply do not understand why we wouldn’t ‘‘Democrats are well on their way to- What is this talk I have heard to- have an opportunity to vote on that ward planning more aggressive meas- night about freedom and liberty? This bill or offer it as a motion to recommit ures in an attempt to force redeploy- talk of glory that I heard on the floor. before we vote on the resolution. ment beginning by blocking funding, This romanticized language, this talk And the resolution itself, it is a and ending in the supplemental spend- about Davy Crockett. There is no Davy shame that we weren’t offered a chance ing request. Crockett in Iraq. Our troops need clear- to amend the bill, to amend the resolu- And then finally, Democrats said, tion, to perhaps make it better. I urge eyed leaders, not this romantic rabble ‘‘The resolution would just be a first people to go on line and read it for that we have been hearing. This war step in the process that could result in themselves. It is only two lines. It is has cost us. We have paid a terrible a reduction or reconditioning of funds not a very heavy lift to read this par- price. slated for our troops in Iraq.’’ ticular piece of legislation. Our military troops are strained. Well, we do not have to go too very Line 1, Congress and the American Yes, they are strained. Their families far back in our past to see the con- people will continue to support and are strained. Our brave soldiers have sequences of that type of action. When protect Members of the United States died or they have been injured. The I was in Iraq in August of 2005 General Armed Forces who are serving or who Iraqis have lost their lives. They have Casey told myself and a group of us have served bravely and honorably in lost their society. They have lost their who were there that there is no group Iraq. That is sentence one. Remarkable infrastructure. They are losing their in the world that can stand up to the for what it leaves out. What about a middle class who are moving to other American military. In fact, the only comma, and who will serve? Would it countries to keep their children safe. organized body in the world capable of be so wrong to include those individ- Their people are fleeing from their defeating the American military was uals who will serve in whatever time is own country. We are wary, they are the American Congress. left in the country of Iraq, to include wary, the world is now more dan- I believe he was right. The CRS has them in as being worthy of our support gerous. Iraqis were polled and the ma- done a report for this Congress, a re- in Congress? jority of them said they wanted the port for Congress about restrictions of Line 2 is so vague as to almost defy Americans to go home and let them military operations in Vietnam, Cam- description. Line 2 reads: Congress dis- work out their problems. For 4 years bodia, Laos, Somalia and Kosovo, fund- approves of the decision of President the administration and its supporters ing and non funding approaches. I ref- George W. Bush, announced on January here have made no plan for them to do erence particularly, I urge my col- 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 ad- that. leagues, this is easy to download from ditional troops. Now they ask us on this side of the the Internet on the CRS, simply type Well, would 19,995 troops be okay? aisle what our plan is. This is a strange in Cooper-Church amendment, and you Would Congress then not co*ck an eye- question. But it shows how confused will get this well-researched product. brow to say we don’t like that either? this administration’s supporters are, if Well, what does that second statement they are looking to us and ask us what b 2245 actually, what point are we trying to our plan is. They have been offered It details the Mansfield amendment, make by that second statement, other plans. They even commissioned a plan, the Cooper/Church amendment of 1970 than we don’t support the Commander and they do not follow any plans. The and 1973, the Cranston amendment, the in Chief, we don’t support the mission, President follows his own way. McGovern/Hatfield amendment. It also and as a consequence, you do have to We have offered plans. They will not talks about the funding for Somalia. In ask if we support the troops. listen. I for one want the United States fact, in this House, in 1999, when Presi- Now, we are all sent here in Con- to succeed in this world. Therefore, I dent Clinton was President, a bipar- gress, we are all elected by 600- to am going to listen to all of the generals tisan group in this House came to- 700,000 people, back in our districts, who have pled with the President and gether to defeat a motion to block back in our States, to make hard deci- pled with the President’s supporters in funding for the troops in Kosovo. So sions. We are not sent here to read the this administration to do the right congressional actions regarding fund- polls, stick our fingers in the wind and thing here. ing do have a real world impact. then decide which direction to go. We But the President does not listen. And I would submit that much of the are not sent here to shift tactics be- Now, I am going to vote to tell the chaos that ensued after we left Viet- cause we think we may become more

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00084 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.148 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1557 popular back home if we do that. I It is our moral obligation to ensure afternoon I went to Walter Reed and I fully recognize that by voting against that our troops know our intentions visited some injured soldiers. One of this resolution, I put myself in jeop- and they know that we are going to them was from my congressional dis- ardy of reelection, and I am willing to provide continued support for them, trict in the State of Utah; had a num- do that because I believe a vote for this and that continued support, whether it ber of serious injuries. He has been in resolution puts my country’s fate in is bullets for their gun, whether it is intensive care at Walter Reed for about significant jeopardy for decades to the M–16, whether it is the Humvee, or 3 weeks now. His wife was there with come. whether it is reinforcements, we are him. There were pictures of his 2-year Now, I was not here when this House going to continue to provide the things old daughter plastered up all over the voted in October of 2002 to give the that the generals on the ground say wall. His daughter is back in Utah with President the power he needed to de- they need for their men and women to a set of grandparents. ploy the troops. But I have always get the job done. I wish everyone could have the expe- voted for funding for the troops. And I When the President invited me down rience of going and meeting the sol- appreciate so much the chairman to the White House right before his diers and the families. They inspire me, standing up here and offering his tele- Oval Office speech, he asked me what and they also tell me how serious this phone number to any family who is the constituents in my district would issue is about putting people in harm’s concerned whether or not their loved say. And I said, Mr. President, it is way, because the lives of that family one will have access to body armor in pretty clear. My constituents would are changed forever based on these se- Iraq. say to you, if they were standing here vere injuries that this soldier under- I remember those first hearings when today, fight the war or bring the boys took. I came here in March of 2003, we were home. With regard to the situation in Iraq, instructed on how quickly our men and The rules of engagement sometimes, our military personnel have done ev- women in the field could get into their frankly, I don’t understand. If we cap- erything we have asked. We can never chemical suits. This was an object of ture someone in Sadr City and we get thank our troops enough, and we owe great concern to everyone in this body. a call from the Prime Minister’s Office them. We have an obligation to them In fact, most of us sit on top of a chair and we have got to take him back and to give them the best opportunity for which has a gas mask underneath it, let him go, that doesn’t make sense, success. just in case we need to leave this body good sense, if you are fighting a war. The problem is that we have never in a hurry because of the deployment Well, it looks as if a lot of those re- really stood here and talked about a of chemical weapons. We were all con- strictions have been removed. In fact, strategy for success. A successful strat- cerned about chemical weapons back in on the Drudge Report on Fox News ear- egy has to be comprehensive. That is 2003. lier this evening they broke the story what has been needed from the outset Now, I have made five trips to Iraq, that Moqtada al-Sadr is now living is of the conflict in Iraq, and it is still and I know that what is reported on Iran. That is a good thing. That re- needed today as Iraq descends into civil our television news services here in the flects the change in tactics on the war. States is not always accurately reflec- ground brought to you by our men and A strategy for success in Iraq re- tive of what is happening on the women who are fighting for our free- quires more than a military strategy. ground back in Iraq. I referenced Dr. dom abroad. We have the most powerful military in NORWOOD a moment ago. My last trip Madam Speaker, I suggest that we the world, without a doubt. If military to Iraq was in July of 2006. Dr. NOR- commit together to support the future, might alone could succeed, we would be WOOD, Chairman Deal and I, and GENE the future support of our troops in the done by now. GREEN from our Health Subcommittee country of Iraq, or simply get them out The situation in Iraq has always re- went over to see the status of health of harm’s way now. Again, Moqtada al- quired a more comprehensive effort. care for our troops. I was very im- Sadr has fled to Iran. We need a plan for political and diplo- pressed with what I saw that day. I think we can prevail. I think it is in matic and economic success. But, Madam Speaker, I think every- our broad national interest. I think the Now, just a couple of months ago, one in this body has to answer two fun- price of defeat is simply too steep, not Congress was actually handed just such damental questions on this resolution just for us today, but for generations in a strategy in the report from the bipar- before us: Is it in our broad national in- the future. tisan Iraq Study Group. The report was terest to win this fight? The second PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY put together by some of the greatest question: Can we prevail? Can we pro- Mr. BURGESS. Madam Speaker, I statesmen, diplomats and military vide a modicum of security in the would like to pose a parliamentary in- minds of our generation. This was a bi- country of Iraq? Can we provide a mod- quiry. partisan group led by former Secretary icum of sovereignty in the country of The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. of State James Baker and former 9/11 Iraq? For me, the answer to those two HERSETH). The gentleman will state his Commission Chairman Lee Hamilton. questions is yes. Yes and yes. And I parliamentary inquiry. These venerable men and women pains- recognize that people of goodwill can Mr. BURGESS. Madam Speaker, takingly considered all the available disagree about these issues. But if your would it be wrong to propose an options. They talked to military strat- answer is no, and no, then please stand amendment that would ask that we add egists, generals, Iraqis and each and up, show some courage. support for troops that will be in every type of individual who might This is a nonbinding resolution, for harm’s way in the future in line 1 of hold the key to a way forward. They crying out loud. Even a Democratic this bill? acknowledge that each recommenda- Presidential candidate said it is equiv- The SPEAKER pro tempore. The tion of the Iraq Study Group carries its alent to standing in the corner and Chair would entertain such requests own risk factors. But in the end, this stomping your feet. only from the majority manager of the bipartisan group unanimously endorsed We have heard a lot about moral obli- concurrent resolution. a plan to move forward. And in doing gations tonight. Well, I would submit Mr. BURGESS. Well, then I would so, they rejected the overly simplistic that we have a moral obligation that if call on the majority manager of the discussion that seemed to dominate the we can’t answer both of those ques- concurrent resolution to consider add- 2006 election season when the primary tions in the affirmative, bring the ing future support for our troops, or options that were discussed were either troops home now. Don’t wait till April. those troops who will be in harm’s way stay the course or cut and run. In fact, Don’t wait till September. If we in the months to come. the Iraq Study Group report provides haven’t the resolve to see this thing Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I reasoned arguments against both of through, or if we no longer feel that it am happy today, right now, to yield 5 these options. is in our broad national interest to minutes to my friend and colleague, As for staying the course, the Iraq continue this fight, why in the world the gentleman from Utah (Mr. MATHE- Study Group states that, and I quote, would you ask any man or woman to SON). ‘‘The longer the United States remains continue to serve in that country Mr. MATHESON. Madam Speaker, I in Iraq without progress, the more re- under those conditions? rise in support of this resolution. This sentment will grow among Iraqis who

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00085 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.150 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1558 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 believe they are the subjects of a re- in Iraq, the 25,000 or so that are fight- every single thing we have asked. They pressive American occupation. As one ing in Afghanistan. We are here to do brought down a dictator. They set up a U.S. official said to us, ‘Our leaving what we can to honor them. We are trial. They allowed a government to be would make it worse. The current ap- trying to express our patriotism. We stood up. They built roads and bridges. proach without modification will not are trying to do what we are obligated They have done an extraordinary job, make it better.’’’ to do by standing up here. and we in this House support them in As for an immediate withdrawal, the The notion that it is our patriotic that work. Iraq Study Group states that if we left duty, our obligation to sit silent and to But now what is their mission? Their tomorrow we would simply leave an do whatever the President thinks is mission is essentially to stand in the immense power vacuum in Iraq. The re- best and blindly walk in that direction, middle of a shooting match of the sults would have devastating effects on that is not the way to honor the troops worst order. It is not over a patch of the global economy, the region and the that are there. I can imagine the chal- land. It is not a shooting match over Iraqi people themselves. And specifi- lenges that they face every single day, what a border is going to be. It is not cally, the report says that ‘‘a pre- and would the message going back to a shooting match even over oil. It is a mature American departure from Iraq them be most appropriate that just as shooting match of the most ingrained would almost certainly produce greater often as they wake up in the deserts of type between Shia and Sunni that goes sectarian violence and further deterio- Iraq trying to figure out why people back hundreds of years. Are our troops ration of conditions.’’ are shooting at them and what they going to solve that conflict with 20,000 Now, the resolution we are debating can do to stop it, they should know troops or 40,000 troops? I don’t believe right now addresses the proposal to in- that every single day we here in Con- so. And even worse, I believe it is an crease the number of U.S. troops in gress are trying to think about ways to untenable mission to be giving them. Iraq by just over 20,000. Let’s remember make their mission safer and make it They are essentially in a schoolyard that the Iraq Study Group specifically more possible for them to accomplish where everyone wants to fight. took a hard look at the surge option. their mission and to extract them as And I have to say to my friends on In discussing the merits of a surge the soon as possible. We pray that they are the other side of the aisle, over and Iraq Study Group report said that a successful. Although I strongly oppose over and over again today I have heard surge ‘‘might temporarily help limit the President’s initiative, that I am this dynamic being described that if we were to leave or to support this resolu- violence in a highly localized area. going to vote ‘‘yes’’ on this resolution, tion, we would let down our allies, we However, past experience indicates I pray that they are successful. I pray would embolden our enemies, and we that the violence would simply rekin- we don’t lose another life. We want would betray the Iraqi people. In fact, dle as soon as U.S. forces are moved to them to be successful. But it is not this policy does all of those things. Let another area.’’ enough just to be silent and to be pray- us look at it. Furthermore, many generals and erful. We also have to act. Some in this Chamber have objected What does this policy say to our al- other military strategists have roundly lies? Well, it says to our allies in Af- criticized the surge strategy. to this resolution because what it seeks to do is to do two things: one is ghanistan we are not going to devote Now, I have long believed that the the resources there necessary for you lack of independent, accurate assess- the thing that I have done already, which is to pay tribute to the troops, to do the job. This isn’t an abstract no- ments of our progress has hampered tion. You can watch it happen every our efforts to secure Iraq and assist in something we all share in doing; and two is begin on a path of oversight. It single day. So long as we have 140,000 its reconstruction. I strongly believe troops or 130,000 troops in this shooting is not surprising at all to hear my that the U.S. cannot linger in making match largely in Baghdad, we are friends on the other side of the aisle the important policy and strategic de- watching as Afghanistan slips further have such a difficult concept with this cisions recommended in the report. and further back into the hands of the idea of doing oversight over something That is why we need to follow the Taliban. recommendations of the Iraq Study the President proposes. They have done We have heard, for example, from our Group report. U.S. forces should be re- no oversight over how the money has so-called ally the Saudis, and what deployed from combat missions to sup- been spent over there, and so as a re- have they said? They have been most port functions. Our troops should be sult, we found out in the first month of telling. They said recently, well, to supplementing the Iraqi Army. And at the Democratic Congress that a $12 bil- you, the citizens of the United States, the same time, we have to move for- lion pallet of currency was delivered to if you pull your troops out, we are ward on the economic development Iraq and promptly disappeared. We had going to be forced to put resources in front and the political front and the re- hearings last week that showed that to support our Sunni brethren. So the gional diplomacy front. even Mr. Bremer and officials on the Saudis have said if the American The resolution we are debating today ground from the administration have troops leave, we are going to have to is very simple. We support our troops no idea where $12 billion disappeared jump in on the side of our Sunni breth- and we oppose the surge strategy. I will to. So it is not surprising that my Re- ren in Baghdad. What does that say? vote for this resolution. public friends have a difficult time fig- What does that say? That says they As I said before, our troops have done uring out what it is we are doing here. will jump into a blood-letting, but they everything we have asked of them. We are doing oversight, and we are won’t come in now to help us stabilize Their performance is a source of great going to do more of it. Baghdad. They have argued, essen- admiration and pride for everyone in We are doing oversight over the tially, that the only reason they are America. At a minimum, we owe them equipment that the troops had. This not involved is our troops are. Some a new approach and a thoughtful ap- weekend there were stories coming ally. Some message we are sending to proach to the situation in Iraq and the outside of Iraq that Iranian-built our ally Saudi Arabia. What they are pursuit of a comprehensive strategy for armor-piercing projectiles were being saying is, You had better keep your success. used in roadside bombs. It reminded us boys dying because otherwise we are again that the troops had been sent b 2300 going to have to send ours in. there without sufficient hardware, That is exactly what we want. We Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I without sufficient protective gear, want them to send they resources in. am happy to yield such time as he may without sufficient armor-plated vehi- We want them to take ownership of consume to my friend and colleague, cles to be able to do their job. We are this. the gentleman from New York (Mr. going to do oversight on that as well. And the same is true with Egypt and WEINER). And I have to say that as part of the other allies in the region. They have Mr. WEINER. Madam Speaker, first oversight that we are doing today, we said to us, You had better keep doing of all, I think that I speak for all of our are doing oversight on how the troops what you are doing, Mr. President. We colleagues and all of us here in paying are being used. And let us not kid our- are getting exactly the wrong message. tribute to the 137,000-some-odd Amer- selves. The troops have done a remark- And I have also heard my colleagues ican men and women who are fighting able job. They have done just about speak frequently today about

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00086 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.151 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1559 emboldening our enemies. Well, it The Iraqi people have to have a mo- the time being this is the choice that seems like just about anything Demo- ment where they confront the reality you are confronted with. crats propose is emboldening our en- of the situation. Everyone agrees, I If you believe that this surge is the emies. think, and whenever I say that, I hear right policy, you have a simple vote. Let us take a closer look at this. Is someone come to the floor and think You can vote ‘‘no.’’ If you believe that Iran truly upset about what is going on that everything is going just fine in you don’t want to support the troops, in Iraq? Are the Iranians truly wring- Iraq, but just about everyone agrees and there is no one like that, you can ing their hands every day saying, Boy that the Iraqi people themselves ulti- vote ‘‘no.’’ But this resolution is the oh boy, I hope the United States does mately have to take responsibility for beginning of finally starting to do what not pull out of there? No. They have their own country. the American people are thirsting for, never been happier with this existing Are we creating an environment that and that is this Chamber is a place policy. Their worst elements, their is more likely to happen or less likely where we stand up and say whether we worst Shia elements, are crossing over to happen? Well, there is no sign that support these things or not. the border practically at will, joining it is happening; so the de facto re- I urge a ‘‘yes’’ vote. the fight. The President of the United sponse to my own question is that it is Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, I States himself has said it. I have heard not happening. But I would argue that yield myself such time as I may con- people here on the floor say it. They every time we stand up and put addi- sume. like this confrontation that is going tional troops in, we push the Iraqi peo- I want to take a couple of minutes to on. They want it to be like this. ple further from the point where they answer a couple of things that my But they are happy for another rea- have to confront that they have to friend said. son, and I say this particularly to my take control. Might it be messy? Yes. First Mr. WEINER said, ‘‘We aren’t friends on the other side of the aisle. Might it even be bloody? Yes. But one done.’’ Madam Speaker, that is one They are happy because I am truly con- thing is for sure: up to now the Iraqi thing that I am worried about. He said cerned about the threat that Iran poses people have simply said, We are not that we want more choices, more bills, not only to the United States but to going to. We don’t have to. We have got more language. Not this Member. I will the world. Do you think we are in a po- our boys from the United States of settle for a ‘‘no’’ on this resolution. I sition right now with our military America, and now we have another 20, haven’t asked for more bills, more stretched so thin that if we needed to 30, 40,000 that are going to be rolling choices, or different language. act against Iran, we could? No. Our en- into town. And the problem with this resolu- gagement in Baghdad, adding more and My colleagues, I have heard my tion, the gentleman said this is a very more and more troops, has stretched us friends on the other side of the aisle good resolution because it is very thinner and thinner and thinner. And complain, and I have to say, present clear, very concise, and gives us clear the most happy people in the world are company excluded, it sounded a little choices. This resolution retroactively the tyrants in Iran because they know like whining most of the day. I have condemns an action that has already they can get away with just about any- heard, well, we need more choices. I been taken. That is the movement of thing. And if you think I am wrong have heard we need more bills. I have reinforcements into the theater. You about that, take a look at the war back heard we need more language. There last year on the northern border of already have the 82nd Airborne in the are going to be plenty of opportunities theater. That is part of the reinforcing Israel. Hezbollah felt completely to confront these issues, but today my unencumbered, which is essentially, as force. They are already in there. You colleagues have to confront the choice already have a brigade from the 82nd we all know, an agent of Iran. They felt in front of them. Sometimes in this job completely unencumbered again just to Airborne in one of the nine sectors you have to say ‘‘yea’’ or ‘‘nay.’’ And right now, operating, boots on the attack a democracy in the region be- this week what you have to say ‘‘yea’’ cause they knew that all of us were ground as we talk. So you aren’t pro- or ‘‘nay’’ on is a resolution that is ex- stretched entirely too thin to be able hibiting the President from sending re- quisite in its simplicity. It says two to respond. So this notion that we are inforcements. things and two things only. It says we going to send the wrong message to our He said that American forces are support the troops. We are going to enemies is completely wrong. being stretched thinner and thinner Do you know what would send the keep them safe. We are going to keep and thinner. right message to our enemies, I say to them secure. We are going to do any- We have 21⁄2 million Americans in my colleagues? You take some of those thing that they need to show our sup- uniform. We have roughly 138,000 before troops out of Baghdad, you put them port. And, two, we disapprove of the the surge. Now a little more than on the Iranian border. That is how you way the President wants to increase 140,000 counting the ones that are al- send them a message. You get them the number of troops going there. That ready in country. When they are in out of the shooting match, but you is it. You are going to get to vote on country and the support troops are keep them in the neighborhood. You other things later on because we are there and less the troops who will be keep them right on the border of Iran not done. Many of us believe very rotating home at that point, you will and you say, We don’t need 140,000, but strongly that we need major tactical have at the high point, we are told by we are going to make sure you don’t changes, and I know Mr. MURTHA has a DOD, about 157,000 troops. That is less export any more problems. We are plan. The Blue Dog Caucus has a plan than we had a year ago in country, I going to seal off the schoolyard. for more transparency. There are going would say to the gentleman. So that is And, finally, I have heard it said that to be plenty of choices. You are going not a huge surge. this will be an abandonment of the to get oversight. 2315 Iraqi people. Well, ladies and gentle- I know it has been years, I say to my b men, there is no element here that I colleagues, since you have seen any He stated that we are going to be am more disappointed with, and I around here, but you are going to get drawn thinner, and I quote, ‘‘thinner think I speak virtually for all of us. it. But today what we have is a simple and thinner and thinner.’’ Our troops are in there trying to create proposition. It is the same proposition So you have about 160,000 troops, a stability in Iraq, and for some reason, that is being discussed in coffee shops, little less than that, max. That is not overwhelming numbers of Iraqis say in church socials, in corner stores all 10 percent of the 2.5 million persons that they think it is okay to shoot at around this country, and that is: Do we who are presently wearing the uniform our troops. It is outrageous. It is out- support what the President is doing by of the United States. rageous. Our troops are in there trying increasing our engagement rather than Secondly I will say to my friend, I as best they can to build this country, reducing it? That is what this is about. want to say to folks who listen to this put it back together, and the Iraqi peo- And all of the foot stamping and all of debate, because this statement about ple over and over again are saying, You the complaining and all of the whining, us being drawn thin and therefore know what, it is kind of okay when I I want another bill, I want different being susceptible to problems and read stories about snipers shooting at language, I want to deal with some- being vulnerable is a message that has our troops. thing different, I want a hug, well, for come up several times in this debate.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00087 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.152 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1560 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 We have more than doubled the preci- If you are in a supportive service our valiant men and women in uni- sion firepower of this country since the that involves things likes aerial refuel- form. Our troops have been and are last administration, that is the Clinton ing, C–130 work, which is the workhorse continuing to do an excellent job, and administration. You have more than of the U.S. military, you understand they deserve our support. doubled the precision firepower. That when you go in, you are going to be Yet, overall, our military is being means the ability, if people should give making probably multiple tours. If you stretched thin, and now we face the the United States a need to respond join the U.S. Marines right now, the re- prospect of not only sending over 20,000 militarily, the ability to send precision cruiter tells you as you sign up, you more combat troops into Iraq, but also systems that can explode right straight can be guaranteed that you will go to another 15,000 troops on top of that, at through goalposts at long distances Iraq. minimum, to support those troops, and handle lots of stuff. I would say to the gentleman another with additional military police, intel- Now, the gentleman is very con- thing: Knowing those things, we are ligence units and supply function per- cerned about Iran. I share that con- meeting all of our enlistment goals in sonnel. In fact, the Congressional cern. And I share the concern the gen- the Guard and Reserve. So the active Budget Office estimates that it might tleman has about the centrifuge activ- duty people who are undertaking mul- take even more troops than that. So ity and the proposed centrifuge activ- tiple tours are coming back and re- reality is that we are now looking at a ity that Iran has discussed and may at enlisting. And knowing that, knowing total of 35,000 or more troops actually some point develop with the aid of the that you are exposed to multiple tours, involved in this potential surge. Russians and the Chinese. we have more people signing up for the We need to be moving toward a suc- I would just remind the gentleman Guard, for the Reserve. cessful conclusion in Iraq; not with a that those precision systems, that dou- And interestingly, I will tell the gen- timetable, but with definite bench- bling of the precision firepower that we tleman, the place where we have had marks of accountability that are now have, is probably the right medi- problems with recruiting in the last meant to ensure that the Iraqis are cine if we should have to keep the mili- year from the information I have seen taking control of their own security tary option open and on the table with is the Naval Reserve, which doesn’t do and future. The Iraqi army, the na- respect to Iran. So we will watch them tours in Iraq. But the combat arms tional police and the local police in as they try to walk down this road to have multiple tours. Iraq must take responsibility for their developing a nuclear weapon. Mr. WEINER. If the gentleman will own country and communities, and Mr. WEINER. Madam Speaker, will yield further, I thank the gentleman only by lessening the American foot- the gentleman yield? very much. I think what you have just print in Iraq will we empower the Iraqi Mr. HUNTER. I yield to the gen- described is a military stretched thin, people to take responsibility for their tleman from New York. my friend. I think when you have peo- own self-governance and ultimately Mr. WEINER. Madam Speaker, I their own destiny. honor the gentleman for his mastery of ple in the Reserves doing three tours, that are being taken away from their Is not just my opinion or the opinion the numbers. Perhaps you can en- of some here, it is exactly what Gen- communities, I think that is a military lighten me, what is the number of Re- eral John Abizaid, our U.S. Commander stretched thin. serves that are in country now? said, when I visited Iraq and when he Mr. HUNTER. We have been up as Mr. HUNTER. Reclaiming my time, I will just tell the gentleman this: There testified before Congress. high as 40 percent National Guard and We cannot continue to increase troop is a difference between people in spe- Reserve, and that is a deliberate policy levels in Iraq at the expense of allow- cialties spending more time doing mul- of the United States. When we went to ing the Taliban to come back into tiple tours, and I will say to him again, war in Vietnam, the Guard and Reserve power in Afghanistan. The Global War for practical purposes stayed home. almost all Marines know that they are on Terrorism is exactly what the name And we said from here on out, when we going to do multiple tours, either in says. It is a global war, not just an go to war, we go to war with what is country or on the so-called float, which Iraqi war, and we cannot let our troop known as a total force. is the deployment around the world, strength be so focused on what is be- So you have a Reserve element that because they are the 9/11 force for this coming a civil war in Iraq that we lose goes to war. If you were over in Iraq, as country. So that is something that focus on threats that face us elsewhere the gentlelady has been there a number people do. in the world. of times, you will see Reservists flying That is a far cry from not having Previous surges have not solved the C–130s, doing a lot of support missions, enough firepower to respond to an Ira- problems in Iraq. Let us not be fooled and you have National Guard units on nian crisis. We still have tons of fire- into thinking that this one will. the ground. power to respond to an Iranian break- Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, I Mr. WEINER. If the gentleman will out or surprise, a technological sur- yield myself such time as I may con- yield for a further question, are there prise, with respect to development of sume. any there doing second or third tours nuclear systems. Madam Speaker, I have got one of duty? Madam Speaker, if the gentlewoman speaker left here, Mr. FRANKS of Ari- Mr. HUNTER. Certainly. I can tell from California has more speakers, I zona, but let me just say one thing be- the gentleman, my son has done two will enjoy listening to them, and I will fore he speaks. I appreciate the debate. tours of duty. There are a number of reserve the balance of my time. I think we have had a good discussion people that have done that. Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I this evening. Mr. WEINER. If the gentleman will am happy to yield 5 minutes to my I wanted to say one thing about further yield, is it not your view that friend and colleague from North Caro- CHARLIE NORWOOD. He passed away. He that has a dramatic toll only those lina (Mr. MCINTYRE). was a Member of the 173rd Airborne families and communities who are not Mr. MCINTYRE. Madam Speaker, I Brigade. I was a member of that bri- regular army who are there as Reserv- rise tonight in support of the resolu- gade. I had a very average tour, a very ists and are being called back tour tion before us that disapproves of the easy tour in Vietnam. I did nothing after tour? You don’t think that is President’s recent announcement to special. But CHARLIE NORWOOD was a stretching those communities thin? deploy more than 20,000 additional U.S. real hero who won the Combat Medical Mr. HUNTER. I will just tell the gen- combat troops to Iraq. Badge and two Bronze Stars in Viet- tleman, in the MOSs that our folks As a member of the Armed Services nam. sign up for, especially the aerial sup- Committee, I am committed to sup- I thought to commemorate CHARLIE, portive MOSs, that is always out there, porting our troops and making sure I have got my copy of General Douglas that they are going to have to go, be- that they have the resources they need. MacArthur’s farewell speech that I cause where the armed services go, I always have and I always will. There quoted earlier, and let me just quote a where the active folks go, let me just is no debate about supporting our paragraph about duty, honor and coun- finish my answer to the gentleman. He troops. This resolution clearly and un- try that Douglas MacArthur thought asked me a question. I am going to ask equivocally states that both the Con- so represented the fighting man in this answer it. gress and the American people support country.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00088 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.154 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1561 He said these of words, duty, honor Western World on one side of the equa- pressed I have been by the debate that and country, ‘‘They teach to be proud tion, and on the other side of the equa- I have heard today. It has been about 11 and unbending in honest failure, but tion the opposition is largely asleep, hours. We are going to have tomorrow humble and gentle in success; not to and I think that nothing represents a and debate on Friday and Thursday, substitute words for action; not to seek greater danger to us than not only and this is the first real serious debate the path of comfort, but to face the knowing what we face, but being com- we have had about the President’s poli- stress and spur of difficulty and chal- pletely oblivious to its potential. cies in Iraq since the vote in October of lenge; to learn to stand up in the I believe that the ideology of jihad 2002. storm, but to have compassion on has the ability and even the propensity This week the House is considering a those who fall; to master yourself be- to germinate and one day threaten the bipartisan resolution introduced by fore you seek to master others; to have entire human family. And even though Representative IKE SKELTON of Mis- a heart that is clean, a goal that is America is engaged in some type of souri, TOM LANTOS of California, and high; to learn to laugh, yet never for- fight against terrorism and jihadism in WALTER JONES of North Carolina, get how to weep; to reach into the fu- nearly 70 countries across the world, which supports our troops and opposes ture, yet never neglect the past; to be whether we realize it or not, in the the President’s plan to add 21,500 more serious, yet never take yourself too se- eyes of the leaders of jihad, Iraq is the combat troops in Iraq. riously; to be modest so that you will frontline of that conflict, and it be- People have talked quite a lot to- remember the simplicity of true great- comes profoundly important that we night about the size and the scope of ness; the open mind of true wisdom, recognize it from their perspective, be- the resolution, but it is elegant and it the meekness of true strength.’’ cause in any ideology, one must under- is certainly spare in the fact that it is I think that largely represented our stand that to grow, it must somehow about 100 words, but it is significant great friend CHARLIE NORWOOD. take root and resonate in the hearts of because of what it says. Madam Speaker, I yield the balance the potential recruits. The resolution is very straight- of my time to the gentleman from Ari- One of the things that causes this forward. It says: ‘‘Resolved by the House of Represent- zona (Mr. FRANKS). ideology to grow is a sense of victory Mr. FRANKS of Arizona. Thank you, on the battlefield, and leader after atives that: ‘‘(1) Congress and the American peo- Mr. HUNTER. I certainly add my own leader in the jihadist movement have ple will continue to support and pro- feelings toward the words that you just said that Iraq is critical to the survival tect the members of the United States spoke on behalf of CHARLIE NORWOOD. of their ultimate goal. Armed Forces who are serving or who None of us know when we have to step b 2330 have served bravely and honorably in from this floor for the last time. This I know that we have faced dangerous Iraq; and man, while he was here, maintained a ideologies before. There are a lot of ‘‘(2) Congress disapproves of the deci- sense of honor. He was always com- people who have parents and family sion by President George W. Bush an- mitted to doing those things that members that faced the Nazis down in nounced on January 10, 2007, to deploy would bring better hope to future gen- World War II, and yet just a cursory more than 20,000 additional United erations. He was honorable among us, glance at history helps us understand States combat troops to Iraq.’’ and we can certainly salute that kind that the parallel here is real. Those supporting this bipartisan res- of brotherhood that he represented to There was a time when the Nazis olution strongly support our troops and all of us. were just a bunch of lunatics riding bi- our veterans. Let us be clear on this I certainly pass along my own condo- cycles across France, and nobody paid one fundamental principle. We are hon- lences and also congratulations to his much attention to them. They spewed oring the service of our troops by ask- family, because in a sense CHARLIE a hate and a sense of superiority over ing the difficult questions about this NORWOOD’s dreams were fulfilled in their fellow human beings and even a war. In conducting this debate, we that he dreamed to be a statesman, and sense of being willing to subordinate must be ever mindful of the sacrifices he certainly rose to that occasion in the innocent life of others for their our military personnel and their fami- every way. own ideology. We did not pay much at- lies are making during this war and the I suppose it is in a sense a little bit tention to them until it began to grow toll it is taking on them and their fam- of a statement to all of us that the and the fires of this ideology began to ilies and our veterans. Each Member brief moments that we have here spread across Europe. must determine for themselves, in a should be spent debating those things In the final analysis, the Western manner worthy of our troop’s sacrifice, that would truly make a difference, not world and people of freedom did not whether the President’s plan will suc- only for this generation, but for what- wake up until this thing had become a ceed in making Iraq more stable. ever generations remain to America. monster, and when we finally did en- I, for one, do not believe it will, and Madam Speaker, tonight I think that gage it, the ensuing war was so dif- I strongly believe and hope that my is what I would like to talk about. ficult and so horrible that at the end of colleagues will support this resolution There is an old Indian Iroquois quote the day, 50 million people had died. and the debate that is coming forth in that says that the secret to the uni- I will just say this, Madam Speaker, the next 2 days. verse is in the true naming of things, Winston Churchill warned us in a way Mr. RAHALL. Madam Speaker, scripture and as we debate tonight, it is easy for that I think is pretty profound. He tells us, ‘‘David consulted with the captains of us to see each other as the opposition said, If you will not fight, then you can thousands and hundreds and with every lead- or as the enemy. easily win without bloodshed. If you er.’’ Throughout the war in Iraq, the President I think tonight, if all else should fail will not fight, then your victory will be has failed to adequately consult with the us, we must consider who the real sure and not too costly. You may come American people and their Congress or other enemy here is. This one is a little dif- to the moment when you will have to countries in the region whose best interests ferent than those that we faced in the fight and all the odds against you with are also served by a stable Iraq. He has long past, because even though there are only a precarious chance of survival. recognized that staying the course in Iraq is parallels, this is an ideology. This is There may even be a worse moment. not working, yet he stubbornly stays the not just a group of people that we face You may have to fight when there is no course. in Islamic jihadism. It is an ideology hope for victory because it is still bet- The Congress has a duty to make sure that I believe has the seeds of danger in ter to perish than to live as slaves. once sent into harm’s way for good cause, our it for the entire human family. I submit in the ideology that we face troops are equipped and supplied with every- I think it becomes very, very impor- tonight that is the equation that is be- thing necessary to accomplish a given mis- tant for us all to understand that one fore us. sion. The Congress has an equal duty to thing, because in a sense right now the Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I change or end a given mission, when cir- battle that goes on across the world re- yield myself such time as I may con- c*mstances, realities and rationales demand lated to terrorism is a battle between sume. it. those who are deeply committed with I just want to rise to close this de- We in Congress want to work with him to their lives to the destruction of the bate from our side and say how im- bring our troops home from a more stable

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00089 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 9920 E:\CR\FM\K13FE7.155 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1562 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007 Iraq. We should not only ensure that the peo- The ultimate, unequivocal authority of the LEAVE OF ABSENCE ple are given a full accounting of what the Congress is the power of the purse. We must By unanimous consent, leave of ab- President is expecting of our troops in the use it. Supporters of the president’s failed Iraq sence was granted to: coming months, and how much it will cost our policy have argued that using Congress’ Mr. HASTERT (at the request of Mr. Treasury, but we must also demand account- spending power to end the war means that we BOEHNER) for the week of February 12. ing of what the war in Iraq has cost the U.S., don’t ‘‘support the troops.’’ It is beyond absurd and our men and women in uniform, over the to suggest that those of us who favor ending f last four years. funding for the war would simply abandon the ENROLLED BILL SIGNED Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I am troops in the field without the equipment and Mrs. Haas, Clerk of the House, re- proud to stand today with my fellow veterans supplies they need. Every piece of legislation ported and found truly enrolled a bill in the House of Representatives to register proposing cutting funds for combat operations of the House of the following title, would require the spending necessary to bring our opposition to the President’s plan to esca- which was thereupon signed by the the troops home safely. late the war in Iraq and to show our support Speaker: for our men and women in uniform. Cliche´s about supporting the troops are not Last November 7th, the American people really about our service members’ best inter- H.R. 742. An act to amend the Antitrust ests. The true purpose of these accusations is Modernization Commission Act of 2002, to ex- sent a clear message to Congress and the tend the term of the Antitrust Moderniza- President: we must end the war in Iraq. to distract us from the fact that we are bogged tion Commission and to make a technical Now, after nearly four years of bloodshed, down in an unwinnable war with no end in correction. death and destruction, Congress is likely to go sight. Keeping our troops out of harm’s way, f on the record as opposing the plan for esca- especially when war is unnecessary, is the lating the war. No longer will Congress stand best possible way to support them. The Amer- BILL PRESENTED TO THE by while the President wages a war that defies ican people understand that marching ahead PRESIDENT logic, common sense and human decency. blindly into oblivion is no way to support our Karen L. Haas, Clerk of the House re- This week, we shall take a stand. This week, troops. That is why they have asked us to end ports that on February 9, 2007 she pre- we tell the administration: ‘‘Enough is enough. this war. sented to the President of the United Madam Speaker, the administration con- Stop ignoring the American people. Stop ig- States, for his approval, the following tinues to live under the illusion that it can sal- noring your generals and retired generals, in- bill. vage its reputation by achieving a military vic- cluding Colin Powell. Stop ignoring the foreign H.R. 434. An act to provide for an addi- policy experts. Stop wasting American lives tory in Iraq, when it is clear that diplomacy is the only effective means at our disposal. The tional temporary extension of programs and resources on this disastrous, unnecessary under the Small Business Act and the Small conflict.’’ recent National Intelligence Estimate reflecting Business Investment Act of 1958 through This debate represents an important turning the collective judgment of U.S. intelligence July 31, 2007, and for other purposes. agencies only confirms what we have seen in point in the public dialogue about Iraq, and so f I welcome it. But it is not enough. The esca- the daily headlines for almost a year. It con- lation must be stopped, but we cannot let the cludes that the civil war has reached an inten- ADJOURNMENT momentum against the war subside after we sity that is ‘‘self-sustaining’’ and that there are Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I deal with the escalation. Our priority must re- no Iraqi national leaders with the ability to stop move that the House do now adjourn. main ending the fighting and dying in Iraq. it. No wonder the Administration stalled com- The motion was agreed to; accord- We must end the senseless deaths of serv- pletion of the NIE until after the election and ingly (at 11 o’clock and 35 minutes ice members like Marine Tarryl Hill of South- the President’s presentation of his latest pro- p.m.), the House adjourned until to- field, Michigan, who died only last Wednesday posal. morrow, Wednesday, February 14, 2007, when his vehicle drove over a bomb in Most of the American people know that at 10 a.m. there is only one way to proceed in Iraq. We Fallujah. Tarryl Hill was just 19 years old. He f had joined the military to help finance his edu- must begin the phased withdrawal of Amer- cation to become a chemical engineer, but in- ican troops in the next four to six months and EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS, stead he became the 120th serviceman from conclude it within the year. Redeploying our ETC. Michigan to die in Iraq. I don’t want to see one armed forces does not mean ‘‘cutting and run- Under clause 8 of rule XII, executive more promising life like Tarryl’s extinguished ning.’’ On the contrary, we suggest continued communications were taken from the on the altar of this administration’s arrogance. and extensive involvement in the region Speaker’s table and referred as follows: The loss of Tarryl’s life brings to mind the through renewed diplomacy, a regional con- ference and reconstruction that is free from 598. A letter from the Interim Director, bereavement of another patriot from Michigan, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Lila Lipscomb of Flint, whose 26 year old son fraud and abuse. This sensible path is the transmitting the Corporation’s final rule — Michael died in Iraq in April 2003 when his only one that can lead us to victory. Allocation of Assets in Single Employer helicopter was shot down. A member of a mili- Mrs. TAUSCHER. Madam Speaker, I Plans; Valuation of Benefits and Assets; Ex- tary family, Ms. Lipscomb initially believed yield back the balance of my time. pected Retirement Age — received January The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- President Bush when he told the nation that 2, 2007, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to ant to section 3 of House Resolution the Committee on Education and Labor. the war was necessary for our national secu- 157, further proceedings on the concur- 599. A letter from the Interim Director, rity. But her son’s letters from the front lines rent resolution will be postponed. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and his tragic death showed her that he never transmitting the Corporation’s final rule — should have gone to Iraq. f Benefits Payable in Terminated Single-Em- I need not spend much time explaining my MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE ployer Plans — received January 2, 2007, pur- opposition to the troop surge, which is simply A message from the Senate by Ms. suant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com- even more ‘‘more of the same.’’ This policy mittee on Education and Labor. Curtis, one of its clerks, announced 600. A letter from the Interim Director, takes us in precisely the opposite direction that the Senate has agreed to the fol- recommended by the generals and the ex- Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, lowing resolution. transmitting the Corporation’s final rule — perts. It would simply expose GI’s to more in- S. RES. 79 Benefits Payable in Terminated Single-Em- tense door-to-door fighting, in the vain hope Resolved, That the Senate has heard with ployer Plans; Allocation of Assets in Single- that, in the meanwhile, the Iraqis will miracu- profound sorrow and deep regret the an- Employer Plans; Interest Assumptions for lously reconcile. nouncement of the death of the honorable Valuing and Paying Benefits — received Jan- The real and underlying question is how we Charles W. Norwood, Jr., late a Representa- uary 2, 2007, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); remove ourselves from this quagmire. As I tive from the State of Georgia. to the Committee on Education and Labor. have emphasized many times, our Constitu- Resolved, That the Secretary communicate 601. A communication from the President tion gives Congress the central role in deci- these resolutions to the House of Represent- of the United States, transmitting certifi- cation that the export to the People’s Repub- sions of war and peace. Last fall the American atives and transmit an enrolled copy thereof to the family of the deceased. lic of China of the specified items is not det- people spoke loudly with their votes. We Resolved, That when the Senate adjourns or rimental to the United States space launch should be here showing the voters that we recesses today, it stand adjourned or re- industry, and that the material and equip- heard them and that their trust in us was well cessed as a further mark of respect to the ment, including any indirect technical ben- placed. memory of the deceased Representative. efit that could be derived from such exports,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00090 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.039 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1563

will not measurably improve the missile or of Virginia, and Mr. TOM DAVIS of retary of Agriculture from implementing or space launch capabilities of the People’s Re- Virginia): carrying out a National Animal Identifica- public of China, pursuant to Public Law 105- H.R. 1011. A bill to designate additional tion System or similar requirement and to 261, section 1512; (H. Doc. No. 110–14); to the National Forest System lands in the State of require the Secretary to protect information Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered to Virginia as wilderness or a wilderness study obtained as part of any voluntary animal be printed. area, to designate the Kimberling Creek Po- identification system; to the Committee on tential Wilderness Area for eventual incorpo- Agriculture. f ration in the Kimberling Creek Wilderness, By Mr. FORTUN˜ O: PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS to establish the Seng Mountain and Bear H.R. 1019. A bill to designate the United Creek Scenic Areas, to provide for the devel- States customhouse building located at 31 Under clause 2 of rule XII, public opment of trail plans for the wilderness Gonzalez Clemente Avenue in Mayaguez, bills and resolutions were introduced areas and scenic areas, and for other pur- Puerto Rico, as the ‘‘Rafael Martinez Nadal and severally referred, as follows: poses; to the Committee on Natural Re- United States Customhouse Building‘‘; to the Committee on Transportation and Infra- By Mr. YOUNG of Alaska (for himself sources, and in addition to the Committee on structure. and Mr. BROWN of South Carolina): Agriculture, for a period to be subsequently By Mr. FOSSELLA (for himself, Mr. H.R. 1006. A bill to amend the provisions of determined by the Speaker, in each case for REYNOLDS, and Mr. CROWLEY): law relating to the John H. Prescott Marine consideration of such provisions as fall with- in the jurisdiction of the committee con- H.R. 1020. A bill to authorize the Urban Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program, Areas Security Initiative Grants Program of and for other purposes; to the Committee on cerned. By Mr. BUCHANAN (for himself, Ms. the Department of Homeland Security, and Natural Resources. for other purposes; to the Committee on By Mr. YOUNG of Alaska: FALLIN, Mr. GILCHREST, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, and Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE Homeland Security. H.R. 1007. A bill to amend the Marine By Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts: Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to repeal the of Florida): H.R. 1012. A bill to reform laws and proce- H.R. 1021. A bill to direct the Secretary of long-term goal for reducing to zero the inci- dures affecting small business; to the Com- the Interior to conduct a special resources dental mortality and serious injury of ma- mittee on Education and Labor, and in addi- study regarding the suitability and feasi- rine mammals in commercial fishing oper- tion to the Committees on Small Business, bility of designating certain historic build- ations, and to modify the goal of take reduc- the Judiciary, Oversight and Government ings and areas in Taunton, Massachusetts, as tion plans for reducing such takings; to the Reform, and Ways and Means, for a period to a unit of the National Park System, and for Committee on Natural Resources. be subsequently determined by the Speaker, other purposes; to the Committee on Natural By Ms. BEAN (for herself, Mr. HILL, in each case for consideration of such provi- Resources. Mr. ARCURI, Mr. BARROW, Mr. BERRY, sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the By Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York: Ms. BERKLEY, Ms. BORDALLO, Mr. H.R. 1022. A bill to reauthorize the assault committee concerned. BOSWELL, Mr. BOYD of Florida, Mr. weapons ban, and for other purposes; to the By Mr. BURGESS: BUTTERFIELD, Mr. CARDOZA, Mr. H.R. 1013. A bill to amend title XXI of the Committee on the Judiciary. CHANDLER, Mr. COOPER, Mr. COSTA, Social Security Act to prohibit the approval By Mr. MEEK of Florida (for himself Mr. CRAMER, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, or continuation of section 1115 waivers inso- and Mr. HERGER): Mr. DONNELLY, Mr. DOYLE, Mr. ELLS- H.R. 1023. A bill to repeal the imposition of far as they provide coverage of nonpregnant WORTH, Mr. EMANUEL, Mr. GRIJALVA, withholding on certain payments made to adults under the State Children’s Health In- Mr. HALL of New York, Mr. HINCHEY, vendors by government entities; to the Com- surance Program (SCHIP); to the Committee Ms. HOOLEY, Mr. INSLEE, Mr. KIND, mittee on Ways and Means. on Energy and Commerce. Mr. LIPINSKI, Mrs. LOWEY, Mrs. By Mr. MILLER of Florida: By Mrs. CAPPS (for herself and Mrs. MALONEY of New York, Mr. MAR- H.R. 1024. A bill to provide for the issuance CUBIN): of a postage stamp commemorating the 450th SHALL, Ms. MATSUI, Mrs. MCCARTHY H.R. 1014. A bill to amend the Federal of New York, Mr. MCGOVERN, Mr. anniversary of the founding of the first Euro- Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Public pean settlement in the continental United MCINTYRE, Mr. MEEK of Florida, Mr. Health Service Act to improve the preven- MELANCON, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of States, at Pensacola, Florida, by Tristan de tion, diagnosis, and treatment of heart dis- Luna in 1559; to the Committee on Oversight California, Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, ease, stroke, and other cardiovascular dis- Mr. PATRICK MURPHY of Pennsyl- and Government Reform. eases in women; to the Committee on Energy By Mr. MORAN of Kansas (for himself vania, Mr. ROSS, Mr. SCHIFF, Mr. and Commerce. SHULER, Ms. SLAUGHTER, Ms. SOLIS, and Mr. SMITH of Nebraska): By Mr. CAPUANO (for himself, Mrs. H.R. 1025. A bill to authorize the Secretary Mr. SPRATT, Mr. TANNER, Mr. WILSON TAUSCHER, Mr. SERRANO, Mr. of the Interior to conduct a study to deter- of Ohio, Mr. YARMUTH, Ms. CARNAHAN, Mr. GONZALEZ, and Ms. mine the feasibility of implementing a water WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, and Ms. NORTON): supply and conservation project to improve SCHAKOWSKY): H.R. 1015. A bill to require automobile water supply reliability, increase the capac- H.R. 1008. A bill to improve public aware- dealers to disclose to consumers the presence ness in the United States regarding safe use ity of water storage, and improve water of event data recorders, or ‘‘black boxes’’, on management efficiency in the Republican of the Internet through the establishment of new automobiles, and to require manufactur- River Basin between Harlan County Lake in an Office of Internet Safety and Public ers to provide the consumer with the option Nebraska and Milford Lake in Kansas; to the Awareness within the Federal Trade Com- to enable and disable such devices on future Committee on Natural Resources. mission; to the Committee on Energy and automobiles; to the Committee on Energy By Mr. MORAN of Kansas (for himself, Commerce. and Commerce. Mrs. EMERSON, Ms. HERSETH, and Mr. By Mr. PAUL (for himself, Ms. BALD- By Mr. DELAHUNT: ROSS): WIN, Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Mr. H.R. 1016. A bill to amend the Omnibus H.R. 1026. A bill to facilitate the sale of GRIJALVA, Mr. HINCHEY, Mr. Parks and Public Lands Management Act of United States agricultural products to Cuba, KUCINICH, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. 1996 to authorize the Secretary of the Inte- as authorized by the Trade Sanctions Reform GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr. rior to enter into cooperative agreements and Export Enhancement Act of 2000; to the STARK, and Ms. WOOLSEY): with any of the management partners of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addi- H.R. 1009. A bill to amend the Controlled Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation tion to the Committees on the Judiciary, Fi- Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp Area, and for other purposes; to the Com- nancial Services, and Agriculture, for a pe- from the definition of marihuana, and for mittee on Natural Resources. riod to be subsequently determined by the other purposes; to the Committee on Energy By Mr. DINGELL (for himself, Mr. Speaker, in each case for consideration of and Commerce, and in addition to the Com- WHITFIELD, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of such provisions as fall within the jurisdic- mittee on the Judiciary, for a period to be California, Mr. PALLONE, Mr. WAX- tion of the committee concerned. subsequently determined by the Speaker, in MAN, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. MCDERMOTT, By Mr. MURTHA: each case for consideration of such provi- and Mr. FARR): H.R. 1027. A bill to amend title 36, United sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the H.R. 1017. A bill to amend title XIX of the States Code, to authorize the spouse and sib- committee concerned. Social Security Act to improve requirements lings of a recipient of the Purple Heart By Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California under the Medicaid Program for items and medal to become associate members in the (for himself and Mr. PETRI): services furnished in or through an edu- Military Order of the Purple Heart of the H.R. 1010. A bill to ensure that Federal stu- cational program or setting to children, in- United States of America, Incorporated; to dent loans are delivered as efficiently as pos- cluding children with developmental, phys- the Committee on the Judiciary. sible in order to provide additional grant aid ical, or mental health needs, and for other By Mr. SALAZAR (for himself and Mr. to students; to the Committee on Education purposes; to the Committee on Energy and UDALL of Colorado): and Labor. Commerce. H.R. 1028. A bill to create a Rural Policing By Mr. BOUCHER (for himself, Mr. By Mrs. EMERSON: Institute as part of the Federal Law Enforce- WOLF, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, Mr. H.R. 1018. A bill to amend he Animal ment Training Center; to the Committee on SCOTT of Virginia, Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS Health Protection Act to prohibit the Sec- the Judiciary.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00091 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\L13FE7.000 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE H1564 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE February 13, 2007

By Mr. STEARNS (for himself, Mr. Stonesifer as a citizen regent of the Board of ana, Mr. FORTENBERRY, Mr. CLYBURN, JONES of North Carolina, Ms. MOORE Regents of the Smithsonian Institution; to Mr. FLAKE, Mr. POE, Mr. HASTINGS of of Wisconsin, Mr. CAMPBELL of Cali- the Committee on House Administration. Florida, Mr. GARY G. MILLER of Cali- fornia, Mr. SENSENBRENNER, and Mrs. By Mr. BECERRA (for himself, Ms. fornia, Mr. BOOZMAN, Mrs. MUSGRAVE, BLACKBURN): MATSUI, and Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Mr. LAMBORN, Mr. WILSON of South H.R. 1029. A bill to amend title 49, United Texas): Carolina, Mr. PENCE, Mr. MANZULLO, States Code, to direct the National Highway H.J. Res. 26. A joint resolution providing Mr. FORBES, Mr. BARRETT of South Traffic Safety Administration to require the for the reappointment of Walter E. Massey Carolina, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr. disclosure of information relating to the fair as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of WELDON of Florida, Mr. CANTOR, Mr. market value and safety of damaged motor the Smithsonian Institution; to the Com- ROGERS of Michigan, and Mr. SES- vehicles; to the Committee on Energy and mittee on House Administration. SIONS): Commerce. By Mr. BECERRA (for himself, Ms. H. Res. 158. A resolution observing the By Ms. WATERS (for herself, Mrs. MATSUI, and Mr. SAM JOHNSON of 200th anniversary of the abolition of the CHRISTENSEN, Mr. HONDA, Mr. KILDEE, Texas): British slave trade and encouraging the peo- Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. WAXMAN, Ms. H.J. Res. 27. A joint resolution providing ple of the United States, particularly the SCHAKOWSKY, Mr. STARK, and Ms. for the reappointment of Roger W. Sant as a youth of the United States, to remember the CARSON): citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the life and legacy of William Wilberforce, a H.R. 1030. A bill to amend the Public Smithsonian Institution; to the Committee member of the British House of Commons Health Service Act to establish a program to on House Administration. who devoted his life to the suppression and provide screenings and treatment for cancer By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois (for him- abolition of the institution of slavery, and to to minority or underserved populations, and self, Mr. BISHOP of Georgia, Ms. work for the protection of human rights for other purposes; to the Committee on En- CORRINE BROWN of Florida, Mrs. throughout the world; to the Committee on ergy and Commerce. CHRISTENSEN, Mr. CLEAVER, Mr. Foreign Affairs. By Ms. WATERS (for herself, Ms. CUMMINGS, Mr. FATTAH, Mr. f DEGETTE, Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN, Mr. GRIJALVA, Ms. KILPATRICK, Mr. JOHN- BECERRA, Mr. FORTUN˜ O, Mr. WAXMAN, SON of Georgia, Mr. MEEK of Florida, PRIVATE BILLS AND Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Ms. SOLIS, Mrs. Ms. NORTON, Mr. RUSH, Mr. STARK, RESOLUTIONS CHRISTENSEN, Mr. KILDEE, and Ms. Ms. WOOLSEY, and Mr. WYNN): Under clause 3 of rule XII, BORDALLO): H.J. Res. 28. A joint resolution proposing H.R. 1031. A bill to amend the Public an amendment to the Constitution of the Ms. DEGETTE introduced a bill (H.R. 1037) Health Service Act to authorize grants to United States regarding the right to vote; to for the relief of Rosa Isela Figueroa Rincon, provide treatment for diabetes in minority the Committee on the Judiciary. Miguel Angel Figueroa Rincon, Blanca communities; to the Committee on Energy By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: Azucena Figueroa Rincon, and Nancy Araceli and Commerce. H.J. Res. 29. A joint resolution proposing Figueroa Rincon; which was referred to the By Ms. WATERS (for herself, Mr. MAR- an amendment to the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary. KEY, Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN, Mr. WAXMAN, United States regarding the right of all citi- f Mr. RAMSTAD, Mr. SCHIFF, Mr. zens of the United States to a public edu- BOOZMAN, Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Mr. cation of equal high quality; to the Com- ADDITIONAL SPONSORS WOLF, and Mr. BECERRA): mittee on the Judiciary. Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors H.R. 1032. A bill to amend the Public By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: were added to public bills and resolu- Health Service Act to authorize grants for H.J. Res. 30. A joint resolution proposing tions as follows: treatment and support services for Alz- an amendment to the Constitution of the heimer’s patients and their families; to the United States regarding the right of citizens H.R. 24: Mr. BACA. Committee on Energy and Commerce. of the United States to health care of equal H.R. 39: Mr. ACKERMAN, Mr. ANDREWS, Mr. By Mr. WEINER: high quality; to the Committee on the Judi- ALLEN, Ms. BALDWIN, Mr. BERMAN, Ms. BERK- H.R. 1033. A bill to direct the Secretary of ciary. LEY, Mr. BISHOP of New York, Mr. Transportation to establish a grant program By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: BLUMENAUER, Mr. BOUCHER, Mrs. CAPPS, Mr. to improve railroad safety by providing H.J. Res. 31. A joint resolution proposing CARNAHAN, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN, Mr. CLAY, Mr. funds for the construction and maintenance an amendment to the Constitution of the COHEN, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. COURTNEY, Mr. of fencing and other protective structures United States relating to equality of rights CUMMINGS, Mr. CROWLEY, Mr. DAVIS of Illi- along railroad tracks, and for other pur- and reproductive rights; to the Committee nois, Mrs. DAVIS of California, Mr. DEFAZIO, poses; to the Committee on Transportation on the Judiciary. Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DOGGETT, Mr. EMANUEL, and Infrastructure. By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: Mr. ENGEL, Mr. ELLISON, Ms. ESHOO, Mr. By Mr. WILSON of South Carolina (for H.J. Res. 32. A joint resolution proposing FARR, Mr. FILNER, Mr. FRANK of Massachu- himself, Mr. ALEXANDER, Mr. an amendment to the Constitution of the setts, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. GUTIERREZ, Mr. ETHERIDGE, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, United States respecting the right to decent, HALL of New York, Mr. HARE, Ms. HARMAN, Mr. HOLT, Mr. SAXTON, Mr. PASTOR, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing; to the Mr. HINCHEY, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. HOLT, Ms. Mr. MELANCON, Mr. LAHOOD, and Mr. Committee on the Judiciary. HOOLEY, Mr. HONDA, Mr. INSLEE, Mr. ISRAEL, SPRATT): By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Ms. EDDIE BER- H.R. 1034. A bill to amend the National H.J. Res. 33. A joint resolution proposing NICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Guard Youth Challenge Program under title an amendment the Constitution of the Texas, Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. KENNEDY, Mr. KIL- 32, United States Code, to exclude non-de- United States respecting the right to a DEE, Ms. KILPATRICK, Mr. KUCINICH, Mr. fense funds made available by other Federal clean, safe, and sustainable environment; to LANGEVIN, Mr. LANTOS, Ms. LEE, Mr. LEWIS agencies for the Program from the matching the Committee on the Judiciary. of Georgia, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. LIPINSKI, Ms. ZOE requirements of the Program; to the Com- By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: LOFGREN of California, Mr. LYNCH, Mrs. mittee on Armed Services. H.J. Res. 34. A joint resolution proposing MCCARTHY of New York, Ms. MCCOLLUM of By Mr. WILSON of South Carolina: an amendment the Constitution of the Minnesota, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. MCGOVERN, H.R. 1035. A bill to amend the Internal Rev- United States relative to taxing the people Mr. MCNULTY, Mrs. MALONEY of New York, enue Code of 1986 to provide a nonrefundable of the United States progressively; to the Mr. MEEHAN, Mr. MICHAUD, Ms. MILLENDER- personal credit to individuals who donate Committee on the Judiciary. MCDONALD, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of Cali- certain life-saving organs; to the Committee By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: fornia, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, Mr. MOORE of on Ways and Means, and in addition to the H.J. Res. 35. A joint resolution proposing Kansas, Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, Mr. PAT- Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a an amendment to the Constitution of the RICK MURPHY of Pennsylvania, Mr. NADLER, period to be subsequently determined by the United States respecting the right to full Mr. NEAL of Massachusetts, Ms. NORTON, Mr. Speaker, in each case for consideration of employment and balanced growth; to the OLVER, Mr. PALLONE, Mr. PASTOR, Mr. such provisions as fall within the jurisdic- Committee on the Judiciary. PAYNE, Mr. PERLMUTTER, Mr. PRICE of North tion of the committee concerned. By Mr. JACKSON of Illinois: Carolina, Mr. ROTHMAN, Ms. LINDA T. By Mr. YOUNG of Alaska: H.J. Res. 36. A joint resolution proposing SA´ NCHEZ of California, Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ H.R. 1036. A bill to authorize the Adminis- an amendment to the Constitution of the of California, Mr. SARBANES, Ms. trator of General Services to convey a parcel United States to abolish the Electoral Col- SCHAKOWSKY, Mr. SCHIFF, Ms. SCHWARTZ, Mr. of real property to the Alaska Railroad Cor- lege and provide for the direct election of the SCOTT of Virginia, Mr. SERRANO, Mr. SHAYS, poration; to the Committee on Transpor- President and Vice President by the popular Mr. SESTAK, Mr. SIRES, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. tation and Infrastructure. vote of all citizens of the United States re- SPRATT, Mr. STARK, Mrs. TAUSCHER, Mr. By Mr. BECERRA (for himself, Ms. gardless of place of residence; to the Com- TIERNEY, Mr. UDALL of Colorado, Mr. VAN MATSUI, and Mr. SAM JOHNSON of mittee on the Judiciary. HOLLEN, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. WEINER, Mr. Texas): By Mr. PITTS (for himself, Mr. PAYNE, WELCH of Vermont, Mr. WEXLER, Ms. WOOL- H.J. Res. 25. A joint resolution providing Mr. MCINTYRE, Mr. SMITH of New Jer- SEY, Mr. WU, Mr. WYNN, Mr. MURPHY of Con- for the reappointment of Patricia Q. sey, Mr. WOLF, Mr. BURTON of Indi- necticut, and Mr. UDALL of New Mexico.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 03:59 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00092 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\L13FE7.100 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H1565

H.R. 73: Ms. FOXX, Mrs. CAPITO, and Mr. H.R. 678: Mr. MCCAUL of Texas and Mr. H.R. 923: Mr. OLVER and Mr. CAPUANO. CONAWAY. COSTA. H.R. 943: Mr. HODES, Mr. DONNELLY, and H.R. 89: Ms. GIFFORDS. H.R. 682: Mr. CLEAVER. Mr. GILCHREST. H.R. 100: Mr. FILNER. H.R. 684: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. H.R. 972: Mr. HARE. H.R. 687: Mrs. MYRICK, Mr. MOORE of Kan- H.R. 192: Mr. PICKERING. H.R. 976: Mr. ENGLISH of Pennsylvania, Mr. RIJALVA AXMAN sas, Mr. GORDON, Ms. WOOLSEY, Mr. KIND, H.R. 217: Mr. G , Mr. W , Mr. HULSHOF, Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. AVIS E AURO EE and Mr. YOUNG of Alaska. D of Illinois, Ms. D L , and Ms. L . LEWIS of Kentucky, Mr. RAMSTAD, Mr. H.R. 232: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. H.R. 688: Mr. PALLONE, Mr. MURTHA, Mr. TIBERI, Mr. WELLER, Mr. BRADY of Texas, Mr. H.R. 241: Mr. TIBERI. SAXTON, Mr. LATOURETTE, and Mr. PORTER, Mr. LINDER, Mr. REYNOLDS, Mr. H.R. 249: Mr. TIERNEY, Mr. DELAHUNT, Ms. WHITFIELD. SCHIFF, and Mr. WELCH of Vermont. KAPTUR, Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. FRANK of Massa- H.R. 690: Mr. PLATTS. H.R. 980: Mr. HOLT and Mr. SAXTON. chusetts, and Mr. LOBIONDO. H.R. 691: Ms. WOOLSEY and Ms. CASTOR. UMMINGS ALONEY H.R. 293: Mr. KUHL of New York. H.R. 694: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia and Mr. H.R. 984: Mr. C , Mrs. M of H.R. 303: Ms. GIFFORDS and Mr. SHULER. BAKER. New York, Ms. NORTON, Mr. KUCINICH, Ms. H.R. 343: Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. H.R. 697: Mr. KLINE of Minnesota. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota, Mr. VAN HOLLEN, H.R. 358: Mr. GONZALEZ and Mr. HARE. H.R. 701: Mr. SCOTT of Virginia and Mr. Mr. COOPER, Mr. BRALEY of Iowa, Mr. H.R. 359: Mr. PAYNE, Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD, MILLER of Florida. YARMUTH, Mr. CLAY, Mr. KANJORSKI, Mr. Mrs. CHRISTENSEN, Mr. BLUMENAUER, Mr. H.R. 710: Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor- DAVIS of Illinois, and Mr. SHAYS. DAVIS of Illinois, Ms. KILPATRICK, and Ms. ida, Mr. BOOZMAN, Ms. KILPATRICK, Mr. WAL- H.R. 985: Mr. CUMMINGS, Mrs. MALONEY of JACKSON-LEE of Texas. DEN of Oregon, Mr. PRICE of Georgia, and Mr. New York, Ms. NORTON, Mr. KUCINICH, Ms. H.R. 395: Mr. LEWIS of Kentucky. MARKEY. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota, Ms. WATSON, Mr. H.R. 410: Mr. AL GREEN of Texas and Mr. H.R. 711: Mr. ETHERIDGE. COOPER, Mr. BRALEY of Iowa, Mr. YARMUTH, JEFFERSON. H.R. 718: Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Ms. Mr. CLAY, Mr. KANJORSKI, Mr. DAVIS of Illi- H.R. 458: Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Mr. HERSETH, Mr. LARSON of Connecticut, Mr. nois, and Mr. SHAYS. BISHOP of New York, Ms. CARSON, and Ms. HOLT, Mr. SHAYS, Mr. REHBERG, Mr. ROSS, H.R. 997: Mr. BUYER, Mr. BARTON of Texas, JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Ms. SCHWARTZ, and Mr. LATHAM. and Mr. TIAHRT. H.R. 460: Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin and Mr. H.R. 720: Mr. ABERCROMBIE, Mr. WELLER, H.R. 999: Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor- BRADY of Pennsylvania. and Ms. WOOLSEY. ida. H.R. 724: Mr. LEWIS of California. H.R. 471: Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Mr. H.R. 1003: Mr. WILSON of South Carolina, H.R. 725: Mr. JINDAL. CAMPbell of California, Mr. WEXLER, Mr. Mr. WEXLER, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, and Mr. H.R. 731: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia and Mr. PENCE, Mr. BROWN of South Carolina, Mr. SMITH of Washington. FOSSELLA. GARRETT of New Jersey, and Mr. SAM JOHN- H.R. 759: Mr. MILLER of Florida. H.J. Res. 1: Mr. BOREN, Mr. BROWN of South SON of Texas. H.R. 775: Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania. Carolina, Mr. BUYER, Mr. DOOLITTLE, Mr. H.R. 473: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. H.R. 776: Mr. DOGGETT. ENGLISH of Pennsylvania, Mr. GALLEGLY, Mr. H.R. 488: Mr. MORAN of Virginia. H.R. 782: Mr. BACHUS, Mr. GOODE, Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. KLINE of Min- H.R. 491: Mr. WEXLER and Mrs. BOYDA of JONES of North Carolina, Mr. HOLDEN, and nesota, Mr. LINDER, Mr. MANZULLO, Mr. Kansas. Mr. GILLMOR. MCCAUL of Texas, Mrs. MYRICK, Mr. PETER- H.R. 493: Mr. LOEBSACK, Mrs. MUSGRAVE, H.R. 784: Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor- SON of Pennsylvania, Mr. PLATTS, Mr. RENZI, and Ms. BERKLEY. ida and Mrs. WILSON of New Mexico. and Mr. TIBERI. H.R. 503: Mr. COHEN, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, H.R. 787: Mr. BRALEY of Iowa. H.J. Res. 14: Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. MEEKs of Mr. LANTOS, Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN, Mr. MEE- H.R. 797: Mr. GONZALEZ, Mr. PETERSON of New York, Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia, Mrs. HAN, Mr. SCHIFF, Mr. MCGOVERN, Ms. Minnesota, and Mr. REYES. MALONEY of New York, Ms. JACKSON-LEE of DEGETTE, Mr. INGLIS of South Carolina, Mr. H.R. 808: Mr. HASTINGS of Florida, Mr. Texas, and Mrs. NAPOLITANO. SESTAK, Mr. ARCURI, Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of CLEAVER, Mr. GUTIERREZ, Mr. OLVER, and H. Con. Res. 9: Mr. PASCRELL, and Mr. CLY- California, and Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Flor- Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota. BURN. ida. H.R. 811: Mr. GERLACH. H. Con. Res. 23: Mr. PRICE of North Caro- H.R. 511: Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia. H.R. 821: Ms. HERSETH, Mr. HOLT, and Ms. lina and Mr. ELLISON. H.R. 526: Mr. PAYNE. Hirono. H. Con. Res. 24: Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, H.R. 549: Mr. PICKERING, Mr. KIND, and Mr. H.R. 826: Mrs. MYRICK. Mr. NADLER, and Mr. GONZALEZ. MARSHALL. H.R. 840: Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida, H.R. 556: Mr. COURTNEY. Mr. FATTAH, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN, Mr. MCGOV- H. Con. Res. 26: Mr. GONZALEZ, Mr. H.R. 563: Mr. FEENEY and Mr. GORDON. ERN, Ms. KILPATRICK, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, BLUMENAUER, and Mrs. LOWEY. H.R. 588: Mr. BAIRD, Mr. BOSWELL, Mrs. Ms. CASTOR, Mr. CARNAHAN, Mr. SIRES, Ms. H. Con. Res. 48: Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas CAPPS, Ms. DEGETTE, Mr. DOGGETT, Mr. FIL- JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Mr. PAYNE, Mr. and Mr. KUHL of New York. NER, Ms. MATSUI, Mr. MILLER of North Caro- GRIJALVA, Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia, Mr. H. Con. Res. 49: Mr. SHIMKUS, Mr. WEXLER, lina, Mr. CHANDLER, Mr. ROSS, Mr. TANNER, CUMMINGS, Ms. SCHWARTZ, and Mr. DAVIS of Mr. SHULER, Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota, Mr. COURTNEY, Mr. SALAZAR, Mr. CRAMER, Illinois. Mr. SIRES, Mr. GONZALEZ, and Ms. ZOE Mr. MICHAUD, Mr. KIND, Mr. PAYNE, Mr. H.R. 854: Ms. LINDA T. SA´ NCHEZ of Cali- LOFGREN of California. MCGOVERN, Ms. BEAN, Mr. WYNN, and Mr. fornia, Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida, and H. Res. 37: Mr. SHERMAN, Mrs. MALONEY of BERRY. Mr. BISHOP of Georgia. New York, Mr. GONZALEZ, and Mr. SCHIFF. H.R. 592: Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida. H.R. 861: Mr. BILBRAY, Mr. ROGERS of Ala- H. Res. 41: Mr. TIERNEY. H.R. 600: Mr. CLYBURN, Mr. BUTTERFIELD, bama, Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of Florida, H. Res. 64: Mr. BERMAN, Mr. MANZULLO, Mr. and Mr. GONZALEZ. Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey, Mr. CARTER, Mr. SCHIFF, and Mr. CHABOT. H.R. 623: Ms. LEE, Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, BROWN of South Carolina, Mr. RENZI, Mr. H. Res. 67: Mr. JEFFERSON. Mr. COHEN, and Mr. GONZALEZ. MATHESON, Mrs. MYRICK, Mrs. CUBIN, Mr. H. Res. 89: Mr. EHLERS, Mr. MCCOTTER, Mr. H.R. 624: Mr. JEFFERSON, Mr. PASTOR, Mr. HALL of Texas, Mr. MCCOTTER, Mr. WICKER, SHUSTER, Mr. MCNULTY, Mr. UPTON, Mr. BERRY, Ms. WATSON, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, Mr. LEWIS of Kentucky, Mr. MILLER of Flor- MCDERMOTT, Mr. LIPINSKI, Mr. BROWN of Mr. TOWNS, Mr. WAXMAN, Ms. EDDIE BERNICE ida, Mr. ENGLISH of Pennsylvania, Mr. ALEX- South Carolina, and Mr. ROGERS of Michi- JOHNSON of Texas, Mrs. CAPPS, and Mr. ANDER, Mr. HENSARLING, Mr. CANTOR, Mr. gan. DOYLE. DAVIS of Illinois, Mr. CANNON, Mr. BOOZMAN, H. Res. 98: Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota, H.R. 629: Mr. AL GREEN of Texas. Mr. ISSA, Mr. SALI, Mr. SESSIONS, Mr. Mr. ACKERMAN, Mr. SIRES, and Mr. BERMAN. H.R. 634: Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. WALZ of Min- CHABOT, Mr. YOUNG of Alaska, Mr. WALBERG, H. Res. 100: Mr. ROTHMAN, Mr. CUMMINGS, nesota, and Mr. BUYER. Mr. GORDON, Mrs. CAPITO, Mr. BISHOP of Ms. SLAUGHTER, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of Cali- H.R. 636: Mrs. MCMORRIS RODGERS and Mr. Utah, Mr. MURTHA, Mr. PETERSON of Min- fornia, Mr. CLAY, Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, LEWIS of Kentucky. nesota, Mr. WAMP, and Mr. PLATTS. Mr. SERRANO, Mr. PAYNE, Mr. OLVER, Mr. H.R. 654: Mr. CLAY, Mr. RUSH, Mr. WAXMAN, H.R. 866: Mr. BUYER. Mr. CAPUANO, Mr. GORDON, Mr. PASTOR, Mr. H.R. 876: Mr. GERLACH. PLATTS, Mr. GUTIERREZ, Mr. DAVIS of Illi- CUMMINGS, Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Mr. H.R. 891: Mr. CONAWAY. nois, and Mr. DOGGETT. LINCOLN DAVIS of Tennessee, Mr. GEORGE H.R. 897: Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California. H. Res. 107: Ms. SCHWARTZ. MILLER of California, Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin, H.R. 901: Mr. NEAL of Massachusetts, Mr. H. Res. 113: Mr. STARK. Mrs. CAPPS, Ms. WOOLSEY, and Mr. DOYLE. WEXLER, Mr. PAYNE, Ms. CORRINE BROWN of H. Res. 119: Mr. EMANUEL and Mr. GON- H.R. 676: Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. Florida, and Mr. MCGOVERN. ZALEZ.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 04:26 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00093 Fmt 7634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE7.031 H13FEPT1 mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with HOUSE E PL UR UM IB N U U S Congressional Record United States th of America PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 110 CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION

Vol. 153 WASHINGTON, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2007 No. 27 Senate The Senate met at 10 a.m. and was ator from the State of Florida, to perform ahead, not only for the balance of the called to order by the Honorable BILL the duties of the Chair. week but upon our return, and look NELSON, a Senator from the State of ROBERT C. BYRD, forward to having a very productive Florida. President pro tempore. week, including the confirmation of Mr. NELSON thereupon assumed the some judges tomorrow or the next day. chair as Acting President pro tempore. PRAYER f The Chaplain, Dr. Barry C. Black, of- f RESERVATION OF LEADER TIME fered the following prayer: RECOGNITION OF THE MAJORITY The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- Let us pray. LEADER God of mystery and clarity, open our pore. Under the previous order, the eyes to see the unexpected ways You The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- leadership time is reserved. come to us. Reveal to us Your presence pore. The majority leader is recog- f nized. in the beauties of nature, in the prom- MORNING BUSINESS ises of sacred Scriptures, and in the f The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- challenges that deepen our dependence SCHEDULE on You. pore. Under the previous order, there Manifest Your purposes to our Sen- Mr. REID. Mr. President, the Senate will now be a period for the transaction ators. Make clear Your plans to them will be in morning business until 12:30, of morning business, with Senators and infuse them with confidence in at which time we will recess for our permitted to speak therein and with Your power. Inspire them to use their conference work. All time during this the time equally divided between the talents as instruments of liberation period is equally divided and controlled two leaders or their designees. and healing. Keep them purposeful and between the two leaders or their des- Mr. MCCONNELL. I suggest the ab- expectant so they will experience a ignees. sence of a quorum and ask unanimous deeper friendship with You in the liv- Members of the Committee on Appro- consent that the time be equally ing of their days. We pray in Your abid- priations will be speaking this morning charged to each side. ing Name. Amen. with respect to the continuing funding The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- resolution. It is my understanding that pore. Without objection, it is so or- f the chairman of the Committee on Ap- dered. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE propriations, Senator BYRD, will be The clerk will call the roll. here to speak shortly. The Senate will The assistant legislative clerk pro- The Honorable BILL NELSON led the be in recess from 12:30 to 2:15 today, ceeded to call the roll. Pledge of Allegiance, as follows: and when we reconvene at 2:15, we have Mr. COBURN. Mr. President, I ask I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the 15 minutes remaining for debate prior unanimous consent that the order for United States of America, and to the Repub- to the 2:30 cloture vote on the con- lic for which it stands, one nation under God, the quorum call be rescinded. indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. tinuing funding resolution, H.J. Res. The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- 20. As a reminder, Senators have until pore. Without objection, it is so or- f 12 noon to file second-degree amend- dered. APPOINTMENT OF ACTING ments to the resolution. f PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE f CONTINUING APPROPRIATIONS The PRESIDING OFFICER. The RECOGNITION OF THE MINORITY Mr. COBURN. Mr. President, I want clerk will please read a communication LEADER to spend a few minutes talking about to the Senate from the President pro The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- the importance of what we are doing tempore (Mr. BYRD). pore. The Republican leader is recog- with this bill and why amendments The legislative clerk read the fol- nized. ought to be allowed in order. I have a lowing letter: f very specific amendment I have filed U.S. SENATE, that has to do with health care in this PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE, A PRODUCTIVE WEEK country. Basically, it has to do with Washington, DC, February 13, 2007. To the Senate: Mr. MCCONNELL. I do not have an the health care of the most vulnerable Under the provisions of rule I, paragraph 3, opening statement. I indicate to the in this country, babies. of the Standing Rules of the Senate, I hereby majority leader that we had a good dis- In the early 1980s, an epidemic of an appoint the Honorable BILL NELSON, a Sen- cussion yesterday about the agenda unknown virus started in this country.

∑ This ‘‘bullet’’ symbol identifies statements or insertions which are not spoken by a Member of the Senate on the floor.



VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.000 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1880 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 We now know it as HIV/AIDS, and a lot Last June they started routine testing for grants that will be utilized for of progress has been made in that fight. in this city. This city has 3.5 percent, it States that become eligible to do the During the Reagan Presidency, his would seem, of its population infected testing and the treatment for both AIDS Commission recommended rou- with HIV—about three and half to four mothers and their infants. tine testing. That was in 1986. In 2005, times the rest of the Nation. They have To be eligible for the funds, they the CDC finally recognized the wisdom identified almost 1,600 HIV patients. have to offer a voluntary opt-out HIV of that AIDS Commission rec- Now, why is that important? The rea- testing program for pregnant women. ommendation, and it is now CDC policy son that is important is because 70 per- They have to commit to universal HIV that routine testing from the ages of 17 cent of the infections that are now oc- testing of newborns when the HIV sta- to 64 be carried out on everybody in curring in HIV are occurring in people tus of their mother is unknown. They this country who encounters health who do not know they are infected. have to offer voluntary opt-out HIV care. And if they do not know they are in- testing of clients at sexually trans- The Ryan White bill, which was re- fected, they will transmit the disease mitted disease clinics. And they have cently passed in the 109th Congress, without knowing they are transmitting to offer voluntary opt-out HIV testing took note of those recommendations. it. of clients at substance abuse treatment And within the HIV community, there Before the Nettie Mayersohn law in centers, where we know most of the has been debate about the CDC guide- New York State, only 62 percent of the disease tends to be seen. lines. But some of that was put to rest women who were pregnant knew their This is current CDC policy—the peo- on the basis of what we know has been HIV status. After that, we are at al- ple whom we trust to tell us what to an exemplary program in two States most 96 percent. The difference is 500 do. Funding for this grant is provided that have all but eliminated HIV trans- babies a year born with HIV versus 7— out of existing HIV moneys at CDC, mission to babies. a very significant difference. prevention funds that are already The policies in many States in this What does that mean in terms of the there, which they know will have tre- country require extensive counseling children? It means a life not having a mendous positive effects. before anybody can be tested. What disease, not being stuck, not being Now, think about it: 500 infants at was found by the CDC, and many other given medicine, and having a life ex- $10,000 a year, every year. Multiply it, organizations, is that a small number pectancy of less than 25 years of age. multiply it, multiply it, and it only 1 of people who are pregnant will actu- That is what that means. takes 4 ⁄2 years to spend $30 million if ally get tested. New York, led by a cou- So with that leadership in the State we do not do this. These funds are tar- rageous Democratic legislator by the of New York, what has been accom- geted for those most at risk of infec- name of Nettie Mayersohn, passed a plished is 99 percent of the prenatal tion, as well as those most likely to law in 1996. In that year they had 500 transmission of HIV has been pre- benefit from treatment. President Bush, in his budget, asked babies born with HIV. In the last 2 vented. It also means those pregnant for this money to be directed as well. years, since that law has been passed, women who are HIV positive are now So this is not something that does not they have had less than 7. being treated at a much earlier stage have broad support, both in the health Now, what happened? What did they in their disease, which gives them far community, with the President, and do? What they did was they used com- greater—probably the same life expect- many of those most active in the HIV monsense public health, and they said: ancy as you or I because of the tremen- community. we test women who are pregnant for dous advances in medicine. What we do The point we should not forget is lots of diseases antenatally so we can know is the later the diagnosis, the baby AIDS can be virtually eliminated know how to handle them and take shorter their life expectancy and the if expectant mothers with HIV are care of their infant should they have higher the cost. identified and treated for HIV during one of those problems. They applied Now, let me walk you through, for a their pregnancy. When treatment is that same common sense to HIV, and minute, what others say about this. provided during pregnancy, labor, and hundreds of babies are born every year CDC also recommends prenatal testing delivery, and to infants after birth, the in New York who do not get HIV be- and treatment of newborns. Here is risk of transmission goes down to less cause commonsense public health poli- what they have said: than 1 percent. Without treatment, 25 cies were applied. Considering the potential for preventing percent of the infants will become HIV It is very simple. If we know your transmission, no child in this country should infected. HIV status, and you are positive, 99 be born whose HIV status or whose mother’s But how do we treat? We cannot percent of the time we can keep your status is unknown. treat unless we know they have it. We child from getting HIV. There is not It costs $10 to test, it costs $75 to cannot know they have it unless they hardly any other disease we have in ob- treat, to prevent 99 percent of them. It are tested. We cannot test unless we stetrics—and I am an obstetrician— makes a major difference in thousands have the incentives to test. So this cre- that is that effective. of children’s lives every year. It makes ates the incentive programs for States What we have done in the bill before a major difference in thousands and to copy what both New York and Con- us is take away all the money for that, thousands of women’s lives every year necticut did. Connecticut has not had take all the money away the CDC says to have this diagnosis. an HIV-infected baby since 2001. now is the guideline, their rec- What happens if we do not do it, if we They have eliminated it in Con- ommendation, the recommendation of do not encourage it? And this part of necticut. Why should we not do the the American Medical Association, the the Ryan White Act was meant to same thing? Why should we disallow an American College of Obstetricians and incentivize States to move to the CDC amendment to restore this funding Gynecologists. Why are we doing that? recommendation. It costs $10,000 a year that goes to the heart of those most There is a claim it was an earmark. I to treat a newborn who is infected with vulnerable in our country? It also goes will not spend the time to bore every- HIV. to help those who are most disaffected, body with the definition of an ‘‘ear- One of the problems with this tre- those who are on the poorer spectrum, mark.’’ This came as part of the Enzi- mendous epidemic that we face is it those who have less opportunity be- Kennedy Ryan White bill because it is narrows in on a group of people, a large cause that is where we see more infec- good public health policy and it applies percentage of whom happen to be Afri- tion. as an incentive to every State out can-American women. They account For the 1 percent who would not be there to start doing something that for two-thirds of the infection in cured, what we know is, we are treat- will make a difference in someone’s women yet are 13 percent of our popu- ing early. We are not waiting until life. lation. How dare us take this away. they get the disease in a full-blown The Centers for Disease Control and Multiple organizations have sup- state. What we know is, your likeli- Prevention recommends that HIV be a ported this policy. The Early Diagnosis hood of dying, if you are diagnosed routine testing procedure. Washington, Grant Program was established by the when your CD 4 count is below 50, expo- DC, has a wonderful Director of their Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Mod- nentially goes up. So early diagnosis AIDS Commission, Marsha Martin. ernization Act. It provides $30 million with HIV is of paramount importance.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:52 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.002 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1881 It also needs to be said that one out in terms of complications. Again, to provide HIV testing. As written, sec- of every four people in this country test costs $10, to treat a newborn is $75, tion 20613(b)(1) of this bill specifies that who have HIV don’t know it. They have versus $10,000 a year at a minimum. none of the funds appropriated for 2007 no knowledge that they have it. That Women, children, and African Ameri- can be used for any early diagnosis one out of four accounts for 70 percent cans will be most affected by the ter- grants. This would specifically forbid of the new infections in this country. mination of this program. Since the be- Federal funding for HIV testing of So the CDC policy of frequent testing, ginning of the HIV epidemic, African pregnant women in any area— opt-out testing, more testing is a pol- Americans have accounted for almost newborns, patients receiving treatment icy that makes absolute sense from a 400,000 of the estimated 1 million AIDS for substance abuse, and those access- public health perspective. diagnoses in our country. According to ing services at STD clinics. These pop- Because only a few States have simi- the 2000 census, African Americans ulations include those most at risk for lar laws to Connecticut and New York, made up 13 percent of our population. HIV, as well as those who can most hundreds of babies will still become in- However, in 2005, 49 percent of the esti- benefit from early treatment and inter- fected this year. To take this money mated 40,000 new cases were African vention. It is counterintuitive that this out, to say none of the money can be American. It is 24 times the rate in Af- would be a part of this bill. spent for this program, condemns hun- rican-American women than it is in What are the activities that are sup- dreds of newborn babies to a life of HIV white women. Why would we not want ported by this $30 million that are infection and AIDS. That is what this to intercede with testing to save their going to be prohibited, including HIV bill does. It condemns hundreds of ba- lives? AIDS testing, including rapid testing? bies in this country to a life with HIV. Between 120 and 160,000 women in the It only costs $10. It precludes preven- It is a preventable disease. Why would United States are infected with HIV. In tion counseling. It excludes treatment we do that? Why would we come any- 2001, the National Congress of Black of newborns exposed to HIV. It ex- where close to that? Women issued a report entitled ‘‘Afri- cludes treatment of mothers infected I mentioned Marsha Martin. Since can American Women and the HIV/ with HIV or AIDS and the costs associ- last year, they started a policy of rou- AIDS Initiative,’’ that outlined that ated with linking the diagnosis of tine frequent testing, and 16,000 indi- group’s strategy to combat HIV/AIDS AIDS to care and treatment for that viduals in Washington, DC, have been among black women. Among their rec- disease. The $30 million instead will re- tested. Five hundred eighty people who ommendations: Every State should be vert to other CDC HIV/AIDS program would not have otherwise been tested required to screen all pregnant women activities which in recent years have have been diagnosed with HIV at a for HIV and test all newborns for the included the following: Beachside con- stage at which we can save their life. virus and Congress should appropriate ferences, flirting classes, erotic writing seminars, zoo trips, and other dubious Some of those were pregnant women. funds for such initiatives. Every year initiatives that do not have any life- People say: You don’t need to do this. that passes results in hundreds of more saving impact or near lifesaving im- Why is it important for every woman cases of baby AIDS that could have pact as early diagnosis and treatment. been prevented. to know whether she is HIV positive or This $30 million is either going to be Who supports doing this perinatal negative if she gives birth to a baby? spent effectively or it is going to be testing and treatment? The American Because only 25 percent of the time wasted. President Reagan’s AIDS Com- Medical Association, the U.S. Prevent- does this virus get transmitted to the mission was right. They said it in 1986. ative Services Task Force, the AIDS baby at birth. But what they don’t The CDC caught up last year in 2005 to Health Care Foundation, the Children’s think about is, if they breast-feed the the policies that were recommended to baby, they will transmit the virus as AIDS Fund, multiple medical groups, this Congress in 1985–1986. well. So your baby may not be infected and, yes, the Centers for Disease Con- Few, if any, States would benefit at birth, but if you breast-feed your trol and Prevention, the one agency we from the funding provided by this pro- baby and you are carrying HIV, it is a fund to tell us what we should do. It is gram. The point of this program is to death sentence for the baby. So to not their policy. We are denying their pol- encourage States to update their poli- know your status puts your baby at icy. We are denying infants the right to cies to reflect CDC’s recommendations risk, even though it was not infected at live without HIV. for HIV testing and baby AIDS treat- birth. Here is what they said: ment. That is the whole purpose. That Here is what happened in Con- Based on information presented in the is part of the whole Ryan White grant. necticut. They went from 28 percent of MMWR, the available data indicate that It is to improve our approach to HIV, the women who knew their HIV status both ‘‘opt-out’’ prenatal maternal screening to eliminate newborn infections, and to and mandatory newborn screening achieve before they passed the law to 90 per- eliminate transmission from those who cent of the women. What does that higher maternal screening rates than ‘‘opt- in’’ prenatal screening. don’t know. While few States would translate into? That translates into The status quo. immediately qualify for early diagnosis saving lives, not just the women who grants, the availability of the funds Accordingly, CDC recommends that clini- were HIV positive who found out and was intended to get them to move to had early treatment but their children cians routinely screen all women for HIV in- fection, using an ‘‘opt-out’’ approach and the point where they would take ad- as well. Why would we not want to that jurisdictions with statutory barriers to vantage of that, which means they incentivize the rest of the States to do such prenatal screening consider revising would be saving hundreds of babies’ what has been successful in New York them. In addition, CDC encourages clinicians lives every year and protecting the and Connecticut and several other to test for HIV any newborn whose mother’s lives of the mothers who were there to States? HIV status is unknown . . . CDC recommends nurture them. It makes no sense that The health commissioner of New rapid testing of the infant immediately we would prohibit money for this proc- York is pushing to change State law to postpartum so that antiretroviral prophy- ess. make testing more convenient for pa- lactics can be offered to HIV-exposed infants. Many States, including Illinois, are tients and health care providers: Ninety-nine percent, we can prevent. already moving in this direction. We are aggressively offering testing to pa- We have taken out the capability for States such as New York and Con- tients who come to us for routine physicals, other States what New York and Con- necticut have had the policies in place heart disease, a sprained ankle. We are less- necticut have done, and we are refusing for over a decade. And the proof is ening the stigma sometimes associated with to allow the replacement of that to there. HIV and helping connect many more HIV- save the weakest and most vulnerable What is the other claim? This bill positive individuals with early treatment. in our country. defunds all earmarks. The Early Diag- Here is the other difference I would What are the claims we have heard? nosis Grant Program is an earmark hope the esteemed Members of the Sen- Here is the first claim: Even without and, therefore, has not been singled out ate would recognize. By doing early funding for this particular HIV testing but has been removed, along with other testing, the cost to treat is $10,000 a grant program, Federal funds will still special funding projects. year. By doing late testing, the cost to be available for HIV testing. What is Fact: The Early Diagnosis Grant Pro- treat is $40,000 a year, with much more true is that other Federal funds can gram is not an earmark. All States

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.004 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1882 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 with routine testing policies are eligi- providers from offering patients bating House Joint Resolution 20, a ble for the funding provided by this screening for HIV. joint funding resolution for the nine re- grant. Those which are not currently Testing newborns for HIV is too little maining appropriations bills that were eligible can become eligible by passing too late. That is the other point I have not completed during the 109th Con- the law or implementing State regula- heard. The science doesn’t support that gress. The Republican leadership dur- tions to meet funding eligibility. at all. If the baby has HIV antibiotics, ing the 109th Congress left us with a Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, will the 99 percent of the time we can prevent great deal of unfinished appropriations distinguished Senator yield for a ques- them from becoming infected. Of those business. Only 2 of the 11 appropria- tion? who do, the 1 percent who do become tions bills were enacted into law; 13 of Mr. COBURN. I am happy to yield to infected, we can treat so much better the 15 Federal Departments are strug- the senior Senator from West Virginia. by knowing it at an early stage. We gling to cope with a very restrictive Mr. BYRD. May I inquire as to how can extend their life for years at less continuing resolution which expires at much longer the distinguished Senator than $40,000 a year, at $10,000 a year. By midnight this coming Thursday. will be speaking? not knowing and waiting until their As I noted last week, this was not the Mr. COBURN. About 10 minutes. CD4 counts come down precipitously fault of the Appropriations Committee. Mr. BYRD. I thank the Senator. If low, we go from $10,000 a year in treat- Under the able leadership of Chairman the Senator will yield further momen- ment to $40,000 a year in treatment. THAD COCHRAN, all of the fiscal year tarily, I ask the Chair, what is the par- I will finish with a couple of com- 2007 appropriations bills were reported liamentary situation? ments. from the committee by July 20. All—a- The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- In the early eighties, I delivered a l-l—all of the bills were bipartisan bills pore. We are in morning business. The little girl. Her name was Megan. Two approved by unanimous votes. Unfortu- minority has 41 minutes; the majority years later, her mother re-presented to nately, the Republican leadership of has 66 minutes. me with full-blown AIDS. The mother the 109th Congress chose not to bring Mr. BYRD. I thank the Chair and the died 3 weeks later. Megan lived an ad- domestic appropriations bills to the distinguished Senator for yielding. ditional 8 years. floor before the election and then chose Mr. COBURN. This program doesn’t Had we done this and had we known not to finish those bills after the elec- match the definition or criteria of an to have done this, Megan would be tion. Instead, Congress passed a series earmark approved by the Senate in alive and flourishing. Her mother of restrictive continuing resolutions. January or used by the Congressional would be alive with HIV. Megan would If Congress were to simply extend the Research Service. On January 16, 2007, have never gotten HIV. existing continuing resolutions, we the Senate approved an amendment by I will never have that little girl’s would leave huge problems for veterans a vote of 98 to zero, defining the term face removed from my memory. We, by and military medical care, for edu- ‘‘earmark’’ as a provision or report lan- this bill and not allowing the reestab- cation programs, law enforcement pro- guage included primarily at the re- lishment, are creating thousands of grams, funding for global AIDS, fund- quest of a Member, delegate, resident Megans in this country—thousands, ing for energy independence, and fund- commissioner, or Senator, providing, thousands. If this body wants that on ing for agencies that provide key serv- authorizing or recommending a specific their shoulders, continue what we are ices to the elderly, such as the Social amount of discretionary budget au- doing today. But if we claim to be here Security Administration and the 1–800– thority, credit authority or spending to help the helpless, to put in place Medicare call center. authority for a contract loan, loan policies that, No. 1, the best of the In December, the new House of Rep- guarantee, loan authority or other ex- science tells us are the right policies, resentatives appropriations chairman, penditure with or to an entity or tar- and No. 2, makes a massive difference DAVID OBEY, and I plotted a bipartisan geted to a specific State, a specific lo- in individual lives, then make in order and bicameral course for dealing with cality or a specific congressional dis- this amendment to restore this money. this problem. Based on that plan, there trict, other than through a statutory By not doing so, you walk out of here were intense negotiations—intense ne- or administrative formally driven com- condemning hundreds of infants, thou- gotiations—in January which included petitive war process. sands of infants to death, at worst, and the majority and the minority in the This doesn’t come anywhere close to a life on medicines for the rest of their House and the Senate. that definition. It doesn’t meet any of life. criteria that the Senate has defined as You also condemn a large group of I, as chairman of the Senate Appro- earmark. It is not directed to any spe- African-American women to the lack priations Committee, consulted with cific State, any entity, any location, of knowledge and the lack of effective several Senators, and especially with and does not bypass the statutory drugs that can give them a normal life. Senator THAD COCHRAN, several times award process. You can decide. The power is on the during that process, and his ranking CRS defines an earmark as funds set majority side. They get to decide this members and their staffs were included aside with an account for specific orga- issue. But you dare not come back into throughout the process. nization or location, either in the ap- this Chamber saying that you care for The resolution that is now before the propriations act or the joint explana- children, that you care for minorities, Senate is the product of these efforts. tory statement of the conference com- and at the same time have gutted one The resolution, which totals $463.5 bil- mittee. CRS notes that such designa- of the programs that will give hope to lion, meets several goals. Let me re- tions generally bypass the usual com- those same groups of people. You can’t peat the figure: $463.5 billion. That petitive distribution of awards by a have it both ways. You can’t single out would be $463.50 for every minute that Federal agency. This doesn’t meet any good medicine, good public health care, has passed since our Lord, Jesus Christ, of that. It is hogwash to call this an and true compassion for those most at was born. earmark, and everybody knows it. Ev- risk, and then come back and claim Get this. These are the goals: First, erybody knows it. you care. funding stays within the $873.8 billion Claim: This program would violate Mr. President, I yield the floor. statutory cap on spending, the cap the privacy rights of women by requir- The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- which was set during the 109th Con- ing mandatory HIV testing. pore. The Senator from West Virginia. gress and which equals the President’s This doesn’t require mandatory HIV Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, for how request. testing. It offers women to have testing long am I recognized? Second, the legislation does not— and they can say, ‘‘I don’t want to be The ACTING PRESIDENT pro tem- does not—include earmarks. We elimi- tested,’’ rather than for them to have pore. The Senator has under morning nated over 9,300 earmarks. Hopefully, to ask to be tested. business up to 65 minutes. the ethics reform bill will establish Current laws mandating extensive Mr. BYRD. I thank the Chair. greater transparency and account- pre- and post-test counseling make HIV Mr. President, today marks the 136th ability in the earmarking process. Once testing the most overregulated diag- day of the fiscal year. The fiscal year is the ethics reform bill is in place, we nostic and thereby discourage health over one-third complete. We will be de- will establish a more open, disciplined,

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.005 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1883 and accountable process for congres- ate provides $2.5 billion for the base ities, such as veterans and military sional directives in the fiscal year 2008 closure and realignment 2005 program. medical care, we—the pronoun ‘‘we’’— bill. This level is $1 billion—I say again— solve the most distressing of the prob- Third, there is no—there is no—emer- this level is $1 billion higher than the lems created by the existing con- gency spending in this resolution. level available in the current con- tinuing resolution. Finally—finally—essential national tinuing resolution the President signed Now, looking ahead to the fiscal year priorities receive a boost in the legisla- on December 9. However, this level is 2008 bill, I am committed to working tion. To help pay for these priorities, $3.1 billion below the level requested by with my friend and colleague, Senator we cut over $11 billion from 125 dif- the President. I assure all Senators THAD COCHRAN, the ranking member ferent accounts and we froze spending that the Appropriations Committee, of from Mississippi, to bring—hear me—to at the 2006 level for 450 accounts. These which I have the honor of being chair- bring 12 individual bipartisan and fis- national priorities have broad bipar- man, intends to address the $3.1 billion cally responsible fiscal year 2008 appro- tisan support, as noted in the White increase when the Senate takes up the priation bills to the floor. When? House Statement of Administration $100 billion supplemental the President When? This year. Policy. Many of these increases reflect sent to the Congress last week. Last However, on this, the 136th day of fis- administration priorities. week. I have every expectation that cal year 2007, adoption of House Joint For veterans care, we include $32.3 the supplemental will be before the Resolution 20 will ensure that we an- billion, an increase of $3.6 billion over Senate next month. This being Feb- swer some of our Nation’s most press- the fiscal year 2006 level. For defense ruary, I have every expectation that ing needs and avoid an unnecessary health initiatives, we include $21.2 bil- the supplemental will be before the Government shutdown. It is time to lion, an increase of $1.4 billion over fis- Senate next month. act. I urge swift—not Tom Swift, but cal year 2006. To provide care for mili- Now, let me take a moment to review swift adoption of the resolution. tary members and their families, in- how we came to be where we are on I yield the floor. I suggest the ab- cluding treating servicemembers funding the base closure account. Last sence of a quorum and I ask unanimous wounded in action in Iraq and Afghani- year, under the very able and com- consent that the time be charged stan, for the Labor, HHS, and Edu- petent leadership of Chairman THAD equally against both sides. cation bill, funding is increased by $2.3 COCHRAN, Senator HUTCHISON, and Sen- The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. billion. ator FEINSTEIN, the Senate Appropria- TESTER). Without objection, it is so or- Title I grants for our schools are tions Committee reported out the Mili- dered. funded at $12.8 billion, an increase of tary Construction bill on July 20, The clerk will call the roll. $125 million over fiscal year 2006, which which was over 6 months ago, and the The bill clerk proceeded to call the will provide approximately 38,000 addi- bill included $5.2 billion for the base roll. tional low-income children with inten- closure account. Unfortunately—I say Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I ask sive reading and math instruction. The unfortunately—that bill was never sent unanimous consent that the order for legislation also funds the title I school to the President. The President trig- the quorum call be rescinded. improvement fund at $125 million to gered the problem when he vowed to The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. target assistance to the 6,700 schools veto the fiscal year 2007 Defense bill CASEY). Without objection, it is so or- that failed to meet No Child Left Be- unless the Senate added $5 billion—$5 dered. hind requirements in the 2005–2006 billion; that is $5 for every minute Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I ask school year. For the first time in 4 since Jesus Christ was born—$5 billion unanimous consent that morning busi- years, we will have an increase in the to the Senate version of the Defense ness be dispensed with, that the Senate maximum Pell higher education grant bill. This is the same $5 billion the Sen- resume consideration of H.J. Res. 20, from $260 to $431. ate Appropriations Committee had put the continuing resolution. The National Institutes of Health are toward addressing needs, such as fund- The PRESIDING OFFICER. In my funded at $28.9 billion, an increase of ing the base closure account and fund- capacity as a Senator from the State of $620 million over fiscal year 2006. ing veterans medical care. Pennsylvania, I object. Three hundred million dollars is in- The Republican leadership of the Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I came to cluded for the Federal Mine Safety and 109th Congress followed the President’s the Senate yesterday to spend several Health Administration. Let me say lead, appropriated the $5 billion to the hours speaking to the Senate to de- that again. Three hundred million dol- Defense bill, and did not send to the scribe the loss of a program critical to lars is included for the Federal Mine President the Military Construction- rural counties in my State. The Secure Safety and Health Administration, an Veterans bill or eight of the other ap- Rural School and Community Self-De- increase of $23 million over fiscal year propriations bills. Funding for BRAC termination Act of 2000 benefits more 2006, to allow the agency to continue was among the many victims of that than Oregon. In fact, there are 38 other its national efforts to hire and train decision. Thus, and therefore, it was States and 700 counties nationwide new mine safety inspectors for safety left to the 110th Congress to solve the that are affected. The safety net pro- in the Nation’s 2,000 coal mines. budgetary mess left by that decision. gram it embodies protected 8.5 million The legislation increases funding for While the extra $1 billion added to schoolchildren, 557,000 teachers, and Federal, State, and local law enforce- BRAC in this resolution does not bring 18,000 schools from Washington State ment by $1.6 billion. According to the the program up to the level of the to California to Mississippi and West FBI, last year violent crime rose—went President’s budget request, it is suffi- Virginia. That safety net was removed up—in America for the first time in 15 cient—it is sufficient—to address one through expiration last September. years. of the Defense Department’s most ur- Last week, I filed an amendment to Under the continuing resolution now gent BRAC priorities; namely, the con- the continuing resolution that would in law, highway funding is frozen—fro- struction of facilities needed to bring have extended the Secure Rural School zen—at the 2006 level. Under this joint U.S. troops back from Europe. The re- and Community Self-Determination funding resolution, the Federal-Aid maining $3.1 billion for the base closure Act by 1 year. This time is needed to Highway Program is fully funded at effort can and will be addressed keep these 700 counties whole while the level guaranteed in the highway through the supplemental next month. Congress writes and enacts a longer law. This is not a perfect resolution, but term program. The joint resolution includes $4.8 bil- it is a thoughtful resolution. By com- Yesterday, I was allowed to speak lion for global AIDS and malaria pro- plying with the statutory cap on spend- but not as long as I had hoped to speak. grams, an increase of $1.4 billion over ing, it is a fiscally disciplined resolu- In fairness to other colleagues and at fiscal year 2006. tion. By eliminating earmarks, it pro- the request of the majority leader, I Last week there was debate con- vides Congress with time to pass ethics ended up only taking up a couple of cerning the level of funding for the 2005 reform legislation to increase trans- hours. I thought it was necessary yes- base closure and realignment program. parency and accountability. By tar- terday and, still, to describe fairly the The resolution that is before the Sen- geting resources toward national prior- severe impacts the expiration of the

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:52 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.006 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1884 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 Secure Rural School Fund will have things which are normally in the gen- As science and evidence is proving upon my State and upon many others. eral funds of counties. What it did, more all the time, the peril to the spot- Likewise, the amendment tree has been when the Federal Government would ted owl is not humankind, it is its own filled to prevent the Senate from con- put up timber for sale, it would do it on kind, the barred owl, and then, of sidering amendments such as mine. a bid basis; 75 percent of the money re- course, catastrophic wildfire. The CR is critical to my State and ceived from bidding Federal timber Congress needs to live up to this. others to have this amendment on it would come to Washington, DC; 25 per- This is an obligation that comes when simply because of the operation of cent would go to the local commu- the Federal Government, as the biggest time. There is one other vehicle com- nities. This was in lieu of property land owner, has said you can’t cut ing up—the emergency supplemental— taxes because they had no other re- trees. But when it says you can’t cut that could also serve to mitigate the course to tax the Federal Government. trees, that comes with a cost. It is a damage which is being done. But that This went on for well over 100 years cost with a price, and it is a price bill is not expected to pass until some- and it worked wonderfully. which the Federal Treasury owes as a time in April. Between now and then, But the ethic in the United States matter of a moral obligation. thousands of public employees will be has changed as it relates to the har- The time to act is now. Yes, we can laid off. Public libraries will be closed, vesting of trees and the extraction of wait for the emergency supplemental, public services curtailed, public safety natural resources. The spotted owl was but if we do, much of the damage will put in jeopardy. held up as an emblem that its survival already have begun to take place. It is While this bill will keep the Federal was imperiled by the harvesting of not necessary that we wait. It is nec- Government afloat, the most basic ele- trees. After 15 years of the Endangered essary that we act now. That is my ap- ments of our extended democracy in Species Act listing of the spotted owl, peal. That is my message. That will places such as Oregon will be in peril. it has now become clear the threat to continue to be the reason why I come That is not fair. It is not something I the spotted owl was not logging; it was, to the Senate to inform my colleagues will condone or bless with my vote on in fact, the barred owl, which is not na- of this problem and of this moral obli- this bill. tive to Oregon but which eats the spot- gation. If we can’t have the resources I will continue to come to the Senate ted owl. In addition to that because in terms of dollars, then allow Orego- and speak to this, even after cloture is timber harvest was ended on public nians to restore its timber industry so invoked, to try to appeal to my col- lands, we now suffer extraordinary it can produce jobs, produce timber, leagues that this continuing resolu- nonhistoriclike wildfires that consume produce the tax base so these commu- tion, which is the continued work prod- millions of acres, destroying spotted nities can live. It is basic fairness. uct of the 109th Congress, should in- owl habitat. The time to show it is now on the clude this indispensable provision, this But in all of this, through the decade continuing resolution, at this time and funding, that is so vital to the most of the 1990s, President Clinton gener- today. basic services which Government is ously recognized the forest policies he I suggest the absence of a quorum. called upon to provide. had implemented were doing great The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Some may wonder why we are at this harm to rural communities, to timber- clerk will call the roll. juncture, why it has taken so long, dependent towns, so we established the The clerk will call the roll. where there has been no action. As a Secure Rural School and Community The legislative clerk proceeded to former Member of the majority, I can- Self-Determination Act. In estab- call the roll. not begin to count the numbers of lishing that, it made up the difference, Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I ask meetings I attended, pleading the case a bandaid, if you will, until we could unanimous consent that the order for of my State, asking for consideration write Federal timber policy in a way the quorum call be rescinded. and being met with warm words but no that would allow for these commu- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without commitments. My colleague now, Sen- nities to survive in the interim. objection, it is so ordered. ator WYDEN, is undertaking nobly to do President Bush was elected to office. Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I suggest the same thing as a Member of the cur- He has tried mightily, through the the absence of a quorum and ask unani- rent majority. Together, we are both Healthy Forest Initiative, through sup- mous consent that the quorum call be committed to doing everything that is porting and, for the first time, funding equally divided. possible, that this business not be left the Northwest Forest Act, to try to The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without undone because it is so critical to the free up timber so the funds are not nec- objection, it is so ordered. State of Oregon and others. essary. But despite his best efforts, the The clerk will call the roll. It affects Oregon disproportionately courts and the laws of Congress have The legislative clerk proceeded to because the formula for the Secure prevented that from occurring. call the roll. Rural School and Community Self-De- So with the expiration of this act, we Mrs. MURRAY. Mr. President, I ask termination Act was based on historic desperately need its continuance, its unanimous consent that the order for timber levels. Many Americans do not reenactment, as we continue to work the quorum call be rescinded. realize that Oregon is over half owned to rebalance the environmental and The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without by the Federal Government. The Fed- economic equation. objection, it is so ordered. eral Government created the western The irony is we are losing spotted Mrs. MURRAY. Mr. President, I am expansion in large measure because of owls through natural predation and out here again today to urge the Sen- the Railroad Act, incentivizing people through catastrophic wildfire. And all ate to pass the bipartisan joint funding to go and settle. California had the of the 30,000 jobs lost in my State— resolution that is before us. It is H.J. gold, but Oregon had the green gold in family wage jobs—those have not been Res. 20. As I mentioned yesterday the form of timber, logs, raw material replaced and Americans still need tim- evening when I was out here on the for building homes and structures ber. Senate floor, President Bush’s Trans- throughout America and, frankly, So where do we get our timber? We portation Secretary, Mary Peters, tes- throughout the world. get it from Canada. Canada has spotted tified before us last week that we will The relationship that was developed owls as well. But what Canada does to see ‘‘drastic consequences’’ if we fail to between Oregon and the Federal Gov- fill the void America created for Amer- pass this funding resolution that is ernment was based upon timber. Be- ican consumers is to overcut its lands now in front of us. We are going to see cause local and State governments are without near the environmental pro- painful cuts to aviation safety, high- constitutionally prohibited from tax- tections we have on our own forest way safety, and highway construction. ing the Federal Government, the Fed- lands. As a result of that, the question I also can tell my colleagues we will eral Government realized, as the great- ought to be asked: Does the spotted see painful and unnecessary cuts in est landowner, it had to provide some owl know the difference between the housing, law enforcement, and veterans opportunity for local communities to border of the United States and the Ca- health care. have things such as schools, paved nadian border? I believe the answer is I want to make sure every Senator roads, police officers, and the like, the no. understands the importance of the vote

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00006 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.009 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1885 we are going to have and understands to lay off 4,000 special agents. Let me is $32 billion. That is an increase of the difference between the continuing repeat that for my colleagues. If we go about $3.5 billion over the fiscal year resolution that our Government is cur- under a continuing resolution and fail 2006 appropriated level. rently running on and the joint funding to pass the funding resolution that is Let me talk about one other VA ac- resolution, H.J. Res. 20, that we are before us, the FBI will have to lay off count in particular. Under the joint currently debating. 4,000 special agents. funding resolution we have before us, If we fail to pass H.J. Res. 20, the bill Now, at a time when violent crime is VA medical services are funded at before us, and, instead, extend the cur- rising, when robberies are up nearly 10 about $25 billion. That is an increase of rent continuing resolution for the rest percent nationwide, when the FBI is $2.965 billion over the fiscal year 2006 of this year, we are going to see fami- working very hard to fight crime, do appropriated level. That money is lies across this country lose their hous- we really want to lay off 4,000 FBI going to help our veterans with med- ing. We are going to see airline safety agents? Of course not. That is why the ical care, including inpatient and out- inspectors who are furloughed. We are resolution provides the FBI with an ad- patient care, mental health care, and going to see air traffic controllers who ditional $216 million over fiscal year long-term care. Under our bill, there is will be furloughed, highway construc- 2006. That means the FBI will not have an extra $70 million for the VA’s gen- tion will be cut, and, as a result, some to lay off those special agents if we eral operating expenses, and some of States are going to have to wait until pass this funding resolution. If we do that money is going to help our Vet- the next construction season to deal not pass H.J. Res. 20, those FBI agents erans Benefits Administration deal with very critical safety and conges- will be furloughed, sitting at home, un- with the massive backlog of benefit tion problems. paid, rather than out working to fight claims. The VA has told us they want- In short, failing to pass H.J. Res. 20, crime. ed to hire a net of 300 more employees the issue before us, we are going to Also the Justice Department’s Vio- so we can cut down this waiting time hurt our communities severely. That is lence Against Women office is funded all of us are hearing about from our why it is so important we pass this res- at $382.5 million in our resolution. That veterans when we go home who can’t olution, which is a bipartisan bill, that is nearly $1 million over their funding get the benefits they need. Without the has been very carefully crafted to ad- of fiscal year 2006, critical dollars for a joint funding resolution, the VA will dress the most critical funding short- very important initiative to fight vio- not be able to hire those new employ- falls across our entire Government. We lence against women. ees, and veterans are going to continue have to pass H.J. Res. 20, and we need The joint funding resolution will also to tell us they face long delays for the to do it this week, by this Thursday. help us to cut off funding to terrorists. benefits they have earned and deserve. Communities across our country The Treasury Department today is I also want to talk about the effect that not passing the joint funding reso- need more help in fighting crime, and working very hard to block the flow of lution would have on critical programs that is one reason we have to pass this money to terrorists. Last year, Treas- under my own jurisdiction in the joint funding resolution. Without this ury hired new intelligence analysts in Transportation, Housing, and Urban resolution, without this bill, our State that effort. Under a CR, those new ana- Development Subcommittee. If we do and local law enforcement will be cut lysts would be furloughed. Talk about not pass the joint funding bill, our air by $1.2 billion. The joint funding reso- a step backwards in the fight against traffic controllers are going to be fur- lution we have before us will prevent terror. Our joint funding resolution, loughed. Our air safety inspectors will that drastic cut, and our resolution however, ensures that those analysts be furloughed. If we fail to pass this bi- adds money for Byrne grants and COPS will stay on the job and keep dis- partisan bill, we are going to see a de- grants, providing a $176 million in- rupting terror financing. In short, we have to pass H. J. Res. 20 cline in our ability to provide railroad crease over last year for those two pro- inspections, pipeline safety inspec- grams. That money will go straight to so we prevent cuts in local law enforce- ment, so we prevent the layoffs of tions, and to make sure we get truck our local communities to help them safety inspections across the country. fight crime. thousands of FBI agents, and we keep our Federal law enforcement efforts on Simply put, if we don’t pass this bipar- When I go home and sit down with tisan bill, the safety of the people we our law enforcement officials in my track. This vote coming up is very crit- ical. Either you vote to support fund- represent is going to be put in danger. home State of Washington, they tell We are also going to feel the con- ing law enforcement at an appropriate me they need more help from all of us sequences in the critical area of hous- level or you are voting to cut funding in the Federal Government. ing. If we don’t pass this funding reso- A few months ago, I was out in to your local law enforcement commu- lution, hundreds of thousands of Amer- Yakima, WA, listening to our local law nity. That is the choice every Senator icans are going to face a housing crisis. enforcement officials talk about their will have to make. In fact, 157,000 low-income people could America’s veterans also have a great tremendous efforts to fight meth and lose their housing; 70,000 people could deal at stake when the Senate votes on gangs. They told me that Byrne grants lose their housing vouchers; and 11,500 this joint funding resolution. I just are absolutely critical to their efforts. housing units that are housing the came from a hearing with VA Sec- There is a huge difference for Byrne homeless could be lost. grant funding under a continuing reso- retary Nicholson this morning. It is ab- Those are only some of the con- lution—that we would be under if we do solutely clear to me that we are not sequences Americans will face if this not pass this joint funding resolution— doing enough yet to meet the needs of Congress fails to act in the next 2 days and the joint funding resolution. Under those who have served our country so to pass this joint funding resolution. the joint funding resolution, the Byrne honorably. Veterans today are facing Don’t take my word for it. Last Thurs- Grant Assistance Program is funded at long lines for health care. Veterans day I held a hearing with President $519 million. That is an increase of who need mental health care are being Bush’s very able Secretary of Trans- $108.7 million over fiscal year 2006. told they have to wait to see a doctor. portation Mary Peters. At that hear- Under our bill, the COPS Program is The VA is not prepared for the many ing, she talked in very clear terms funded at $541.7 million. That is an in- veterans who are coming home with se- about the consequences of not passing crease of $67.9 million over fiscal year rious physical challenges. We need a this joint funding resolution. I asked 2006. VA budget for the current year that Secretary Peters what it would mean Those programs are exactly the type meets their needs. If we pass a con- for safety and hiring if we did not pass of support that our local law enforce- tinuing resolution, veterans are going this joint funding resolution. She said ment officials need. But they will only to get less funding and, with it, fewer to me: get that—they will only get that—if we medical services, less funding for med- [W]e will see a serious decline in the num- pass the joint funding resolution that ical facilities, and more delays in get- ber of safety inspectors: truck safety inspec- is now before the Senate. ting the benefits they have earned. We tors, rail safety inspectors, aviation inspec- Our resolution also supports national owe our veterans more than cuts and tors across the broad range in our program. efforts to fight crime. Under a con- delays. Under the joint funding resolu- That is directly from the Transpor- tinuing resolution, the FBI would have tion, total funding for VA medical care tation Secretary.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.011 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1886 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 Does any Senator want to be respon- struction season if we do not pass this systems. That funding will serve to sible for voting for a serious decline in bill this week. She said: create almost 160,000 new jobs, and it the number of truck safety inspectors, It is especially important to those States will help us alleviate congestion, an rail safety inspectors, aviation safety who have a construction season that will be issue many of us face in our States. It inspectors? How would you ever ex- upon us very, very shortly, and if they are is going to be an important infusion of plain that to your constituents, that not able to know that this funding is coming cash for the States to address their and be able to let contracts accordingly we you voted to undermine their safety as could easily miss an entire construction sea- needs. they travel by car or train or plane? son. I ask unanimous consent that a table We also need to pass this joint fund- All of us better recognize that our that has been provided to me by the ing resolution because without it, our constituents are going to feel the im- Federal Highway Administration which States will not be able to address their pact of this vote on their roads and displays the highway funding increases most pressing highway, bridge, and bridges and highways if we do not pass that will be seen by each of our States road problems. In fact, Secretary Pe- the joint funding resolution. The bill be printed in the RECORD. ters, President Bush’s Transportation before the Senate provides an addi- There being no objection, the mate- Secretary, warned us last week that tional $3.75 billion in formula funding rial was ordered to be printed in the some States could miss an entire con- for our Nation’s highway and transit RECORD, as follows: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION—COMPARISON OF ACTUAL FY 2006 OBLIGATION LIMITATION AND ESTIMATED FY 2007 OBLIGATION LIMITATION INCLUDING REVENUE ALIGNED BUDGET AUTHORITY [Including takedowns for NHTSA Operations and Research]

Actual FY 2006 State obligation limita- Estimated FY Delta tion 2007

Alabama ...... $535,056,170 $600,869,788 $65,813,618 Alaska ...... 228,288,252 270,731,918 42,443,666 Arizona ...... 499,506,758 593,277,405 93,770,647 Arkansas ...... 330,837,555 381,949,909 51,112,354 California ...... 2,381,267,388 2,680,526,468 299,259,080 Colorado ...... 338,198,419 400,663,892 62,465,473 Connecticut ...... 376,937,736 402,325,874 25,388,138 Delaware ...... 104,178,113 121,131,724 16,953,611 District of Columbia ...... 112,407,878 123,804,359 11,396,481 Florida ...... 1,289,559,918 1,544,927,499 255,367,581 Georgia ...... 940,654,903 1,067,010,791 126,355,888 Hawaii ...... 120,644,520 127,596,268 6,951,748 Idaho ...... 197,536,278 222,829,360 25,293,082 Illinois ...... 898,006,320 1,010,811,302 112,804,982 Indiana ...... 661,150,145 775,353,318 114,203,173 Iowa ...... 288,499,793 330,589,700 42,089,907 Kansas ...... 292,376,091 309,772,956 17,396,865 Kentucky ...... 460,544,276 520,949,132 60,404,856 Louisiana ...... 404,683,450 474,862,364 70,178,914 Maine ...... 128,192,073 136,355,671 8,163,598 Maryland ...... 418,246,584 490,032,577 71,785,993 Massachusetts ...... 466,003,994 501,926,732 35,922,738 Michigan ...... 828,533,266 909,761,902 81,228,636 Minnesota ...... 425,664,013 485,442,279 59,778,266 Mississippi ...... 310,973,491 367,059,847 56,086,356 Missouri ...... 618,465,606 711,268,494 92,802,888 Montana ...... 255,215,718 287,386,573 32,170,855 Nebraska ...... 197,252,237 223,867,736 26,615,499 Nevada ...... 172,076,917 210,350,302 38,273,385 New Hampshire ...... 130,407,725 137,769,576 7,361,851 New Jersey ...... 695,744,922 822,265,394 126,520,472 New Mexico ...... 250,952,902 290,194,749 39,241,847 New York ...... 1,292,715,319 1,366,155,757 73,440,438 North Carolina ...... 755,312,308 872,183,722 116,871,414 North Dakota ...... 166,994,190 189,098,718 22,104,528 Ohio ...... 951,965,833 1,109,710,100 157,744,267 Oklahoma ...... 413,931,430 459,904,524 45,973,094 Oregon ...... 299,292,210 347,410,836 48,118,626 Pennsylvania ...... 1,287,067,418 1,357,719,130 70,651,712 Rhode Island ...... 134,484,666 154,154,462 19,669,796 South Carolina ...... 424,589,865 511,384,433 86,794,568 South Dakota ...... 174,696,675 202,845,805 28,149,130 Tennessee ...... 572,103,666 672,761,834 100,658,168 Texas ...... 2,183,334,526 2,574,558,747 391,224,221 Utah ...... 190,146,092 220,645,255 30,499,163 Vermont ...... 115,678,528 129,379,891 13,701,363 Virginia ...... 697,407,933 830,852,486 133,444,553 Washington ...... 448,545,807 519,595,013 71,049,206 West Virginia ...... 285,867,458 325,592,845 39,725,387 Wisconsin ...... 520,781,728 586,036,437 65,254,709 Wyoming ...... 174,357,693 207,256,184 32,898,491 Subtotal ...... 26,447,336,756 30,170,912,038 3,723,575,282 Allocated programs ...... 9,103,451,278 8,794,320,215 ¥309,131,063 Total ...... 35,550,788,034 38,965,232,253 3,414,444,219 Amounts include formula limitation, special limitation for equity bonus and Appalachia Development Highway System. Amounts exclude exempt equity bonus and emergency relief. Allocated programs amount reflect NHTSA transfer of $121M.

Mrs. MURRAY. It is very important of-reach rent increases. We provided uity. And importantly, efforts to re- that we each understand the impact of critical support for section 8 homeless place deteriorating public housing not passing this joint funding resolu- assistance grants, housing equity con- units will be eliminated. tion with the additional $3.75 billion in version loans, HOPE VI, and public Clearly, for all I have walked funding formula to each and every one housing operating funds. If we do not through, the consequences of not pass- of our States. pass this joint funding resolution and ing the joint funding resolution are The failure to pass this resolution is continue on a CR, that would mean going to be severe for some of our also going to have a painful impact on housing vouchers are going to be lost, country’s most vulnerable families. It hundreds of thousands of Americans many of our low-income residents will is clear that our communities across when it comes to housing. In this bi- become homeless, renters will be dis- the board are going to pay a very high partisan bill, we worked to make sure placed or face unaffordable rent in- price unless we pass H.J. Res. 20 before our vulnerable families would not be creases, and many of our seniors are us. I urge my colleagues to vote to thrown out in the streets or face out- going to lose a valuable source of eq- allow our low-income families to keep

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00008 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.012 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1887 a roof over their heads. I urge my col- would not have enough funds to get away from important national prior- leagues to vote to keep our safety in- through the rest of the year. Without ities. spectors on the job, to keep highway it, FSIS would have to lay off employ- The omnibus, I believe, is a flawed construction projects moving forward, ees beginning in September. Without proposal and should be fixed before it to help our local law enforcement fight inspectors, 6,000 meat and poultry fa- becomes law, which means that amend- crime, and I urge Senate colleagues to cilities would be shut down across the ments should be offered and voted on vote to give our veterans the care and country. Do any of my colleagues want by the Senate. benefits they have earned. to explain to their constituents why Unfortunately, the majority leader I urge my colleagues to support H.J. they can’t buy meat during the month has decided not to allow the usual Res. 20; otherwise, you will have to tell of September? Without this CR, 700,000 process for amendments to be offered your veterans and your police officers, people connected to the food industry and voted on to occur and, in fact, has your commuters, your air traffic con- will be laid off once the USDA can no blocked those amendments, and it is trollers, your public housing tenants, longer inspect the meat produced in unlikely we will have an opportunity your housing advocates, and your air- this country. to improve this Omnibus appropria- line passengers, pilots, and flight at- The proposal before us may not be tions bill before it is voted on. tendants why you voted against them. perfect, but I believe it is a better al- We have several amendments we are I urge my colleagues this afternoon ternative than endangering our food prepared to offer on this omnibus bill, to vote for cloture and then allow us to supply. if allowed to do so, which I do believe finish H.J. Res. 20 so we can put the The cuts threatened by the current would measurably improve it. While funding in place that is sorely needed funding agreement will hurt more than our colleagues on the other side of the in every area in our local communities just our grocery shopping habits. They aisle have pledged, as we have, to sup- and for the people we represent. will also be felt in doctor’s offices and port our troops, this bill will delay the I yield the floor. hospitals around the country. Continu- return of many U.S. troops from over- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- ation of the current CR will force the seas. We are prepared to offer a budget- ator from Wisconsin. neutral amendment to restore more Mr. KOHL. Mr. President, I ask unan- Food and Drug Administration to lay than $3 billion in funding for the U.S. imous consent that I be recognized for off 652 personnel. Some of these em- military. More than 12,000 American up to 5 minutes, and that following my ployees have the job of approving new troops serving overseas will be unable remarks, the remaining time until 12:30 medical devices. Does the Senate really to come home if the plan on the floor p.m. be provided to the Republican want to force patients to wait up to 20 side. percent longer for the medical care now becomes law without any amend- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without that will help them recover? Does the ments. The barracks necessary to objection, it is so ordered. Senate really want to stand in the way house these returning troops will not Mr. KOHL. Mr. President, today I of these kinds of life and death deci- be funded in this spending plan. have the unenviable task of encour- sions? To have the majority not allow the aging my colleagues to support the Sometimes in this body we can get Senate to vote on the proposed amend- continuing resolution that lies before caught up in the dollars and cents of ment which would restore this funding the Senate. Loading all of the unfin- the decisions we make, and lose track and support our troops and to prevent ished bills from last year into a con- of the impact our votes have on real our troops from coming home to the fa- tinuing resolution that barely funds peoples lives. I understand that there cilities they need in order to accommo- programs at adequate levels is not my are many of my colleagues that are date them, to me, is simply a bad way idea of a job well done by the Senate. concerned about the budget deficit. I to do business and is difficult for me to The Senate should have worked its will am as well. I came to the Senate when explain to my colleagues and my con- last year and passed these bills sepa- there were record deficits, and we took stituents back home. rately before the end of the fiscal year. difficult votes to get this country back The majority promised not to change But that is now water under the bridge. into financial shape and create budget policy through a spending bill but now Our task today is to finish off this surpluses. I know what it takes to bal- have eliminated a bipartisan baby process so that we can move forward ance a budget. But not funding food in- AIDS prevention program. We have an with a fresh start in a new year. spections and delaying life saving med- amendment by Senator COBURN that The continuing resolution before us ical care is not the way we should bal- will ensure that more than $30 million is a stripped down, bare bones version ance the budget. We have a responsi- dedicated to this lifesaving baby AIDS of a funding bill. It contains no ear- bility to protect the health and welfare program is not blocked by this omni- marks—not a one. It provides the min- of the people back home. The current bus. imum funding needed to protect our CR fails to fulfill that mission, but the We were also told by the majority rural communities, and keep our farm- bill we are going to pass succeeds. they believe in earmark reform, special ing economy going. It provides support Mr. President I yield the remainder projects that are funded through an for critical research that helps keep of the time to my colleague from earmark in the budget process, but our agriculture sector productive and Texas. they are in this Omnibus appropria- put food on our tables—but we have The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- tions bill allowing what I would call left it up to the USDA to apportion ator from Texas. back-door earmarking. these funds. Critical efforts to protect Mr. CORNYN. Mr. President, inquiry: We have an amendment we are pre- rural drinking water and grow rural Can you advise me how much time re- pared to offer that would protect tax- housing were also maintained. In short, mains in morning business on both payers’ funds by guaranteeing that the we did the best we could to protect sides? omnibus is truly earmark free and by rural America, save small farms, and The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Re- preventing back-room deals to fund maintain a safe and reliable food sup- publicans now control 16 minutes. wasteful programs after this bill is ply. Mr. CORNYN. I thank the Chair. I passed. I understand that some Members thank the Senator from Wisconsin for Finally, in a general sense, talking may not be happy with some of the dif- his courtesy. about the kinds of amendments that ficult choices that we had to make. But Mr. President, I would like to speak need to be offered and voted on on this the alternative is much worse. Con- for no more than the next 10 minutes. bill, the majority promised to be sen- tinuing to live under the current fund- If the Chair will advise me after the ex- sitive to those who are in the most ing agreement would have been dev- piration of that time, then I will yield need of assistance, but this Omnibus astating to rural America, agri- to the senior Senator from Texas. appropriations bill takes money from business, and would have shaken con- The House passed a continuing reso- crime victims, $1.2 billion, and spends sumers’ faith in the food they buy at lution that is before the Senate. In it on other Government programs. This the local grocery store. fact, it is a $464 billion omnibus spend- is simply, I believe, a bad way to do Without this continuing resolution, ing bill that makes major policy business and I think is inconsistent the Food Safety and Inspection Service changes and shifts billions of dollars with the spirit of bipartisanship with

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00009 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.013 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1888 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 which this Congress started with the important law enforcement capacities put forward an Omnibus appropriations work we have been able to do on lobby deserve the proper funding necessary bill, a bill that was amendable. There and ethics reform, on minimum wage, for them to do their job. were, in fact, 100 amendments offered. and small business tax and regulatory Mr. President, I regret, more with a There were 6 days of debate, and the relief. sense of disappointment than anger, bill was passed with mostly Demo- I also have two other amendments I the fact that the majority leader has cratic amendments. would like to call up to this bill that I denied us an opportunity to offer I do think, in a sense of fairness, that wish to mention briefly, but unfortu- amendments on any of these priorities, is what was expected when the major- nately, as I already mentioned, the ma- matters which I think we can all agree ity switched, that we would have an jority leader has seen fit to deny any deserve our consideration and close Omnibus appropriations bill with some Senator the opportunity, in this the scrutiny. But given the fact that, rath- reasonable number of amendments. Our world’s greatest deliberative body, to er than the bipartisan cooperation we leadership certainly offered a limited even offer any additional amendments. were promised at the outset of this number with a limited time for debate. Nevertheless, I wish to take a moment Congress, we are seeing basically a my- We wouldn’t have had to have a cloture to highlight them. way-or-the-highway approach to this vote if we had been able to have that The first amendment would restore Omnibus appropriations bill, not only open dialog, but we didn’t. Now we funding to the Department of Energy’s are our troops not going to get the $3.1 have a $463 billion bill, in which $3 bil- FutureGen Program and do so without billion that is necessary to provide lion has been taken out of what this busting the budget. FutureGen, as my housing and assets for them to return Congress passed last year for military colleagues know, is a demonstration home, but we know clean coal-burning construction to prepare for the base project launched by President Bush in technology and research is going to be closing law we passed and to imple- 2003 to test new technology in refining denied and put off, pushed down the ment that on the deadline we made, coal in generating electricity. If suc- road with harm to our Nation and, fi- which was 6 years. There was a request cessful, FutureGen technologies could nally, we know the U.S. Marshals Serv- for $5.6 billion that was necessary for help lower energy costs, increase do- ice, responsible for protecting our Fed- us to bring 12,000 troops home this year mestic energy resources, and eliminate eral judiciary, is going to be denied the and to go forward with the rest of the harmful air pollutants. resources they need to do their job. appropriations for the troops coming On the Senate floor, we talk a lot This is simply not the right way to home from overseas, and $3 billion was about ending our reliance on foreign do business, certainly not in the bipar- taken out of the bill that has passed sources of energy, as well as our need tisan spirit which we were promised at and put into other priorities with no to produce energy in the cheapest way the outset of this Congress. I hope that hearings and no amendments allowed possible. the majority leader will reconsider and on the floor. The Omnibus appropriations bill that allow us to offer amendments and have I don’t see that is in any way able to is on the floor, to which we are being an up-or-down vote on each of these be described as fair, bipartisan. It is denied an opportunity to offer amend- amendments. not the way we ought to do business in ments, pulls the carpet from under the I yield the floor. the Senate. FutureGen Program which seeks to ad- Mrs. HUTCHISON. Mr. President, So here we are taking $3 billion from dress both of those needs. how much time remains in morning our military accounts and putting Solutions to our energy future must business? them into accounts throughout the be made by utilizing a variety of tech- The PRESIDING OFFICER. A little Federal Government. I cannot think of nologies, both traditional and new, in- less than 71⁄2 minutes. The Senator anything more important than making novative technology. We cannot turn from Texas. sure our troops, when they come home our back on our most abundant domes- Mrs. HUTCHISON. Mr. President, I from overseas, have living conditions tic resource, coal, but we can make ask unanimous consent that I be noti- and training facilities that we are try- sure that the kind of innovation and fied at 31⁄2 minutes, and I will then ing to provide for them. The reason we research that this FutureGen project is leave the rest of our time for the dis- are moving them home from overseas designed to do can make sure we can tinguished Senator from South Caro- is to give them better training facili- use that domestic energy resource in a lina. ties. That is what the bulk of the $3 way that is entirely consistent with The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without billion is going to do, and that is why our universal desire to have a clean en- objection, it is so ordered. we need to stop cloture on this bill, vironment. Mrs. HUTCHISON. Mr. President, I offer one or two amendments and send One other amendment I would offer am very troubled by this process. We the bill to the House. We have plenty of would restore the cuts that the omni- are taking up a $463 billion appropria- time to work out something so simple. bus bill makes from the U.S. Marshals tions bill. There is no amendment on The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- Service. This amendment also does not the House side and no amendment on ator is at the 31⁄2-minute mark. bust the budget. The Omnibus appro- the Senate side being allowed. We are Mrs. HUTCHISON. Mr. President, I priations bill shortchanges the men going to cloture with no capability of urge my colleagues: Do not vote for and women in the U.S. Marshals Serv- amendments. Yet the deadline for this cloture on this bill yet. We will have ice who are on the frontlines pro- bill is February 15. We have several plenty of time to fund the other prior- tecting the safety of our Federal judges days in which we could offer amend- ities in the bill, but we can also add and our court personnel. ments, debate amendments, and go amendments. This is the Senate. There Every day the Marshals Service pro- back to the House, if we set our minds are 100 Members, and we should have a tects more than 2,000 sitting Federal to doing it. And if there was a true bi- say in a $463 billion omnibus appropria- judges, as well as other court officials, partisan spirit, we would be able to do tion. at more than 400 courthouses and fa- that. I yield the floor. cilities across the Nation. The protec- It has been said we didn’t pass these The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- tion of our Federal judges by the U.S. appropriations bills last year, and that ator from South Carolina. Marshals Service is one of the most im- is correct. We didn’t for a variety of Mr. DEMINT. Mr. President, I rise portant and perhaps least-recognized reasons, some of which was obstruction today to speak about my amendment assignments in law enforcement. But a from the other side and some of which No. 253 that I would like to offer to the disturbing trend is afoot. Increasingly, was obstruction on this side. I under- fiscal year 2007 omnibus spending bill. judges, witnesses, courthouse per- stand that. But now we are where we My amendment seeks to strengthen sonnel, and law enforcement personnel are. We have been here before. the provisions in section 112 dealing who support them are the subject of vi- When the Republicans took control with earmarks. According to the spon- olence simply for carrying out their in 2003, after the Democrats had the sors, the goal of this section is to turn duties. majority, we didn’t put a continuing off the hidden earmarks for this year’s We can all agree that the safety of resolution forward for the 11 appropria- spending, but, unfortunately, it does our men and women who serve in these tions bills that had not been passed. We not achieve that goal.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00010 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.015 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1889 First, the language in H.J. Res. 20 not even part of the bill that arrives on my meritorious, as they said in their say—on page 9—that hidden earmarks desk. You didn’t vote them into law. I didn’t memo, before they are considered. This shall have no ‘‘legal effect,’’ but it does sign them into law. Yet, they’re treated as if would free up all the Federal agencies they have the force of law. The time has not clearly state that hidden earmarks come to end this practice. to focus their spending and their time shall have no guiding effect. These ear- on Federal priorities, not just specific It appears as though our Federal marks already have no legal effect. The special interest earmarks that a Mem- agencies are beginning to follow point of this section was not to restate ber of Congress happens to attach to a through on the President’s directive. current law, but rather to make it bill. Last week, a memo was circulated at clear that hidden earmarks have no ef- I understand the majority leader is the Department of Energy that said: fect, legal or otherwise. not going to allow any amendments. As my colleagues know, over 95 per- Because the funding provided by H.J. Res. That is very regrettable, particularly 20 will not be subject to non-statutory ear- cent of all earmarks are not even writ- marks and the President’s policy on ear- since it leaves out something on which ten into our appropriations bills. If we marks is clear, we must ensure that the De- I think we all agree. don’t fix the language in this resolu- partment only funds programs or activities The cloture motion we have been tion we are debating today, all of these that are meritorious; the Department itself asked to vote on at 2:30 is a motion to earmarks could continue. It is not cer- is responsible for making those determina- cut off debate. That means we can no tain that they will but they could and tions. longer talk about the provisions in that is something we should fix to pro- This is a great sign of progress and I ways that could improve this bill. For tect American taxpayers. hope other agencies will circulate their that reason, I am going to have to vote Our Federal agencies need to under- own memos to this effect. Our agencies against cloture and hope the majority stand that hidden earmarks mean have been under the thumb of powerful leader will reconsider, particularly nothing and should be completely ig- appropriators for so long, it may be dif- amendments like this which are easy nored in their decisionmaking. Our ficult for them to transition to a world and which this Chamber has already Federal agencies need to spend Amer- without earmarks. But that is what voted unanimously to support. ican tax dollars in ways that meet they must do because that is what the Mr. President, with that, I yield their core missions and serve true na- American people expect. Americans back. tional priorities. Federal agencies want their Federal tax dollars to be f should not feel pressure to fund special spent in competitive ways that meet interest earmarks written by the pow- the highest standards. If a project is RECESS erful lawmakers who may cut their going to get Federal funding, they ex- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under funding in retaliation. pect—just like with a Federal con- the previous order, the Senate will Second, the language in H.J. Res. 20 tract—that the money go to the stand in recess until the hour of 2:15 applies to hidden earmarks in the fis- project with the most merit regardless p.m. cal year 2006 committee reports, but it of whose State or district it is in. There being no objection, the Senate, does not turn off the hidden earmarks We are making great progress on re- at 12:30 p.m., recessed until 2:14 p.m. buried in committee reports prior to forming our budget process and reduc- and reassembled when called to order 2006 or those after it. In addition, the ing earmarks, and I urge my colleagues by the Presiding Officer (Mr. CARPER). language does not turn off earmarks to help us continue this progress and f win back the trust of the American that may be requested through direct MAKING FURTHER CONTINUING communications between lawmakers people. Mr. President, I wish to make a few APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE FIS- and our Federal agencies, either by CAL YEAR 2007 phone or in private emails. additional comments about my amend- I understand that the Democratic ment No. 253 to the fiscal year 2007 om- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under leader is not going to allow any amend- nibus spending bill. This is an amend- the previous order, the Senate will re- ments. The Democratic leader sched- ment that would strengthen a provi- sume consideration of H.J. Res. 20, uled this debate right before the Gov- sion in the bill that is under section which the clerk will report by title. ernment’s current funding expires so 112. This gets back to the earmark dis- The assistant legislative clerk read we will all be forced to accept it. This cussion. The Senate can be proud of the as follows: practice has been going on for years, debate and the votes we have taken to A joint resolution (H.J. Res. 20) making and I am afraid it has become very de- disclose earmarks and to eliminate the further continuing appropriations for the fis- structive. hidden earmarks that have been added cal year 2007, and for other purposes. We are going to vote on whether to in conference for years. Unfortunately, Pending: cut off debate on this measure today at the language in this omnibus bill con- Reid Amendment No. 237, to change an ef- 2:30 p.m. and I will be forced to oppose tinues the status quo. It says that ear- fective date. that motion. Since the Democratic marks have no legal effect. It does not Reid Amendment No. 238 (to Amendment leader has blocked me and other Sen- take the debate we have all agreed on No. 237), of a technical nature. ators from getting votes on our amend- and make it a prohibition that ear- Motion to recommit the bill to the Com- mittee on Appropriations, with instructions ments, I cannot in good conscience marks cannot be added in conference. to report back forthwith, with Reid Amend- vote to cut off debate. My amendment We know that 95 percent of earmarks ment No. 239, to change an effective date. makes small changes to this resolution are in report language. They do not Reid Amendment No. 240 (to the instruc- that would greatly improve its integ- have the force of law. Yet, through in- tions of the motion to recommit), of a tech- rity, and there is still time to send this timidation and other ways, Congress nical nature. measure back to the House for its ap- has been able to get the executive Reid Amendment No. 241 (to Amendment proval. branch to follow through on these ear- No. 240), of a technical nature. I also want to make it clear that marks for years. My amendment would The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under while we have a responsibility in this simply go back to what we have al- the previous order, the time until 2:30 body to address hidden earmarks in ready agreed on as a Senate and pro- will be equally divided between the two this resolution, the President also has hibit these wasteful, hidden earmarks leaders or their designees. a responsibility to do his part. In a let- that waste billions of taxpayer dollars Who yields time? The Senator from ter that I sent last week, I called on every year from being included in re- West Virginia. him to instruct his agencies to ignore port language. Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, I can do all earmark requests that do not have I am encouraged that the White this, I think in 5 or 6 minutes. I yield the force of law, and I believe he will. House is responding. We have a memo myself such time as I may consume. He said in the State of the Union Ad- that the Energy Department sent out Am I recognized? dress this year that: last year to its managers telling them The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- Over 90 percent of earmarks never make it not to give preferential treatment to ator is recognized. to the floor of the House and Senate—they nonbinding, nonlegal congressional Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, today is are dropped into committee reports that are earmarks; that earmarks should be the 136th day of fiscal year 2007. It is

VerDate Aug 31 2005 00:35 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00011 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.003 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1890 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 past time to complete the remaining The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- Specter Tester Webb Stabenow Thune Whitehouse nine fiscal year 2007 appropriations ator has about 4 minutes remaining. Sununu Vitter bills. Agencies have limped along Mr. BYRD. I thank the Chair. I yield through October, November, December, the floor and suggest the absence of a NAYS—26 January, and half of February based on quorum. Alexander Gregg Sessions a very restrictive continuing resolu- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Allard Hagel Smith Coburn Hatch Snowe tion. Thirteen of the fifteen depart- clerk will call the roll. Collins Hutchison Stevens ments do not know how much money The assistant legislative clerk pro- Cornyn Inhofe Thomas they will have for a fiscal year that is ceeded to call the roll. DeMint Kyl Voinovich Dole Martinez now one-third gone, one-third over. Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, I ask unan- Warner Ensign McCain Wyden This is a deplorable way to run a gov- imous consent that the order for the Graham Roberts ernment, any government, specifically quorum call be rescinded. NOT VOTING—3 the Federal Government—this Govern- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without Biden Brownback Johnson ment. objection, it is so ordered. The PRESIDING OFFICER. On this Under the existing continuing resolu- CLOTURE MOTION tion, our veterans hospitals are con- vote, the yeas are 71, the nays are 26. Under the previous order, the clerk fronting the need to deny health care Three-fifths of the Senators duly cho- will report the motion to invoke clo- to 500,000 veterans and to force 850,000 sen and sworn having voted in the af- ture. veterans to wait longer for their care. firmative, the motion is agreed to. The assistant legislative clerk read H.J. Res. 20 includes an increase of $3.6 Mrs. MURRAY. I move to reconsider as follows: billion to solve the problem. On this, the vote. the 136th day of fiscal year 2007, it is CLOTURE MOTION Mr. DURBIN. I move to lay that mo- time to act. We, the undersigned Senators, in accord- tion on the table. Under the existing continuing resolu- ance with the provisions of rule XXII of the The motion to lay on the table was tion, the Social Security Administra- Standing Rules of the Senate, do hereby agreed to. move to bring to a close the debate on Cal- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- tion is facing longer lines for approving endar No. 18, H.J. Res. 20, Continuing Fund- benefits, and furloughs of employees. ing resolution. ator from Georgia. The 1–800 Medicare call centers, which Robert C. Byrd, Sherrod Brown, Joe f have received over 35 million calls from Lieberman, Pat Leahy, Patty Murray, the elderly with questions about their John Kerry, Barbara A. Mikulski, Dick RELATIVE TO THE DEATH OF REP- coverage, will have to shut down for Durbin, Ken Salazar, Jack Reed, Tom RESENTATIVE CHARLES W. NOR- the final months of the fiscal year. H.J. Harkin, Dianne Feinstein, H.R. Clin- WOOD, JR., OF GEORGIA Res. 20 solves those problems. It is ton, Mary Landrieu, Herb Kohl, Carl Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, I ask Levin, Byron L. Dorgan, Ben Nelson. time to act. unanimous consent that the Senate Under the existing continuing resolu- The PRESIDING OFFICER. By unan- now proceed to the consideration of S. tion, the Department of Defense will imous consent, the mandatory quorum Res. 79, which was submitted earlier have to delay elective surgeries, non- call has been waived. today. emergency care, and increase the cost The question is, Is it the sense of the The PRESIDING OFFICER. The of some pharmaceuticals for Active- Senate that debate on H.J. Res. 20, clerk will report the resolution. Duty members, their families, and re- making further continuing appropria- The assistant legislative clerk read tirees. H.J. Res. 20 includes an increase tions for fiscal year 2007, and for other as follows: purposes, shall be brought to a close? of $1.4 billion to solve the problem. It is A resolution (S. Res. 79) relative to the time to act. The yeas and nays are mandatory death of Representative Charles W. Norwood, Under the existing continuing resolu- under the rule. Jr., of Georgia. tion, funding for highways and transit The clerk will call the roll. Resolved, That the Senate has heard with is frozen at fiscal year 2006 levels, put- The assistant legislative clerk called profound sorrow and deep regret the an- ting 160,000 jobs at risk. H.J. Res. 20 the roll. nouncement of the death of the Honorable fully funds the highway and transit Mr. DURBIN. I announce that the Charles W. Norwood, Jr., late a Representa- tive from the State of Georgia. Senator from Delaware (Mr. BIDEN) and guarantees. It is time to act. Resolved, That the Secretary communicate Under the existing continuing resolu- the Senator from South Dakota (Mr. these resolutions to the House of Represent- tion, no funds are provided to the De- JOHNSON) are necessarily absent. atives and transmit an enrolled copy thereof partment of Defense to build the facili- Mr. LOTT. The following Senator tot he family of the deceased. ties needed to bring our troops back was necessarily absent. The Senator Resolved, That when the Senate adjourns or home from Europe. H.J. Res. 20 in- from Kansas, Mr. BROWNBACK. recesses today, it stand adjourned or re- cludes $1 billion to solve that problem. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Are there cessed as a further mark of respect to the It is time, again I say, to act. any other Senators in the Chamber de- memory of the deceased Representative. According to the White House Office siring to vote? There being no objection, the Senate of the Global AIDS Coordinator, under The yeas and nays resulted—yeas 71, proceeded to consider the resolution. the existing continuing resolution nays 26, as follows: Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, I ask 110,000 to 175,000 people will likely die [Rollcall Vote No. 46 Leg.] unanimous consent that the resolution of HIV-related causes. H.J. Res. 20 in- YEAS—71 be agreed to and the motion to recon- sider be laid upon the table. cludes a $1.4 billion increase to help Akaka Craig Lieberman HIV victims. It is time to act. Baucus Crapo Lincoln The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there H.J. Res. 20 complies with the $872.8 Bayh Dodd Lott objection? billion statutory cap on spending. It Bennett Domenici Lugar Without objection, it is so ordered. Bingaman Dorgan McCaskill contains no earmarks and, I should Bond Durbin McConnell The resolution (S. Res. 79) was agreed say, eliminates 9,300 prior earmarks. Boxer Enzi Menendez to. Hallelujah. It eliminates 9,300 prior Brown Feingold Mikulski Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, I ask Bunning Feinstein Murkowski unanimous consent that Senator earmarks. Burr Grassley Murray H.J. Res. 20 cuts 125 accounts below Byrd Harkin Nelson (FL) CHAMBLISS and I, from Georgia, be rec- fiscal year 2006 levels and freezes 450 Cantwell Inouye Nelson (NE) ognized for a few minutes to pay trib- accounts at the 2006 level. H.J. Res. 20 Cardin Isakson Obama ute to Representative NORWOOD. Carper Kennedy Pryor is tough, it is disciplined, and it ad- Casey Kerry Reed The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without dresses critical needs. It is time to act. Chambliss Klobuchar Reid objection, it is so ordered. I urge Members to vote aye on the Clinton Kohl Rockefeller The Senator from Georgia. cloture motion and on the resolution. Cochran Landrieu Salazar Mr. ISAKSON. Mr. President, first of Coleman Lautenberg Sanders Mr. President, how much time do we Conrad Leahy Schumer all, I thank Leader REID and Leader have remaining? Corker Levin Shelby MCCONNELL for bringing this resolution

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:55 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00012 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.029 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1891 forward in a very timely fashion. We erything he could as a Member of the were receiving medical services. It is learned during the lunch hour today House of Representatives to make this only fitting that CHARLIE’s Patient’s that Representative CHARLIE NORWOOD country better. Bill of Rights was reintroduced in the of Georgia passed away, a victim of CHARLIE grew up a Valdosta Wildcat. House in the last several days. I look cancer. Now, to people in this body that may forward, hopefully, to Congressman CHARLIE had been fighting valiantly not mean a whole lot, but to anybody DINGELL taking up that bill and debat- that disease for over 3 years, having a who lives in our great State, growing ing that bill. It was a controversial bill lung transplant, and, unfortunately— up a Valdosta Wildcat and playing for then. It will be controversial again. after the transplant’s success for a the Wildcat football team is a very spe- But just because CHARLIE NORWOOD felt year and CHARLIE doing well—cancer cial asset. so strongly about it, I am hopeful we occurred in one lung and then trans- Valdosta is a very unique town down will see some movement on that bill. ferred to his liver. in my part of the State, down in the As I wind down, I have such fond His wife Gloria has been an abso- very southern part of our State. The memories about CHARLIE from a per- lutely wonderful human being, seeing football lore of Valdosta is second to sonal standpoint. But most signifi- to it that CHARLIE continued to do his no other community in the country. cantly, the great memories I will al- work in the House of Representatives, CHARLIE loved his Valdosta Wildcats. ways have about CHARLIE NORWOOD are even though suffering greatly from the He and I used to sit on the floor of the about his commitment to America, his effects of the cancer that reoccurred. House every now and then, particularly commitment to freedom, his commit- CHARLIE NORWOOD was elected in 1994 during football season, and talk about ment to the men and women who wear and was a classmate and fellow rep- his days of growing up. My hometown the uniform of the United States, of resentative with many of us here—Sen- of Moultrie is the biggest football rival which he was one—he was a veteran of ator COBURN, Senator GRAHAM, Senator of Valdosta. Vietnam—and about the great spirit LINCOLN, Senator CHAMBLISS, and my- CHARLIE loved life. He loved things CHARLIE NORWOOD always brought to self. like football. He also loved his family. every issue on the floor of the House of On behalf of all of us who have had He was the proud husband of Gloria Representatives. He was a great Amer- the chance to serve with CHARLIE NOR- Norwood, who is one more great lady, ican. He was a great Member of the WOOD, we today pay tribute to his life, and he had two sons and several grand- House of Representatives. He was a the great accomplishments he made on children. great colleague. He was a great friend behalf of his district, and his untiring CHARLIE used to take his grand- who will be missed. effort to bring about quality, afford- children to Atlanta every year at I yield the floor and suggest the ab- able health care within the reach of Thanksgiving, used to take the girls. sence of a quorum. every single American. He would let those girls have the run of The PRESIDING OFFICER. The He will be remembered for many a very nice hotel in Atlanta to do clerk will call the roll. things: his tenacity, his great sense of whatever they wanted, including CHAR- The assistant legislative clerk pro- humor, his commitment to his district, LIE NORWOOD, a mean, gruff, old dentist ceeded to call the roll. and to his people. But from a political from Augusta, GA, sitting down in the f standpoint and a service standpoint, he afternoon and having tea with his MAKING FURTHER CONTINUING will be remembered for Norwood-Din- granddaughters. He was, indeed, a very gell, the legislation that laid the APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE FIS- special person, a guy who loved his CAL YEAR 2007—Continued groundwork for reforms in health care country, loved his State, loved his fam- that even go on at this day. ily, and really cared about what is best Mr. ALEXANDER. Mr. President, I So as a Member of the Senate from for America. ask unanimous consent that the order Georgia, as a personal friend of CHAR- One anecdote about CHARLIE I will for the quorum call be rescinded. LIE NORWOOD and his beautiful wife never forget. He and I became good The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without Gloria, and as one who is so thankful friends during the 1994 campaign. We objection, it is so ordered. Mr. ALEXANDER. Mr. President, I for the contributions he made to my both signed the Contract with Amer- ask unanimous consent that I be al- State, to me as an individual, and to ica. We ran on the Contract with Amer- lowed to speak for up to 20 minutes on this body, I pay tribute to CHARLIE ica. One provision in there was requir- NORWOOD, pass on the sympathy and the continuing resolution. ing an amendment to the Constitution The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- the condolences of my family to his calling for the Federal budget to be wife Gloria and his many friends. ator has that right. balanced. CHARLIE and I both felt very And again, I repeat my thanks to Mr. ALEXANDER. Thank you, Mr. strongly about that. We were sitting on Senator MCCONNELL and Senator REID President. the floor of the House of Representa- for their timely recognition of the A few days ago, I came to the floor tives one night together, as we were de- passing of CHARLIE NORWOOD. deeply concerned because someone, It is my pleasure now to, with unani- bating and voting on the amendment someone over in the House of Rep- mous consent, recognize Senator to the Constitution calling for a bal- resentatives—first, let me ask the anced budget, and as the numbers in CHAMBLISS from Georgia. Chair, will you please give me a min- The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mrs. favor of the bill grew and grew, the ute’s notice when my 20 minutes is up? MCCASKILL). The Senator from Georgia roar within the Chamber itself got The PRESIDING OFFICER. At the is recognized. louder and louder. It took 397 votes to conclusion of 19 minutes, the Senator Mr. CHAMBLISS. Madam President, reach the point where the balanced will be given notice. I thank my friend and colleague from budget amendment would pass, and Mr. ALEXANDER. Thank you very Georgia for those very generous and when it hit 350, the roar got louder. It much. kind words about our mutual friend. hit 360. Finally, it hit 397. CHARLIE Someone over in the House of Rep- I rise today to pay tribute to a guy looked over at me and said: SAX, that resentatives, before they sent that con- who has been a great inspiration not is why we came here. He was that kind tinuing resolution or joint funding res- just for the last 3 years when he has so of person who truly cared about his olution over here, had taken the bravely fought the deadly disease that country and the principles for which he Teacher Incentive Fund, which was to ultimately got him—cancer—but CHAR- stood. be funded at $100 million a year, and re- LIE NORWOOD and I were elected to Con- He was a man who will truly be duced it to $200,000. In other words, gress together in 1994. missed, as my colleague, Senator they killed the funding. I couldn’t CHARLIE was one of those individuals ISAKSON, said, for his ideas on health imagine someone would do that on pur- who came to Congress for the right rea- care. He truly believed that every per- pose, and so I came here to say so. I son; that is, to make this country a son who received health care treatment know it was a confusing time and there better place for our generation as well in this country ought to have the abil- were lots of different priorities to be as for future generations to live. ity to look their physician in the eye met. Perhaps, in the difficulty of put- CHARLIE worked every single day to and make sure they had the right to ting together the joint funding resolu- make sure he could personally do ev- choose the physician from whom they tion, it was just a slip-up. I said I

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:55 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00013 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.034 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1892 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 hoped it wasn’t the signal of what the wondering for the last few days, well, the year, and then we will put them new Democratic majority’s education then, who was it? Who was it? Well, back in charge of their school. We will policy would be because I couldn’t now I know, Mr. President, because give them autonomy to make the imagine the new Democratic major- they have announced it. changes they need to make, and we will ity—or the old Democratic minority, Today comes a letter to me—‘‘Dear see if these children can succeed be- for that matter—or any of us on either Senator ALEXANDER’’—on behalf of the cause we know if they can succeed, if side being against the Teacher Incen- National Education Association, the we help them the correct way—we give tive Fund. NEA, with 3.2 million members, saying: them extra hours, as we have in our What the Teacher Incentive Fund We urge your opposition to several ill-con- charter schools, give them extra train- does is almost the most crucial thing ceived amendments to the continuing resolu- ing, we know they will succeed. we need to do in helping our schools tion. Specifically, we urge you to vote ‘‘no’’ Memphis City Schools and New Lead- succeed. It makes grants to States and on an amendment to be offered by Senator ers for New Schools were awarded a cities that are doing the best work in ALEXANDER, Republican of Tennessee, that grant for $3.1 million in the year 2006, trying to find fair ways to reward out- would provide $99 million for the teacher in- the first year after the 5-year grant to- centive fund. standing teaching and to reward good taling $18 million. Over the 5-year principals. Every education meeting I So the NEA, in its brilliance, has grant, Memphis plans to provide train- go to, and I have been going to them written me a letter to ask me to vote ing and incentive grants to 83 prin- for years, that ends up being the No. 1 against my own amendment. cipals serving almost one-third of the thing we need to do. First are parents, I am astonished. That doesn’t sur- schools in the Memphis school system. second are teachers and principals, and prise me so much. Any of our offices Principals will receive incentive grants everything else is about 5 percent. In can make a mistake. But what I want of at least $15,000 a year. other words, a child who has a head the President to know, and I want our What is wrong with that? Why would start at home is a child who is going to colleagues to know—I want them to the largest educational association in get an education almost no matter know who is against this, and I want America oppose taking a city with low- what else happens. But if you add an the world to know what they are performing students and saying we are outstanding teacher and an out- against. What they are against is help- going to kill the program that trains standing principal to whatever happens ing find a fair way to pay good teachers your principals and pay them $15,000 at home, the school is better and the more for teaching well and to train and more a year to do a better job? Why classroom is better and the child suc- help good principals lead schools, espe- would they do that? ceeds. This is especially true for low- cially in big cities where we have a lot The assistant Democratic leader income children in America, which is of low-income children who are falling doesn’t agree with that. At least he exactly what the Teacher Incentive behind. said so on the floor of the Senate. I Fund is designed to meet. This is not some abstract notion. The don’t agree with it. I don’t think the Well, I wasn’t disappointed because President had recommended $100 mil- parents of the children agree with it. within 5 minutes after I began, the dis- lion for the Teacher Incentive Fund as The school superintendent doesn’t tinguished Senator from Illinois, Mr. part of the No Child Left Behind legis- agree with it, nor does the mayor. Who DURBIN, the assistant Democratic lead- lation. In a bipartisan way it passed is against this? We are trying to pay er, came on the floor, and I think I am several years ago, and we are in the more money to the members of the as- being fair in characterizing his re- midst of a remarkably bipartisan ap- sociation that is trying to kill the pro- marks when he said: Whoa, wait a proach to see what we need to do about gram. That is what we are trying to do. minute. This is a good program. In NCLB as we reauthorize it for 5 years, It is not just Memphis. I think it is fact, I just received a call this after- and part of it is the Teacher Incentive important that my colleagues in the noon, said Senator DURBIN, from the Fund. Senate—if the snow and the ice has not superintendent of the Chicago schools, In a very tight budget, President caused them to flee to the suburbs. I and he said we need this program. He Bush has recommended not just $100 think most of them are in their offices, said we have a lot of low-income, poor million for the next year, he has rec- maybe a few are even listening. I want kids who aren’t making it, whom we ommended $200 million. them to know that the National Edu- are leaving behind, we want to help I placed into the RECORD a few days cation Association wants to kill the them, and this helps us do that. He said ago Secretary of Education Spellings’ program for the Northern New Mexico we have a grant under the Teacher In- letter saying this is very important. Network, the Northern New Mexico centive Fund to do it. We have just started this program. We Network for Rural Education, a non- We heard further testimony at a made a number of grants to cities all profit organization, one of the 19 grant- roundtable in our Health, Education, across America, 16 grants across the ees of the Teacher Incentive Fund. It is Labor, and Pensions Committee that in country, at least one State—in South partnering with four school districts. the Chicago schools they closed some Carolina. You have cut us off. You They serve a region with high levels of schools where children were not learn- stopped us from making an evaluation poverty, high concentrations of Native ing year after year after year. What did and reporting back to the Senate, to Americans and Hispanic students, ex- they do? They put in a new team—a the Congress, how this is working. You treme rural conditions, small schools. new principal, a new set of teachers. are disappointing these school districts So the NEA wants to kill the program And what did they do with the teach- who have stepped up to do this. to help make those teachers and those ers? They paid them $10,000 a year That is what has happened. Just to principals better. more than they were otherwise making be very specific, here is the kind of Here’s another project, New Leaders to make sure they would go there be- thing that the Teacher Incentive Fund for New Schools in the DC public cause they were the teachers known in grant does. Memphis, our biggest city, schools. This is a coalition with DC Chicago to be able to help low- achiev- has an unusually large number of our public schools and several others, to ing students achieve. lowest performing schools. It is our provide direct compensation to teach- We all know from our experience and poorest big city, one of the poorest big ers and principals who have dem- research that virtually every child can cities in America. It has a real solid onstrated their ability to move student learn. Some children just need a little school superintendent, she’s excellent, achievement. extra help getting to the starting line. and they are working hard to improve. What a terrible thing to reward— If you don’t get it at home, you espe- A lot of the Memphis citizens are teachers who have demonstrated an cially need it at school. And where you putting together a special effort to say: ability to move student achievement. get it at school is from outstanding One of the single best things we can do Let’s kill that program right away. We teachers and principals. in Memphis is to take every single one don’t want that happening in the Dis- So it wasn’t Senator DURBIN, who is of our school principals, put them trict of Columbia, do we? the assistant Democratic leader in the through a training program for a year, Let’s go to the Chicago public Senate, who was trying to kill the hook up with New Leaders for New schools. Chicago has taken a lot of Teacher Incentive Fund. So I have been Schools to do that, continuing after steps in their public schools. The

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.041 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1893 mayor deserves a lot of credit for that. this. It is the largest public school dis- where the Department has made 16 The school system deserves a lot of trict in Texas, the seventh largest in grants in the first year of its operation. credit. They know these children can’t the United States. It proposes an in- As you can see, the common thread wait 5 or 10 years to have a good edu- centive plan for teachers that focuses running through here is, can we find a cation experience, so, as I mentioned on teacher effectiveness and growth in fair way to reward outstanding teach- earlier, in some cases they are not learning. We don’t want that in any ers and help in training and reward moving the school, they are just trans- school, do we? outstanding principals so they will forming it. How do you transform a Guilford County, NC—maybe Senator stay in the classroom, so they will school? There is only one way. You BURR and Senator DOLE would like to have an even better idea of what they move in a new principal and you move be aware of this because their schools are doing, so we can honor them, treat in some really good teachers. There is proposed a financial recruitment them in a more professional way? If we only one way to transform a school, project called Mission Possible and were to do that, wouldn’t that be bet- and that is it. plans to extend the program to an addi- ter? So the Chicago public schools in col- tional seven schools, charter schools in Why wouldn’t the largest educational laboration with the National Institute various States. association in America welcome this? I for Excellence in Teaching proposes Another project. Alaska—one school know in Chattanooga, TN, when the the Recognizing Excellence in Aca- district there serves as the fiscal agent. new Senator from Tennessee, BOB demic Leadership. At the heart of that They are working on the same sort of CORKER, was mayor, he was more effec- is multiple evaluations, opportunities progress and expanding on a current tive than I was in working with the for new roles and responsibilities, re- program with the Re-Inventing Schools local teachers association or union, cruitment, development, retention of Coalition. and he did just this—generally with quality staff in 40 Chicago high schools South Carolina Department of Edu- their participation and agreement. And that serve 24,000 students. The NEA cation. A modified version of the exist- he helped, in a model school system in wants to kill that program. That is the ing teacher advancement program to Chattanooga, TN, find a way to attract third grantee. implement a performance-based com- teachers to the schools where children Let’s go to Denver. The Denver pub- pensation system to address problems were having trouble learning and need- lic schools proposed a twofold district- with recruitment and retention in 23 ed extra help. These were teachers who wide expansion of its professional com- high-need schools in six districts. We had shown an ability to help these stu- pensation system for teachers—that wouldn’t want 23 high-need schools in dents achieve more. So they were paid means we pay them more—to develop six South Carolina districts to have a more for that. They were paid more for and implement and evaluate a perform- program to pay good teachers more for that. teaching well, would we? We would like ance-based compensation system for Let me conclude my remarks. I ask to kill that in the Congress because the principals. unanimous consent for another 5 min- My goodness, Denver wants to pay its National Education Association might utes, if I may? best principals more money so they put us on their list of not voting for The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- might stay in the school? And how are the NEA legislative report card. ator has that right. they going to do that? They are going Dallas independent school district— to think about it. They are going to they have a similar program. They Mr. ALEXANDER. I will conclude my work within the system. They are want to identify and reward principals remarks with a little bit of history. If going to ask for outside help. They are and teachers based on a combination of you sense, in my voice, a heavy not just imposing a one-time bonus, direct and value-added measures of stu- amount of disappointment, it is be- merit pay system. They are trying to dent achievement. Can’t have that. cause this goes back a long ways. In lead the country in doing this. The Na- The school district of Philadelphia, 1983, when I was Governor of Ten- tional Education Association says: No, PA. Let’s pay particular attention to nessee, I proposed what then was the let’s kill it. this one. The overall purpose of Phila- first statewide program to pay teachers The National Education Association delphia’s initiative is to pilot a per- more for teaching well. We called it the not only said, no, let’s kill it, they formance-based staff development and Master Teacher Program. issued a threat to Members of the Sen- compensation system that is teacher I was astonished, after a term as ate. ‘‘Votes associated with these pay and principals, that provides Governor, to discover that not one issues may be included in the NEA leg- teachers and principals with clear in- State was paying one teacher one islative report card for the 110th Con- centives that are directly tied to stu- penny more for teaching well. I could gress.’’ That means if you vote against dent achievement, growth and class- not understand how we were going to the Alexander amendment or anybody room observations conducted according keep outstanding men and women in else’s amendment supporting the to an objective standards-based rubric the classrooms, particularly—this was Teacher Incentive Fund, what we, the at multiple points during the school 25 years ago, almost—now that women National Education Association, will year. Twenty high-need urban elemen- had many more employment opportu- do is write all the teachers in Ten- tary schools that have demonstrated nities. The math teacher was headed nessee or Rhode Island or wherever we high degrees of faculty buy-in—that for IBM, the science teacher was going may be and say: Your Senator is anti- means the teachers want it—will par- over here. One reason was because of education. ticipate in the pilot. the teacher pay scale. You could make Why is the Senator anti-education? Nobody is making them do it. They more for staying around a long time, Because he wants to support a program are volunteering to do it. The teachers you could make more for getting an- to find a fair way to reward out- want it. Leaders from the school dis- other degree, but you couldn’t make a standing principals and teachers who trict of Philadelphia’s administration penny more for being good. are teaching low-income children and and from two unions, representing all I went around to try to find out how helping them succeed. Philadelphia teachers and principals, do we reward outstanding teaching, California—my goodness. The Mare have designed the pilot and will over- and everybody said you can’t do that. Island Technology Academy—here is see its implementation. So the Na- Not quite everybody. One person who another thing that NEA would like to tional Education Association says kill did not say that was Albert Shanker, stomp out. It proposes to extend a cur- the program in Philadelphia for a lot of who was the head of the American Fed- rent project to award incentives to high-need kids, even though the pro- eration of Teachers, which is the sec- teachers and principals instrumental in gram involves the unions who work in ond largest teachers union. Mr. Shank- increasing student achievement. We those schools. That is a very arrogant er said if we have master plumbers we can’t have that in California, at least attitude, it seems to me. can have master teachers, and maybe under the NEA. Ohio, State Department of Edu- we need to get busy trying to think of The Houston independent school dis- cation, Eagle County, CO, and Weld a fair way to do that. He invited me to trict—maybe Senators Cornyn and County, CO—those are just the schools go to Los Angeles and speak to the Hutchison would like to know about and school districts and the States convention of the American Federation

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00015 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.042 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1894 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 of Teachers. They were very skep- our schools I would call high-achieving Teacher Incentive Fund restricts the tical—which I understand, because pro- schools are meeting all the adequate use of funds to only two possible uses: fessionals who are already working in yearly progress requirements for No merit pay and tenure reform. That is their profession have a right to be Child Left Behind. That means we have not true, at least not according to the skeptical of outsiders who would come about 20 percent of our schools that Department of Education. We called in and say we are going to grade you. aren’t. In 5 percent of the schools, they over there today. This is what they Even though these teachers are in the are only behind in one category. So it told me: The Department of Education business of grading themselves. is only 15 percent of the schools where says the words ‘‘tenure’’ or ‘‘merit I spoke to the American Federation children are chronically not learning pay’’ do not even appear in the applica- of Teachers. I worked with Mr. Shank- and being left behind. The ugly fact tion forms. The specific goals of the er. I even raised taxes in Tennessee. was, before No Child Left Behind, we teacher incentive fund include: one, Guess who was against doing what we let that happen. improving student achievement by in- eventually did? The National Edu- Now we put the spotlight on it, and creasing teacher and principal effec- cation Association. Their President we have to do something about it. The tiveness; two, reforming teacher and said we are going to send whatever we best way to do something about it is principal compensation systems so need into Tennessee to defeat Alexan- what? Get a terrific school leader and that teachers and principals are re- der’s silly ideas, and we fought for a help him or her be a good principal, warded for increases in student year and a half and finally I won, tem- move in some tremendous teachers or achievement; three, increasing the porarily, and Tennessee established a reward those who are there and keep number of effective teachers teaching career ladder program which eventu- them teaching. And the National Edu- minority, poor, and disadvantaged stu- ally attracted 10,000 teachers with 10- cation Association says kill the pro- dents in hard-to-staff subjects; and fi- or 11-month contracts who volunteered gram that is the most important Fed- nally, creating sustainable, perform- to go up the career ladder to a second eral program to do that? I don’t under- ance-based compensation systems. or third level. They were called master stand that; I don’t understand. Applicants must outline how they I say to my colleagues in the Senate teachers. will utilize classroom evaluations that of both parties, I hope this approach We raised the pay for every teacher are conducted multiple times through- will have unanimous opposition in the by $1,000, just if they took the basic out the school year and provide incen- Senate. I hope we say we want to re- teacher competency test. That was vol- tives for educators to take on addi- ward efforts in Memphis, in New Mex- untary, too, but more than 90 percent tional responsibilities and easy leader- ico, DC, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Hous- did it. And 10,000 teachers did. That ship roles. ton, Philadelphia, Chattanooga, where was quite a number. This was sort of The Department also gives extra they tackle the problem. No, we are the model T of the teacher compensa- points to applications that dem- not talking about a one-time bonus pay tion plans. onstrate they have support from a sig- for people, or teacher of the year, who Since then, a lot has happened across nificant proportion of teachers, the the principal might like. We are talk- the country. Governor Jim Hunt and principal, and community. As I men- ing about a more professional system others, with the support of the teach- tioned, in Philadelphia or Denver, that where we can say talented men and ers unions, have developed the Na- means the teachers’ union. women who are teachers, we like to tional Board of Professional Teaching I know in this joint funding resolu- honor you. We want to work with you Standards Certified Teacher Program, tion it looks as though we are not in your district to form a way to honor which is one way of certifying a biol- going to have a chance to amend that. you and raise your pay. ogy teacher in the same way you would There is one reason I regret having to That is why I voted against cloture. I certify an orthopedic doctor. This is make this speech, I had a wonderful understand that. Both sides of our aisle helpful if you are on the school board visit the other day. It came from six or did not get our work done so we have in Providence, you can say: I don’t seven members of the Tennessee Edu- had to clean it up too quickly this have the means to evaluate if this cation Association. Earl Wiman, Guy year. The Teacher Incentive Fund took teacher is better than that teacher, but Stanley, Paula Brown, Nita Jones, and a big hit. if you are a board certified teacher we Kristen Allen came to my office. We I say earnestly to my colleagues in will pay you $10,000 more a year. That visited for a while. I am about to write the Senate, I hope Senators will look has worked pretty well. Some places a handwritten note to Earl Wiman to at the Teacher Incentive Fund care- around the country have found ways to say how much I appreciated the visit. fully. I hope you will think about what do that, but it is not possible for a He was a career ladder teacher, making your ideas are for improving schools school board in the town to take on the $75,000 extra dollars over his tenure. He with low-performing students. I hope whole mixture of difficulties that go said ‘‘I want to thank you for that.’’ you will ask yourself whether what with a fair way to reward teachers. We acknowledged there were problems they are doing in Chicago, for example, We did it in 1983 and 1984, and we had with the master teacher program we to move in a new principal and to move to create a panel of teachers who were had in Tennessee as there always are in a team of teachers and to train them outside the district of the teacher who when you start up something new. It more and to pay them more might not wanted to be a master teacher to avoid was a terrific visit from people I great- be one way to do it. If Denver wants to politics. We made sure one of those ly respect. do it this way, and Dallas wants to do teachers was of that same subject. If it It reminded me, wherever I go in it that way, and Philadelphia wants to was an eighth grade U.S. history teach- Tennessee, retired teachers or current do it that way, and Mayor CORKER er, then somebody on the panel was an teachers come up to me and say, thank helped Chattanooga do it, why eighth grade U.S. history teacher. you for the master teacher program. It shouldn’t we help them? Principal evaluations were part of it paid for my child’s education. It hon- We don’t want the Federal Govern- and a teacher portfolio was part of it. ored my work. It raised my retirement ment to take over the local schools, One thing we did not know how to do pay. It kept me teaching. You would be but clearly one of the appropriate then and we are just beginning to un- surprised how many times this hap- things for the Federal Government to derstand in our country is how to pened, so I know this can be done. do in support of elementary and sec- measure student achievement. Our But it cannot be done if the largest ondary education and high school edu- common sense says a teacher makes a educational association in America cation is to help solve this tough prob- big difference, but how do we measure sends out letters such as this threat- lem of how do we fairly and effectively it? The challenge, as we work on ening Senators with, in effect, writing reward outstanding teaching and out- schools that need help, is how do we every teacher in their district, and say- standing school leadership. make sure they have the best teachers ing you are a bad Senator because you If we don’t do this in our current sys- and the best school leaders? It is a big voted against the NEA legislative re- tem, we are not going to be able to challenge, but it is not impossible. port card. keep the best men and women in our We are learning, after 4 years of No I would give them an F on a letter for classrooms, especially in the most dif- Child Left Behind, that 80 percent of another reason. They said that the ficult classrooms, which is where our

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00016 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.044 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1895 spotlight is going. We know that 80 Act allows use of funds for the stated pur- mitted by the President, completely percent of our schools in America are poses of the Teacher Incentive Fund and also unrealistic—so that political goals can high-achieving schools, they are mak- gives states and school districts significant say they are going to be achieved; in ing the advanced yearly progress under flexibility to utilize funds for activities that other words, moving the budget toward best meet their needs. In contrast, the No Child Left Behind. Five percent Teacher Incentive Fund restricts use of balance. The President has pointed more are just missing it, and in the 15 funds to only two possible uses—merit pay that out over a 5-year period. When, in percent, don’t we want to ignore this and tenure reform. fact, the reality is that a lot of the letter from the National Education As- The proposed CR would reduce TIF fund- President’s assumptions in his budget sociation? ing, while increasing funding for programs he has sent to the Congress are not re- I will answer their letter from here. I proven effective in maximizing student alistic. In fact, they are fiction. am not going to vote against the Alex- achievement. We support the CR as proposed For example, there is a tax that is ander amendment. and oppose any effort to increase TIF fund- called the alternative minimum tax. It ing. I hope they will write me often. I NEA also opposes any proposal to reduce was designed years ago so that people hope it is not this kind of letter again. funding across-the-board, further stretching with higher incomes that had huge de- I say to my friends from Tennessee who limited resources among already struggling ductions couldn’t offset all of their in- were good enough to travel all the way domestic programs. Although such amend- come. They would have to pay some up here and visit with me, I am going ments may be addressing very worthy goals, tax. It was designed to go to that high- to work a little harder in commu- we believe they are more appropriately con- er income group so that they would nicating with them. I know there will sidered as part of bills to be debated later, still pay their fair share. If that alter- such as Emergency Supplemental legisla- be issues upon which we disagree—the tion. Therefore, we urge your vote against native minimum tax is not allowed to Tennessee Education Association and I any such amendment. be applied in the future—and I can’t have proved in the past we can dis- We thank you for your consideration of our tell you the technicalities—it comes agree. views on these important issues. down and it swoops in a great deal of What I want to prove to them in the Sincerely, the middle class, which it was never in- future is there are lots of ways we can DIANE SHUST, tended to do, middle-income people, agree. I know they are dedicated pro- Director of Govern- with the result that much higher taxes ment Relations. fessionals, they are working hard every would be paid in the very income levels RANDALL MOODY, day under difficult circ*mstances— Manager of Federal that the alternative minimum tax was many with children whose parents Policy and Politics. never designed to hit. don’t feed them well, don’t teach them Mr. ALEXANDER. I suggest the ab- Naturally, a Congress in the future is before they come to school, and don’t sence of a quorum. not going to let that happen, for that take care of them in the afternoon. I The PRESIDING OFFICER. The additional tax to go on the middle want to be sensitive to that. clerk will call the roll. class. Yet the President’s assumptions In my remarks today I want to send The assistant legislative clerk pro- in the budget he has sent are that that a clear message to the National Edu- ceeded to call the roll. alternative minimum tax is going to go cation Association: I am disappointed Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. Presi- away and, therefore, the increased rev- in their letter, I am disappointed in dent, I ask unanimous consent that the enue is going to be coming into the their attitude. I hope the Senate re- order for the quorum call be rescinded. Federal Government from the middle- jects their attitude. But I want to be as The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. income taxpayers. Therefore, it makes clear to my friends in the Tennessee CARDIN). Without objection, it is so or- it look like his budget deficit is getting Education Association that I greatly dered. smaller and smaller and moving toward appreciate their visit. Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. Presi- balance. I look forward to redoubling my ef- dent, we are in the posture of having to The same thing is true with the tax forts to work with them. I look forward pass an appropriations bill that is to cuts that were enacted back in 2001. to talking with them over time about none of our liking because the Congress Over the next several years, a number support. I encourage their ways to is not fulfilling its responsibility in the of those tax cuts expire. Those tax cuts honor their professionals, including de- budgeting and the appropriations proc- that affect the middle class are not velopment of a compensation program ess. It goes back to the fact that albeit going to expire because the Congress is that rewards outstanding teaching and the Senate and the Senate Appropria- not going to let that happen. If it did, schools. tions Committee were responsible in as the President has proposed in his I ask unanimous consent the letter producing all 13 appropriations bills, budget, the revenues to the Govern- from the National Education Associa- the leadership in the last Congress de- ment are going to be greater and, tion be printed in the RECORD. cided they did not want to pass 11 of therefore, the annual deficit is going to There being no objection, the mate- those 13. To the best of my recollec- be less. But that is not realistic. So rial was ordered to be printed in the tion, it was the Departments of De- what we have is a document of political RECORD, as follows: fense and Homeland Security appro- fiction. FEBRUARY 13, 2007. priations bills that were passed, leav- This isn’t the first time. This has Hon. LAMAR ALEXANDER, ing all the others without funding. been going on over the last couple of U.S. Senate, Each time we have continued emer- decades. But when it leads us down the Washington, DC. gency stopgap funding. The particular DEAR SENATOR ALEXANDER: On behalf of path of fiction, sleight of hand, a head the National Education Association’s (NEA) law that is in effect now goes until fake on what the budgetary condition 3.2 million members, we urge your opposition midnight this Thursday. That is no of the country is, as the country, in- to several ill-conceived amendments to the way to run a railroad. It puts us in the deed, ought to make its staggering FY07 Continuing Resolution. Specifically, we posture of having to take something steps toward balancing the budget, at urge you to vote NO on: instead of nothing which would shut least down the line in the next 5 to 7 An amendment to be offered by Senator down the Government. That is not a years, when that is all a political fic- Alexander (R–TN) that would provide $99 logical way to do it. million for the Teacher Incentive Fund tion, it undermines confidence. It un- (TIF); and The entire Federal budgetary process dermines the entire system. In large Any amendment that would call for across- ought to be revamped. In the old days, part, it leads to where we are today. the-board cuts to already depleted domestic back in the 1970s, the Budget Act was We are going to pass what is known programs. enacted because it was giving the new as a continuing resolution, which is an Votes associated with these issues may be tools available for the Congress to dis- end-of-the-day budget that is pared included in the NEA Legislative Report Card cipline itself on spending, to hold down down, that doesn’t address priorities as for the 110th Congress. spending. Over 22 years, we have seen NEA strongly opposes the Teacher Incen- it should. And are the American people tive Fund, which diverts scarce resources the Budget Act become not an eco- served best by this kind of process? No. from existing underfunded professional de- nomic process but a political process in This Senator thinks it is time for us velopment programs. For example, Title II of which budget documents are sub- to have some major overhaul of the the Elementary and Secondary Education mitted—for example, the one sub- Budget Act. There are a lot of other

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.046 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1896 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 things in the Budget Act that could be eliminated. The Senator claims that U.S. financial markets. The first half reformed, many of which are technical H.J. Res. 20 contains $295,000 for wool of the amendment highlights findings in nature and very extensive. I will not research, again, under the special re- from two recent reports that the U.S. take the time to go into them today. search grants account of the Coopera- is already losing ground in the key But when are we going to learn? When tive Research, Education, and Exten- areas of global initial public offerings, are we going to stop using the budget sion Service. I repeat again that H.J. IPOs, and over-the-counter, OTC, de- of the United States as a political tool Res. 20, in section 20102, provides that rivatives. The second half of the instead of moving us in an economic the amount available for that program amendment expresses the sense of the way toward a sound economic plan to is zero. Again, and I know I am begin- Senate about what steps should be bring our fiscal house in order? ning to sound like a broken record, but taken to bolster the competitiveness of I yield the floor and suggest the ab- the earmarks are removed. this essential sector of the U.S. econ- sence of a quorum. In another account, the Senator omy. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The claims that $232,000 remains for the Na- IPOs are critical to our economy be- clerk will call the roll. tional Wild Turkey Federation. This cause when a company goes public, it The assistant legislative clerk pro- item was funded under the Federal Ad- creates capital—and that means jobs ceeded to call the roll. ministration program of the Extension Mr. KOHL. Mr. President, I rise and investment opportunities with Service. H.J. Res. 20 provides that all great potential payoffs. The risk-tak- today to speak in more detail about funds for the Federal Administration the ‘‘earmarks’’ that some members of ing exemplified by IPOs is in the most program are reduced to a level that important sense the critical fuel of a this body claim remain in H.J. Res. 20. only protects Federal FTE positions On February 7, 2007, one of our col- market economy. OTC derivatives play definitely not the National Wild Tur- leagues issued a press release on his a critical role in our economy, assist- key Federation. H.J. Res. 20, in section Web site which was critical of H.J. Res. ing investors to more precisely match 20103, provides that all other funding in 20, the continuing appropriations reso- their investments to their risk pref- that program, which would include lution. Of note was his claim that the erences, and helping companies to funds for the National Wild Turkey resolution continues a number of ear- manage or hedge their risks. Addition- Federation, is zero. There are no ear- marks. That claim, both generally and ally, these instruments provide liquid- marks. ity to financial markets and reduce specifically, is not true. The Senator claims that $100,000 is The list of ‘‘earmarks,’’ stated as fact volatility by helping to diversify and contained in the Agricultural Mar- in this press release, are all supposedly distribute risk. At the same time the keting Service account to establish a found in the Ag Chapter of the resolu- OTC derivatives industry attracts tion. I would like to take a minute to farm-raised catfish grading system. highly skilled professionals who, by address those specific items and ex- However, this item was never included virtue of the demand created by their plain why this information is wrong. in the 2006 bill, which, again, is what talents, have the potential to con- Our colleague claims that H.J. Res. H.J. Res. 20 is based on. It was included tribute significantly to an area’s tax 20 provides $350,000 for the World Food in the 2007 bill, which never even base. passed the Senate floor. There is not, Prize. Although this item was funded Together, IPOs and OTC derivatives and never was, any funding for this ac- in the fiscal year 06 bill as part of Gen- contribute to a robust and dynamic tivity in a bill that passed the House or eral Provision 790, H.J. Res. 20, in sec- capital market which is a tremen- Senate. There are no earmarks in this tion 21004, provides that the amount dously beneficial force for our economy account. available for Section 790 is zero. So, ob- and an empowerment to our citizens. It viously, that earmark has been re- Finally, the Senator’s press release states that $2,970,000 is continued to is critical to ensuring economic moved. growth, job creation, low costs of cap- Our colleague claims that $1.5 mil- maintain a partnership between USDA and the National Fish and Wildlife ital, innovation, entrepreneurship, and lion for construction of the entrance to a strong tax base in key areas of the the U.S. National Arboretum is funded Foundation. This was funding provided by the natural resources conservation country. The U.S. financial sector acts in H.J. Res. 20. First of all, this item as a catalyst for all other sectors in was never included in the 2006 bill, service conservation operations ac- count to a non-Federal entity. H.J. the U.S. economy. That is why the de- which is what H.J. Res. 20 is based on. cline in global initial public offerings It was, however, included in the 2007 Res. 20, in section 20104, provides that all funds for the conservation oper- in the United States, and the fact that bill under the agricultural research London already enjoys clear leadership service buildings and facilities ac- ations account were reduced to a level that only protects federal FTE posi- in the fast growing OTC derivatives count. H.J. Res. 20, in section 20101, market, are such worrying trends. provides that the amount available for tions. H.J. Res. 20 provides that all that account is zero. The entire ac- other funding in that program, which Fortunately, academics, business count, not just the earmark, is re- would include funds for the National leaders, and politicians are working to- moved. Fish and Wildlife Foundation, is zero. gether to study this issue. They have Our colleague claims that H.J. Res. Once again, there are no earmarks. identified several specific problems 20 contains more than $1 million for al- As our colleagues should now realize, that hinder the competitiveness of the ternative salmon products, including not only does H.J. Res. 20 not continue U.S. capital markets and have issued baby food products. This item was these items, H.J. Res. 20 actually re- reports outlining possible solutions. funded under the special research moves the money which would make Chaired by former White House eco- grants program of the Cooperative their funding possible, even if the ad- nomic adviser Glenn Hubbard and State Research, Education, and Exten- ministration wished to do so. For even former Goldman Sachs president John sion Service. H.J. Res. 20, in section those who wish to claim that money is Thornton, the Committee on Capital 20102, provides that the amount avail- still provided in the resolution which Markets Regulation was formed in Sep- able for that program is zero so the would enable the items to end up get- tember 2006 and issued its preliminary earmark is removed. ting funded, it is obvious that in these report in November 2006. Mr. SCHUMER Our colleague claims that H.J. Res. claims, specifically listed in a press re- of New York along with New York 20 contains $591,000 for the Montana lease, that is simply not possible. Mayor Bloomberg released the Sheep Institute. This item was also While I do appreciate zeal for finding McKinsey Report on New York Com- funded under the special research and making public all earmarks, per- petitiveness in January 2007 outlining grants account of the Cooperative Re- haps a closer reading of H.J. Res. 20 regulatory, legal, and accounting search, Education, and Extension Serv- would have prevented these changes they say are necessary to ice, which, as I stated earlier, was misstatements from occurring. maintain the city’s status as a leading eliminated in section 20102 of H.J. Res. Mr. CRAPO. Mr. President, I rise global financial center. 20. Thus the earmark was removed. today to speak to a global competitive- Both reports add considerably to the Here is a third ‘‘earmark’’ claim ness amendment to H.J. Res. 20 and to understanding of the challenges that under this same account, which was call attention to the challenges facing American capital markets face and

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:52 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.048 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1897 offer solutions that could help Amer- gress should exercise vigorous over- most challenging of roles, as U.S. Am- ican markets, companies, and workers sight over Federal regulatory and stat- bassador to Iraq and as the Director of to better compete. utory requirements affecting the finan- National Intelligence. Prior to that, he According to the Committee on Cap- cial services industry and consumers, served as U.S. Ambassador to the ital Markets Regulation: with the goal of eliminating excessive United Nations, where he earned this A key measure of competitiveness, one regulation and problematic implemen- high praise from another diplomat, particularly relevant to the growth of new tation of existing laws and regulations. former Secretary General Kofi Annan: jobs, is where new equity is being raised— I urge my colleagues to join me in He’s an outstanding professional, a great that is, in which market initial public offer- supporting this amendment. diplomat and a wonderful ambassador. ings (IPOs) are being done. The trend in so- called ‘‘global’’ IPOs i.e., IPOs done outside a Mr. CARDIN. Mr. President, I ask When I met with Ambassador company’s home country, provides evidence unanimous consent that the order for Negroponte, I conveyed to him my of a decline in the U.S. competitive position. the quorum call be rescinded. strong belief that we must rely on di- As measured by value of IPOs, the U.S. share The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without plomacy and peaceful negotiation to declined from 50 percent in 2000 to 5 percent objection, it is so ordered. reach lasting stability in the Middle in 2005. Measured by number of IPOs, the de- f East. I also emphasized that pursuing cline is from 37 percent in 2000 to 10 percent in 2005. MORNING BUSINESS some sort of Sunni vs. Shi’a alignment in the Middle East as the balance of According to the McKinsey Report on Mr. CARDIN. Mr. President, I ask power in the region shifts is not in the New York Competitiveness: unanimous consent that there now be a best interests of the United States or London already enjoys clear leadership in period for the transaction of morning the world. I am encouraged that Am- the fast-growing and innovative over-the- business, with Senators permitted to counter (OTC) derivatives market. This is bassador Negroponte seems to agree speak therein for up to 10 minutes with me, and I look forward to working significant because of the trading flow that each. surrounds derivatives markets and because with him and other administration of- of the innovation these markets drive, both The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without ficials as we seek a path toward peace. of which are key competitive factors for fi- objection, it is so ordered. Ambassador Negroponte has dem- nancial centers. Dealers and investors in- f onstrated the savvy and expertise of a creasingly see derivatives and cash markets CONFIRMATION OF JOHN world-class diplomat. Our Nation needs as interchangeable and are therefore com- experienced professionals who can rise bining trading operations for both products. NEGROPONTE above the fray of partisan politics guid- Indeed, the derivatives markets can be more Mr. BYRD. Mr. President, few would ing our foreign policy, particularly in liquid than the underlying cash markets. argue that these are challenging times such turbulent times as these. I look Therefore, as London takes the global lead in for U.S. foreign policy. Faced with derivatives, America’s competitiveness in forward to working with Ambassador threats from a growing radical Islamic both cash and derivatives flow trading is at Negroponte in his new role as Deputy ideology, tense situations in North risk, as is its position as a center for finan- Secretary of State. cial innovation. Korea and Iran, an escalating civil war f The challenge we are facing is that in Iraq, humanitarian crises of biblical the U.S. capital markets are losing proportions in Africa and elsewhere, CONGRATULATING LAKE FOREST their competitive edge in intensifying and countless other challenges, it is ACADEMY global competition. A shrinking pro- clear that we need as perhaps never be- Mr. DURBIN. Mr. President, I come portion of international companies are fore the hand of experience guiding our to the floor today to congratulate an listing shares on U.S. stock exchanges foreign policy. outstanding school on 150 years of edu- and the fast-growing OTC derivatives It is no secret that I have disagreed— cational excellence. market are growing more rapidly else- deeply disagreed—with many of the Lake Forest Academy is an inde- where. foreign policy decisions made by this pendent high school and boarding This amendment welcomes these re- administration. I said in 2002 that it school in Lake Forest, IL, 30 miles ports and encourages Congress and the was a mistake to invade Iraq, and my north of Chicago. It was founded by el- administration to begin to vet and con- judgement has never wavered: the ders of the Presbyterian Church in Chi- sider their recommendations. President was wrong to start this war, cago and 150 years ago today—on Feb- (1) Congress, the President, regu- he was wrong to continue this war, and ruary 13, 1857—it was chartered by the lators, industry leaders, and other he is wrong to escalate this war. State of Illinois as a college pre- stakeholders should carefully review However, we are in Iraq now. Amer- paratory school for boys. the Interim Report of the Committee ican men and women are caught in the Classes began at Lake Forest Acad- on Capital Markets Regulation, pub- cross-fire of sectarian warfare that has emy in 1858 with a total of five stu- lished in November 2006, and the been brewing for centuries. And I be- dents. While its enrollment today is McKinsey Report on New York Com- lieve that the way out is primarily po- considerably larger, Lake Forest Acad- petitiveness, published in January 2007, litical and diplomatic, not solely emy remains committed to its found- and take the necessary steps to reclaim through the use of military force. The ing principle: to educate the whole the preeminent position of the United recommendations of the Iraq Study child. States in the financial services indus- Group are just the latest reminder that Dr. Martin Luther King said, ‘‘Intel- try. we must engage diplomatically with ligence plus character that is the goal (2) The Federal and State financial other nations—not only with our of true education.’’ And for 150 years, regulatory agencies should, to the friends and allies, but also with our that has been the goal of Lake Forest maximum extent possible, coordinate competitors and even our enemies—to Academy. Its educational mission is activities on significant policy mat- seek new solutions. based on ‘‘four pillars:’’ character, ters, so as not to impose regulations That is why the leadership at the scholarship, citizenship and responsi- that may have adverse unintended con- State Department is so important, and bility. sequences on innovativeness with re- why I am pleased that last night the Some things have changed at Lake spect to financial products, instru- Senate voted to confirm the nomina- Forest Academy, however. Among the ments, and services, or that impose tion of Ambassador John Negroponte most notable changes: in 1974, Lake regulatory costs that are dispropor- to become Deputy Secretary of State. I Forest formally merged with The tionate to their benefits, and, at the had an opportunity to meet with Am- Young Ladies Seminary at Ferry Hall, same time, ensure that the regulatory bassador Negroponte recently, and I becoming a college prep school for framework overseeing the U.S. capital am encouraged by his long track record young men and young women. markets continues to promote and pro- of service to his country, as a foreign Lake Forest takes pride in the diver- tect the interests of investors in those service officer and ambassador in many sity of its students and faculty, and the markets. different regions of the world. In his global perspective of its programs. (3) Given the complexity of the finan- most recent assignments, he has prov- As the oldest institution in the city cial services marketplace today, Con- en himself capable of performing in the of Lake Forest four years older than

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00019 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.022 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1898 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 the city itself Lake Forest Academy is The sewer agency was finally formed in The downtown riverfront, though located an integral part of the fabric of its July 1999 with the merger of separate city in the city, will benefit the entire area, and community and the State of Illinois. I and county sewer agencies. He said the goal it’s something the judge says must naturally ask my colleagues in the Senate to was to merge the water districts into one as include the county, and that includes finan- well, but today, ‘‘I would never ask the water cial support. please join me in congratulating this districts in the county to give up theirs for County government, he notes, ‘‘is very fine school on a century and a half of the Paducah Water Works board.’’ lean by nature.’’ That’s mainly in regard to educational progress and excellence. Paducah Mayor Bill Paxton recently asked the budget. Comparatively speaking, f Orazine to serve on the city water board, and Paducah’s is about $28 million, while the he accepted. county’s is about $20 million. TRIBUTE TO DANNY ORAZINE He’ll leave behind a big corner office and ‘‘If we didn’t have the grants and money Mr. MCCONNELL. Mr. President, I lots of responsibilities, but take his love for that the state gives us, it’d be about half the rise today to honor a great Ken- the community with him. He’s been offered a city’s,’’ Orazine said of the budget. ‘‘That’s tuckian, Mr. Danny Orazine, for his 13- couple of full-time jobs since his defeat, but why we’re hesitant about hiring people over he said he wants to get away from ‘‘the poli- here. . . . That’s just the nature of the coun- year service as county judge-executive tics stage.’’ to the people of McCracken County. ty.’’ RUNNING CLEAN Mr. Orazine is the epitome of a man He looked to the city’s fire department in On his window sill are pictures—family and dedicated to serving his county resi- saying that the county couldn’t afford to pay friends—as well as a $20 bill, laminated and its firefighters. Grants help keep the five dents, all the while ensuring a strong labeled: First Campaign Contribution to volunteer fire districts operational. relationship with the city government Danny Orazine from Don Utley, Aug. 21, 1991. ‘‘There’s a lot of pride that goes into as well. He is a modest, ethical, and He was elected judge-executive two years them,’’ he said. ‘‘Probably the biggest factor fairminded man who has given much to later. On his wall are many pictures, includ- in the metro-government discussion, McCracken County, and I am proud of ing a large one of Paducah native and former moneywise, is I think you’re going to have the work he has done. U.S. Vice President Alben Barkley, and one to keep your volunteer firefighters. On Monday, December 25, 2006, The of his campaign posters that Orazine said ‘‘If anybody ever proposed (a paid county was from 1948. fire department), oh my, property taxes Paducah Sun newspaper published an He has never been offered a bribe, he said. article highlighting Mr. Orazine’s would go so high. I wouldn’t want to be any- ‘‘I used to kid about never being offered a where near public office when that happens.’’ many years of service. I ask unanimous bribe. Guess they didn’t think that I had That all comes back to the idea of a metro consent that the full article be printed enough clout to get it down. . . . Hopefully government. He said county residents’ pride they just thought I wouldn’t have accepted in the RECORD and that the entire Sen- in fire departments and parks being operated ate join me in thanking this beloved it.’’ He said advice from Julian Carroll stuck by volunteers adds to the pride when they do Kentuckian. look nice, albeit, he said, not as nice as There being no objection, the mate- with him over the years: If you’ll only take your paycheck, you’ll never have any prob- Noble Park. rial was ordered to be printed in the lems. ‘‘The county was just not ready for it,’’ he RECORD, as follows: ‘‘I have adhered to that,’’ Orazine said, said of metro government suggestions. But [From the Paducah Sun, December 25, 2006] pointing out that among his first respon- because he worked so closely with the city during his tenure, particularly with Paxton, REFLECTIONS: ORAZINE RETURNS TO SIMPLE sibilities at the end of this year will be turn- ‘‘I got associated with that, but I never went LIFE ing in his eight-year-old county-issued Ford Taurus. there and had no plans to. That sure didn’t (By Brian Peach) keep me from working with the mayor.’’ TIME OF CHANGE Danny Orazine isn’t a politician. At least Paxton said Orazine ‘‘is one of the most He’s leaving office, and it’s in large part he doesn’t think of himself as one. This com- ethical, fair-minded people I have ever due to county residents feeling it was time ing from the man who has spent the past 21 known,’’ and it made him easy to work with. for a change. They picked Van Newberry to years in McCracken County public office— ‘‘I enjoyed every minute of it,’’ Paxton said. replace Orazine in the May primary. He said time that was every bit as challenging as he ‘‘I think the city and county benefited from his was a good, tough run. would have liked. not only the closeness of my relationship Zoning issues and building code enforce- ‘‘Honestly, I don’t really like politics,’’ the with Danny, but also (his relationship) with ment were just a couple of the ‘‘monumental outgoing judge-executive said in a recent former Mayor Albert Jones, who was ex- ordinances’’ that he said the fiscal court interview. ‘‘I’m a simple person.’’ tremely close with the judge.’’ He’s not flashy. Not begging for the spot- passed, and that weren’t entirely popular light. He’ll wear a suit when he needs to, but with the voters. About six years ago, the fis- HELPING YOUTH he’d rather lose the tie whenever possible. cal court required that all new homes under- Another area Orazine looks back on with a Look no further than his truck for proof of go a five-point inspection. The problem was smile is everything he has done to help his modesty. that some people decided to build homes on youths. He still drives a 1983 Ford pickup that he their own, and may not have realized that ‘‘I got a special place for juveniles,’’ he bought new. It has about 250,000 miles on it. the inspection also checks for earthquake said of his desire to help them. ‘‘I didn’t get ‘‘I’ve got the same house, same wife, same protection, given the proximity to the New into trouble (as a teenager), but it was a truck,’’ he said with a laugh, adding that a Madrid Fault. wonder I graduated—It took me five years to new paint job on the truck has kept it look- ‘‘People might cut a plan out of a maga- get through high school.’’ zine and come in with it,’’ he said. But most ing good. He’ll have to give back his county- Now, thanks to his push, the county puts of those plans account for possible seismic issued car, but that’s OK. He’ll just turn to about $1 million each year toward helping activity. ‘‘We were stuck with not having a his trusty pickup a little more often. children and teens, in large part through the building code or having seismic in it.’’ He considers himself a strong Democrat, McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention The county opted to keep the more strin- but he’s not crazy about partisan politics. Center. ‘‘I normally worked closely with Demo- gent codes, and the five-point inspections— Orazine is also a member of the state Of- cratic governors,’’ he said, adding that he which Orazine said have led to a few building fice of Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, still considers his relationship strong with delays during the busy construction season. which he has served on since it was founded Gov. Ernie Fletcher and his Republican cabi- ‘‘It took a while to catch up,’’ he said. ‘‘Now in 1998. He also serves on the Juvenile Deten- net. The two joked recently at ground-break- (in the winter), the building has slowed and tion Council Board locally. As his tenure as ing and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and he they’re caught up.’’ judge-executive ends, he plans to resign from said it’s because partisan politics don’t come As for the city and county working to- those boards. That means fewer trips to into play. gether on such projects as a comprehensive ‘‘I’m a simple person,’’ he said. plan, Orazine never viewed that as a step to- Frankfort for the state board meetings. At one point, he thought of walking away. ward a metro government. Even so, he ad- He lasted a term and a half before hiring a ‘‘In the middle of my first tenure, I was mitted that at times, ‘‘It’s hard to tell where county administrator—a position incoming about ready to resign,’’ he said. the city ends and the county begins.’’ Judge-Executive Van Newberry wants to But he stayed on, and was re-elected twice, Many city residents have moved into the abolish. Orazine said he was becoming over- serving 13 years as judge-executive after county over the past several years, and the whelmed with the large and small projects. eight as a county commissioner. city is occasionally annexing county land ‘‘In the midst of all that, an employee of It was sewers that got him into office. into the city, often at a developer’s request. the courthouse came in’’ complaining about They were the big issue back then. After ‘‘Anything, good or bad, affects both the the texture of the toilet paper—‘‘that it was that, he just hung around. city and county now,’’ he said. ‘‘We have to too rough,’’ he said, still sounding exas- ‘‘We just didn’t get sewers in the smaller prioritize what we’re going to prioritize, and perated at having to handle minor tasks districts,’’ Orazine said, referring in part to talk over those things we place as prior- when he had more important things to deal the Hendron area 18 years ago. ities.’’ with.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00020 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.018 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1899 NOMINATION OF GEN GEORGE W. Committee, General Casey suggested Senator, Hiram R. Revels of Mis- CASEY JR. that, rather than a ‘‘slow failure,’’ he sissippi. Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Mr. President, I sees ‘‘slow progress’’ in Iraq. In this important month I want to voted last Thursday in opposition to Since General Casey took over as celebrate some of the contributions the nomination of GEN George W. commander of all coalition forces in made by Black Americans in my home Casey, Jr., to be the 36th Chief of Staff Iraq, we have seen the following: State of Oregon. Since Marcus Lopez, of the U.S. Army. Car bombings have grown from 30 a who sailed with Captain Robert Gray This decision did not come easily, month when General Casey took com- in 1788, became the first person of Afri- but after watching the slow failure of mand to about 80 today. can descent known to set foot in Or- our Iraq strategy since the invasion in Daily insurgent attacks have sky- egon, a great many Black Americans March 2003, it was time for some ac- rocketed from 50 to some 200 today. have helped shape the history of my countability. The training of Iraqi forces, which State. Throughout this month, I will This is not to say General Casey, General Casey touted as the means for come to the floor to highlight some of alone, should take the blame for the an exit of U.S. troops from Iraq, has their stories. multitude of mistakes in Iraq. In fact, been slow and inconsistent. In fact, though General Casey called Reverend Jesse James ‘‘J.J.’’ Clow there is no doubt that the buck stops was a beloved minister and a promi- at the President’s desk and this is his 2006 the ‘‘Year of the Police’’ in Iraq, we have seen increased infiltration of nent figure in the struggle for civil war. rights in Portland, OR. In 1936, Rev- It is President Bush more than any Iraqi police forces by Shiite militias erend Clow began a service of ministry other individual who is responsible for and growing Iranian influence. at Portland’s Mount Olivet Baptist the dire situation we face in Iraq While 320,000 Iraqi troops have been Church. Mount Olivet was the first Af- today. ‘‘trained and equipped’’ according to rican-American baptist church in the It was he who ordered the invasion the Pentagon, our troop level today, State of Oregon and during the 1940s and he who has stubbornly stuck to a 140,000, is just a few thousand less than and 1950s was also the largest Black strategy that has put success in Iraq when General Casey took command in church in the State. It was from this increasingly out of reach. July 2004. In addition to President Bush, Vice Iraqi security forces have 91 brigades vantage point that Clow lived and preached a social gospel that contrib- President CHENEY and former Sec- that are taking the ‘‘lead’’ in retary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld counterinsurgency operations through- uted to the civil rights battles of Port- were some of the strongest public back- out the country, yet these forces are land’s WWII challenges and continued ers of the campaign to invade Iraq that now responsible for the security of only through the turbulent 60s. failed to plan for the chaotic aftermath 2 of Iraq’s 18 provinces. Clow was born in Hufsmith, TX, 1 of that we are now mired in today. And it I have no doubt that General Casey is 15 children. Clow finished high school should not be forgotten that it was a good man with an impeccable char- at Tuskegee Institute and received his George Tenet, then the Director of the acter. Many of the mistakes regarding B.A. from Virginia Union University. CIA, who presided over the flawed in- our Iraq strategy are not the result of His first pulpit was in Virginia, a sec- telligence analysis that suggested that his leadership. ond in Georgia, before arriving in Port- Iraq had weapons of mass destruction But it is time that the Senate insists land. His experiences growing up in the and was in the process of developing a upon accountability. South helped prepare him for a lifetime nuclear capability. It was Tenet who It is past time for the Senate to pro- of activism for justice and civil rights. told us that this intelligence was a vide oversight by showing that we will During the World War II years, Clow ‘‘slam dunk.’’ not accept anything but unvarnished, served as president of the local chapter Yet, that said, our military strategy forthright candor from our military of the NAACP. He was also deeply in- over the past several years should not leaders. volved in the establishment of a Port- be free from criticism. We expect independent views from land office of the Urban League. Along General Casey has served as the com- our military leaders, with these national organizations, mander of Multi-national Force—Iraq and this has simply been too often Clow and other Portland area Black since July 2004. Over these past 21⁄2 lacking over these past few years. leaders worked tirelessly to improve years, I can see little to applaud re- General Casey deserves credit for his housing and employment opportunities garding our military strategy on the long, dedicated service to this country. for African Americans. These efforts ground. But I did not believe he should to be were largely responsible for ridding the Too many times, in my view, General promoted to Chief of Staff of the Army. city of many traditional economic and Casey, and those around him, failed to Therefore, I regretfully cast my vote social segregation policies, including provide the Congress with accurate as- against his nomination. Oregon’s first civil rights ordinance in sessments of what has been happening f 1953. in Iraq. For example, it was General CELBRATING OREGON’S BLACK Casey who suggested that the situation Upon his retirement from Mount Oli- HISTORY in Iraq would improve enough fol- vet in 1963, Reverend Clow spoke warm- lowing the December 2005 elections Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, each Con- ly of the progress he had witnessed dur- that troop reductions could take place gress I rise to honor February as Black ing his lifetime. He continued to be- in early 2006. He even went so far as to History Month. Each February since lieve that Christianity must be inter- provide specific projections of troop 1926, our Nation has recognized the preted in terms of how men behave to- withdrawals, saying in August 2005 contributions of Black Americans to wards one another and not just to com- that the level of U.S. troops in Iraq the history of our Nation. fort them. Until his death, Clow en- could be drawn down to about 100,000 This is no accident; February is a sig- couraged the community of Portland by the spring of 2006. nificant month in Black American his- to more fully embrace democratic Earlier, in June 2005, he said, and I tory. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, ideals in its social, political, and eco- quote: President Abraham Lincoln, and schol- nomic sectors. I’m confident that we’ll be able to continue ar and civil rights leader W.E.B. Reverend Clow is only one example of to take reductions over the course of this DuBois were born in the month of Feb- the Black men and women who year based on the security situation and the ruary. The 15th amendment to the Con- changed the course of history in Or- progress of the Iraqi security forces. stitution was ratified 136 years ago this egon and in the United States. During Time and time again General Casey month, preventing race discrimination the remainder of Black History Month, came before us in Congress and painted in the right to vote. The National As- I will return to the floor to celebrate an overly optimistic view of the situa- sociation for the Advancement of Col- more Oregonians like Rev. J.J. Clow, tion on the ground in Iraq. Just last ored People was founded in February in whose contributions, while great, have week, at his confirmation hearing in New York City. And on February 25, not yet received the attention they de- front of the Senate Armed Services 1870, this body welcomed its first Black serve.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:05 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\G13FE6.020 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1900 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 S. 331 COSPONSORSHIP tally alter the balance against the have been irresponsibly quiet. In the lead-up radicals who want to stir up even more to the March 2003 invasion, neoconservative Mr. THUNE. Mr. President, Senator agitators shouted insults at anyone who KENT CONRAD is an original cosponsor strife. I ask unanimous consent that Gen- dared to mention the many findings of aca- to S. 331, a bill to provide grants from demic research on how democracies evolve. moneys collected from violations of eral Odom’s article, ‘‘Victory Is Not an They also ignored our own struggles over the corporate average fuel economy Option,’’ now be printed in the RECORD. two centuries to create the democracy Amer- program to be used to expand infra- I urge my colleagues to read this arti- icans enjoy today. Somehow Iraqis are now structure necessary to increase the cle closely and truly think about what expected to create a constitutional order in General Odom is saying. The logic is a country with no conditions favoring it. availability of alternative fuels. This is not to say that Arabs cannot be- In my floor statement on January 18, clear and sensible. I think it is incon- trovertible. come liberal democrats. When they immi- 2007, I referenced Senator CONRAD as a grate to the United States, many do so cosponsor but he was omitted from the There being no objection, the mate- quickly. But it is to say that Arab countries, list of cosponsors of this legislation. I rial was ordered to be printed in the as well as a large majority of all countries, RECORD, as follows: ask that the RECORD be updated to re- find creating a stable constitutional democ- [From the Washington Post, Feb. 11, 2007] racy beyond their capacities. flect Senator CONRAD’s original cospon- Second, to expect any Iraqi leader who can VICTORY IS NOT AN OPTION sorship. hold his country together to be pro-Amer- (By William E. Odom) f ican, or to share American goals, is to aban- The new National Intelligence Estimate on don common sense. It took the United States WILLIAM ODOM’S ‘‘VICTORY IS Iraq starkly delineates the gulf that sepa- more than a century to get over its hostility NOT AN OPTION’’ rates President Bush’s illusions from the re- toward British occupation. (In 1914, a major- alities of the war. Victory, as the president ity of the public favored supporting Germany Mr. LEAHY. Mr. President, William sees it, requires a stable liberal democracy against Britain.) Every month of the U.S. oc- Odom is one of the finest intelligence in Iraq that is pro-American. The NIE de- cupation, polls have recorded Iraqis’ rising officers who have served in our mili- scribes a war that has no chance of pro- animosity toward the United States. Even tary. Retiring at the rank of lieutenant ducing that result. In this critical respect, supporters of an American military presence general, his distinguished Army career the NIE, the consensus judgment of all the say that it is acceptable temporarily and culminated in his heading up the U.S. U.S. intelligence agencies, is a declaration of only to prevent either of the warring sides in defeat. Iraq from winning. Today the Iraqi govern- Army’s intelligence division and the Its gloomy implications—hedged, as intel- ment survives only because its senior mem- National Security Agency. He has ligence agencies prefer, in rubbery language bers and their families live within the heav- worked tirelessly to help the country that cannot soften its impact—put the intel- ily guarded Green Zone, which houses the understand and deal with the chal- ligence community and the American public U.S. Embassy and military command. lenges to its security and defense. I on the same page. The public awakened to As Congress awakens to these realities— have known the general for decades, the reality of failure in Iraq last year and and a few members have bravely pointed and, like many of my colleagues, I turned the Republicans out of control of them out—will it act on them? Not nec- essarily. Too many lawmakers have fallen deeply value his judgment and insight. Congress to wake it up. But a majority of its members are still asleep, or only half-awake for the myths that are invoked to try to sell That is why I read his opinion piece to their new writ to end the war soon. the president’s new war aims. Let us con- from last Sunday’s Washington Post, Perhaps this is not surprising. Americans sider the most pernicious of them. ‘‘Victory is Not an Option,’’ with great do not warm to defeat or failure, and our (1) We must continue the war to prevent interest. politicians are famously reluctant to admit the terrible aftermath that will occur if our General Odom lays out the truths their own responsibility for anything resem- forces are withdrawn soon. Reflect on the double-think of this formulation. We are now and myths of the Nation’s involvement bling those un-American outcomes. So they beat around the bush, wringing hands and de- fighting to prevent what our invasion made in Iraq. Among the clear truths is that inevitable! Undoubtedly we will leave a the dream of a real democracy gaining bating ‘‘nonbinding resolutions’’ that oppose the president’s plan to increase the number mess—the mess we created, which has be- roots in that war-torn country is sim- of U.S. troops in Iraq. come worse each year we have remained. ply that, a dream. He rightly points For the moment, the collision of the Lawmakers gravely proclaim their opposi- out, too, that any Iraqi government is public’s clarity of mind, the president’s re- tion to the war, but in the next breath ex- likely to be more anti than pro-Amer- lentless pursuit of defeat and Congress’s anx- press fear that quitting it will leave a blood iety has paralyzed us. We may be doomed to bath, a civil war, a terrorist haven, a ‘‘failed ican at the end of the day. state,’’ or some other horror. But this ‘‘after- As for the myths, he sensibly lays two more years of chasing the mirage of de- mocracy in Iraq and possibly widening the math’’ is already upon us; a prolonged U.S. out that it is pure fantasy for anyone occupation cannot prevent what already ex- war to Iran. But this is not inevitable. A to think that our presence is actually ists. Congress, or a president, prepared to quit the preventing the horrible carnage from (2) We must continue the war to prevent game of ‘‘who gets the blame’’ could begin to Iran’s influence from growing in Iraq. This is unfolding or holding Iran back from alter American strategy in ways that will gaining influence with its neighbor. It another absurd notion. One of the president’s vastly improve the prospects of a more sta- initial war aims, the creation of a democracy is similarly a flight of the imagination ble Middle East. in Iraq, ensured increased Iranian influence, to think that our military presence is No task is more important to the well- both in Iraq and the region. Electoral democ- actually stanching—as opposed to en- being of the United States. We face great racy, predictably, would put Shiite groups in couraging—al-Qaida’s involvement in peril in that troubled region, and improving power—groups supported by Iran since Sad- our prospects will be difficult. First of all, it the country. Finally, it is a myth to dam Hussein repressed them in 1991. Why are will require, from Congress at least, public so many members of Congress swallowing think that we must stay in Iraq ‘‘to acknowledgment that the president’s policy support the troops.’’ In fact, he notes, the claim that prolonging the war is now is based on illusions, not realities. There supposed to prevent precisely what starting many of our brave men and women in never has been any right way to invade and the war inexorably and predictably caused? the country understand the cold reali- transform Iraq. Most Americans need no fur- Fear that Congress will confront this con- ties that unfold there every day, and ther convincing, but two truths ought to put tradiction helps explain the administration many of them believe that we should the matter beyond question: and neocon drumbeat we now hear for ex- get out of Iraq. First, the assumption that the United panding the war to Iran. States could create a liberal, constitutional Here we see shades of the Nixon-Kissinger General Odom makes some sensible democracy in Iraq defies just about every- suggestions for a new policy direction, strategy in Vietnam: widen the war into thing known by professional students of the Cambodia and Laos. Only this time, the ad- something beyond the absurd ‘‘surge’’ topic. Of the more than 40 democracies cre- verse consequences would be far greater. that is only the same old repast of ated since World War II, fewer than 10 can be Iran’s ability to hurt U.S. forces in Iraq are stay-the-course with a different sea- considered truly ‘‘constitutional’’—meaning not trivial. And the anti-American backlash soning. We should get out of Iraq and that their domestic order is protected by a in the region would be larger, and have more recognize that our presence there has broadly accepted rule of law, and has sur- lasting consequences. become a source of instability for the vived for at least a generation. None is a (3) We must prevent the emergence of a country with Arabic and Muslim political new haven for al-Qaeda in Iraq. But it was whole Middle East. He smartly sug- cultures. None has deep sectarian and ethnic the U.S. invasion that opened Iraq’s doors to gests that we should work with our fissures like those in Iraq. al-Qaeda. The longer U.S. forces have re- international partners to seek order Strangely, American political scientists mained there, the stronger al-Qaeda has be- and stability, which will fundamen- whose business it is to know these things come. Yet its strength within the Kurdish

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:48 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.007 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1901 and Shiite areas is trivial. After a U.S. with- If Bush truly wanted to rescue something but of course, that is why the Sehnerts drawal, it will probably play a continuing of his historical legacy, he would seize the and I are proud to call it home.∑ role in helping the Sunni groups against the initiative to implement this kind of strat- Shiites and the Kurds. Whether such foreign egy. He would eventually be held up as a f elements could remain or thrive in Iraq after leader capable of reversing direction by turn- MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE the resolution of civil war is open to ques- ing an imminent, tragic defeat into strategic tion. Meanwhile, continuing the war will not recovery. At 11:57 a.m., a message from the push al-Qaeda outside Iraq. On the contrary, If he stays on his present course, he will House of Representatives, delivered by the American presence is the glue that holds leave Congress the opportunity to earn the Mr. Hays, one of it reading clerks, an- al-Qaeda there now. credit for such a turnaround. It is already nounced that the House has passed the (4) We must continue to fight in order to too late to wait for some presidential can- following bills, in which it requests the ‘‘support the troops.’’ This argument effec- didate for 2008 to retrieve the situation. If tively paralyzes almost all members of Con- Congress cannot act, it, too, will live in in- concurrence of the Senate: gress. Lawmakers proclaim in grave tones a famy. H.R. 34. An act to establish a pilot program litany of problems in Iraq sufficient to jus- f in certain United States district courts to tify a rapid pullout. Then they reject that encourage enhancement or expertise in pat- logical conclusion, insisting we cannot do so ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS ent cases among district judges. because we must support the troops. Has H.R. 342. An act to designate the United anybody asked the troops? States courthouse located at 555 Independ- During their first tours, most may well IN RECOGNITION OF SEHNERT’S ence Street in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, as have favored ‘‘staying the course’’—whatever BAKERY the ‘‘Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Sr. United that meant to them—but now in their sec- ∑ Mr. NELSON of Nebraska. Mr. Presi- States Courthouse’’. ond, third and fourth tours, many are chang- dent, I rise today to congratulate a H.R. 414. An act to designate the facility of ing their minds. We see evidence of that in the United States Postal Service located at the many news stories about unhappy troops very special place in my hometown of 60 Calle McKinley, West in Mayaguez, Puerto being sent back to Iraq. Veterans groups are McCook, NE. It is a place which exem- Rico, as the ‘‘Miguel Angel Garcia Mendez beginning to make public the case for bring- plifies the thousands of family-owned Post Office Building’’. ing them home. Soldiers and officers in Iraq small businesses lining the main H.R. 798. An act to direct the Adminis- are speaking out critically to reporters on streets of every small town in America, trator of General Services to install a photo- the ground. businesses which are the driving force voltaic system for the headquarters building But the strangest aspect of this rationale of the Department of Energy. for continuing the war is the implication in keeping those towns economically that the troops are somehow responsible for viable. The message also announced that the deciding to continue the president’s course. This year marks the 50th anniversary House has agreed to the following con- That political and moral responsibility be- of Sehnert’s Bakery in McCook, NE. It current resolution, in which it requests longs to the president, not the troops. Did was in 1957 when Walt and Jean the concurrence of the Senate: not President Harry S. Truman make it Sehnert, the grandchildren of immi- H. Con. Res. 44. Concurrent resolution hon- clear that ‘‘the buck stops’’ in the Oval Of- grants who came to America 110 years oring and praising the National Association fice? If the president keeps dodging it, where ago, bought the bakery as a place to for the Advancement of Colored People on does it stop? With Congress? the occasion of its 98th anniversary. Embracing the four myths gives Congress work hard, earn a decent living, and excuses not to exercise its power of the purse raise a family. f to end the war and open the way for a strat- Today, their son Matt Sehnert and MEASURES REFERRED egy that might actually bear fruit. his wife Shelly carry on the tradition The first and most critical step is to recog- by providing the people of McCook The following bills were read the first nize that fighting on now simply prolongs with some of the most delicious pas- and the second time by unanimous con- our losses and blocks the way to a new strat- sent, and referred as indicated: egy. Getting out of Iraq is the pre-condition tries on the planet. Matt and Shelly for creating new strategic options. With- credit a dedicated and hard-working H.R. 34. An act to establish a pilot program drawal will take away the conditions that crew, who also take pride in Sehnert’s in certain United States district courts to allow our enemies in the region to enjoy our longstanding tradition. encourage enhancement of expertise in pat- pain. It will awaken those European states As many small businesses do in order ent cases among district judges; to the Com- mittee on the Judiciary. reluctant to collaborate with us in Iraq and to survive in a competitive environ- the region. H.R. 414. An act to designate the facility of Second, we must recognize that the United ment, Matt and Shelly have modern- the United States Postal Service located at States alone cannot stabilize the Middle ized Sehnert’s Bakery and expanded it 60 Calle McKinley, West in Mayaguez, Puerto East. to include a catering service and cafe, Rico, as the ‘‘Miguel Angel Garcia Mendez Third, we must acknowledge that most of where I often meet with constituents Post Office Building’’; to the Committee on our policies are actually destabilizing the re- during visits home. Homeland Security and Governmental Af- gion. Spreading democracy, using sticks to My memories of Sehnert’s go back to fairs. try to prevent nuclear proliferation, threat- H.R. 798. An act to direct the Adminis- ening ‘‘regime change,’’ using the hysterical when I was a teenager in McCook and trator of General Services to install a photo- rhetoric of the ‘‘global war on terrorism’’— was able to get a job there, working voltaic system for the headquarters building all undermine the stability we so desperately early Saturday mornings. I learned a of the Department of Energy; to the Com- need in the Middle East. lot about how to make piecrusts and mittee on Environment and Public Works. Fourth, we must redefine our purpose. It decorate cakes. I also learned that it is The following concurrent resolution must be a stable region, not primarily a easy to overdose on glazed donuts when democratic Iraq. We must redirect our mili- was read, and referred as indicated: tary operations so they enhance rather than you work in a bakery Walt Sehnert can H. Con. Res. 44. Concurrent resolution hon- undermine stability. We can write off the still recall my first day on the job. oring and praising the National Association war as a ‘‘tactical draw’’ and make ‘‘regional My fellow colleagues, if you ever for the Advancement of Colored People on stability’’ our measure of ‘‘victory.’’ That have the pleasure of visiting my home- the occasion of its 98th anniversary; to the single step would dramatically realign the town of McCook, NE, I urge you to Committee on the Judiciary. opposing forces in the region, where most drop by Sehnert’s Bakery and enjoy f states want stability. Even many in the some of their mouth-watering donuts, angry mobs of young Arabs shouting profani- or maybe some pies or perhaps one of MEASURES READ THE FIRST TIME ties against the United States want predict- their famous ‘‘Jiffy Burgers,’’ whose The following bill was read the first able order, albeit on better social and eco- nomic terms than they now have. recipe remains a closely guarded secret time: Realigning our diplomacy and military ca- in McCook. S. 574. A bill to express the sense of Con- pabilities to achieve order will hugely reduce Sehnert’s Bakery and Bieroc Cafe´ Ca- gress on Iraq. the numbers of our enemies and gain us new tering Service is located at 312 Norris f and important allies. This cannot happen, Avenue. That is Norris, as in George however, until our forces are moving out of Norris, who very capably served Ne- EXECUTIVE AND OTHER Iraq. Why should Iran negotiate to relieve braska in the U.S. Senate from 1913 to COMMUNICATIONS our pain as long as we are increasing its in- fluence in Iraq and beyond? Withdrawal will 1943. Yes, McCook has produced two The following communications were awaken most leaders in the region to their U.S. Senators, as well as three of Ne- laid before the Senate, together with own need for U.S.-led diplomacy to stabilize braska’s Governors. Not bad for a town accompanying papers, reports, and doc- their neighborhood. with a population of just 8,000 people; uments, and were referred as indicated:

VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:55 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00023 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.018 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1902 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 EC–744. A communication from the Sec- By Mr. SALAZAR (for himself, Mr. By Mr. DORGAN (for himself, Mr. retary of Transportation, transmitting, pur- CHAMBLISS, Mr. ISAKSON, and Mr. GRAHAM, and Mr. BROWN): suant to law, a report entitled ‘‘2006 Status PRYOR): S. 571. A bill to withdraw normal trade re- of the Nation’s Highways, Bridges and Tran- S. 560. A bill to create a Rural Policing In- lations treatment from, and apply certain sit: Conditions and Performance’’; to the stitute as part of the Federal Law Enforce- provisions of title IV of the Trade Act of 1974 Committee on Commerce, Science, and ment Training Center; to the Committee on to, the products of the People’s Republic of Transportation. the Judiciary. China; to the Committee on Finance. EC–745. A communication from the Assist- By Mr. BUNNING (for himself, Mr. By Mr. KENNEDY (for himself, Mr. ant Legal Adviser for Treaty Affairs, Depart- NELSON of Nebraska, Mr. BROWNBACK, SMITH, and Mr. DURBIN): ment of State, transmitting, pursuant to the Mr. BURR, Mr. CRAIG, Mr. DEMINT, S. 572. A bill to ensure that Federal stu- Case-Zablocki Act, 1 U.S.C. 112b, as amended, Mr. DOMENICI, Mr. HATCH, Mrs. dent loans are delivered as efficiently as pos- the report of the texts and background state- HUTCHISON, Mr. INHOFE, Mr. ROBERTS, sible in order to provide more grant aid to ments of international agreements, other Mr. SMITH, Mr. VITTER, and Mr. WAR- students; to the Committee on Health, Edu- than treaties (List 2007–12–2007–25); to the NER): cation, Labor, and Pensions. Committee on Foreign Relations. S. 561. A bill to repeal the sunset of the By Ms. STABENOW (for herself, Ms. EC–746. A communication from the Direc- Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconcili- MURKOWSKI, Ms. COLLINS, Ms. SNOWE, tor, Defense Security Cooperation Agency, ation Act of 2001 with respect to the expan- Mr. AKAKA, Mr. COCHRAN, and Mr. Department of Defense, transmitting, pursu- sion of the adoption credit and adoption as- MENENDEZ): ant to law, a report relative to services per- sistance programs; to the Committee on Fi- S. 573. A bill to amend the Federal Food, formed by certain full-time government em- nance. Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Public ployees during fiscal year 2006; to the Com- By Ms. COLLINS: Health Service Act to improve the preven- mittee on Foreign Relations. S. 562. A bill to provide for flexibility and tion, diagnosis, and treatment of heart dis- EC–747. A communication from the Acting improvements in elementary and secondary ease, stroke, and other cardiovascular dis- Assistant Secretary, Employee Benefits Se- education, and for other purposes; to the eases in women; to the Committee on Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and curity Administration, Department of Labor, Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Pensions. transmitting, pursuant to law, the report of By Mr. REID: By Ms. COLLINS: a rule entitled ‘‘Statutory Exemption for S. 574. A bill to express the sense of Con- S. 563. A bill to extend the deadline by Cross-Trading of Securities’’ (RIN1210–AB17) which State identification documents shall gress on Iraq; read the first time. received on February 12, 2007; to the Com- comply with certain minimum standards and By Mr. DOMENICI (for himself, Mr. mittee on Health, Education, Labor, and for other purposes; to the Committee on DORGAN, Mrs. HUTCHISON, Mr. KYL, Pensions. Homeland Security and Governmental Af- and Mrs. MURRAY): EC–748. A communication from the Federal fairs. S. 575. A bill to authorize appropriations Register Liaison Officer, Regulations and By Mr. FEINGOLD (for himself and Mr. for border and transportation security per- Rulings Division, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax sonnel and technology, and for other pur- MCCAIN): and Trade Bureau, transmitting, pursuant to S. 564. A bill to modernize water resources poses; to the Committee on Homeland Secu- law, the report of a rule entitled ‘‘Establish- planning, and for other purposes; to the rity and Governmental Affairs. ment of the Outer Coastal Plain Viticultural Committee on Environment and Public By Mr. DODD (for himself, Mr. LEAHY, Area’’ (RIN1513–AB13) received on February Works. Mr. FEINGOLD, and Mr. MENENDEZ): 8, 2007; to the Committee on the Judiciary. By Mr. BINGAMAN (for himself, Mrs. S. 576. A bill to provide for the effective f HUTCHISON, Mr. NELSON of Florida, prosecution of terrorists and guarantee due process rights; to the Committee on Armed EXECUTIVE REPORTS OF Mr. MARTINEZ, Mrs. CLINTON, Mr. CORNYN, Mr. SALAZAR, and Mrs. Services. COMMITTEES BOXER): By Mrs. FEINSTEIN (for herself, Ms. The following executive reports of S. 565. A bill to expand and enhance post- SNOWE, Mr. LEVIN, Ms. CANTWELL, nominations were submitted: baccalaureate opportunities at Hispanic- Mrs. BOXER, Mr. FEINGOLD, Mr. Mr. INOUYE. Mr. President, for the serving institutions, and for other purposes; BINGAMAN, Mr. LIEBERMAN, Mr. LAU- TENBERG, and Ms. MIKULSKI): Committee on Commerce, Science, and to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. S. 577. A bill to amend the Commodity Ex- Transportation, I report favorably the By Mr. NELSON of Nebraska (for him- change Act to add a provision relating to re- following nomination lists which were self and Mr. SALAZAR): porting and recordkeeping for positions in- printed in the RECORD on the dates in- S. 566. A bill to amend the Consolidated volving energy commodities; to the Com- dicated, and ask unanimous consent, to Farm and Rural Development Act to estab- mittee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and For- save the expense of reprinting on the lish a rural entrepreneur and microenter- estry. Executive Calendar that these nomina- prise assistance program; to the Committee By Mr. KENNEDY (for himself, Mr. on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. tions lie at the Secretary’s desk for the SMITH, Mr. REED, Ms. SNOWE, Mr. By Mr. LEVIN (for himself and Mr. HARKIN, Mr. BINGAMAN, Mrs. CLINTON, information of Senators. MCCAIN) (by request): Ms. MIKULSKI, Mr. DODD, Mr. DURBIN, The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without S. 567. A bill to authorize appropriations Mrs. BOXER, Mr. KERRY, Mrs. FEIN- objection, it is so ordered. for fiscal year 2008 for military activities of STEIN, Mr. SCHUMER, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. * Coast Guard nomination of Thomas W. the Department of Defense, to prescribe AKAKA, Ms. CANTWELL, and Mr. Denucci, 3271, to be Lieutenant. military personnel strengths for fiscal year MENENDEZ): * Coast Guard nomination of Edward J. 2008, and for other purposes; to the Com- S. 578. A bill to amend title XIX of the So- Mosely, 9449, to be Lieutenant. mittee on Armed Services. cial Security Act to improve requirements * Coast Guard nomination of Teresa K. By Mr. BROWNBACK: under the Medicaid program for items and Peace, 1300, to be Lieutenant. S. 568. A bill to prohibit deceptive conduct services furnished in or through an edu- in the rating of video and computer games, cational program or setting to children, in- * Nomination was reported with rec- and for other purposes; to the Committee on ommendation that it be confirmed sub- cluding children with developmental, phys- Commerce, Science, and Transportation. ical, or mental health needs, and for other ject to the nominee’s commitment to By Mr. LUGAR: purposes; to the Committee on Finance. respond to requests to appear and tes- S. 569. A bill to accelerate efforts to de- tify before any duly constituted com- velop vaccines for diseases primarily affect- f mittee of the Senate. ing developing countries and for other pur- SUBMISSION OF CONCURRENT AND poses; to the Committee on Foreign Rela- SENATE RESOLUTIONS f tions. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS AND By Mr. WARNER (for himself and Mr. The following concurrent resolutions JOINT RESOLUTIONS WEBB): and Senate resolutions were read, and S. 570. A bill to designate additional Na- referred (or acted upon), as indicated: The following bills and joint resolu- tional Forest System lands in the State of tions were introduced, read the first Virginia as wilderness or a wilderness study By Mr. HAGEL (for himself, Mr. FEIN- area, to designate the Kimberling Creek Po- GOLD, and Ms. STABENOW): and second times by unanimous con- tential Wilderness Area for eventual incorpo- S. Res. 78. A resolution designating April sent, and referred as indicated: ration in the Kimberling Creek Wilderness, 2007 as ‘‘National Autism Awareness Month’’ By Mr. NELSON of Florida: to establish the Seng Mountain and Bear and supporting efforts to increase funding S. 559. A bill to amend the Help America Creek Scenic Areas, to provide for the devel- for research into the causes and treatment of Vote Act of 2002 to require a voter-verified opment of trail plans for the wilderness autism and to improve training and support permanent paper ballot under title III of areas and scenic areas, and for other pur- for individuals with autism and those who such Act, and for other purposes; to the Com- poses; to the Committee on Energy and Nat- care for individuals with autism; to the Com- mittee on Rules and Administration. ural Resources. mittee on the Judiciary.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:48 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00024 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.019 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE February 13, 2007 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S1903 By Mr. REID (for himself, Mr. MCCON- regarding advance directives in order (Mr. LIEBERMAN), the Senator from NELL, Mr. CHAMBLISS, and Mr. to ensure that an individual’s health Maine (Ms. SNOWE), the Senator from ISAKSON): care decisions are complied with, and Wisconsin (Mr. FEINGOLD), the Senator S. Res. 79. A resolution relative to the for other purposes. from New Mexico (Mr. BINGAMAN) and death of Representative Charles W. Norwood, Jr., of Georgia; considered and agreed to. S. 466 the Senator from California (Mrs. By Mr. REID (for himself and Mr. At the request of Mr. ROCKEFELLER, BOXER) were added as cosponsors of S. MCCONNELL): the name of the Senator from Massa- Res. 30, a resolution expressing the S. Res. 80. A resolution to authorize testi- chusetts (Mr. KENNEDY) was added as a sense of the Senate regarding the need mony, document production, and legal rep- cosponsor of S. 466, a bill to amend for the United States to address global resentation in State of Oregon v. Rebecca title XVIII of the Social Security Act climate change through the negotia- Michelson, Michele Darr, and Vernon tion of fair and effective international Huffman; considered and agreed to. to provide for coverage of an end-of-life By Mr. FEINGOLD: planning consultation as part of an ini- commitments. S. Con. Res. 11. A concurrent resolution tial preventive physical examination S. RES. 65 providing that any agreement relating to under the Medicare program. At the request of Mr. BIDEN, the trade and investment that is negotiated by S. 487 names of the Senator from California the executive branch with another country At the request of Mr. LEVIN, the (Mrs. FEINSTEIN) and the Senator from comply with certain minimum standards; to California (Mrs. BOXER) were added as the Committee on Finance. names of the Senator from Ohio (Mr. BROWN) and the Senator from Georgia cosponsors of S. Res. 65, a resolution f (Mr. ISAKSON) were added as cosponsors condemning the murder of Turkish-Ar- ADDITIONAL COSPONSORS of S. 487, a bill to amend the National menian journalist and human rights advocate Hrant Dink and urging the S. 65 Organ Transplant Act to clarify that people of Turkey to honor his legacy of At the request of Mr. INHOFE, the kidney paired donations shall not be tolerance. name of the Senator from Iowa (Mr. considered to involve the transfer of a AMENDMENT NO. 243 GRASSLEY) was added as a cosponsor of human organ for valuable consider- S. 65, a bill to modify the age-60 stand- ation. At the request of Mr. CORKER, the ard for certain pilots and for other pur- S. 494 name of the Senator from Texas (Mr. poses. At the request of Mr. LUGAR, the CORNYN) was added as a cosponsor of amendment No. 243 intended to be pro- S. 206 name of the Senator from New Hamp- posed to H.J. Res. 20, a joint resolution At the request of Mrs. FEINSTEIN, the shire (Mr. SUNUNU) was added as a co- making further continuing appropria- name of the Senator from Illinois (Mr. sponsor of S. 494, a bill to endorse fur- tions for the fiscal year 2007, and for OBAMA) was added as a cosponsor of S. ther enlargement of the North Atlantic other purposes. 206, a bill to amend title II of the So- Treaty Organization (NATO) and to fa- cial Security Act to repeal the Govern- cilitate the timely admission of new AMENDMENT NO. 246 ment pension offset and windfall elimi- members to NATO, and for other pur- At the request of Mr. MARTINEZ, the nation provisions. poses. name of the Senator from Florida (Mr. NELSON) was withdrawn as a cosponsor S. 381 S. 497 of amendment No. 246 intended to be At the request of Mr. INOUYE, the At the request of Mrs. BOXER, the proposed to H.J. Res. 20, a joint resolu- name of the Senator from Wisconsin name of the Senator from California tion making further continuing appro- (Mr. FEINGOLD) was added as a cospon- (Mrs. FEINSTEIN) was added as a co- priations for the fiscal year 2007, and sor of S. 381, a bill to establish a fact- sponsor of S. 497, a bill to repeal a pro- for other purposes. finding Commission to extend the hibition on the use of certain funds for study of a prior Commission to inves- tunneling in certain areas with respect AMENDMENT NO. 247 tigate and determine facts and cir- to the Los Angeles to San Fernando At the request of Mr. MARTINEZ, the c*mstances surrounding the reloca- Valley Metro Rail project, California. name of the Senator from Florida (Mr. tion, internment, and deportation to S. 535 NELSON) was added as a cosponsor of amendment No. 247 intended to be pro- Axis countries of Latin Americans of At the request of Mr. DODD, the name Japanese descent from December 1941 of the Senator from New York (Mr. posed to H.J. Res. 20, a joint resolution making further continuing appropria- through February 1948, and the impact SCHUMER) was added as a cosponsor of of those actions by the United States, S. 535, a bill to establish an Unsolved tions for the fiscal year 2007, and for and to recommend appropriate rem- Crimes Section in the Civil Rights Di- other purposes. edies, and for other purposes. vision of the Department of Justice, AMENDMENT NO. 259 ELSON S. 430 and an Unsolved Civil Rights Crime In- At the request of Mr. N of Flor- ida, his name was added as a cosponsor At the request of Mr. BOND, the name vestigative Office in the Civil Rights of amendment No. 259 intended to be of the Senator from Maine (Ms. COL- Unit of the Federal Bureau of Inves- proposed to H.J. Res. 20, a joint resolu- LINS) was added as a cosponsor of S. tigation, and for other purposes. tion making further continuing appro- 430, a bill to amend title 10, United S. 558 priations for the fiscal year 2007, and States Code, to enhance the national At the request of Mr. SALAZAR, his defense through empowerment of the name was added as a cosponsor of S. for other purposes. Chief of the National Guard Bureau 558, a bill to provide parity between f and the enhancement of the functions health insurance coverage of mental STATEMENTS ON INTRODUCED of the National Guard Bureau, and for health benefits and benefits for med- BILLS AND JOINT RESOLUTIONS other purposes. ical and surgical services. By Mr. NELSON of Florida: S. 431 S. CON. RES. 10 S. 559. A bill to amend the Help At the request of Mr. SCHUMER, the At the request of Mrs. CLINTON, the America Vote Act of 2002 to require a name of the Senator from Illinois (Mr. names of the Senator from Connecticut voter-verified permanent paper ballot OBAMA) was added as a cosponsor of S. (Mr. DODD), the Senator from Ohio (Mr. under title III of such Act, and for 431, a bill to require convicted sex of- VOINOVICH) and the Senator from other purposes; to the Committee on fenders to register online identifiers, Vermont (Mr. LEAHY) were added as co- Rules and Administration. and for other purposes. sponsors of S. Con. Res. 10, a concur- Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. Presi- S. 464 rent resolution honoring and praising dent, I rise today to introduce the Vot- At the request of Mr. ROCKEFELLER, the National Association for the Ad- ing Integrity and Verification Act, the name of the Senator from Massa- vancement of Colored People on the oc- VIVA, of 2007. The time has come to chusetts (Mr. KENNEDY) was added as a casion of its 98th anniversary. ensure that the vote of each American cosponsor of S. 464, a bill to amend S. RES. 30 is counted and counted as they in- title XVIII and XIX of the Social Secu- At the request of Mr. BIDEN, the tended. VIVA will get us closer to that rity Act to improve the requirements names of the Senator from Connecticut goal by mandating the use of voter-

VerDate Aug 31 2005 01:48 Feb 14, 2007 Jkt 059060 PO 00000 Frm 00025 Fmt 0624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13FE6.020 S13FEPT1 hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMSENATE S1904 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE February 13, 2007 verified paper ballots in any election serve rural communities or small Mr. BUNNING. Mr. President, I rise with Federal candidates. towns. Indeed, of the nearly 17,000 po- today in support of the American fam- It was President Johnson who helped lice agencies in the United States, 90 ily and the need to extend important Black Americans win the right to vote, percent serve a population of under tax relief provisions to help make who said, ‘‘The vote is the most power- 25,000 and operate with fewer than 50 adoption more affordable. The high ful instrument ever devised by man sworn officers. cost of adoptions causes many couples ...’’ Indeed, it is the ability of a na- I am well aware of the difficulties to dismiss adoption as too expensive. tion, like ours, to hold free and fair small town law enforcement agencies By helping to ease this financial bur- elections, which guarantees our gov- face day-in, day-out. When I was the den, we can encourage the development ernment is based on consent of the gov- attorney general of Colorado, I had the of more stable families and provide a erned; and, majority rule with minor- honor to work with some of America’s brighter future for thousands of chil- ity rights. finest law enforcement officials—many dren. It is the guarantee of a ballot that of them from rural Colorado. Men like These important goals prompted us cools the impassioned hearts of many Jerry Martin, the Dolores County to act in 2001, when we passed impor- in the electorate, even when a majority Sherriff, who have consistently been tant adoption incentives in the form of of citizens disagree with their govern- able to do more with less. But the pres- tax credits. However, these provisions ment over a war, court decision, or ac- sure they face is great. are set to expire or ‘‘sunset’’ after De- tion by lawmakers or the executive The growing demands on rural law cember 31, 2010. branch. enforcement, and shrinking budgets, Our entire society benefits when chil- For any democracy to long withstand have hit training programs particu- dren are placed with loving, permanent these external and internal conflicts, it larly hard. Many rural law enforce- families. That is why today I am intro- is vital that the governed have unwav- ment agencies simply do not have the ducing the Adoption Tax Relief Guar- ering faith that their votes will be budget to provide officers with ade- antee Act with Senator BEN NELSON. counted. Ever since the 2000 Presi- quate training. Furthermore, even The Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee dential recount in Florida and, more those agencies that can come up with Act will permanently extend the 2001 recently, the disputed congressional the money simply can’t afford to take adoption incentives allowing those election in Sarasota, an increasingly their police officers off the beat long Americans who adopt a child to con- high number of Americans have come enough to get additional training. tinue to receive a credit in the amount to lack confidence in the way our That is where the Rural Policing In- of their qualified expenses and guaran- States record, tally, and verify votes. stitute comes in. FLETC does a fan- tees the maximum $10,000 credit for If this Congress doesn’t act to restore tastic job training Federal, State, and those who adopt children with special voter confidence, I fear our democ- local law enforcement officials. But needs. This legislation will help middle racy—in the words of philosopher and FLETC does not have enough resources class families break the financial bar- educator Robert Maynard Hutchins— dedicated specifically toward training riers and successfully adopt a child, es- could suffer ‘‘a slow extinction from rural law enforcement officials. So the pecially those children with special apathy, indifference and undernourish- Rural Policing Institute would: evalu- needs who are in particular need of a ment.’’ ate the needs of rural and tribal law loving home. VIVA authorizes $300 million in Fed- enforcement agencies; develop training I am pleased that Senators from both eral funding to assist in the implemen- programs designed to address the needs sides of the aisle have cosponsored this tation of the requirements in this bill. of rural law enforcement agencies, with legislation, and that it has received en- This bill establishes mandatory secu- a focus on combating meth, domestic dorsem*nt from the National Council rity requirements for voting systems violence, and school violence; export for Adoption and RESOLVE: the Na- used in Federal elections. It also will those training programs to rural and tional Infertility Association. The provide for routine, random audits of tribal law enforcement agencies; and adoption tax credit and assistance pro- paper ballots and make it illegal for a conduct outreach to ensure that the grams have already helped countless chief State election administration of- training programs reach rural law en- children and families by making adop- ficial to take an active part in a polit- forcement agencies. tion more affordable. We owe it to fu- ical campaign. As Colorado’s attorney general, I ture generations of children in need to With another Presidential election learned that a small investment in law make these provisions permanent. on the horizon, we need to fix this—and enforcement training can pay great I ask unanimous consent that the fix it now. Let us never have another dividends. This legislation would do text of the Adoption Tax Relief Guar- election after which citizens are left to just that—by ensuring that our rural antee Act, be printed in the RECORD. doubt its legitimacy. and small town law enforcement offi- There being no objection, the text of cers have the training they need to the bill was ordered to be printed in By Mr. SALAZAR (for himself, protect their communities. the RECORD, as follows: Mr. CHAMBLISS, Mr. ISAKSON, I am proud of my roots in rural S. 561 and Mr. PRYOR): southern Colorado. Communities like Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- S. 560. A bill to create a Rural Polic- mine are the heart of our Nation—and resentatives of the United States of America in ing Institute as part of the Federal the men and women who protect them Congress assembled, Law Enforcement Training Center; to deserve the best possible training. SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. the Committee on the Judiciary. I thank Senators CHAMBLISS, This Act may be cited as ‘‘The Adoption Mr. SALAZAR. Mr. President, I have ISAKSON, and PRYOR for cosponsoring Tax Relief Guarantee Act’’. often referred to our rural commu- this legislation. SEC. 2. REPEAL OF APPLICABILITY OF SUNSET nities as ‘‘the forgotten America.’’ In- OF THE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND deed, rural America is the backbone of By Mr. BUNNING (for himself, TAX RELIEF RECONCILIATION ACT OF 2001 WITH RESPECT TO ADOP- our country—but is too often neglected Mr. NELSON of Nebraska, Mr. TION CREDIT AND ADOPTION AS- by policymakers and politicians who BROWNBACK, Mr. BURR, Mr. SISTANCE PROGRAMS. have lost touch with people in the CRAIG, Mr. DEMINT, Mr. DOMEN- Section 901 of the Economic Growth and heartland. Nowhere is this neglect felt ICI, Mr. HATCH, Mrs. HUTCHISON, Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 is more acutely than in small-town law MR. INHOFE, Mr. ROBERTS, Mr. amended by adding at the end the following new subsection: enforcement agencies—which have SMITH, Mr. VITTER, and Mr. ‘‘(c) EXCEPTION.—Subsection (a) shall not been confronted with decreased fund- WARNER): apply to the amendments made by section ing, increased homeland security re- S. 561. A bill to repeal the sunset of 202 (relating to expansion of adoption credit sponsibilities, and the great toll of a the Economic Growth and Tax Re